Penns Grove, NJ —  Xaviel Ramos, 22, was driving home to South Carolina over the Thanksgiving break to visit his family for the holiday when his two dogs got out of his car. Ramos had no idea that his search for his dogs would end with hypothermia and a police boot to his face. However, as the dashcam footage below shows, that is exactly what happened.

Officer George J. Manganaro, 29, was charged Nov. 28 with aggravated assault after dashcam footage from his police cruiser showed him kick Ramos—who was handcuffed and pantless at the time while seated on the ground—in the head as if he were punting a football.

The incident began when police received a call that Ramos was found attempting to break into a home.

“The guy punched through the window and I guess he was trying to get into our house,” the woman said on the call. “And when he did that my boyfriend grabbed his arm and said ‘oh no buddy you’re not going anywhere.'”

Ramos never tried to fight the couple and he actually stayed there while police made it out to the scene. The woman also told dispatch that Ramos appeared to be very disoriented.

“Something’s wrong with him,” she said. “We think he’s drunk.”

Ramos, however, was not drunk. While he was out looking for his dogs, the man didn’t realize that hypothermia was setting in. By the time he found his way to the couple’s home, he was pantless and clearly delusional.

He was trying to break into the home to get warm. While having hypothermia certainly does not grant anyone the right to break into another family’s home, the treatment he received at the hands of Manganaro was most assuredly not warranted.

As reports:

In the one-minute dashcam video obtained by NJ Advance Media this week, the suspect, identified as Xaviel Ramos, 22 of Hopatcong, is seen in handcuffs with an officer holding on to his arm.


Ramos begins trying to walk away but is pulled back by the officer and put on the ground. A few seconds later, Ramos appears to attempt to get up when Manganaro, who was standing to his left, is seen kicking him in the head, knocking him down. Manganaro is then seen walking toward the patrol car to pick up the hat he knocked off Ramos’ head.

“He had been out of his car for almost two hours walking through the fields trying to recover his dogs,” Salem County Prosecutor John T. Lenahan said of Ramos. After Ramos was kicked in the head by the sadistic cop, he was then brought to the hospital whose staff determined he was suffering from hypothermia.

For trying to break into the home, Ramos is scheduled to appear in court on January 18. A week later, the cop who kicked him in the head is expected to appear for his aggravated assault charge on Jan. 25.

“Xaviel and the rest of the family put this behind them,” Carlos Ramos, Xaviel’s father, said. “We have nothing to do with what’s going forward. That’s between the prosecutor’s office and whatever is going on.”

After the officer was charged, the Penns Grove police department released the following statement as they suspended their officer.

“The Penns Grove Police Department finds this behavior unacceptable,” Penns Grove Police Chief John Stranahan Sr. said in a statement when the charges were filed. “Our officers must adhere to the core values established by our department policies.”

Sadly, the tyranny loving apologists have taken to the comments on and social media to declare their love for the officer and point out the ‘injustice’ that is charging him.

“So what!! Keep crying over criminals fools.  Every burglar should get a kick in the head,” one commenter wrote.

“If me or mine are going to break into homes, then GOOD, get a kick in the head!!!” another person wrote.

Sadly, both of these people miss the point entirely. Had the homeowner been the one to kick Ramos in the head in defense of his property, he would’ve been entirely justified.

However, police have a duty to uphold the law—which includes the presumption of innocence—and they have no right to dole out street justice as if they are the judge and jury on handcuffed men.

Matt Agorist is an honorably discharged veteran of the USMC and former intelligence operator directly tasked by the NSA. This prior experience gives him unique insight into the world of government corruption and the American police state. Agorist has been an independent journalist for over a decade and has been featured on mainstream networks around the world. Agorist is also the Editor at Large at the Free Thought Project. Follow @MattAgorist on Twitter, Steemit, and now on Facebook.