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WATCH: Protesters in Mexico Kick Feds Out of Town, Storm Buildings As Govt Raises Gas Price

Monterrey, Mexico – Hundreds have been arrested, and at least 3 people have been killed after several days of intense protests and riots in Mexico, that started as the result of a 20% gas price increase.

It was reported that some of the deaths resulted from protesters being shot by police with live ammunition.

“To deter the disturbances, the officers used tear gas, but the protesters did not withdraw and continued their aggressions, (and) gunfire was heard at the scene,” the Mexican government admitted in a statement.

President Enrique Pena Nieto is unwavering by the protests, and has promised to follow through with the price increase, explaining that previous subsidies enacted by the government have kept the price of gas artificially low.

“I know that allowing gasoline to rise to its international price is a difficult change, but as president, my job is to precisely make difficult decisions now, in order to avoid worse consequences in the future. Keeping gas prices artificially low would mean taking money away from the poorest Mexicans, and giving it to those who have the most,” Nieto said.

Given the previous subsidies, it is clear that the government created this problem in the first place by tampering with prices, creating an artificially low price that people grew accustomed to. Now the rug is being swept from under their feet, and causing an increase in the cost of living that was not expected by the average consumer. This is one of the unfortunate but eventual unintended consequences of subsidies, price controls, and other government interference in industry.

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It is important to note that rioting and looting are certainly not condoned as this harms innocent people and is entirely unjustified.

Looting and rioting have slowed down in the past few days. However, some of this continues in other areas, and protests are ongoing. Meanwhile, there has not been a word of this mentioned in the American mainstream media. This is likely because the establishment in America has an interest in keeping their population docile and hiding them from the constant cycle of unrest and revolution that exists in many parts of the world.

In the footage below large groups of demonstrators chase a line of heavily armored police vehicles out of town.

In the footage below, a group of masked demonstrators attacks the state government building in the Mexican city of Monterrey.

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  • Phil Freeman

    Coming to a theater near you.

  • Michael Saenz

    Good God price controls!?!? Look at what is happening as a result of price
    Controls in Venezuela. Hyperinflation! Coming to a theatre near you is right.
    We could conceivably next.vvvvv

  • The Cat’s Vagina

    Looters are NOT protesters! They’re opportunistic thieves who take advantage of the chaos to steal without consequence. They don’t care about the issue being protested, or they wouldn’t be complicating their message with a bunch of theft and destruction.

    • quadeddie

      Yeah, we have the same here with the ‘gibsmedat’s of the BLM

      • The Cat’s Vagina

        Shut your racist ass up!

        • quadeddie

          It’s the BLM that say that just black lives matter and then their protest turns into looting. I’m just pointing out a fact, but I guess I shouldn’t see color or notice the word ‘black’ in their name.

          • The Cat’s Vagina

            I just got through explaining that people who loot during BLM protests have nothing to do with their movement. You just WANT them to because it gives you a good excuse to ignore and refute their message.

          • quadeddie

            I call it like I see it. BLM organizes a protest, it turns into looting. That’s a video-documented fact. The burden is entirely on you when you claim that the BLM protesters are not the same people who are looting. It’d be the same burden of proof if you claimed that trump supporters were looting whenever a BLM protest happened in order to discredit that movement.

          • The Cat’s Vagina

            Actually, YOU’RE the one claiming that looters are representative of the BLM movement. It’s VERY weak to make a claim like that and then throw the burden of proving it wrong upon any who dispute you. Nice try with the mental gymnastics, but I think you’re just frightened and resentful of the idea that you might lose your white privilege and become just as liable as a black guy to get shot by a cop who’s ITCHING to pop somebody.

          • billdeserthills

            You can call it anyway you like, but you obviously haven’t noticed the BLM has paid organizers who tell the members what to do, bus them into position and them provide them with pre-made signs to flash before the cameras. That is all financed by George Soros and other meddling elites. There is little point in becoming mad at the wrong party, when the person you should vent your anger upon is someone else. Blame should be placed where it is due

      • billdeserthills

        That’s a whole different problem, George Soros is known to fund the BLM movement and they follow his orders

  • SDMommyie

    aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah, Mexico OWNS oil….it could be free. what a crock of shit. THE TRUTH IS……SHAME ON THEIR LEADERS for giving them conditions where they can’t even afford 20% increase in gas without hardship worth dying for. WAKE THE FUCK UP PEOPLE.

  • SDMommyie

    family planning THROUGH DEATH AND SUFFERING NEVER MADE SENSE TO ME…….never. THAT IS THE LIE THEY WILL FEED THE WEST…….. its a form of population control……..when in reality its a form of making more money……IF THEY WANTED POPULATION CONTROL they would do education and pay them to stay sterile ….. there all kinds of measures they could do but INSTEAD THEY WILL HAVE THEM SUFFER POOR because it makes them more in PROFITS…… I think they need to family plan because its DISGUSTING to raise children in those conditions but I also think they should REHAUL THE GOVT and make sure no one IS SUFFERING and GROOM INTELLIGENCE for a change.

    • SDMommyie

      POOR GRAPPLING is lucrative———how fucking sick is that????

      • SDMommyie

        this isn’t the days of Aztec where the poor aren’t really poor just agricultural and the children are eating organic foods, fruits and running in the wild….they are in FILTHY DISGUSTING CITIES where cheap drugs are UNTHINKABLE chemicals…… and the children are exploited.

        • SDMommyie

          there is a whole mindset of FUCKERS who believe well…..the grapple is good for people…..you can’t be handed everything you have to GRAPPLE to RISE…….YEAH IN THE HEALTHY WILD……..not the urban filthy disgusting jungle.
          Grappling refers to techniques, maneuvers, and counters applied to an opponent in order to gain a physical advantage in hand-to-hand combat, such as improving relative position, escaping, submitting, or injury to the opponent.

          • SDMommyie

            a TRUE Christian puritan……looks at this crap and goes……….ew…..this could be organized way better and more godly.

    • quadeddie

      This is an interesting bot. It’s quite insane, but I bet it passes the turing test on sites like this.

    • letmepicyou

      Thought inside your head: “By typing in all caps, I appear more serious and the words seem more important!”

      Thought inside everyone else’s head: “Why is this idiot typing like this?”

      Low intelligence, bad grammar, and non-existent punctuation are not covered up by typing in all caps. Learn to form coherent thoughts and how to use proper punctuation. Bring facts, not rambling run-on sentences. Your all caps makes up for your shortcomings not one bit.

  • Jamie Hall

    Well of course the corporate media and big brother can’t allow it to become common knowledge that the people do hold the power to run the unjust government out of town. Can’t have this type of thing catching on in America. Then the tyrants would lose all their control. They can’t afford to let that happen.

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      • Jamie Hall


  • John Scherer

    look i am here in tijuana we have video where the protesters are shipped in on a long line of buses led by police trucks ahead and behind the buses. its george soros paying people to riot get rid of that old fuck now

    • billdeserthills

      George Soros should be stripped of his wealth for interfering in the ‘little peoples’ affairs