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Report: “All Cannabis Use is Medicinal” Whether You Know it Or Not


In the past two years, we have witnessed a sea of change in the attitude of Americans toward cannabis. Colorado made history by becoming the first state to completely decriminalize possession and use of the plant, with Washington and other states soon following.

Medical cannabis use is now legal in 23 states, and others will soon be joining that list. Polls find that a solid majority of Americans support cannabis legalization, especially for medicinal use. The Free Thought Project has reported on many incredible ways that cannabis is being used to treat a variety of ailments. Its effectiveness at reducing or eliminating epileptic seizures is nothing short of amazing.

People are also realizing that the war on cannabis—and all drugs for that matter—is a war on people carried out by law enforcement to restrict freedom and to extort millions of dollars for victimless behavior. The Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) gains a sizable amount of revenue through cannabis seizures. The dried plant also provides ample opportunity for local law enforcement to carry out its favorite, most insidious form of extortion known as Civil Asset Forfeiture.

The good news is that these abuses of human rights are being exposed, and law enforcement is sounding ever more desperate as justification for their actions withers under the advance of reason and logic. When cannabis is finally decriminalized everywhere, our evolution from the days of Reefer Madness will provide an entertaining yet tragic documentary.

The fight continues, and we must build on the momentum if we are to see it to completion. The arguments for legalization are many, and they are sound. But perhaps the entire narrative needs to be reconsidered as we make the final push.

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Daniel Macris, owner of Halycon Organics, suggests that the very idea of “recreational use” is flawed, and actually hampers the progress toward legalization.

““Recreational cannabis use” is the most detrimental phrase our industry faces today.

Over half the U.S. population supports “recreational use” of cannabis. Unfortunately, those whose don’t support recreational use, oppose it vitriolically. “Recreational cannabis” is exactly what the opposition is fighting to prevent.

The flip side to this is that over 80% of Americans support medical cannabis use and over 85% support freedom in healthcare decisions. All of these statistics are trending upwards.

In the South, “recreational cannabis use” is a non-starter and a debate that cannot be empirically won. On the other hand, “medical cannabis use” is a debate we win. And we don’t need to manipulate our messaging to change the debate, we need only to correctly identify ‘medicinal use.’”

The basis for this argument lies in our increasing understanding of a part of human physiology known as the endocannabinoid system, which is turning out to be vital to many life-supporting processes.

In 2006, the National Institutes of Health reported:

“The recent identification of cannabinoid receptors and their endogenous lipid ligands has triggered an exponential growth of studies exploring the endocannabinoid system and its regulatory functions in health and disease…

In the past decade, the endocannabinoid system has been implicated in a growing number of physiological functions, both in the central and peripheral nervous systems and in peripheral organs. More importantly, modulating the activity of the endocannabinoid system turned out to hold therapeutic promise in a wide range of disparate diseases and pathological conditions, ranging from mood and anxiety disorders, movement disorders such as Parkinson’s and Huntington’s disease, neuropathic pain, multiple sclerosis and spinal cord injury, to cancer, atherosclerosis, myocardial infarction, stroke, hypertension, glaucoma, obesity/metabolic syndrome, and osteoporosis, to name just a few.”

We have seen an explosion of studies looking at the medicinal use of cannabis and its extracts, and they center on “modulating the activity of the endocannabinoid system” as described above. With modern technology, we are discovering the mechanics of something known to the ancients—cannabis is a medicine. People have used it this way for thousands of years.

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We can now extract even non-psychoactive components of cannabis, such as cannabidiol, to successfully treat debilitating conditions such as epileptic seizures. We can find out which phytocannabinoids are the most beneficial to specific diseases, and figure out exactly how much of the extract is needed for best results.

Scientific knowledge will validate what many cannabis users already know—the plant can provide relief from certain ailments and stimulate some of the best human qualities such as creativity and empathy.

Macris has interviewed several people and found they use cannabis for conditions that would otherwise be treated with pharmaceutical drugs in the current paradigm.

“It makes me relax,” “It helps me sleep,” “It calms me down,” “It helps me think,” “It helps my stomach calm down,” and it “It helps me talk to people,” are some of the ways people have said cannabis helps them.

All of these conditions—anxiety, sleep disorder, ADHD, inflamed bowels, and social anxiety—are targeted by pharmaceutical companies that vigorously advertise their manufactured pills with government complicity.

“Recreational cannabis users are using cannabis for medical purposes, they just don’t realize it,” says Macris.

When someone says they are a “recreational user,” they should consider saying “therapeutic user.” This will be far more effective in the push to completely decriminalize cannabis, as “recreational” implies that it can be abused on the level of alcohol or other drugs. Government may insist on keeping the distinction, as they can tax “recreational” use much more than medical use.

In any case, we can garner much more support from fellow citizens when legalization efforts are rightfully carried under the banner of medical use.

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  • Forrest Jordan

  • It’s like there’s absolutely NO negative effects on the use of marijuana.. absolutely none.. it’s amazing.. not one negative effect at all.. not detrimental to anyone at any moment.. ever!

    “this is what a grasp from overtly positive propaganda on a plant”.

    • As a user, you can still get so dependent on it that you don’t function. This is a psychological matter, which is inseparable from a neurological matter regarding fucking up your dopamine circuits and such. But same can be said of certain video games, sugar, gambling, etc.

      But! No physiological withdrawal, which in legalized alcohol can be lethal. The whole side effect profile of marijuana is milder than alcohol on every level.

    • Wow.

      Its like you’re trying to twist the arguments of legalizing cannabis.

      Or have you actually understood it so that people who are advocating the legalization of cannabis ACTUALLY argument that there can be nothing harmful related to cannabis?

      No, you don’t think that. You just wanted to make it easier to attack a thing you don’t like.
      Otherwise known as the “strawman fallacy”.

      Every thing has a negative side. You can drink too much water even.
      Using cannabis has a real low potential for harm though. Lower than coffee.

      I don’t see you raving about people who like coffee though? Do you use this argument whenever you see a person with a mug that is glorifying the use of coffee?

      You probably aren’t, because you know that even though abuse of coffee is possible, its HIGHLY UNLIKELY. The same goes for cannabis. Actually, its not even the same, as caffeine has been ranked more harmful in a lot of studies.

      Please. Do tell who has said that there are NO POSSIBLE HARMFUL effects from cannabis?

    • Oh and tell me not only who said this, but why you understood that argument to cover the views of everyone pro-legalization?

    • Shamanisti No.. you’re an idiot, and ASSume too much.
      My contention and only contention is that we purposely place ourselves within an echo chamber of rainbows and puppy dog kisses without critically thinking of the possible negatives of marijuana.
      Good virtue you’ve got going though.

    • You are using fallacies.
      Do you know what a fallacy is?

      “A fallacy is the use of invalid or otherwise faulty reasoning, or “wrong moves” in the construction of an argument.”

      This can be in the form of twisting an argument on purpose, like you did, or for instance attacking anothers persona instead of their argument. Like you did, when you insulted me as an idiot.
      Its not argumenting, its insulting.

      If you place yourself in a chamber, that’s fine by me. Its false however to portray this as the view of everyone wanting to legalize cannabis.
      I’m well aware of the risks involved in using cannabis. There is a lot less of them than say using alcohol.

      Tell me, who isn’t thinking of the “possible negatives of marijuana”, as there have been hundreds of billions of dollars spent on research with the sole purpose of trying to find negative effects on it, and there still isn’t any conclusive evidence of any of these so called “psychosis” related to cannabis.

      Hundreds. Of. Billions. Of. Dollars.

      Spent on proving that its bad. Instead of trying to examine it without bias.

    • Liar !

    • I’m saying it is completely 100 percent harmless. And in most cases, helpful.

    • It’s like there’s absolutely NO negative effects on the use of advil.. absolutely none.. it’s amazing.. not one negative effect at all.. not detrimental to anyone at any moment.. ever!

      “this is what a grasp from overtly positive propaganda on a medicinal ingredient”.

    • Also advil likes to compare itself to coffee, implying it’s an everyday pain reliever and sleeping pill. And it’s super easy to get addicted to and build tolerance to. This is an actual advil ad.

    • Advil has killed hundreds by misuse, marihuana? None ever, nobody died, ever.

  • Bien sur…mais oui…Did you just Learn this???

  • …such bullshit. this is couched advertising for Halycon.

  • It is time to end the death, lies and discrimination. End Marijuana prohibition.

  • i got np shareing this if it helps people that are terminal ill look past what we been brain washed and read

  • Oh, sweet Jebus, really? This kinda shit hurts both the medical aspects and recreational aspects.

  • You said it Thomas Wood Jr

  • Never thought about this till I saw it, think you for the enlightment.

  • I would rather be hooked on a feeling than hooked on a lie.

  • Charity Pratt Jordan Haller

  • #indocannibanoidsystyem

  • What we need to be pressing for is not your body not your business… otherwise we are allowing ourselves to be biological property, slaves.

    We need to stop fighting over all of these subsections of the war on drugs and start focusing on the right to do what we want with our own bodies… That will cover many bullshit laws. Like oral sex being illegal.

  • very true

  • You can’t make a dog into a horse.Smoking dope is a recreational activity for most users.It sure was back in the 60’s and 70’s. and nothing has changed .

    • Dope is coke. Chemicals. This is why your opinion is worthless. You male an opinion without any education. If you can type on facebook then you can type on google. No excuse to be ignorant.

    • I don’t think she was being sexist. I think she was saying make, not male.

    • actually Ambroise, dope is heroin not Coke

    • Sonni Kilo perhaps but she has no idea of how educated or not I or anyone else is

    • Ben Bieker dope is anything the current users decide it is. It’s just a name .we called it pot,dope ,smoke,grass,weed.Just depends on your point of reference

    • in today’s world dope is generally heroine…

  • known this for years…

  • I smoke all day every day. I hate all of humanity, because it has divided itself against nature and against this planet, and I choose to side with the planet. Weed helps me tolerate living among the pond scum without becoming violent. It slows down my kundalini so it doesn’t overwhelm me or burn through my nervous system. I need it all day every day. Not always in large quantities, but I do need it. Oh and I had a horrific childhood and PTSD for the rest of my life so there’s that.

  • the science cannot help me in greece, to support my family and my friends with the medical cannabis. we here live in mideval era. the church rules. they say stupid things to politics for over 1000 years. people sleeps in their stupidity! someone to give me a solution please!!!!

    • Start a small, local activist group that seeks knowledge about the plant. Put together a documentary or take other documentaries and make them public knowledge.

    • thank you!

  • Right on!! After I suffered a TBI ten years ago everything changed for me and I wasn’t the same person I used to be or capable of even doing the same things anymore because my brain worked so differently; I became depressed and frustrated and my doctors put me out countless different antidepressants, mood stabilizers, anti anxiety and sleeping pills which turned me into a zombie and ruined my life due to the side effects till I started smoking marijuana daily about 5 years ago and have been completely medication free for 5 years and have never been happier and more capable of living independently or confidently… plus I am so much more creative and open minded.

  • Nestor Runaway Navarrete

  • Right?

  • I think what we need to do is start referring to drinking as what it is, recreational drinking,

  • Yes and no it is medicinal however the best medical benefits come from juicing the plant or extracts

  • Amen!

  • Might be, might be. It would be good to end the divide between those two things.

    I don’t like the way its being legalized in many countries, through prescriptions. This is done in order to monopolize the sales to pharmaceutical companies.

    The people who lead those companies and those related to them and their political power, aren’t stupid. They know the trend. They know cannabis WILL be legalized shortly. They are just slowing it down in order to secure that most of the money will be theirs.

    I’m sure that some people have fallen for this and actually think that “medicinal” cannabis is TOTALLY different from homegrown chronic.
    Sure, the strains might be more suitable to “medicinal” use, but as that is also highly personal, there isn’t much of a difference.

  • I don’t care what anyone says: smoking weed all the time is NOT good for you. Getting high all the time is not medicinal. Overuse can and does warp and rewire your brain, particularly young growing brains, in detrimental ways. I support the RE-LEGALIZATION of cannabis/hemp but I really do not think people saying that “all use is medicinal” is okay. It’s not. A lot of people have bad reactions and it is known to exacerbate and possible trigger underlying mental and emotional illness and distress.

    • Zach, where in the article does it say people smoke weed all the time? That’s your assumption.

    • The title says “all use is medicinal.” That’s not true, all use is not medicinal. Some people (ab)use weed the way others abuse pain killers, alcohol, benzos, whatever, and the effects on the brain, particularly the pre-frontal cortex (but also the hippocampus and amygdala) are similar. All marijuana use is not healthy, not okay or beneficial. It’s misleading and ultimately detrimental to social, economic and safety concerns.

    • I’m with you guy! Too much of anything can be harmful… You can OD on water. Cheese is responsible for more deaths than all drugs. Too much sugar causes obesity and diabetes which is a strain on our economic system for everyone also.

      So really what you’re talking about is abuse… Not really marijuana specifically. It’s people being stupid. Can’t cure stupid.

      And either way, unless you’re going to follow every person around holding a gun to their head in order to force them to do exactly what you want them to, they’re not going to. They’re going to do what they want to whether you like it or not so it really is irrelevant what our opinions are.. Not your body, not your business.

    • Also, who are you to say that getting high isn’t somebody’s psychiatric medicinal approach… When I was younger and had a raging testosterone I probably would have killed someone if I wasn’t getting high all the time… Again, not your body not your business… You’re not authority over anyone.

    • I fully recognize and appreciate the pragmatic and expedient approach that drugs (cannabis included) can and often do in helping people cope, focus, and heal, but, and you’re right, I’m not an authority, but I think science, history, and social experience (mine and others collectively) give a lot of reason to believe and think that drugs offer only limited benefits, usually for a limited period of time. The worst thing, is again, the effect drugs of abuse have on our dopaminergic cortical systems. They literally weaken your ability to “will”, to “decide” and therefore act. Marijuana in particular can cause dissonance and scattered thinking which, again, in many people is linked with anxiety, depression, mania and other states of distress and instability (but yes (also) sometimes creativity, relaxation and socialability). My point wasn’t to judge or dictate but rather to insist that all cannabis use is not medicinal i.e. beneficial.

    • Let’s keep the use of the terms ‘use’ and ‘abuse’ consistent for a start. There’s no such word as (ab) use to cover both. All drugs can be abused, even food and entertainment can develop addictions from abuse. The article clearly states “Cannabis use.”

    • Zach. Your still making assumptions no matter what the title to the article says. The War on Drugs is a better idea?

    • What an idiot.

    • Stupid

    • Why do words like idiot and stupid have no place in this discussion. That is idiotic and stupid……ooops!!

    • Um, yeah no. You can’t tell me how smoking all the time is bad for me. First, unless you’re smoking all the time to know first hand that it’s bad for you don’t assume it is. Second, don’t speak for me or others. You don’t know.

    • And reading all of these comments…all I can think is…alcohol is legal..marijuana is not….why is it that’s all I can think of ….oh well probably because it makes no sense to me…I don’t care how much people smoke it will never be as bad as what alcohol can do to u…

    • Im a heavy smoker bud n i agree with u 100%

    • I like how he said he supports you but there’s still an argument

    • don’t come in here with your stupid logic and facts Zach. jeeeeeeeze

    • That’s true abusing or taking to much of anything can be bad for u. U can drink to much water and drown your self

    • But still I smoke weed all day long everyday and I feel great.. Sure maybe it slows me down in certain respects but all in all I’m a healthy person .. I smoke before I go gym and do more fitness then most

    • But in comparison to drink and cigs there is no comparison .. By far drink and cigs do more damage.. Lots of people who drink kill themselves because mental illness and you don’t see anyone saying let’s ban drink because maybe just maybe someone might have a bad reaction to it

    • Adam Beatty Actually, weed can cure stupid by altering brain chemistry

    • Drinking beer all the time, taking aspirin all the time, not breathing all the time? Who has time for a job, eating, sleeping, or making money for those all the time things. Lol.

    • Whay does the human brain have cannabinoid receptors?

    • That’s not really known/understood. It seems that the cannabinoid system serves many functions: as a modulator of other neurotransmitters mostly I believe. Anandamide is the body’s main cannabinoid and is thought to be implicated in the “runners high”–so in that sense it’s at least used to help the body deal with stress. Endogenous morphine (endorphins) are also thought to play a similar role…

    • @shaun Clark : http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2241751/ here is a good article on research on the endocannabinoid system.

  • And some Led Zeppelin turns that frown upside down.

  • Timothy Dallin

  • Steve read the whole article

  • Stupid approach. Call a spade a spade. Disingenuous double talk is the preferred weapon of the prohibitionists. You lose the game if you let them make the rules.

  • Bernie!!

  • Hell on earth is a cannabis user at the work place ! I hope the users have their children subject to the evils of crazy addicts of this shit ! Let their children take their parents own medicine. If they don’t have children the law should be to segregate users in the workplace and see the fun that happens with users and non users.

  • Doug Stanhope said it best “all drugs are medicinal. Boredom is a disease, cocaine is the treatment”

  • How about that!

  • Legalize !

  • A.k.a America’s most addictive pain reliever. Where’s your outrage at this drug?

  • it’s made me sick! sick of being straight

  • most users are self medicating. just treating problems no one bothers to daignose.

  • how about my recreational pill pop with a few beers on the weekend?

  • Angela è un pharmakon…..(nel senso classico del termine)

  • Pfffffttttt. Many countries weed is legal, has been, will be. Catch up America

  • Look I’m all for legalization, but don’t be like the damn feminists and try to police our language. As much as I feel that people using cannabis how and when they want is a good thing, I don’t think anyone using the phrase “recreational use” does any damage AT ALL to tye cause. Stop being silly.

  • apples are medicinal too apparently… regulate them also

  • I don’t really agree with awake and bake , but I do agree with the use for pain and stress releaf

  • ✌️

  • How many Nobel prizes have gone to Jamaica?

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  • Justin Reber

    I have smoked for many years for different reasons headaches, knee pain, back aches, stress, insomnia and I can tell you first hand I can go all day without needing or wanting to get “high.” I’m not addicted because I don’t have an addictive personality where as it’s the person who becomes addicted to the use of the high not the high itself as in cannabis.

  • Stan Sinkler

    You talking about alcohol?

  • Stan Sinkler

    Your attitude is backwards. If you want to protect your children, you should be for legalization. Take it off the black market and put it under control like alcohol. Ask your kids, “what is easier to get, alcohol or weed?”.

  • Philip Daniels

    25 states are legal now …