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Man Furious After Cops Issue Him Ticket for Warming Up His Car in His Own Driveway

Roseville, MI — In Police State USA, warming up your car in your own driveway can land you in jail, or worse. Residents across the land of the free are quickly learning how unfree they actually are as they are issued citations for everyday activities such as allowing your engine to warm up on a cold morning.

Nick Taylor, of Roseville, Michigan, has taken to social media to express his anger over police issuing him a notice of extortion (citation) for doing what millions of people every morning do across the country.

“Every person warms up their car,” Taylor said. “We live in Michigan!”

If you don’t think a citation for warming up your car will land you in jail — try not paying it. If you don’t think a citation for warming up your car can lead to your death — try resisting your captors when they come after you for nonpayment.

All tickets are enforced with the threat of violence. To deny it is to deny reality. So, when government officials begin issuing threats of violence for everyday activities such as warming up your car, it’s time to start paying attention.

“Vehicle parked in drive with keys in ignition, motor running — no one around,” the Roseville officer wrote on the ticket in a sorry attempt to justify the extortion.

The officer never attempted to knock on Taylor’s door to inform him of the asinine law, and instead issued a demand for money.

“That would have been respectful,” Taylor said. “I had no clue that this was a law, an ordinance.”

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When asked by WDIV 4 why cops were stealing money from people for warming up their cars, police said the key component of the case is whether the key is in the car. Using a remote starter is OK because the key isn’t in the car. If the key is in the car, it’s a state and local violation, because somebody could take off in the car.

“You’re putting the public at risk,” Roseville police Chief James Berlin said. “This is purely a public safety issue.”

However, if the public were truly at risk by a car running in a driveway, this cop should have notified Taylor of it — in the interest of public safety. But that did not happen.

Instead, this officer showed that revenue collection and revenue collection alone was his mission by doing nothing to stop the supposed risk.

Taylor quickly went to Facebook after receiving the citation and let his feelings be known. The idea of being extorted for warming up one’s car apparently resonated with people as it has shared more than 13,500 times as of Monday.

After seeing the post on Facebook, Chief Berlin had no problem publicly noting that he wished ill-will on Taylor.

“You see the disparaging comments he made about my officer?” Berlin said. “Drop dead.”

Taylor said he didn’t mean to call the officer a name, but noted how ridiculous the ticket was.

“Unattended car?” Taylor said. “I’ve done this every day for seven years. Every person warms up their car. We live in Michigan.”

Matt Agorist is an honorably discharged veteran of the USMC and former intelligence operator directly tasked by the NSA. This prior experience gives him unique insight into the world of government corruption and the American police state. Agorist has been an independent journalist for over a decade and has been featured on mainstream networks around the world. and now on Steemit
  • David Daisy May Boldock

    A warm engine is a more reliable better functioning engine, and better as it gets to it’s maximum running heat. That said here in the UK that is also an offence which carries a fine. It is viewed not only as a danger, in that it could even though we all know it slipping into gear and taking off thereby putting the public at risk would be a rarity, but we have had several cases where thieves have jumped into said cars and drove off, and if the owner has declared this to their insurance company then they severely run the risk of the insurance being declared null and void. Something worth considering.

  • Robert Ferguson

    I resisted being shaken down for a seat belt violation and was pepper sprayed Put on a special list that caused a swat team to come to my home in the middle of the night, Over some copper scrap that had nothing to do with me and the two elected officials that ‘conspired” with news to demonize me were let off the hook No one will even talk about it No lawyer will take my case No news organization will tell my story

  • quadeddie

    Classic cop logic here that might work on the simple minded, but not on the intelligent. His strawman of “public safety issue” is incredibly weak especially when he follows it up with the imagined scenario of thieves then blasting through the city every time they swipe an idling car. By that logic, I should be cited for leaving scissors on my porch because then a thief would then steal them and be running with scissors through my neighborhood.

    There’s a law for taking someone’s property and a law for causing damage or hurting someone with a vehicle. Why do we need nanny laws that go up the food chain to try and criminalize more and more people? By this line of reasoning, we can keep going up criminally… the car makers for not putting remote starts in every new car sold in michigan, the remote start company for not working out a deal with car makers that sell new cars in michigan, the software contractor who didn’t make sure their contract made sure the remote start company worked out a deal with car makers who…. I mean Jesus Christ, when you step back and look at, these laws are meant to just put more people through the system.

  • tz1

    I used to live in Michigan. Now I live in Wyoming and everyone leaves their keys in their truck running when it is cold enough.
    One of the reason was Michigan cops are mostly of the “tax collector thug” variety.

    • Abe Martin

      Agreed – thought to move there years ago and for the past decade I have heard so much that I am very glad I did not. What a police state hell hole.

      • christina.harris

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  • sixxfingers

    The ONLY reason laws like this exist is because there has never been a government that had enough of other people’s extorted money.

  • doucyet

    Put down the channel changer and get some laws changed. Show up at city council meetings with a signed petition and some back up. Quit bitching about a citation after the fact, ignorance of the law is no excuse. Not fighting bad ones, is!!!

    • budhappy

      But ignorance of the law is ok when your a cop though, correct? Go fuck your self you copsucker.

      • doucyet

        “But ignorance of the law is ok when your a cop though, correct”?

        Why ask me a question if you’re going to “answer” it yourself? You “think” with feelings and not your brain. Your feelings will not change things, your brain might. In your case I have my reservations.

        To answer your question: absolutely not, and if you ever see a cop breaking the law, record it and turn him in. Or, you could run up to him cussing and screaming wildly, waiving your arms around, telling him to go fuck himself. Then you can call your mommy to bail you out.

        • junktex

          “if you ever see a cop breaking the law, record it and turn him in” And then watch him and his gang turn your life into living hell.

          • doucyet

            Another excuse not to act. So why do you complain if your not willing to do something?

  • Asylumsix

    With the introduction of fuel injectors and using the right oil there’s absolutely no reason to warm up the engine, warming up the interior and defrosting the windows is a different story though 🙂

    • Absolutely true~!

      • Hosea Mcadoo

        You are both right and wrong. You do not have to warm the car but just drive away slowly, but that is not what is is in question.

        You missed the point. It is about freedom and a police state.

        • Asylumsix

          I get it… But most of the time people runnin their cars for no reason >.>

        • No sir, I absolutely did not miss anything. What I commented on were the actual facts of the workings of a fuel injected automobile. Nothing else. You can disagree with my statement, however assuming the rest is simply inaccurate. Liberty and everything anti to ours, or any other police state rate extremely high in importance to me. I however chose to comment on only his specific statement in this particular response.

    • Lorne Allen

      i have heard this for years because you and others don’t know what you are talking about. We in winter climates warm up the passenger compartment of the car and the windshield and windows so any ice will melt and so any water on the road that has been melted by road salt will not hit our windshield and freeze, obscuring vision. Try driving a car when the passenger compartment is below freezing and you are shivering and can see your breath and have the inside of the windows fog up. The headline even said warming up his car, not warming up the engine in his car.

      • Asylumsix

        Thing is when your engine is at driving speed the interior will warm up much quicker than idle speed so unless it’s minus forty it’ll be faster if you just get in and go…

        • Blaine

          When outside temps drop under 20 degrees or so, the motor in my van is sluggish as all get out and the shifting is nutty till it warms up. Not till the RPMs at idle drop to 1k will it run fine, but that can take a few minutes when temps are in the teens. Also, that’s a lot of windshield to warm up before it stops fogging.

          Bottom line, this law maybe makes sense in areas with no or little off street parking and anybody walking by could hop in and go. If LE has to step onto your property to cite the offense, I’d consider that a total dick move as a friendly warning would have the same effect as a ticket without costing the guy a bunch of $. Especially when most of the community is unaware of the offense in the first place.

          • Rattlerjake

            Stepping on my property without a search warrant will earn that dickhead a trip to the morgue!

        • RiSheil

          Would you advise bringing an infant or elderly person into a car when it’s that cold? I wouldn’t. The car warming up faster is no argument for that, unless you want people to leave the babies home alone while they drive around the block a couple of times.

        • Interrupting Reply Bot 2014

          SO what? He wanted to warm his car in his driveway. Maybe he had to answer a phone call or take a crap suddenly. What business is it of your’s, or the cop’s? BTW, this ordinance is still idiotic- you can still take off with the car if it’s started with a remote switch- duh.

    • Abe Martin

      Do you profess that wisdom about diesel engines as well is sub zero snowy locations?

      • Asylumsix

        Only about 30 seconds for the oil to get up into the engine.

    • Ken Sherman

      A cold engine has more blow by and you get more water in your oil if you idle an engine to warm it than if you drive it moderately and warm it more quickly. That water ends up making your oil more acidic and wearing out the oil and the engine faster. It also pollutes more. I know, it’s off rage/topic.

      • Rattlerjake

        I got news for you, dumbasssssss. I’m not going to start my vehicle and attempt to immediately drive when there is a layer of ice on the windshield. And even without ice, the moisture from breath will fog the windshield unless the defroster is heated up. This is NOT about warming the engine or the interior of the car, it is about being sure the car is safe to drive by being able to see!

        Besides that, the Constitution does NOT allow for the immense number of malum prohibitum laws that bureaucraps create. These laws are illegal and unconstitutional and are nothing but more control over the people and generation of money for those bureaucraps! And it is done through intimidation and extortion!

    • TechGump

      Of course there is… from warming up the interior to defrosting your windshield. Sure, you don’t need to warm it up for the sake of the engine, but that’s not the only reason to let your vehicle warm up.

  • Free_Willey

    Chief uses strawman argument then backs not releasing the ticket because he is offended. This makes cops look like the heavy handed bad guys every time.

    • n4zhg

      Cops with finally get the message when there are Westboro style protests at cop funerals.

    • nick98514

      Because they are?……Duh?.

  • Hill Billy

    Believe it or not the cops are right. It’s not legal to leave your car running with the key in the ignition.

    • Zackknowitall

      More people get car jacked then have someone taking their car. Did you read the article? The cops claimed it was a danger to the public but write his ticket for money then left. He made no attempt to address the danger as we all know there was no he only wanted the man’s money.

    • David Ward

      The point is it’s a stupid fucking law..try to keep up.

  • IceTrey

    How is a car running by virtue of remote start any less dangerous than one with the key in the ignition? On the rare occision when I’ve warmed up my car I’ve locked the door.

    • James Burns

      easy you cant move the car it will shut off plus the steering wheel is locked

  • Rogue cops cost us money

    The worthless cops wrote tickets for this, cause were playing the car stereo with keys in the aux position, argument it was anti theft ordnance; baiting a car thief.

  • Rogue cops cost us money

    Anti theft law that is total BS.

  • TechGump

    Never hurts to post your opinions on thier facebook:

    • n4zhg

      Comments locked out. You can’t even rate them.


  • Zerock22

    Michigan has some of dumbest laws in the country. Police should not be able to site anyone on private property such as someones driveway.

  • 1.] Do not blame police officers for enforcing laws … blame the politicians who write them and the voters who elected them.
    2.] Prior to the mid-90’s, our family home had no method to lock the doors and I always left the keys in the car [albeit not in ignition].
    Back then, God’s laws in our mind and soul of our community was all we needed for protection and security.

    • nick98514


    • anarchyst

      Police officers are supposed to use “discretion”…of course, most cops are barely above a 70 IQ, so that is a moot point…

    • Abz B Zbas

      In the 50s there were segregation laws. Police enforced those laws too, but we don’t give them a pass because they were just doing their jobs. Btw, God’s laws didn’t protect minorities back then.

      • What does “all men are created equal” or “All are created in His Image” mean to you!

  • n4zhg

    The police have demonstrated that there is no crime in that municipality. Therefore the police department should be subject to a mandatory 50% Reduction In Force (RIF) and Chief Berlin should be subject to a mandatory and immediate 50% pay cut.

    Drop dead, Chief Pig.

    • Mark Martin

      Is that fact? If so, this issue could get really interesting. It’s really not the officer’s fault: he’s enforcing what the COUNCIL put on the books.

      • nick98514

        “Fu*K” that for a pitiful excuse!….get rid of all of em!.

      • Rattlerjake

        You’re typical of those who believe that just because the “council” creates a law that it is actually lawful! What truly needs to be done is for the citizenry of that municipality to show up in force at the mayor’s office or home (when he is present) and force this bullshiite law to be removed and the ticket nullified!

  • willynilly

    I have two sets of keys I start it and leave it running and I lock it with the second set and keep that with me. Now we have a locked car warming up.

  • Jamie Hall

    Hypocrite! How often do you see a cop even shut the engine off wherever they go, much less remove the key from the ignition? The answer is, NEVER! Every single cop is guilty of the very same “crime” that they cited this man for. And how many cops have been fired, fined, or even reprimanded for endangering the public, even in cases where idling cop cars have been stolen and taken for a joy ride? The answer is a big fat ZERO!

  • nick98514

    There’s no longer any such thing as an “Honest” or “Honourable” Cop anymore in the USA!…..They are corrupt beyond all help! they are disgusting, period!.

  • anarchyst

    Would it be possible to sue the police department for “trespassing”? It is obvious that the cop had to enter “private property” to issue the ticket. Maybe the individual officer and the chief could be sued under title 18 USC for a civil-rights violation…

  • anarchyst

    …the aggrieved resident had better watch his back and be wary…it is very likely that he will be harassed by the cops as the “thin blue line” protects its own…not unlike a street gang…only with official sanction and “authority”…

  • matt bullion

    Another reason people are losing respect for these cops!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • matt bullion

    I live in WI and it take a while to warm up if the windows are frosted. Let me guess not seeing out of my windows is not a public safety danger lmao DIPSHITS!!!!!!!!

  • junktex

    Wonder if “they” still hate us for our freedoms?

  • shad182

    Can’t blame the cops, blame the management (Government). They don’t want them to be courteous, they want them to be “quota” conscious.

  • Ibcamn

    so the cops trespass onto your private property and give the ticket…..cops committing a crime to extort money,wait what…..cops have to commit a crime to give you a ticket for something that isn’t a crime…WTF…
    cops are criminals,nothing more.we take care of trespassers a bit different around here.

  • TripWire

    Welcome to the “Land of the free” and “Home of the brave”. Now pay up! Big government, begets big government. Yet another inflammatory injustice slammed down the working guys throat. I try to be respectful to cops, but I’m sorry. I would be in a holding cell because I would flip the fuck out! I served this country honorably for 3 years of my life and still volunteer. You do this to me and words will get exchanged. And yes you will call back up. It’s high time this kind of bullshit gets put to a stop. You want to talk about imposing the law? Good, you go get the fat cats and show us how it’s done and we will step in line. You want to shove it down the working guys throat and let the fat cats do as they please, that’s a problem. What is good for one, is good for all and there’s a hell of a lot more laws being broken at the top than the bottom. So you police yourself and then come talk to the honest hard working people and maybe we have a polite conversation.

  • FiuToYou

    Isn’t fun to be alive and free as a bird. That’s why I love America! Wait a minute…… I left Amerika in 1971 because of what went down at Kent State…..never too return! Sorry; I forgot that small point. I’ve lived in a free and peaceful place ever since and I will die here a happy man. Boy I hope Trump brings Amerika back to the good ole America!!!!!

  • Ronald Dodge Jr

    In Ohio, you not even allowed to have a car warming up in your driveway via a remote starter, even with the doors locked. Not only that, but the moment you leave your car unattended, that’s when you are in violation with the law. You are not granted no 1, 2, 3, or 5 minutes to allow the car to warm up, so as you don’t have to be freezing cold. Their logic with that, the thief will simply bust out the window, climb through the window, and then drive off with the vehicle.

    In certain areas, I can see such law being applied, but in other areas, it’s a bit on the extreme side. I know the police say it can happen anywhere (Yes, that is true), and it has happened (Yes, that is also true), but it would be nice if people would apply more common sense. Yeah, yeah, I know it would be hard pressed to say it only applies to certain areas as then you get all sort of other arguments like racism issues. I also like to let my car idle, but will only do it in certain areas. That’s because I don’t like that cold air blowing out hitting me right away, thus really making it take longer for me to get back warm than it would be if I was to let it warm up for 2 or 3 minutes prior to taking off. However, for me to want to do this, it would have to be extra cold, like at least below 20F. But then again, I am originally from MI. This is one of those cases, it only takes 1 to ruin it for all.

    It’s just like I don’t like how the county sheriff calls a Level 3 snow emergency down in Hamilton County of Ohio when there’s only 1 to 2 inches of snow on the road, and maybe up to 6 inches of snow on the grass. I’m like, there’s nothing out here on the ground. Yeah, you don’t go up those steep hills like Grand Ave, Straight St, Ravine St, Maryland Ave, Monastery Hill, White St, or Martin Ave in Cincinnati, but rather you take the roads with more gradual hill slopes like Delhi Ave, Reading Rd. or even Harrison Ave that is for the most part, relatively straight other than for the parts around Fairmount Ave (This part been recently majorly redone to not let the curves to be nearly as sharp) and Queen City Ave. If you go out there on a Level 3 Snow Emergency, you can not only be fined, but you can also be jailed for that.

    But then when I worked in the manufacturing environment in KY, while I didn’t think there was anything to it (That’s because I have known how to handle it from my first 20 years in MI), my boss said there’s a level 4 snow emergency (Not true for state of Ohio, Kentucky, or Indiana), and expected all of us to make it into work regardless if it was a Level 3 snow emergency or not. In KY, they don’t have it to the point you can’t drive if you reporting into work under a Level 3 snow emergency, but Ohio and Indiana do.

    It’s just like one author of an article stated if the outsiders would just live in Cincinnati for a few years, they would understand why there’s a Level 3 snow emergency issued with regards to the hills in the area. At the time I read that, I replied back, “I have lived in MI for 20 years, and I have lived in Cincinnati for 20 years. I’m sorry, but I have to side with the out-of-towners on this one.” I agree with the out-of-towners on the account that majority of the residents don’t know how to drive in the stuff. While you do get those who drive like maniacs in the stuff, there are far more drivers that drive petrified of the stuff to the point they drive so slow, they don’t have enough momentum to get up the gradual hills to the point they get stopped, can’t make it up any further, and don’t know about the zig zag trick to get up the hill. As such, everyone else get stuck, so what would normally be a 20 minute drive from downtown Cincinnati to home (that’s true of any direction from Cincinnati, north, south, east, or west), is now a 5 hour drive home.

    It’s true, places like Flint, MI (at least within the city limits), it is very flat, thus you don’t have the challenges of hills like you do with Cincinnati, but go outside of the city limits, you still have some hills, though not necessarily as big as the ones in Cincinnati. Yet, Flint residents know how to deal with the stuff much more so than Cincinnati residents as a whole do. That’s because Flint, MI (at least the years when I lived in the city, and in surrounding areas like Durand, Imlay City, Freeland, and Tawas City) would have at least 2 feet of standing snow on the ground for 5 months of the year, while Cincinnati, Ohio on the average only get maybe a 2 week period of snow on the ground within a single winter season, thus isn’t near enough time to learn how to drive in the stuff, hence the point of the out-of-towners as to why the county sheriff seems to issue a Level 3 Snow Emergency for non-sense nuisance road conditions. For that matter, when I was living in Mundy Township (near Swartz Creek), I had built bales of snow up to 8 feet high by about 5 feet wide, that would be far heavier than those bales of hay the farmers would build. Granted, those bales of snow wasn’t as huge (volume wise), but then those bales of hay are much more airier too, just significantly bulkier, thus would feel like it’s heavier than what it would really be.

  • Sean Meehan

    I object to the notion that this officer might not be considered a dipshit. He should be chasing down all those car thieves who were bold enough to boost cold cars. When the officer is a greater public hazard, we can do without him.