Columbus, OH — A haunting video was uploaded to Facebook this week showing a Columbus cop allegedly dump a woman out of her wheelchair, then turn around and walk away.

The incident reportedly happened at the Huntington Bank building at Senator Rob Portman’s office during a health care protest.

According to FOX 28,

National ADAPT, an activist group on behalf of the disabled, was inside the lobby of the Senator’s office with the hopes of arranging a forum to discuss the potential issues that will arise for those on Medicaid, specifically the cuts to it and caps on coverage, under the proposed health care plan. The goal was for the senator to give them a firm “no” that he wouldn’t support the health care repeal. Some of Portman’s staff members said they took notes of the complaints, but it ultimately wasn’t enough for those who wanted to speak directly to the Senator.

Portman has said he doesn’t plan on supporting the legislation, citing concerns about what it would do to Medicaid. Many fear that he could change his vote to a yes.

The protests began on Thursday and continued over to Friday morning after several of them staged a sit-in at Senator Portman’s office at Huntington Plaza in downtown Columbus office. Some of them even slept in the Portman’s waiting room overnight.

Approximately 15 people were arrested during the protests while many others were physically removed.

Several videos were posted to Facebook of police forcefully removing protesters from the office — many of whom were in wheelchairs. However, the video of the officer dumping the woman on the ground is by far the most disturbing.

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Below is one video showing multiple people — including those with disabilities — being brutalized by officers with the Columbus Police Dispatch.

As the brief video below begins, the officer appears to dump the woman from the chair. Once the officer realized they’d just been caught in the act, the officer appears to turn around and walk away.

Although the video is brief, none of the multiple cops standing around the woman immediately try to help her.

Luckily, we were told, the woman survived the fall and is okay.

It is also important to point out that it may not have been intentional, but the response of turning around and walking away certainly was. One Facebook user pointed out that she is in a wheelchair and people almost tip her over all the time.

I use a wheelchair at times and people who don’t have experience have almost thrown me out at times. The officer in front blocks us from seeing exactly what happened. But accident or on purpose that officer and all the others should have rushed in to help once she was knocked to the floor. We are dangerously close to being a police state.

Regardless of your views on the health care debate, which TFTP has shown is a dog and pony show at best, no one should be treated like this, especially those with disabilities.

Sadly, this type of treatment of those with disabilities is not uncommon. Just last month, TFTP reported a similar protest in Washington D.C. at which multiple disabled people were assaulted and forcefully removed from the Capital building while peacefully protesting.

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That protest took place outside the office of Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, who proposed the health care bill to which the group is opposed. According to Capitol police, they arrested 43 people for their roles in the protests.

The D.C. protest was also organized by ADAPT, a disability rights organization, whose protest targeted the bill’s cuts to Medicaid for low-income Americans.

The freedom of speech is not reserved for some quiet protest in a cordoned off safe zone far away from politicians. It was, in fact, designed so that people could fill the halls of government buildings, just like this, and voice their grievances directly toward those who ostensibly represent them. Sadly, however, that notion is now dead in this country.

Matt Agorist is an honorably discharged veteran of the USMC and former intelligence operator directly tasked by the NSA. This prior experience gives him unique insight into the world of government corruption and the American police state. Agorist has been an independent journalist for over a decade and has been featured on mainstream networks around the world. Agorist is also the Editor at Large at the Free Thought Project. Follow @MattAgorist on Twitter, Steemit, and now on Facebook.
  • tz1

    Blocking and obstructing are not protected as expression .

    If you want to “demonstrate” by making a nuisance of yourself, don’t whine when the police forcibly removes you. Playing “I’m a poor wretched disabled victim” doesn’t cut it. Disability don’t grant extra rights. You provoke, be prepared for the response. Someone being obnoxious in a wheel chair is still someone being obnoxious.

    And it would be a felony if dome in front of an abortion clinic
    No free speech – of this form – here. Far more brutal things were done to operation rescue similarly peacefully blocking. an entrance.

    And pictures are designed. to manipulate. Remember the iconic policeman with dog attacks boy picture and sculpture from Birmingham Civil Rights march?

    • Guy

      Lot’s of times tz1 I agree with you, but on this one, nope ! How do you think anything gets done in this Country when people play nice ? Many times it is because of protest, and sometimes violently, that people causes change into peoples and governments thinking and attitudes, enough to at least get em to think and talk about the whats and whys, of how come so many are so damn mad, that they are willing to take it to the streets or a Senator’s office, to be heard. Remember Timimoun Square, where one guy stopped a row of tanks !?

      People’s protest is not always clean and pretty, but usually very loud and messy, with people getting arrested, tear gassed and hurt sometimes. Remember the protest at UC. Davis here in California, with the one bozo cop, with a sick smile on his face, spraying folks down with pepper spray ? I spent my time inline in my youth at U.C. Berkeley over the Vietnam War, and other issues going on at the time, that had us all hopping mad enough Nation Wide, to not go away and play nice, but to be into their faces enough, so they understood what it was about, taking us seriously enough to finally make the changes we, the American People Wanted !

      These folks in wheelchairs are passionate about the law’s that will affect them, enough to cause them to sit in a senator’s office, untill they are assured that will be heard, with the hopes that the bill and rule changes will be fair and equitable. I tip my hat to em, because it takes courage and convictions to do so, and are willing to put everything they have on the line for their cause. Good Deal !

      • tz1

        Let me clarify.

        If you want to do the whole civil disobedience thing, and obstruct and block and interfere while being handcuffed and singing “we shall overcome”, and be WILLING TO GO TO JAIL AND WRITE A LETTER FROM THE JAIL LIKE MLKJR DID, I will praise your honor even if I disagree with your position.

        If you want to do something minimal, then whine about it, and say “look at me look at me!, I’m a disabled person! I’m a victim class! The cop wasn’t nice to me! I’m doubly a victim!…” all I can say is quit your whining. You weren’t even arrested, or harmed. No water cannon. No riot police bashing your heads in.

        Oh, and I don’t even remember what they were protesting about or what they wanted since “HORRORS – WOMAN DUMPED OUT OF WHEEL CHAIR BY COP” completely obscured and obliterated whatever they were protesting about. The “POOR DISABLED WOMAN ABUSED BY COP FOR BLOCKING DOOR” has completely overwhelmed whatever they were protesting or whatever they were demanding.

        It ceased being about accomplishing whatever goal – Keep your eyes off the prize and scream “Look at me, I’m a victim”. For the Civil Rights movement, protests weren’t an end in themselves for self-aggrandizement, they were a means to a very noble end.

        • We are Anonymiss

          Yeah, yeah, yeah. And the Boston Tea Party had nothing to do with protesting the tea tax?

          • tz1

            They weren’t caught by the British. Nathan Hale when captured said “I regret that I have but one life to give for my country”. He didn’t say “Waaah, the redcoats are really nasty and are going to execute me!”

          • We are Anonymiss

            So, the Boston Tea Party which was destruction of someone elses property was OK because they didn’t get caught by the owner. Ok. Got it!

          • tz1

            No, but they took the risk. The Crony Capitalist East India Company apparenty didn’t think it was worth persuing.

          • We are Anonymiss

            Yet, most Americans look at that as legitimate protest.

        • Guy

          HMMMMM ! Since you put it that way. It is something at the very least to consider.

        • We are Anonymiss

          She wasn’t blocking the door when the pig “dispersed” her onto the ground. We don’t know if she was blocking any door prior. So, apparently you must have been privy to some other video tape that we weren’t. So, since you said it, show us the proof.

    • Anonymous

      No. The cops in Columbus are over the top. They maced people in wheelchairs, for no good reason at this protest. So many cops were there, it looked like the opening scene of Star Wars, The Force Awakens.

      • tz1

        Macing someone as you describe should result in an excessive force lawsuit. But that is not what the big deal in this post said.
        Read it again.
        Cop Dumps Woman Out of Wheelchair , then Walks Away.
        Not macing, beating, or something else. HORRORS! The cop walked away after he dumped the woman! Unless you think this is worse than macing and beating?

        • We are Anonymiss

          Hey copsucker! If she was doing something wrong, why wasn’t she arrested? If he did it by accident, why did he turn and walk away rather than rendering assistance to her?

          • tz1

            I will contact them and tell the police to arrest them instead of just dispersing them so people like you will be happy.

          • We are Anonymiss

            He sure did disperse her. Right out of her wheelchair!

    • We are Anonymiss

      Really? So, if someone in a wheelchair gets knocked over in a crowd, they shouldn’t be “obstructing” by being there either? Copsucker.

      • tz1

        If they are in public, in a moving crowd, and not obstructing, protesting, etc. then it is an assault and battery under those circumstances.

        If someone in a wheel chair is obstructing, I can do whatever to get it/them out of my way.

        • We are Anonymiss

          So if someone is protesting, then that becomes obstructing, so you can toss them out of their wheelchair. Ok. Got it.

          • tz1

            Is english your third language?
            If someone is trespassing, obstructing, being disorderly, then whatever proportional action to stop it is justified.
            If they are picketing or protesting, no.
            Protesting isn’t trespassing, obstructing, etc.

          • We are Anonymiss

            You said, “IF they are in public, in a moving crowd, and not obstructiong, protesting, etc….” You equated protesting with obstructing. Then you say “protesting isn’t obstructing.” Make up your mind. Is it or isn’t it? If it isn’t why did you say it is in the first place?

  • David Daisy May Boldock

    She is incapacitated by body, he is incapacitated by that jelly in his head.

  • LawrenceNeal

    “How can anyone justify treating a fellow human being like this?” The conundrum is, SA are not really humans. They’re something more reptilian.

  • REALConservative

    The police give us a lot of reasons to criticize them. This is not one of them.

    You have a lot of good stories to share of police impropriety. No need to try to extrapolate misbehavior out of this video. I happen to think that most of the ‘protesters’ are just as much a poser as the cops.

    • We are Anonymiss

      Oh, here we go with the copsucking. Come on quit being an copsucking idiot!

      • crazytrain2

        Is that all you got? Three people disagree with the article, and you start throwing around “copsucker.” That is childish to bully someone for a dissenting opinion.

        • We are Anonymiss

          So, you think it is Ok to intentionally tip someones wheelchair over and dump them on the ground?

          • crazytrain2

            Nope. I was just pointing out that anyone that said they did not believe it was on purpose, or anything other than to agree to “cops are bad” you called them a copsucker. I don’t think you are that shallow , I mean, you like cats.

          • We are Anonymiss

            Let us put it this way. We saw, a couple of nights ago, the police came by. One of them started talking to a homeless woman. He offered to give her a ride to a shelter. She accepted it.

          • crazytrain2

            I volunteer to go to homeless camps to assist with the law enforcement aspects of their issues. I offer advice and even talk to the officers that arrested/wrote them tickets.

          • We are Anonymiss

            But, are you there just to “arrest and write tickets” or are you there to actually help the people? We have cops around here, like the ones from a couple nights ago, who really want to help people. The officers from a couple nights ago did not write her any tickets. They were there to help. We have other cops, on the other hand, who seem to be there for no other reason than to find something…ANYTHING…to take people to jail for. They take away peoples medicines, then release them in the middle of the night and tell them “you can pick up your medicine next Tuesday!”

          • crazytrain2

            I go to build a relationship with a very difficult demographic so that we can help them and try to find ways to deal with the call volume surrounding the demographic that does not involve tickets or arrest.

          • We are Anonymiss

            “I go to build a relationship with a very difficult demographic so that we can help them and try to find ways to deal with the call volume surrounding the demographic that does not involve tickets or arrest.”

            And that is why we respect you.

      • REALConservative

        Or, you could discuss the issue. If you’ve read any of my posts, you’ve seen that I don’t cut them any breaks.

        What we would be wise to do in an environment where there are a lot of copsucking sycophants out there is to not use incidents like this to try to make our case.

        • We are Anonymiss

          But, to tip someone in a wheelchair and walk away? A person in a wheelchair is heavy. You can’t just tip them by accident and not realize that something just happened.

    • Morgan Rajan

      If you knock someone over, it’s just good manners to help them back up. That’s a conservative value. Cop walking away and other cops turning their backs is just an abdication of duty to ‘serve and protect.’ No amount of ‘spin’ can change that truth.

      That said, I wouldn’t mind a longer video that shows what the officers do after this incident. I think it’s a female officer and although she’s ‘big boned’ picking up the protester will probably require more than one officer. I think every training manual would require that the officer check to ensure the fallen protester is OK before any appearance of leaving the scene.

      If that officer lost her cool, it doesn’t let her colleagues who witnessed the incident, off the hook for failing to assist.

  • James Russell

    They seemed to be reasonable. They were man handling, without battons or guns at least.

  • crazytrain2

    I might be incorrect, as I am just citing what I read somewhere else, but from what I read, this was the office of Portman, which is private property. Again, I am not certain of this, just what I read somewhere.

    As for the protesters, they are deliberately acting as helpless as possible to make themselves a burden. I get their complaints, I really do, but if you watch all of the videos, it seems like the people in wheelchairs are trying to get tipped over on purpose. In the longer video, at least two women in wheelchairs tip over, one of them twice. The officer catches her both times and sets her back up, only for her to tip again. You can hear the officers being very polite. As for the shorter video, they should have helped her up. That was not on purpose, but the reaction and walking away was the issue. Stating That he “dumped her out of her wheelchair” was false. No officer would purposely cause a disabled person to fall out of their wheelchair, especially when there are dozens of cameras and dozens of people watching.

    • We are Anonymiss

      Actually we saw that happen on video once in a police station. Cop just walked up behind and tipped the wheel chair spilling the person out onto the floor.

      • crazytrain2

        Obviously, that is wrong, cruel, and I sure as hell don’t condone it. If they did it on purpose, they should be charged with a crime

  • daniel_edmondson

    This is what happens to free speech when we allow the privatization of police forces across the country. Their mission is no longer to protect and serve. Now it is to control the people. Hundreds of thousands of armed men under the direct control of Corporate America. When the governments new health care bill TrumpCare ( DeathCare) cuts billions of dollars from Medicaid these same private police forces will be forcible evicting millions of elderly American, putting them out on the street to die. That right 90% of all Americans in extended care facilities get at lest 60% of the bill covered by Medicaid. those are your parents. So Trump can give tax breaks to the riches Americans, under the new bill CEO’s of the major Insurance company will no longer pay tax on their 9-16 billion dollar bonus they get each year. Bonus for effectively sitting up Death Panels to decline payment on claims.

    • daniel_edmondson

      Oh! By the way even though the government will no longer providing the benefits you still have to pay your monthly premiums. They will still be take it out of ever paycheck. Its like having to pay the monthly premiums for Insurance for 40 years and then when it is time to make a claim they decline payment .

  • CS

    Go take a look at the longer videos. The officer never used ANY type of force that would have spilled that lady out of her chair. I live with a lady in a wheelchair. Have for 19 years. We both agree that what the officer did could NEVER have resulted in her being thrown from the chair unwillingly. That lady in the video threw herself out of that chair just to provoke the reaction we are now seeing in articles like this. Longer videos show supposedly helpless people in wheelchairs that later are walking with no problems. Yes, there were people that were actually disabled at the protest. There were also a lot of fakers.

    The main reason the police were even there was because EMT was trying to get into the building because someone was having a cardiac event. The protestor would have been left alone otherwise. In the longer videos the police ask them to PLEASE move out of the way as there was a medical emergency. They did NOT ask them to leave at first. After their refusal to let EMT gain access they were told they would be moved and/or arrested. They chose not to move.