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Warning: Infuriating Video. Veteran Unlawfully Disarmed, and Arrested.

“Based on your future behavior, from this point on, your may receive different contact.”

July 6, 2014

Mack Worley is a veteran of the United States Air Force. He honorably served his country for almost 6 years before being medically retired.

On June 29, 2013 Worley was unlawfully detained, disarmed and arrested for legally open carrying his rifle in Vancouver, WA.

He was charged with trespassing, despite being on a public sidewalk. He was also charged with “displaying a weapon” even though open carry is legal in the state of Washington.

Worley is currently fighting these charges.

This is how liberty dies…..

If you’d like to help Mack Worley in his battle against these tyrants, you can do so by donating here.

  • Enrique Elizondo

    He was not shot because he was white right?

    • Dennis

      No Enrique. He was not shot because he was smart enough to put down his gun when the police told him to

  • Daniel McCullar

    And he needs to go after the arresting officer with 3 counts of “Violation of Rights While Under Color of Law”. This is a federal crime committed by the officers and their ignorance of the law should be no excuse!

    • Dennis

      First of all when a citizen has a concern and calls the police then the police have to check it out. In this case with a person walking down the sidewalk with a gun concerned citizens who called the police. The police came and had him put down the gun and cleared it. They asked the person his name and why he had the gun. He refused to answer both. So they released him since he seemed like the regular type of a**hole they normally run across during the day. The guy started to leave then started back on the property. The officer stopped him and told him he could not go on property because the people don’t want him there. THAT IS THEIR RIGHT FOLKS. When he insisted on going back anyway he was arrested. He made the decision not the police.

      • Misha3333

        You are wrong, Dennis. He left the private property and was on a public side walk walking towards where his vehicle was. He was leaving even though he wasn’t finished. He was compling, but the police told him with weapons drawn that he could not go that way. He said that his vechile was that way and they still told him he couldn’t go that way. At that point he tried reasoning with them because they where being ridiculous. They used that as an excuse to arrest him. Not only this, they also took every round out of his magazine and left them in the dirt. If they wanted him to leave so much then why did they do that. It took him some time to pick them up naot to mention that they then couldn’t be put in the magazine until clean.
        The police on this occasion acted unprofessionally and imaturely.
        Know the facts before you write down your half story nonsense.

      • Misha3333

        The information is quite clear and available yet you make up your own story. That he never gave his name is irrelevant. He does not need to. He is allowed under the law to do what he did. He didn’t trespass because none of the owners or their representatives told him to leave. As you state yourself. A member of the public called. The police used that as the excuse to ultimately arrest him, all be it unlawfully.