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“War on Cops” Debunked: Police Killings Lower Since Last Year, in Steady Decline for 3 Decades

As a manhunt continues for the killers of an Illinois police officer, certain media outlets are using it to contrive disinformation in the faux political debate of MSM.  Yesterday, Fox News stated “a rise in shootings of law enforcement officers” when reporting on the manhunt.

“War on police” is the new slogan, and no rhetoric is more theatrical than that of Sheriff David Clarke, who is making regular appearances on the infotainment channel.  Fox News’ token friend is suggesting there is an epidemic of police killings spurred by Obama’s war on police.

“I am too pissed off tonight to be diplomatic with what’s going on, and I’m not going to stick my head in the sand about it. I said last December, war had been declared on the American police officer led by some high-profile people, one of them coming out of the White House, and one coming out of the United State Department of Justice. And it’s open season right now.”

This is the same person who saidif there is anything that needs to be straightened out in this country, it is the subculture that has risen out of the underclass in the American ghetto.

Clarke fails to mention that the government’s War on Drugs bears a large responsibility for creating and perpetuating the American ghetto.

After the McKinney, TX pool party savagery of Officer Eric Casebolt, Bill O’Reilly tried to pass blame to the victims, saying that some news outlets are “hammering American police agencies over and over again.  Rioting and looting are big stories, and all the carnage is now filtering down to young Americans, influencing how some of them interact with police.

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O’Reilly must have missed the constant reports of unarmed people being murdered by police with no provocation, which just maybe had something to do with the “big stories…filtering down to young Americans.”

Notwithstanding Clarke’s ignorance of the drug war’s effects and O’Reilly’s approval of police brutality, there is a much more significant fact they should consider before proceeding with the show.

Police killings have decreased over the past three decades, and 2015 is on track to be lower than last year and lower than the current decadal average.

“Firearms-related fatalities among law enforcement officers have decreased each decade since the 1970s, according to the memorial fund’s data. In the 1970s, an average of 127 officers were killed with guns annually. That dropped to an average of 87 officers a year in the 1980s. Last year, firearms deaths rose from 32 officers in 2013 to 50 in 2014 – a 56 percent increase, but still below this decade’s average of 53 officers a year.” – Center for Investigative Reporting

The National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund tracks this data, and 2015 is looking to be a relatively safe year for cops in the multi-year context.  As of September 1st, there were 25 firearms-related fatalities among law enforcement officers (2 were killed by accidental discharge of their firearms).

Contrast this with the 161 unarmed civilians killed so far this year by police, according to The Guardian’s data.  As far as we know, a total of 779 people have been killed by US police to date, although some of these were likely justified self-defense.

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Interestingly, the highest number of police killed in the line of duty – 300 – occurred in 1930 at the height of prohibition.  Also, police fatalities ramped up to 200 the same year that Nixon declared the War on Drugs.

Without a doubt, any unprovoked murder of another human being is an atrocious act.  Police and citizens alike have the right and the duty to live and let live.  Murdering police officers is the absolute wrong way to achieve anything.

At the same time, we cannot allow mainstream media talking heads to divert us from truth in the struggle for freedom.  There is no “war on police,” and there is no rise in police killings if you look past two weeks.

There is, however, a collective realization of the brutality of the American police state.  There is peaceful opposition to the rampant militarization of law enforcement.  There is awareness of the burgeoning surveillance state.

Those few who carry out murder on police, dwindling with each passing decade, do not represent the growing mass of peaceful protesters armed with information and a passion for freedom.

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  • War on people, that’s what it’s all about, War on their liberty on their independance. They want us to pay for everything probably soon the air that we breathe…!

  • Is that because they were bootleggers and are now drug dealers ……

    • Sort of, it’s because the government is ingringing on freedom….and some people will fight back.

    • Because people like to drink and do drugs, no law is going to stop them!!

  • Is this true?

    • Having researched this sort of information for my degree, to be blunt without finding exact numbers yes. On all counts, be it the police mortality rates, the money laundered by drug/substance dealers, and the civil forfeiture by law enforcement. In a lot of cases businesses can be shutdown or made insolvent because they cannot access their funds to operate. Individual items taken by police, especially money is usually kept and utilized by local governments because there is no trail or evidence of wrong doing so there is a lot of grey area. John Oliver did a snippet on it here:


      In the video over 2.5B was taken from 61,998 cases and as the video states there were no charges or trial therefore it usually takes a lawyer . . . which costs money to get your LEGAL assets back. That is from ONE program since 9/11 . . . .

  • Pretty interesting

  • No surprise…

  • Same jerk who opened the door for our jobs going to China,.

  • Drug dealers don’t like getting caught. Sure let them free reign to destroy our communities through drugs.

  • Weired thing is that they misunderstand the natural law which states, “WHAT WE RESIST, PERSISTS!”

  • Proof that propaganda, paranoia, and fear-mongering do not play favorites.

  • So, if we make everything illegal, eventually the government will run out of attack dogs to enforce its bad ideas?

  • Interesting Concept. There Has Got To Be A Better Way.

  • hmmmmm

  • I recently read “Chasing the Scream. The first and last days of the war on drugs” that covers this and many other related topics. Highly recommended!

  • Stupid low it was: never succeeded anywhere in the world at any time.

  • The Black Panther Party might be responsible for the recent police murders.

  • Very interesting, if it’s true.

  • Such we all know to be a war on the people.

  • We need to declare PROHIBITION again.

  • Why don’t they make it legal to drink, but illegal to advertise, market or profit from the sales? Oops! Can’t do that! That would hurt the evil agenda!

    • You want to make it illegal for a business that produces a specific commodity to not profit from the sale of their goods? ….smh…..

  • I think more like war on the current system and policies and a war on Isis. Wait what am i talking about i hate war war sucks no matter what! Can anyone imagine what life would be like if there was no war? John Lennon could.

  • Jeffrey Kalmonson

  • I didn’t like Nixon very much at all. He also opened the Pandora’s Box of China. I think he did more to damage the future of this country than any other president.

  • Two words b

  • Wars are going to have casualties.

  • And yet there is NO police action on pesticides, go figure

  • Nixon and his damn Watergate scandal

  • oops

  • The Very nature of law enforcement is COERCIVE…. they should fear for their lives… they are criminals…. And their supporters have Stockholm Syndrome and are cowards.

  • Cock fuck

  • Damn Nazis!

  • North America is a joke!

  • Everyone should just stop voteing

  • Corey Martin coincidence?

    I checked, it’s true. http://www.nleomf.org/facts/officer-fatalities-data/year.html

  • No one has the authority to say what a person can put in their own body.

  • agreed… those who start war end up with war back at them and things get worse not better…. War Is Not The Answer

  • Nixon was an idiot.

  • let’s end the war on drugs

  • So apparently FB wants you to pay to share ‘free’ thinking? Hmmm….

  • When the price goes high enough due to things being illegal if the get in the road they will die. Just wait until they outlaw guns and the police are the only ones around with guns.

  • The so called war on drugs is a huge business if they legalize it think of all the prison guards, lawyers, politicians, and many other people who would be out of work. That’s why it won’t happen it’s all about money

  • Love it

  • Interesting.

  • Going to war against a plant is genius

  • Wow!!

  • Hmmm people are finally catching wind with what I’ve been saying last month. That shooting deaths of cops are down from last year and you can’t blame this so called disrespectful new society on rampaging deaths. When in 1930 301 cops were shot and killed.

  • End the WAR ON DRUGS !!!

  • Arnold Sauceda Jordan Perez

  • The media makes a big deal about BLM movement. Now The war on Cops. They flip flop back and forth to stir up controversy and civil unrest. It is the agenda of our own government. I hope this is realized.

  • And nixon was of teh party that ‘wants les governemnt intrusion” lol. Thats what I always here anyway.It always amuses me.

  • Well hey, that’s interesting.

  • Lupee Lovee

  • More people die from drugs than from police…FACT

    • That’s a choice though. Not comparable.

    • Just like cops chose to protect those who chose to do stupid shit like sell or do drugs putting themselves and others in danger so your right… can’t compare a cop to a crackhead

    • Cops don’t protect anyone, but keep lying to yourself.

    • I know my husband sure as hell protect a lot of ungrateful people like you…but OK keep telling yourself that….k bye

    • Tell your husband thankyou for using his God given right to throw addicts in cages like they are animals. Because people shouldn’t be allowed to make mistakes that has nothing to do with living. And when they use drugs we should use the government to make consequences even worse.

    • Thank you so much!!! Sweetest thing ever!! I will deff pray for you!! 🙂

    • And your right Andrew we all have that God given right…Mathews 5:9 blesses are the peacemakers for they shall be called children of God… you are sooooo righr!!! Do you use this same speech at your addict meetings?

    • Hahahahahh I just can’t even deal right now lol

    • Do you even read the bible

    • Yes I do sir thank you! Would you like me to send you one??

    • Your husband isn’t a peacekeeper he is an antagonist. That’s why he is with you.

    • And Andrew let me ask this…. would you rather have someone on drugs “get thrown in a cage like an animal” for using drugs and get SOME TYPE of help… or would you rather have them die on the streets because no one helped???

    • Can’t remember that last time someone kept the peace with a gun

    • No one said anything about a gun… and the antagonist is you… if you don’t like the way the law and the country is ran… then run for office start a peaceful movement become an elected official or better yet become the police officer you want others to be

    • I can guarantee you that you are a smart person from arizona…had a bad run in with law enforcement either cause you got caught doing something you very well knew your weren’t suppose to be doing, doesn’t take authority well… or had an unpleasant situation with a cop that could of very well been a straight up dick to you… since that traumatizing even it left a bad taste in your mouth for law enforcement

    • It’s like eating at new restaurant and having bad service or the food wasn’t good… your obviously not going to eat there again… it’s understandable

    • But how can YOU tell an officer how to do his job when youve NEVER been in his shoes or situation… I’m not going to sit here at tell you stuff about riding a dirt bike when I’ve never even been on one before…. how can I correct you judge you and belittle your riding techniques when I know NOTHING and have NEVER even been on a bike… is it OK for me to tell you that bike riding is the worst thing in the world just cause I scraped my knee on my pink barbie bike at the age of 4???

    • So let me get this straight you think alcohol prohibition worked?

    • For some yes for others no… but it’s better knowing that some type of help was offered then none at all…. and you never answered my first question for you

    • Think about all the lives that have been lost because of alcoholism… think of all the lives destroyed…families ruined…

    • And no I don’t think ALL consumption of alcohol is bad..

    • And in case you were unaware all cops have guns. Hell some of the even drive around in MRAPS and wear camouflage.

    • Crazy how there are even crazier people who can put gun a policeman… it’s sad that police officer have to.go to that length for protection…because people don’t like how.to.act and cooperate…. and you still haven’t answered by question… why is that Andrew Dorn?

    • I don’t like cops cause the act like they care but mock the people they have killed and then wonder why people hate them so much that they start executing them. You ever remember Jesus telling you to love one another.

    • Yes I do . remember him saying that… my preacher every Sunday say you must love one another even if you don’t like them… so Andrew LOVE a cop even if they “don’t like you” not all cops are bad just like not all people are good

    • Answer my question Andrew Dorn

    • Why you act like you are a kind and caring Christian but obviously you lack serious empathy for people.

    • OK Andrew i see you are avoiding my question… good thing is that you are still very young and have a lot of living and learning to do… so I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt…good luck kid

    • Prison doesn’t help people it fucks them in the ass

    • Well then don’t do stuff to end up in prison it’s quite simple…

    • If someone murdered your mom….what would you do with them

    • It would be nice if you actually answered this question since I can see you STILL haven’t answered the first one

    • Like I said you lack a lot of empathy

    • Thats your opinion and thats cool..
      No bigs… so now… let’s answer the question…. IF SOMEONE MURDERED YOUR MOM….WHAT WOULD YOU DO WITH THEM

    • My mom is a real Christian and she tried all her life to convince me to forgive so I would try listen to her and we are talking about people doing drugs not killing my mom

    • Your right we started with that then you decided to bring up prison remember that

    • And if killing people is a sin isn’t gods job to punish them in the next life or is it your husbands

    • So if someone murdered your mom you would forgive them which in an AWESOME answer cause everyone should but what happens after that… should the murder go to prison and justice be served or go home like anyone else?????

    • Answer the above questions ^^^^

    • By husband doesn’t punish him…..the judge at his trial decides along with a jury….

    • Sooo your answer Andrew Dorn

    • Yea I brought up prison cause people who do drugs don’t deserve to be there.

    • Just in case you forgot

    • What would Jesus do

    • Not gonna act like I don’t think someone who killed my mom should be free but what would Jesus do

    • Jesus would help…. Jesus would heal…. so now we are back on drugs… let pretend your mom’s a druggie… and she just OD in the bathroom… would you call 911 or her drug dealer?

    • I guarantee you will avoid answering my questions by asking another question….

    • You never even answered my question

    • And what’s that question again

    • I would call 911 but I don’t need a guy with a gun

    • Look in the comments

    • Haha OK remind the dispatcher to tell the Emt and police officers to leave the guns at the door before they come in to revive your mom…

    • Ask your mom next time your in church to ask you preacher pastor etc… what the Bible says about a justified kill when it come to protection…

    • Go ahead ask me that question that I never answered again

    • Did alcohol prohibition work

    • I answered that question give me a sec let me screen shot it

    • Do need the cops at all not even an emt she is already dead I just need the people who pick up the bodies and cops don’t even call those people you do it yourself

    • Now let me break down my answer… yes it work for some as in the alcohol production company’s. .
      .no.its didn’t work for the people who have died cause of alcoholism

    • So more dead cops is a positive direction?

    • So your mom OD right….well The police would need to be there to actually prove and have a statement that she OD that way no one conspires against you and say you murdered your mom…the EMT will provide medic evidence to back up the death report and attempt CPR..
      Then They will call the justice of the peace to pronounce her dead so that the body can be properly handled

    • So now the police talk to.you and you say well John doe is her drug dealer…then the police will try to locate John doe… for selling something harmful to you mom.. and prevent him from selling to other people that could potentially die

    • Yea and alcohol is legal and cigarettes kill 5 million a year and they are legal and pot has killed no one that I know of but if you do it you deserve to be in a cage according to you. I just can’t believe you think it’s the governments job to tell people what drugs they can and can’t do. I thought life was about learning from your mistakes. You could argue some mistakes are not worth making but you don’t deserve be treated like shit just cause you did. Just face it if drugs were decriminalized there would be less dead cops

    • Now it’s the.the . day that they find john does trap . house… they go on to arrest him bit instead of complying and surrendering he start shooting his gun at people there for.breaking the peace now officers have to unfortunately defend themselves and fight fire with fire

    • OK so what I gather from you (and I might be wrong to you cause it’s my opinion) but you don’t like cops because the law says you can’t have weed… and it seems like your a pot head…. you answers are so basic and hopeless.
      So your Christine of a mom MUST think it’s OK to use drugs right??? So people start smoking cigarettes which leads to the chain reaction of weed… then the high of weed is not good . enough for them anymore so they move on to the next drug until for some it’s too late and they die

    • So no I hate to say your wrong… if drugs were decriminalization you would have A lot of druggies and the cartel and drug lords knocking on Arizonas door taking over…. i would rather live under what you call a corrupt government then a drug lord

    • So Andrew I hope someone saves you whether it’s your Christian Mom…. the Lord Himself…..or a.big mean ol cop “throwing you in a cage like an animal”….. just know SOME type of help is.out there…. and you DONT need . drugs too live or get through your day….

    • You are crazy lady I’m gonna leave now. Have stalking people making up crazy hypothetical situations to justify why we need cops. You have never done drugs so don’t act like you know how it goes. You are clueless.

    • Not saying it’s bad thing though good for you

    • That fine you comment on my comment so you have every right to leave… bye

    • I’ve never done drugs there fore I’ve never been in prison jail or even Arrested therfore in don’t have to leave in fear like you do and I don’t depend on materialistic help like from drugs that you depend on…. IM ONE HAPPY CONTENT PERSON….wish you could say the same…. maybe one day you will 🙂

    • Yea I can’t wait to think I am better than everyone. Sounds great. And I’m confused on how putting drug addicts in prison is peacekeeping. You are just creating violent criminals who have nothing to do cause they can’t get jobs. How are you creating peace by making these people’s lives even harder.

    • K

  • So when you fight what people want and create a problem bigger than what exist you get more fighting what a concept

  • obviously americans don’t tolerate being told not to consume drugs!

  • ZING

  • Fox “news”

    • that makes two this year. That is less than the amount of cops killed by fellow cops.

  • He could be talking about the publicity war.

  • i feel the opposite is true actually. there’s a war on law abiding citizens

    • Enjoy our Inspiring words and unique style of pictures. Check out the page. 🙂

    • Eddy Masiosi, from whom? Who is waging a war on you?

    • the police. they are a menace to society. all dumb. all scared of their own shadows. many are corrupt, woman abusers and pedophiles. every day a new story in the news pops up about it. I guess you don’t seek the info out for some reason

    • Actually dude, I’m well aware of police abuse and have been extremely vocal about it. That being said, I don’t believe the police are waging a war on the citizens.

    • No, the war on citizens is being waged by politicians.

    • Thanks Dalton, the cops are their stooges,pawns,tools by which the cowardly fucks perpetrate their silent war.

  • Gotta love Faux news for stating the “facts”. 🙂

  • Take a look 🙂

  • A cop shot A cop the other day so maybe that’s the war mainstreambots are babbling about**** Lol

  • So not true wasn’t the count at 300 odd already this year an thats just usa !!!

  • Hannity is the lowest form of scum. A complete morally bankrupt propagandist that foments racism, hate, fear and homophobia. A spineless creep.

    • Don’t confuse a wet face with the torture perpetrated by the terrorist scum in communist Cuba, Venezuela, Nicaragua and Muslim countries.

    • What? What does that have to do with Hannity saying that waterboarding’s not torture and that he would undergo it to prove it? Please focus.

    • Him, Bill O’Reilly and Kelly can get water boarded

    • I don’t agree with this meme at all, Kyle. Fox is far different than many other networks. They are extremely biased, partisan and untrustworthy.

    • Oh I know they all are man

    • All media owned by 6 corporation’s….

    • I totally disagree with the false equivalency argument when it comes to media or political parties. There’s a huge difference between “Fox News” and “CNN,” or Elizabeth Warren and Ted Cruz.

  • WHY DO WE HAVE TO DECLARE A FUCKING WAR ON EVERYTHING. Propaganda at its finest ladies and gentleman. Cuz the war on drugs/homelessness/poverty and terrorism is going just great lol i feel so bad for the people who get thier information from faux… sry fox news

    • So, you are in a war on Fox news, Don’t you know they all read from the same script.

    • Because War Is America’s Best Business …

    • Did i declare a war on fox news? No i didnt, so stfu

    • You didn’t say anything about MSNBC or CNN (Commie News Network)… SO yeah, you singled out Fox. Fox does suck sometimes but it is he best of the rest.

    • Ummm, thats because the post is about fox. If you actually look at the meme, the bottom left hand corner, u will see the fox news logo… WOW ,r ppl really sooooo stupid i have to explain my post, when my post is self explanitory , lol w.e

    • Sounds like a slick talking cop on here.

  • It’s not a war on cops, but the cops are certainly at war

  • If I may paraphrase: Stop trying to fix the cops, fix the ghetto.

    • Its poor peoples fault that cops are killing unarmed people or fellow officers?

    • Jay, he’s from Alabama.

    • OH NOOOOO! Not Alabama! I travel this great country for a living and I get to meet alot of people and I can tell you there is way more common sence being practiced in Bama than other places. More like more common sence throughout the south.

    • As if St Louis is the mecca of sophistication & culture.

    • John you got that from coon/sambo preacher that was on Fox News. I saw that interview.

  • Um this is completely untrue. DO NOT SHARE

  • WAR ON THIS WAR ON THAT .. …….❤️

  • Mark Zuckerberg

  • The statistics (however factual) do not take into account homicide vs “accidental” (for lack of a more accurate term) just look at 2001.. Remember what happened that year?

  • psyops

  • Oh but how about civilian deaths caused by police?

    The first mistake was listening to Fox News.

  • Time to leave America,

  • I think this misconception is what has led to a lot of citizens being killed by police lately. It was always assumed that being a policeman carried with it inherent risks of injury or possibly death but now they’re trying to make it so that it’s not a dangerous occupation and putting the safety of officers paramount above everything

  • Armored trained well funded and above the law….

  • BULLSHIT!!!! let’s see your stats on that… Post that and not your BS theory

    • I read it I saw it. I like fucking with with you people. I will also add that there is a war on police. Just look at your own site.

    • Maybe if the cops stopped killing innocent men, women, kids, pets etc, things would he different.

      They’re just a bunch of bullies that just love stealing money from people with real jobs

    • You can’t just say all. There are some bad ones TRUE. But there are a lot of good one too. So be a little fair…..posted some things that they do good.

    • Any good they do is part of the job they VOLUNTEERED for. Why should anyone get praise for doing the job they signed up for? Do you praise the McDonalds guy everyone he don’t fuck your order up?

    • It’s the Blue Klux Klan everybody knows that!

    • Robert Giannetti- A bad cop is one that lies, plants evidence, kills before thinking, and beats his wife, lol. We are not even talking about THOSE bad cops. Let’s talk about the downright inhuman assholes that gang-beat; handcuffed people, the mentally ill, disabled veterans, and the elderly. Or the ones that rape women in their patrol cars, exchange child pornography, and beat children in their schools? They are not just bad cops- they are psychotic, deranged, violent, shit stains, on our entire country. There is no reason to praise any police- as long as the “bad” cops remain on the force.

    • Let’s talk about the people who are not cops, they steal your shit, rape your daughters, wives sons, let’s talk about the thugs that kill little girl playing in their rooms because some punk thug decided to shoot up a neighbor. Robs a store. Doesn’t like what color pants, shirt or hat you are wearing. Or maybe you have a car they want. Then your ass is looking and want to have a cop there don’t ya! What if the cops just decided to say fuck you I don’t feel like helping you and like that McDonald’s worker decided I’m going on break or let my coworker do it. LET ME MAKE ONE THING PERFECTLY CLEAR. I have had my run ins with the police I have served time. So I am not totally on the side of the police here. BUT. To constantly put them down is wrong. Josh Zim police work is not a volunteered job. It is there JOB they get payed for. The put them selfs in danger to protect your ass so you can enjoy your shitty burger form the little punk who probably just picked your food up off the floor then served it to you. All I am saying is they deserve credit where credit is due.plus every one like to be told you did a good job. I’m sure you do too from your job/ bosses you like your bonuses don’t ya. Well so do they. I bet you like it when an airline pilot get your ass back on the ground safe do they deserve a thank you good flight NICE JOB!!!!! YES they do. This is part of the problem in this fucking country there is no more common courtesy, no appreciation no respect for other and what they might have done for you…

    • All the “good” ones that don’t do anything about the bad ones, are bad ones themselves for not doing anything about it.
      Kind of like how cops charge somebody with something and so and so were present at the time of the crime and did nothing to stop it, therefore they’re charge with accessory to said crime. Yeah.

    • if there are good cops why aren’t they busting the bad cops they don’t they just let these asshole rogue cops get away with crimes far superior to the crimes that they bust everyone else for hey if i get caught letting people commit crimes and do nothing to stop or even help them cover it up i go to jail too but not cops plus cops don’t prevent your car from getting stolen you call them after your car has been taken don’t get me wrong i’m grateful for cops but there needs to be a massive reform in law inforcement shooting some one so you don’t have to chase them is murder overly aggressive tactics are no longer acceptable and officers must obey all laws that civilians have to obey and when the wrong door gets kicked in and some one dies the cops that killed an innocent man in the line of duty must pay the price sorry if i pull my gun to kill a bad guy with a gun and i miss and kill some by stander i’m going to jail and so should the police and when a cop uses his position to rob me of my rights i should be able to press charges also once a cop has been proven to be a criminal cop and fired they should not be able to go to the next county and get another job as a cop .and if the good cops won’t fix the problems and stop these abusive cops then they are bad cops themselves

    • At some point, police are going to have to come to terms with the fact that they’ve brought a lot of this hate and hostility on themselves. Conservatives love telling black people that we have to take responsibility for the actions of black criminals, yet you never hear them talk about the responsibility that police officers have in curtailing police brutality and corruption. In addition, unlike the black community, police departments have a command hierarchy in place for that exact purpose. However, when the higher ups have no interest in disciplining officers who abuse their authority, is it any wonder that a sizeable portion of the population has lost faith in law enforcement.

    • You all have vey valid points. I don’t totally disagree with them. I am the type of person who sees both point and counterpoints. today I defend them tomorrow I’ll hang them out to dry. I really just depends on my mood at the time.. Like I said,today I say they are not all bad, tomorrow I could say they are a pice of shit. But let face the facts would you turn your friends in for braking the law. No I don’t think you would. But if the stole from you you would do what has to be done. Does that make you a bad person? No. LMFAO.. I DONT EVEN BELIEVE MY OWN ARGUMENT ANY MORE….. But they are still not all bad.

    • It’s been fun playing with you all.

    • Guys it’s pointless arguing with the muppet fucking talking head you can’t have a battle of with with the unarmed

  • Your an ass. Have you watched th news lately? Every one needs to go home and love your family, set an example of what you want your children to be. THUGS or paragliding citizens?

  • Crime is actually down, but watching Fox, you’d never know that.

  • lets see war on drugs war, on terrorism, war on cops ,, whats next war of the worlds ffs

  • I’m just curious… if you all value the lives of officers and their need in society so little, then if and when you or your family is at risk will you call a crackhead or 911?

    Because like it or not, these individuals that y’all “dislike” and are wishing ill upon, are willing to risk their lives for people as unappreciative as yourselves…

    Would you do the same?

    • Bullshit. Cops don’t prevent crime. Get yourself a gun because if you’re gonna wait for a cop to save you, you’re fucked. Motherfuckers won’t even go after credit card theft, which should be one of the easiest criminals to catch, but they sure got time to sit in speed traps. You’re still living in the world of Barney and Andy and cops are about revenue generation now, not protecting anyone’s ass.

    • Bigg Hank, that’s a very poor argument and gives us a false choice. You’re essentially saying don’t criticize abusive cops acting like criminals because they won’t come if we call 911?

    • But in Obama’s America… lol… guns are bad… legal gun ownership is frowned upon…

    • ^LOL Raiders fan, nuff said???????

    • No… Doug, my comparison was spot on. I read the comments.
      I don’t agree with cops being put on paid leave when they act so irresponsibly and outside of the law.
      But at the same time I don’t generalize that all cops are bad cops.
      But I also don’t buy into the rhetoric that all criminals are innocent and worthy of pity.
      There are alot of factors that are in play that contribute to the cops vs civilians agenda.

    • False choice. Either would be acceptable, depending on the threat and conditions.

    • Even the best cop is an armed mercenary for the state whose number one priority when he punches in for the day is to somehow separate you from your money.

    • I used to think cops were there for my protection, but then I turned 9

    • Meanwhile, when you’ve called cops for help, and received none, why ever call again?

    • Because insurance needs a police report.

    • Don’t get it twisted, I don’t agree with the militarization of the police, I’m certainly not a fan of the government, but I’m not for people to target cops for murder.
      Are there asshole cops with a “God complex”? Of course there are. Are there asshole cops whose only objective in their miserable life is to piss in your cheerios and ruin your day? Sure there are.

      But we all know and work with people that are assholes, should they be executed? Of course not.

    • Nice Kyle, pick one photo out of a million. Civilians kill each other more than cops do so you might want to be more worried about your neighbor

    • People should be taught to protect themselves and not rely on others. Especially since anybody can become a cop. Get a gun, lock your doors, and if your house catches on fire then call the fire department. Nobody is gonna call a crack head you fucktard.

    • Bigg Hank Another silly statement. I haven’t had mine confiscated and I don’t know anyone that’s not been able to buy a gun or ammo if they want to. Can we get out of the fantasy world of FEMA camps, Death Panels and Sharia Law?

    • I’ve never once in my entire lifetime ever been helped by a police officer. I have never, not once said, “oh no I feel unsafe I wish I had a police officer”. I’m not saying fuck them, I’m not saying I hate them, and I’m not saying I will never need them. I’m saying in my 18 years of existence this far, the police have caused me more hardship and distress than helped me ever. they’re here to protect and serve. I don’t know about you but I’ve never been protected by the police. but I sure have been served by them! haha.

    • I agree with both sides here, Hank makes valid points. However i would still rather just see the populace gain some common sense in protecting themselves rather than relying on police to come to their aid. Police should turn into an investigative agency rather than a protection agency. So when after some shit goes down u call the cops to figure out what happened, not to come and assume whats going on and and end killing innocent people. This would make sure that police I.Q. Requirements be raised and they would no longer be out looking for shit to happen but rather be trained to figure out what happened after it happened

    • Bill Clark Especially when it comes to seizure laws.

    • Read Rise of the Warrior Cop and you’ll start to understand how our police have become militarized and view the public as the enemy. It’s truly scary.

    • Trevor, until you can grow real facial hair and not spots of dirt on your fuckin lip don’t hide behind a fuckin keyboard and start name calling. Now if you want to have a real debate then we can engage in one otherwise bring your little ass up to michigan and I will gladly beat the brakes off of you and send you back home to your parents basement!

    • Absolutely Doug Tull

    • Bigg Hank—Why, do you take,people that don’t think it’s necessary to beat a handcuffed person, beat the face off a homeless man, shoot a mentally ill man in the penis, torture a schizophrenic, call the family pet over to shoot it, etc.’ and turn it into, we want cops to be killed or hurt? Why do you stand up for the behavior of shitty, lowlife, mindless dogs with a badge, instead of wanting them off the force, so that good cops can be respected again?

    • Erika, I stated before I don’t condone bad cop behavior nor do I defend them.

    • I suspect being a cop draws 2 distinct types of people … Bullies and anti-bullies … It would explain the vast difference between the decent and evil ones …

    • Heather, That’s a fair assumption. Unfortunately it’s the latter that make for better headlines.

    • Better selling anyway, more click bait. I can’t read that story enough about the dept that had the 8 hr class on dealing with animals, and then instead of shooting a dog charging him, the cop calmed the dog down. I really love that story.

    • I saw that story as well… good story.

    • How can you even call the police when someone is murdering you or raping you ? Hpw does that work ? Do you tell the criminal “hold on just a sec while i call the police”.? Id much rather have a gun on my hip

    • Garbage Collectors have a MUCH more deadly job. Where’s your #ALLGARBAGEWORKERSLIVESMATTER protest gonna be held. And since you asked, I will never call the cops.

    • Paid leave? Are you kidding?

      You kill someone, who is unarmed, and get paid leave to “learn” what you did wrong?

      Real people get fired, and never hired to the same positions when they kill people accidentally, however a cop’s job IS the initiation of force. They have to be even more responsible than others.

      And when you kill someone in cold blood, AKA pump them full of bullets, you go to prison.

      Paid leave. WOW.

      And yeah I never called the cops when I felt in danger, and haven’t felt in danger in my life besides when in the custody of police. Never had a gun pointed at me besides the one shoved into my face for smoking in a park.

    • No Bigg Hank I wouldn’t !! Buy your own protection. OR—call 911 depending on how close you are to the nearest cop the average response time is only about 20 minutes. Good luck ahoe

    • Bigg Hank, I totally agree !!

    • I respect the police and so should everyone ESE !!!!! The only reason why someone would not is because they may be a criminal themselves. !!

    • Amen !!

    • Johnny I agree. Unfortunately the line between officer and criminal is getting blurred through the acts of bad cops and the media’s pushed agenda.

    • I’ll call the police

    • Big Hank I wish no harm to anyone ever , just to make that clear , I’m Canadian woman in my sixties and come from a long line of Police Officers and Chief of Police . I’m glad to say of the eleven cops in my family not one of them have to kill anyone . And I’m not racist I live in a country where my white skin is the minority and I have friends of every kind . I don’t even have a racist in my huge family . ❤️????

    • When I’m in trouble I call Smith&Wesson. They’re right on my hip.

    • Bigg Hank Neither do we, however we think many on the Right give the police free reign to abuse folks, especially if those people happen to be of color. I’ve seen it myself firsthand.

    • Marie Patricia Smith Canada is infinitely safer than the US.

    • Johnny Brown That’s what you’d like to think, but that sure doesn’t match up to reality. Also, you assume all military members are Conservatives. I know you’re itching for a war, aren’t you?

    • I should have figured, but you’re apparently a homophobe, too. Seeing your triple chins, hopefully you won’t be around much longer, stain.

    • Johnny Brown Keep living your life in a paranoid haze of conspiracies and gun fantasies.

    • Bigg Hank Reporting on police abuse or showing videos of cops shooting a fleeing suspect in the back, isn’t really media’s fault.

    • Heather Freiman Unfortunately those bullies are armed and can use deadly force.

    • Doug, I live in Detroit. Police brutality is, unfortunately, all too common.
      It’s a shitty situation all around.
      Police need to be held to a higher standard when they abuse their authority.

    • Bigg Hank Why do you folks on the Right always have to resort to threatening people? You know that’s illegal, right? Grown up men can’t just go around threatening others.

    • Johnny Brown Respect is different than worship or looking the other way when you see corruption or illegal behavior from a member of law enforcement. Remember the good Germans that looked the other way?

    • It’s not the individual cops, it’s the system. Change the system, stop taking away little tiny bits of our freedoms and maybe, just maybe you’ll see a little more compassion for the police.

    • I can’t pretend to feel sorry for a criminal that is shot. I don’t make excuses for bad behavior, not for the criminal nor for a bad cop.
      Bottom line, the system is broken, the scales of “justice” lean heavily in favor of those that work for the system than for those who pay to keep the system intact.

    • Doug… first off your ASSUMPTION that I fall on the right is incorrect.

      Second I did not threaten anyone, I merely extended an invitation. Third, I find it ironic that you would cite legalities when we are debating those that are paid to enforce the law.

    • Stevie Ray I agree with your statement.

    • Johnny Brown No one forces individuals to become cops or join the military. If they need lots of praise and want to deal with an adoring public, they might want to consider another line of work.

    • Bigg Hank, I don’t understand why you’re not more empathetic. You seem to be saying the same things that I am, but perhaps differently. There’s no doubt that being a police officer is a challenging job; they have to be held to a higher standard than civilians or criminals. I have no soft spot for criminals. In fact, I’m pretty hard on them. That being said, I’m even more terrified and concerned about rogue police officers that behave like criminals.

    • Bigg Hank An invitation to brawl is a passive aggressive threat. Sorry.

    • When cops violate their oath, they forfeit any respect or privilege due. With authority comes great responsibility, only the truly heroic stand the test of time with little thanks or reward. Just the satisfaction of knowing they did the right thing. If that isn’t good enough,you should not be a cop, you are a douche bag, bully or sociopath.

    • A crack head MIGHT have a gun to shoot you with but the police DEFINITELY have guns they can shoot you with

    • Doug Tull when you say” If they need lots of praise and want to deal with an adoring public, they might want to consider another line of work.” It seems that you’re saying “Police should love getting shit on by the general populace.” Far too many generalizations in this thread. I know several officers, the vast majority of them are stand-up guys, but yeah, some are douchebags.

      My dad was a state trooper for 30 years, and whenever he talked to me about work, he’d always talk about how it was important to weigh his actions against whatever danger the offender was posing. If they were speeding with nobody nearby, or made some minor infraction without causing danger, a warning was all they needed. If they posed a threat to someone else, however, a warning would be too light. His foremost objective was public safety, he got a paycheck regardless of arrests/tickets.

    • I am not against cops but i have zero use for them.
      was robbed they took every thing i had. the cop that eventually came out two days and many phone calls later to write it up. told me it was a complete waste of his time they weren’t going to bother to investigate.
      My son was ganged up on and beaten so bad they broke his ribs the cops did shit about it.
      I pull into the tag agency to get a new tag. I am disabled and had to save up the money no i did not drive it except on this one trip. cop writs me a ticket in the parking lot. despite me telling them i had to bring that car because the tag agent insisted she has to inspect the car.
      my car brakes down on the side of the road I push it to a vacant lot. cop pulls up tells me i cant leave it there calls a wrecker and has it impounded. wile in the police impound every thing in the car is taken including the radio the wrecker damaged the front end cops tell me tough shit.
      so yea cops or crackhead same results.

    • I’m sorry did you not know that many people DON’T CALL 911 anymore, because they don’t want to be shot and killed? did you not know that the “WAR ON COPS” is in actuality a war perpetrated BY COPS on minorities, the poor, and just about everyone? perhaps you’ve heard of the (admittedly hateful and racist) Black Lives Matter movement? How do you think that got started? With Cops rightfully arresting gang members and murderers?

    • It isn’t about a vs mentality. You must realize how life is never perfect, much like your dismay and opposition to this issue. It is about improvement. The citizens could definitely be better and so could the law enforcement. Perhaps it’s not even their fault, it’s the U.S. criminal justice system combined with revenue is a terrible combo. We need to be less polarizing and realize that together we can be ok.

    • It isn’t about a vs mentality. You must realize how life is never perfect, much like your dismay and opposition to this issue. It is about improvement. The citizens could definitely be better and so could the law enforcement. Perhaps it’s not even their fault, it’s the U.S. criminal justice system combined with revenue is a terrible combo. We need to be less polarizing and realize that together we can be ok.

    • well after you’ve been raped or murdered or bashed you may as well call a crackhead because the police usually don’t care unless you are a victim important enough to be on the news and it’s already too late if you’re dead or hurt. They are only going to punish someone in court, IF they even catch them for charges against the state not against you for what they did to you or someone you care about. The cop gets paid, a judge gets paid, a legal aid solicitor gets paid to defend the criminal and if they are fined the money goes to the state and if they go to jail they work to make a profit for the state and more people get paid – but the victim gets nothing unless they jump through hoops to meet the ever diminishing Victim’s Compensation requirements. If you know the right crackhead to call at least you can get them to hunt down someone if they molest your kid and have them dealt some justice that satisfies and avenges the actual victim and would strongly discourage/prevent them from re-offending.

    • Part of the problem is also the blue code of silence. Everyone wants to say not all officers are bad. Well then, what about guilt by association? If I broke into your house and had you at gunpoint, and my buddy Tom for example, was just with me but didn’t touch anything, but also didn’t tell on me, you would want him in jail too.

      Police unions protect private prisons, which protect police who break the law and adhere to silence. Police should be just like EMS and Fire Dept.’s. They don’t come unless called upon.

      Do you realize police forces have turned away brilliant people who have actively tried to join to clean up the force because their IQs were too high? That means you can be TOO SMART to be a cop. The state doesn’t give 2 shits whether you live, die, or go broke. All they want is your taxes and then whatever they’re able to steal from you by using their corporate gang members aka police.

    • Think about it this way. If I get a ticket for something so fucking lame as not wearing a seatbelt, and I choose not to pay it because it’s extortion at its finest, (because the law isn’t made for motorcycles either, which are far more dangerous), I can be LOCKED IN A CAGE against my will. They would lock me in a cage in the name of doing it for what’s best for me.

      I have friends who’s parents are police and a friend who is a prison guard at Sedgwick County Prison. They’re good guys, but I’ve heard of them speak of other cops that do bad shit. If they don’t tell on them, then they’re part of the problem and I don’t mind telling them they’re wrong for it.

    • You are all morons and clearly don’t know what a police officer actually does on a day to day basis while at work. Half of your comments are not even correct and I would venture to say the other half you have been in trouble with the law for something you did and instead of taking responsibility you are blaming it on police officers.

    • Really mark you’re “disabled?” You’re just an obese neckbeard, no wonder the police don’t respect you.

    • I break out the whoopin stick and send the crackheads to the hospital.

    • your govt. your problem?, if you want to slove it? take your problem, and go home with it, to europe!! you let this happen/ when it always been unconstitutional since they started in 1838??? IDLE NO MORE!! QUESTION? IF WE SAVE YOU ALL/, FROM THIS GROUP/ WILL YOU ALL LEAVE IN RETURN OUR LANDS?

    • Simple truth. Ive been robbed by the police had my place ransacked by police and thrown back on a car for hitch hiking home from my second job and the list goes on. The cops will kill you, your family your dog and anyone else they want in the name of that guy who ran in that general direction with a joint. Too boot i NEVER call the police unless i feel the need to be violated further. They get less and less “killed” every year for doing the shit they are arresting people for and yet somehow feel so much more threatened….hmmm why is that cause they’re DOING SHIT why do u think people hate on them so much? If you’re a cop pumper get those rose colored glasses on and ignore whats really going on se more lame asses.

    • LOL we’re all morons. The Police Officer’s wife said so. Her personal anecdote and the fact that she’s MARRIED to an officer somehow demotes, delineates, and trumps any opinions or views and facts we’ve all shared.

    • Andrew Zaniewski I Think I was realized10 or 11 when I Cops are not my friends.

    • Trevorgonna James Thompson – I not call a Crack head but will call my Brothers, sisters, friends and Neighbors before I will cal la Cop to help me.

    • For $5, that crackhead will defend my life harder than a cop. Just saying.

    • “Not all cops are bad”
      No, just the ones who make their livings extorting people. Which would be everyone who’s not a CSI or a detective/investigator, and the few SWAT officers that actually are cops and not contractors (which is a fancy word for “mercenary). The average beat cop is just a power-tripping lowlife who participates in a legalized extortion racket and writes police reports so actual investigators can do the real police work.
      Fuck patrol officers.

    • You’d be safer callin a crackhead, probably get better results too.

    • The Free Thought Project.com for once TFTP i have to agree i was well would rather have a gun in my hands than a cop on the phone glad to see we can find some middle ground.

    • Spencer Merritt That’s your interpretation and given your familial connections, that’s not hard to understand. I guess what I’m saying is we’re fast becoming a nation of people that need constant strokes and adulation. I’m not saying that we shouldn’t praise good members of law enforcement or the military, but what many seem to be saying is if you criticize the police and police abuse, that you’re either condoning criminals, or that we have no right to police protection. I pay property taxes and I see the line that includes the amount I pay for fire, police, schools, etc. I am a citizen and possibly a consumer of their services-if needed. Police are not above the law nor are they exempt from citizens expressing their Constitutional First Amendment Rights. There are police and politicians targeting private citizens for being too critical, abrasive or vocal. We have seen where that leads in many other societies. I trust you do not wish to emulate those countries.

    • Spencer Merritt, It sounds like your father is old school and recognized how policing goes far better and is much more effective when you protect and serve first. I don’t know if you’ve ever heard of this, but there’s a book I highly recommend every American read: Rise of the Warrior Cop It actually explains how policing has mutated from what your father practiced, to the militarized, aggressive and violent incidents that are becoming quite routine. For what it’s worth, I have lived in two cities that have experienced deadly and costly riots as a result of the perception from communities of color, that white officers got away with beatings or killings. Three things became evident to me: 1. The police can either draw down the violence, or they can amp it up. 2. Criminals come out of the wood work, and you see how delicate the balance is in many US cities. 3. That having your protection and plan, maybe the most important indicator of whether you’ll come out of riots unscathed. I don’t depend on the police for everything, but I also don’t believe in frontier justice and being some Charlie Bronson Deathwish crusader.

    • If my family at risk I got that shit handled with a strap ??

    • Theres alot of folks on this thread who dont seem to know the difference between first “responders” and first “preventers”..lol cops are RESPONDERS not preventers in most cases. Learn to defend yourself so you dont have to rely on them. In most cases they are already too late

    • Thomas J. Wentzel We’re all real impressed. Just because you carry, doesn’t mean that you’ll always prevail in a confrontation.

    • The “crackhead” analogy is really getting old.

    • As taxpayers, you have a right to bitch about the system you are forced to pay into.

    • Bigg Small, fuck off with your bullshit. They risk nothing, because they open fire at the slightest perception of anything. Cowards. At least with a crack head, you gotta even chance…

    • If there were truly a way on cops there wouldn’t any cops.

  • Fox.. is..not..news. .it’s hate. ..

    • Don’t confuse the night time punditry with the news. It’s a counterbalance to the left leaning MSNBC and CNN. It’s not hate, you just don’t agree with it. Your comment is hate.

    • You Robert can kiss my ass!Whoooooooh

  • Good police officers lives matters, , more than thugs, and criminals !!!!!

    • Wait until it’s you or your family, JB. We’ll see if you’re that black and white about it.

    • Doug Tull,,if 1 of my family members robs a store r kills someone, r rape someone, ,r try to kill a police officer, ,,they need too be shot..!! And if there killed a few tears for them,,,but they knew nothing is free you must earn there way in life

    • Doug Tull,,,I a sure you it won’t be me r a member of my family, ,,we obey the law,and work for a living

    • Johnny, you look like you’ve lived hard. How many times have you been in the joint? DUI’S? I have no arrests or convictions, but you folks on the Right think anyone with a brain and can construct a decent sentence, is some kind of Communist. Seriously, we laugh at illiterates like you. Put a shirt on.

    • Doug Tull,,that’s working very hard in life,not looking for a rainbow free..shit. and second I’ve never have drink and never done drugs,so no DUI ! Also no arrests or convictions myself and as communist no didn’t think you were, and you/you’ll laughing ow well,and as the shirt deal send me one of yours, ,,color BLUE!!

    • You’ve never had a drink? LOL. What happened to your teeth? By the way, reading your posts would drive anyone to drink. They’re incomprehensible.

    • Yeah, Johnny- let me know when you find one, would ya?

    • Doug Tull, No Alcohol period ,as my teeth got knocked out by someone who robbed me years ago..if I guessed your a thug yourself

    • Erika Domnick,,????

  • Hannity is a jerk.

  • Hannity vs sanity

  • Don’t listen to #fauxnews

  • What you do in the Dark, Will come to Light

  • Who cares the point is that on some occasions cops are looking for fights to pick that’s the problem. And sometimes it really is self defense. People are literally getting arrested with the only charge being resisting arrest wtf that right there tells you we have a police issue to a certain degree. Point is we need police reform now. Takes lawyer’s about 2 – 3 yrs to learn law on the fast track and 6 depending on what areas of interest they are going into. The police learn it in 6 months, I feel like they need more training.

    • There are no good cops because if a good cop stands up he gets shit canned….

    • Nope. Only bad cops and worse cops.. No room for any “good” ones or they’re heavily encouraged to move on. Police reform should start there, take all the Chiefs, Detectives, Internal Affairs and what have you and gut these corrupt PD’s from the inside out. But that still wont fix the underlying problem which is our legal system and the agenda behind that.. Get rid of all THOSE corrupt fucks too or they’ll just find new crooked officers willing to do their bidding

    • Yep those who pass unjust laws the judicial branch needs gutted or add a fourth branch the judicial review branch

  • How true. And what’s all this BS about cops lives matter? What about the innocent people who are gunned down by police every day, for example the women in california who was taken hostage by bank robbers and shot by police when they knew she was in the car. I think we need to focus more time and money on police training than we do on all the propaganda about police deaths.

  • So, if there is a war on cops then they won;t have a problem arresting us or shooting us when there is a police state. Be careful what you wish for. Besides, the only wars are the ones the media tells us we are in.

  • the best thing to do is A- know your rights and B- always ask am I being detained? Am I free to go? use common sense and film every police encounter

    • That is soooo not true. I was arrested and spent 5 days in jail because I asked a cop if I was being detained. And then, after a half hour, when he finally lined his bullshit all up- I was arrested for doing exactly nothing! And then, because they hate it when you know your “rights”, he accused me of trying to bite him. No mark, no pain, no cam proof- just his word against mine, and you know what- I’m still being fucked for it- a year later. Our entire “justice” system is designed to beat us down, cage us, extort from us, and RULE, at all costs. America is a cesspool of corruption.

  • Wow

  • ONE IS TOO MANY! who do you call when you need help ? not your so called friends.

  • “Fox News” and “Hannity” sell hate, fear, racism, xenophobia, ignorance and conspiracies. Folks watch it to reinforce their violent fantasies and delusions. It’s a sickness.

    • Your hyperbole is as disgusting as you claim Fox to be. Your condemnation of people you don’t know is just plain stupid. Stop it!

    • No hyperbole served here, mate, just facts. If you don’t like it, please feel free to block me. I think I lead in the polls right now.

    • Robert L Hatzes Jr Just as I guessed, your page is full of delusional memes of persecution and hate for Democrats, women and minorities.

    • Dig your artwork. It has almost a serial killer flavor to it. Very disturbing, but that’s great art. I think I know why you’re angry and I think you should be blaming those that are trying to take away your benefits.

  • To be fair, there was a war declared on cops. Cops have also been openly assassinated.

  • There has been a spike in people shooting at and killing cops over the last couple of weeks.

  • I just think people are being targeted. On both sides. What it boils down too, the fact that people are being illegally surveillanced, by the governement, and gangstalkers in cooperaton with corruption, people are being attacked by RF devices, and other acoustic technology, being brainwashed by encephlographic technology & RF, and being brainwashed to believe the devil is behind it all, when it’s people in a suppossed “secret” society, with government credentials, and coordination with gangs to harass the hell out of people. Everyone in this country has being mislead for years, and it is because many of these people doing all this just want eveyone to be puppeteered.

    • That’s a bit harsh. What about when the officer is a person of color?

    • Same difference

    • Wow, dude, I hate dirty cops, but you don’t laugh when a good cop gets gunned down. You don’t really mean that, right?

  • I’d like to see where these stats came from, but I think the difference now compared to past years, regarding war on cops, is that in the past police officers were killed in the line of duty, because of the natural risks they take. Now it’s just blatant killings, like hey you’re a cop so I think I’ll kill you just because of that. My son will be entering the police force soon to make a difference in his community and protect and serve, which is what most people go into the line of work for. Wish everyone would just get over themselves and quit pointing fingers at everyone else when it leaves 3 fingers pointing right back at you. No one is perfect, but we sure as hell all try.

  • They risk their lives protecting me but,I risk mine calling them!

  • How many people are going to overreact because of this fear mongering, click bait BS?

  • BIGOT, n. One who is obstinately and zealously attached to an opinion that you do not entertain. — Ambrose Beirce

  • Is there a WAR ON WAR? Stayed tuned to find out!!

  • Fox is stupid

  • Fuck the Blue Klux Klan …

  • Can you guys plot officer deaths on the same graph as people killed by officers and possibly with a background shaded line graph of the annual expenditure of the war on drugs?

  • One is one to many!

  • Fox news is a joke… trouble makers…

  • Try telling that to the families of the slain officers. Let me simplify it for you folks. Not all cops are crooked and not all minorities are criminals. This site is just as guilty at pushing propaganda as the rest of the media.

  • Katie

  • Our cops are here to protect and service us all. We have wonderful good cops.

  • Jim N Nancy Carver

  • Eli Veliz what I was talking about.

  • I am curious to see who you expect to come to your rescue when in a dangerous situation. Some bad cops does not equal all bad cops. Perhaps we need more change in the hiring process and expectations of our officers. But these men and women risk their lives for people everyday. And they deserve respect.

  • I prefer the wonka memes to be shorter

  • Because better safty gear and advanced medical. All lives matter regardless.

  • You can also say the same for police deaths as well.

  • Seriously, oblivious to current events?

  • even if you call a cop when your life is on the line they are not going to be able to show up until well after the crime has been committed they are first responders not the magically able to show up as soon as you need us

  • #EndthePoliceState

  • 10 years from now call crackhead will be safer then 911

  • If there is a war on cops, they are definitely winning.

  • But on the other hand

  • Any of you pricks willing to send this over to the family of Deputy Darren H. Goforth? I’m sure the snarky opinion that a bunch of apparent cop hating libertarians don’t think there’s anything to the recent rash of violence against people SWORN TO UPHOLD THE LAW will immeasurably lessen the devastation of his brutal execution at the hands of lowlife human garbage. A club to which you belong.

  • Clay

  • facts are something Fox News has never heard of.

  • Somebody should declare a War on Hannity and invite the Gun Lobby

  • Like every other “war on….” it has turned out to be a war of…. So now we have a war of drugs, a war of terror and look, as if nobody noticed as war of cops too

  • Never confuse Hannity with News

  • well ppl are dumb enough to buy it so they keep talking shit

  • How about a war on assholes like you.

  • The Free Thought Project.com JAni add close kRo nAw ????

  • Andrew Sims

  • Media has one job, to get people to watch so they can sell advertising spots. They will do that however they can, by pumping up non-issues, citing invalid statistics, destroying lives if they must. You cannot trust them, you have to look deeper into matters before coming off with some gut reaction.

  • Police deaths may be down persay but police executions or up.Why louis farapunk can call for crackers to be killed and nothing happen to him is mind boggling.


  • Brian Cosme

  • My job is more dangerous however i manage not to be a douche and not shoot unarmed people whom i interact with. Im also not a alcoholic womanizing wife beater like most cops.

  • The late, great George Carlin said it best when he said, any time we as a society don’t like something about ourselves we “declare war” on it: The war on crime, the war on illiteracy, and the rather pathetic war on drugs. But there’s no war on poverty. You know why? No money in it.

  • Statistics suggest there is no war on cops, maybe. Black leaders calling for war on cops is a reality, thus there is a war against cops.

    • Who’s calling for an actual war against cops? I’m sure there are some nut-cases who want one, but the vast majority are calling for police reform, not a war on cops. A comparative few ignorant people calling for violence against police doesn’t mean there’s a war on cops.

    • If you don’t know who is calling for this war, and deny the potential for escalation then you are not paying attention.

    • Please turn off “Fox News,” Karl. By the way, statistics have more validity than anecdotes or people’s words. For instance, you folks always talk about harming others, but I would hazard a guess, that it’s mainly tough talk.

    • Turn off the news that isn’t controlled. No Thanks. Statistics,validity, who cares. 3 heavyweights have declared war on whites and cops. Watch the videos, don’t take my word for it. Also, I don’t know what tough talk you are accusing me of for making an observation.

    • War on police brutality not police

  • I thought Hannity was the false prophit, but he could not be because Cruz already has that job!

  • Yet just two days ago my family member was shot in the in of duty. With an Ak 47 at close range. He was lucky to make it out alive. Now he has to learn to walk again and had two kids to take care of.
    I see that there is a problem on both sides.

  • better call the crack head, hes more likely to find the right house and less likely to shoot your child!

  • I would rather deal with the problem myself. You know a member of society helping a frustrated member of the same society. Or do you believe everyone who does something minor should be arrested, miss work and pay fines to a court that does nothing for the ” victims “? Fuck off PIGS! Yeah you all should get fucked. Money hungry terrorist.

  • Hank I would trust the armed civilian over the Cops ANY DAY of the week and Every day of the week.

  • So sick of mainstream media propaganda.

  • But lets talk about that sharp rise in citizens killed my cops now.

    Oh, lets throw in family pets too. What the hell.

  • merica media…….

  • Its about the media

  • >.< war on cops does not equal dead cops

  • Where has this new site been? There’s a “race war” going on thx to prez! oh wait he had a white momma

  • #AngryPeopleMakingCrapUp

  • I’m still waiting on all that class warfare fox was talking about during the occupy protests to start. Been a while, I’m still waiting, starting to wonder if their news reports are just opportunistic bullshit that is used to strike fear in the hearts of AARP member’s so that they will vote republican…

  • Ok, so can we find a different pic to write sarcastic text on besides Mr Willy Wonka?

  • While their might not be a “war on cops” one can deny a repugnance in calling for cops to be killed from a minority with in the black , Hispanic and white groups. while i a Minority they are rather vocal and as we all know squeaky wheel gets the grease.

  • Robert clearly doesn’t like the truth, because then it wouldn’t be Obama’s fault!

    • Can you please tell me why you think it’s the president’s fault and then I can tell you why it’s the Republican fault

    • Giles, I was replying to a previous post written by Robert and being sarcastic. Robert was calling the statistics phony, hence my sarcasm. I am a big Obama supporter and pretty much like everything he does!

  • Fox News is an oxymoron.

  • It’s Fox news, what do you expect

  • Shit, the whole point is is peace. Not wishing death on human beings. Behave yourselves

  • Keep us informed!

  • It’ll go away once the “War on Christmas ” fun begins.

  • So, killing a cop while pumping gas, another in his household, shooting at another one while on his official vehicle on the hand and another one on a leg is not “war on cops” and it’s totally acceptable to you. I can’t recall “wtf” I ever read on this blog that I hit “like” on it. I’m totally taking it back. Shame on you!

    • So it OK for them to kill innocent and not be held responsible

    • If a cop kills a person ilegally, shame on him/her for corrupting the name of law enforcement agencies. But walking around killing cops randomly is totally unacceptable. I believe we live in a system where everyone is inocent until proven guilty, and killing just any cop for the actions of those who spit on that duty is shameful.

  • I will declare war on you dirty fucking xops

  • So I don’t get it! Who is winning?

  • There is no “War on Cops”, but there could be if they keep this shit up.

  • wow bigg your delusional… i think a dr could help you with it…. maybe you should call a therapist

  • Jason Schader part of what we were talking about. There’s a link too

  • I personally have never ever called 911

  • Fox news is a fictional comedy show!

  • Let’s be clear. Yes all lives matter, that’s a given, but to use AllLivesMatter, within the context of the recent killing of Black men by police, implies all lives are being taken equally, which we ALL KNOW isn’t true.

    So stop getting defensive. Because most of you who use “all lives matter” as a defense, are the same ones who say all Blacks are at fault for their own deaths at the hands on police.

    Its time for the good cops to speak out against bad ones. Because it’s the bad ones giving cops a bad name.


  • Pamela Guzman

  • If there were truly a way on cops there wouldn’t any cops.

  • Alcohol, like drugs are part of society and a ‘war’ on either is in effect a war on society by police. A society has an inherent right to defend itself and should be as well armed as any police force. In the ‘Third World’, it is both the police and military that is the common enemy of society. They have no regard for law but that of the gun.

  • Please tell me how cops are serving and protecting you?They are a bunch of steroid pumped Nazi storm trooper out to fuck with ya! How to make residue in a straw translate into two felony’ s two years probation, and 30 days in jail for a single mother of two and no mention of treatment of any kind. that’s great police work! Fuck you!!!!!!

  • wialco

    What happened to the video? Is there a copy somewhere that can replace it?