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VIDEO: Morgan Freeman Explains What’s Wrong With Black History Month in Under 2 Minutes


In a past interview with Mike Wallace of 60 Minutes, Morgan Freeman dropped a bombshell that sent ripples through the race-focused crowd everywhere.

As Wallace attempted to paint him as a radical for his views, in only a few brief moments, Morgan Freeman laid waste to stereotypes, and worked wonders for bridging the racial divide in America. This compelling part of the interview began as Wallace asked Freeman,

“Black History Month, you find?”

Freeman said, “Ridiculous.”

When Wallace asked, “Why?” Freeman said, “You’re going to relegate my history to a month?”

Wallace: “Oh, come on.”

Freeman: “What do you do with yours? Which month is white history month? No, Come on, tell me.”

Wallace: “Well, I’m Jewish.”

Freeman: “Okay. Which month is Jewish history month?”

Wallace:  “There isn’t one.”

Freeman: “ Oh. Oh, why not? Do you want one?”

Wallace:  “No. No.”

Freeman:  “I don’t either. I don’t want a Black History Month. Black history is American history.”

Wallace:  “How are we going to get rid of racism and ….”

Freeman:  “Stop talking about it. I’m going to stop calling you a white man, and I’m going to ask you to stop calling me a black man. I know you as Mike Wallace. You know me as Morgan Freeman. You want to say, `Well, I know this white guy named Mike Wallace.’ You know what I’m saying?”

“Mm-hmm,” uttered Mike Wallace after having the divisive talking point blown out of the water.

This is how we end racism.

Matt Agorist is an honorably discharged veteran of the USMC and former intelligence operator directly tasked by the NSA. This prior experience gives him unique insight into the world of government corruption and the American police state. Agorist has been an independent journalist for over a decade and has been featured on mainstream networks around the world.

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  • This man is an inspiration. Agree? PLEASE:’Like’ (y) + Comment (even 2 words) + Share this!

    • well done

    • A true American icon. Blessings Mr. Freeman.

    • I’ve always liked Morgan Freeman – he only chooses roles with substance and usually a strong social message about human dignity>

    • Good work Morg

    • honor, intellect, grace, humanistic, a soul we can all aspire to be with, stand with…

  • From one black man to another jiggaboo fucking coon

  • Read, agreed and shared 🙂

  • So we end racism by no longer acknowledging the contributions from Blacks in this country?!

    I figured we could end it (from both sides) with the elimination of prejudice that is based on skin color! But hey, what do I know…

    I personally don’t think Black history month is necessary, I think that the historical figures should have already been included in the curriculum that is taught in school. Now that would be a nice change!

    • So which month would you select for white history month?

    • I don’t think that there should be an exclusive month for a particular Ethnicity. I think it would be better to include all different types of ethnicities into academic studies.

    • …what?

    • Where did it say anything about “no longer acknowledging the contributions from blacks”?

    • Did you read the article?

    • Where did I say that he said it? Those were my words, I never claimed that they were his.

    • Did you read my comment and presumed that I was making presumptions about him?

    • Christ, the Internet just has to argue. I’m pretty much agreeing with the guy, just adding my own perspective as well. Yet people only see the disagreement they’re looking for.

      Did any of you bother the Commenter who called him a racial epithet?

    • Hannah Griffith with all respect, it’s not that I stated my words in an easily misperceived way: it’s that some people were reading it wrongly.
      It’s not my fault that they jumped to conclusions. You took the effort to read it clearly and you perceived it as it was stated. Many people don’t do that.

      Especially on this site, this is why so many arguments start and why so many disparaging remarks are made. In fact, I said something similar to (somewhat similar) to what Mr. Freeman said, yet they still asked “did you read the article?”

    • Well considering that the article didn’t mention or imply anywhere that we no longer acknowledge black contributions, you do make it sound like that’s your take after reading the article.

    • Especially the “?!” At the end of it. You’re questioning it. When you question that statement it makes it sound like that statement was made in the article you’re commenting about

    • Oh god why did I ever comment?!?

    • Lmao I think that’s what we’re all wondering…

    • Ryan Zielinski No, that was simply your perception based on one portion of my comment. Perception is NOT reality, you should base your perceptions on what reality already is. Not the other way around.
      What’s the point of this conversation? I never said that he sakis hat I said! So what are you debating over? Your perception of my comment?

    • Ryan Zielinskialso, please tell me what part of my comment you find to be inaccurate, false, or refutable. Your thinking that I was claiming my words were his is not a valid debate.

    • “So we end racism by no longer acknowledging the contributions from blacks in this country?!”

    • You said that^

    • Would you like me to screenshot it for you?

    • If you’re not saying that’s your take after reading the article what the hell are you saying?

    • If those are your words, and not his (as you say, I could screenshot that for you too) then how are you not saying that no longer having a black history month directly equals no longer acknowledging black contributions?

    • I guess I’m not surprised that somebody who has the joker as 3 out of 5 of their profile pictures has himself convinced that nobody understands what he’s trying to say lmao

    • Barri Wilson I often wonder myself why I bother commenting on stuff lmao

    • Ryan Zielinski I don’t see you in any of your profile pics either

    • Ryan Zielinski Well, I can’t speak for everyone who’s reading this but I would encourage the people who do agree with you to reread my comment without critical intent.

      I know that Facebook and the Internet in general has become a place to provoke people to quickly disagree, and argue, and debate, and mock other’s perspectives but it’s not necessary. Nor is it dignified.

    • Barri Wilson I’ve directly asked you to interpret it for us twice and you continue to evade the question and attempt to make it sound like I’m not understanding what you’re saying. Stop with the bullshit deflection tactics. If I’m not understanding what you illicitly stated then answer the question. Lol

    • What’s refutable is your implication that no longer having a black history month means we’re no longer acknowledging black contributions.

    • So you’re saying that we’ve never acknowledged white, Asian or Latin contribution because they don’t have their own special month?

    • For what it’s worth I agree with your original comment 100% it should have already been in the curriculum and our children should know that black history doesn’t begin with slavery it began long before that with royalty etc

    • Stop sitting here acting like nobody understands you and they never will. If you understood yourself you’d be able to explain what you’re trying to say if I’m so mistaken about it like you said. But instead you sit here writing essays about bullshit as you attempt to mentally twist the conversation to your liking. Well the problem with mentally twisting reality is that it only happens in your head…

    • I guarantee your next comment will be some more babbling bullshit arguing with me about ideologies and more joker-esque deflections which will enable you to further ignore the question I’ve asked you twice

    • Have fun with that

    • Ryan Zielinski I didn’t click on your Profile to sift through your photos in hopes of finding something to cast aspersions about.

      I’m wondering why did you found that necessary to do that?
      What purpose did it serve? If you disagreed with my comment, why not just leave it at that?

      Why go through my photos and lie about there being no pictures of me?

    • Why continue to deflect the question more? Oh right because your views are being questioned and you cannot provide a reasonable response to it

    • You set the joker as your profile picture because it represents something about you no?

    • Ryan Zielinski Deflect what question? I heard accusations but what question did I miss?

    • You’ve lost the argument so you wanna talk about bullshit now. I pointed that out because it’s ironic that a person who’s views are delusional let’s a delusional and fictional character represent them. You criticized removing black history month implying it no longer allows us to acknowledge black contributions and then in the same post you agreed with no longer having black history month. LOL!!! I’m done w you

    • And you’ve failed to respond to how you’re not implying that… I’ve tried. I’ve given you multiple opportunities to explain yourself. If I was really mistaken on what you were trying to say you’d have addressed that by now. But in reality it is you who wants to sit here and do nothing but argue. You came here JUST to argue and you got shitted on lol

    • Ryan Zielinski Did you set the vehicle as your profile pic because you like it?
      Because you own it?
      I’m simply asking this out of spite, I have no interest in your reason for choosing that photo.

    • That was me arguing? That’s why you’re delusional. This isnt arguing; this was me inquiring what you were talking about. And you did absolutely nothing but deflect every single comment since then cuz you’re full of shit

    • Ryan Zielinski if you scroll back up to the first few comments, I explained my position. There was no need for me to continue.

    • Ryan Zielinski I command you to continue making replies on this post!

    • Ryan Zielinski If you weren’t arguing then why did you say I lost an argument? How could I have lost one to you if you weren’t engaged in one?

    • Michelle Faustino Thank you.

    • Lmbo… This is hilarious!!!

    • Brett, when do we not acknowledge white history? It’s taught every day.

    • @Barri Wilson PC trolls who desperately want a fluff job never get good responses.

    • No. He’s saying racism isn’t over until we no longer need to identify our great cultural contributors by their skin tone. While we may not be there yet, we need to get there as our final achievement.

    • whoa… can we not acknowledge that this country is filled with good and great ‘people of culture?’ be they red, brown black, or pink? tis the few sociopaths in ALL cultures that give a bad rep to the majority

  • i knew i liked this man for a reason he is smart

  • The truth in as few words as possible…spoken by a master.

  • So let’s stop talking about how police kill more Black people than white people. Let’s stop talking about how Black people are disproportionately represented in jails. Let’s stop talking about it and those problems will fix themselves. Ignoring problems always ends well, right?

    • Way to not understand at all what this is about…..

    • That’s not at all what was said. Not at all. Smh

  • I agree. It’s the person individual ly not his nationality

  • That’s foolish when we are the ones that racism is placed upon everyday for over 500 years.As if we are the problem…..We didn’t invent racism they did.

  • It should be integrated into the “regular” curriculum all year long

  • Want to end ‘institutional racism’? Separate the races. To each race their own continent with no integration whatsoever. No trade between the races. No richer continent supporting the poorer continent. Just each to his own, for his own.

  • He’s well and truly brilliant. I love him, have since I saw him in Robin Hood Prince of Thieves when it came out, was great in Now You See Me. Stupendously talented and incredibly wise. He doesn’t just live up to the hype, he gives the hype inadequacy issues! 🙂

  • I knew I loved Morgan Freeman for more than his acting. The man has an incredible mind.

  • Even funnier, get him (Freeman) and Willie Nelson to have an argument over the issue and telecast live. Then there’d be an end to marijuana usage…

  • Read The Color Of Water and stop shitting out of your mouths, people.

  • Why did they bash Stacy Dash (kek that rhymed) And celebrate Morgan Freeman…THEY SAID THE EXACT SAME THING!

  • Racism is a language driven concept you insist in maintaining, because you are stupid. By default, stupid idiots reduce the interpretation of their reality to form and color. Idiots are also the first victims in society to end up utterly molded by terribly local religion, culture, and tradition, with the according level of impact depending on their individual places of birth. Their simplicity is insulting, and you may want to invest in education. Because when it comes to racism, all involved are victims of their own lack of education.

    The absolute essence of life as such cannot be interpreted through just language, vision, color and/or shapes. It is going beyond this standard/superficial kit that will allow you to perceive essence. And the essence of life has no room for racism.

  • i have traveled a lot, currently living in colombia s america and i have noticed that in the u.s. everybody is labeled as _____ americans. here for an example i have never once heard anybody label theirself anything other than colombian.

    • I’ve noticed that myself as well, sir. They have labels like “African American” or “Asian American” but why not just call them American? They say the country is made up of the variety.

  • Want to end racism? Stop using race as a divider. People saying “what about their contributions?” clearly think it’s ok to give credit to individuals unless they’re on the “black team”, then the whole culture did it. Individuals are just that. Wayne Gretzky is the great one, not the people of Edmonton (no offense, I’m sure they’re all great in their own ways).

  • Love this man!

  • amen

  • The look on Wallace’s face … Classic haha

  • Morgan Freeman for President…lol, McAfee thought is was a good idea.

  • If people wish to separate themselves by race for recognition, they automatically induce racial judgement.

  • Do you remember when you were young and developed a bad habit at some point?

    Now… did you fix it by pretending it wasn’t bad, or a habit? I’m no one to speak to black people of their struggle but my own habits were handed to me by my culture. Habits like defending a racist joke by saying “it’s just a joke” or calling people who pissed me off f*ot and saying “but I’m not straight so it’s ok”

    I didn’t change because everyone said “OK let’s just never say anything, he’s gonna grow out of this any second” I changed because it was brought to my attention how it wasn’t right, so then I LEARNED.

    How would silence accomplish this?

  • Need to stop separating them from standard American culture and history??? Would be a good start

  • Wallace: “But I am Jewish” when asked when White History month was. Someone better tell Wallace that Jews are white.

  • Why celebrate people in colors? The word racist is over used and it is an exaggerated word. Everyone for sure sometimes are racist but never know it.

    • Not true, ma’am. I’ve heard people make that assumption before, they say “everyone’s a little racist” but that’s untrue.

      Not every heart has prejudice based on “race” or skin color, and not every person makes internalized prejudgment a based on skin color either.

      I would say that every one is prejudice toward something, but it’s not always based on race. For example: I am prejudice towards bullies. I will deny a bully the same considerations that I would offer empathetic people.

      Or rapists, I have prejudices towards rapists. I don’t think they should be afforded the same rights as the rest of civilized society.

      I would say that we all have prejudices toward something, but we don’t all have prejudice toward ethnicity.

    • Also, the reason that some people celebrate in colors is the same reason that some women participate in “Women’s Only Book Clubs” or “Feminism”
      It comes from a feeling of exclusion in this country. The women and the “minorities” felt they were being excluded and dehumanized (also oppressed) by Caucasian Males (the usual suspect of tyranny) so they sought to create a gathering of their own.

      But please remember that ‘Black History Month’ was not the idea of Blacks in this country. It actually came from ‘Black History Week’ which was also not the idea of Blacks. I’ve never been to Africa, but I highly doubt they celebrate or even acknowledge it.

  • freeman 4 prez ^^

  • How to eliminate racism: realize that HUMAN history is colorless and that all of us are guilty of inflicting harm on one another at some point and that it is a good time to forgive and to evolve beyond past injustices …..

  • Then we shouldn’t celebrate anything about a certain groupings. That is why we are human being and superior and unique. We are different from each other but we are one. If we celebrate one then we should celebrate all.

  • Yes people it IS that simple!