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WATCH: CBS News Anchor Accused of ‘Fake News’ for Reporting Truth About Syria — Destroys His Critics

Neoconservatives are in a state of desperation over the meltdown of their latest attempt at regime change. Having failed to initiate all-out war in Syria before the 2016 election, neocons and liberal interventionists are watching in horror as their so-called “moderate rebels” are driven out of Aleppo.

Over the past five years, U.S. mainstream media dutifully played its part in pushing the American foreign policy agenda of intervention and endless war. MSM shamelessly framed a narrative of “good vs. evil” in Syria, with America righteously supporting an organic fight for freedom against the bad guys of the Assad regime.

In doing so, they pushed fake news such as the alleged sarin gas attack by Assad on the Syrian people – a false flag that almost triggered the war neocons wanted. MSM continued to abandon skepticism and fact-checking, ignoring the reality that U.S.-supported “moderate rebels” were actually full of al-Qaida jihadists and ISIS extremists.

One news anchor was unafraid to report the truth. In 2015, Ben Swann produced a damning report as part of his Reality Check series. Using Pentagon documents, he showed how the U.S. wanted ISIS to emerge in Syria to help carry out their goal of regime change, by nurturing the Salafist sect in eastern Syria.

Swann continues to be a lone voice of reason as MSM echoes the American foreign policy narrative. Last week, he reported again that so-called “moderate rebels” are actually made up of al-Qaeda jihadists and ISIS terrorists. National media figures promptly labeled this “fake news,” according to Swann.

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In a new Reality Check, Swann destroys the fake news charge and, once again, informs Americans about the truth in Syria.

One week ago I told you that national media is not giving you the full story about what is happening in Syria. Specifically, that the Free Syrian Army and the so-called Syrian rebels who have now lost control of eastern Aleppo are not freedom fighters. They are, in fact, aligned with terror organizations.

Swann says other media are asking, ‘Where’s the proof?’ Apparently, the job of echoing the Washington foreign policy agenda is so consuming that they don’t have time for fact-checking.

So Swann does the job for them, describing how “there are really only two groups fighting against Assad – ISIS and al-Qaeda,” also acknowledging there are dozens of smaller factions involved as well.

The Free Syrian Army (FSA) was formed in 2011, but within one year there were already widespread reports that al-Qaeda in Syria had infiltrated. In 2012, Swann was the first reporter to question Obama directly about arming a group that had members of al-Qaeda, as he shows in a brief clip.

Of course, Obama obfuscates and says the U.S. is providing non-lethal support to people committed to a political transition in Syria. But in 2013, the CIA began delivering weapons to Syrian rebels, marking a “major escalation of the U.S. role in Syria’s civil war.”

Later that year, as Swann describes, London-based Global Defense Consultancy Group began reporting on the influx of al-Qaeda jihadists.

According to their report, 10,000 of the estimated 100,000 fighters in Syria were linked to al-Qaeda. Another 35,000 belonged to “powerful factions” fighting for an Islamic state within a larger Middle East caliphate. Another 30,000 belonged to groups with an “Islamic character.”

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This means that only about 25 percent of the “moderate rebels” were actually fighting for secular nationalist groups friendly to the West. By 2013, about 75 percent of the fighters were jihadists and terrorists.

The U.S. continued to send money and weapons to “find and train moderate rebels” through 2015. In a stunning revelation, that same year 3,000 FSA fighters declared allegiance to ISIS – proving once again that U.S. meddling in the Middle East always bring more violence and extremism.

A week later, the $500 million program to find and train moderate rebels was halted when the Pentagon admitted it had only trained four or five fighters.

The International Business Times reported in 2015:

The moderate movement in Syria could be considered officially dead as of last week, when the last U.S.-backed rebel faction, Harakat Hazzm disbanded, its members joining extremist groups such as the Nusra Front, the al-Qaeda offshoot in that country. Some of the men joined a group called the Levant Front, a coalition of rebel militias that also has ties to al-Qaeda.

Despite all of this, the U.S. continued sending money and weapons into Syria through 2016, including 3,000 tons of weapons such as rocket-launchers and anti-tank guided weapons systems.

Ben Swann concludes the so-called “moderate rebels” are now a fiction. The U.S.-supported Syrian opposition is not fighting for freedom, but “are looking to enslave [Syria] as they have so many other places.”

It’ s doubtful the MSM will accept this reality, which contradicts the Washington narrative essential to regime change efforts in Syria. The public must not find out that U.S. meddling has once again been the impetus for massive violence and unrest in the Middle East. Even Ben Swann can be labeled as a purveyor of fake news.

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Ironically, CBS News, which hosts Reality Check, has itself pushed the “fake news” mantra, promoting a blacklist put together by professor Melissa Zimdars, which attempted to lump credible alternative media with actual purveyors of fake news. It’s a concerted effort to discredit voices of dissent who dare question the Washington foreign policy narrative.

  • Mike Menlo

    Obama’s Legacy of Failure, lies, and corruption. Gitmo4BO

    • Phil Freeman

      BHO is a puppet on the strings of global central banks. He does as he’s told. He provides the ignorant masses someone to love, or hate, but he makes no decision on his own.

      • TeslaFan

        I wonder if Trump will.

        • Phil Freeman

          He will do as he’s told. They all do, ever since JFK was the example of what happens when you don’t.

          • TeslaFan

            It’ll be interesting to watch since donny tinyhands now believes he’s the world’s most powerful man. Hahaha. But I must say, I doubt LBJ was pushed around by anyone. It probably ended more with him than with JFK.

          • Phil Freeman

            It will be entertaining to watch. JFK decided to keep silver coin in our medium of exchange and so long as that is the case we the people have access to the common law. Once silver was removed from general circulation we abandoned the common law place called America and entered the commercial place called united States. A very different choice of law. We don’t have a government in the traditional sense of the word, we have a bank pretending to offer government services. I doubt Mr Orange has a clue as to our present legal reality.

          • TeslaFan

            Donny doesn’t have a clue about or expertise in anything except taking advantage of and destroying other people. He’s also mentally deficient in addition to his narcissistic personality disorder. Yeah, it’ll be interesting to watch, and the damage to humanity and the planet will be devastating.

          • ethel.jordan


          • Raven2740

            Someone needs their pssy hat and kitty cat vids…

          • George Reichel

            JFK also wanted to abolish the Fed and inspect Israel’s nuclear arsenal.

          • Di

            He planned to return the country to the gold standard..in other words he was going to abolish the FR. That in itself was a prescription for death.

          • monica-morrison

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          • Phil Freeman

            Time will tell. I’ve found that there are no political solutions. Just individual choices.

          • George Reichel

            Are you serious?LBJ wa a co-onspirator in the USS Liberty Massacre

          • TeslaFan

            Are you serious? Do you even know what this conversation is about? Clearly, your reading comprehension is seriously lacking. Read the thread before you comment.

          • DocThrone Rush

            LBJ was a warmonger and worked with the globalists as a senator before becoming VP and POTUS.

          • kristina.cornell

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      • gininitaly
        • Phil Freeman

          No worries Gini. We are all trying to realize the truth and share what we’ve found with others of like mind. I welcome the participation, even if it’s an opinion I don’t agree with necessarily. A varied perspective is an opportunity for growth. I’ve a couple of hobbies, world history, real history and human behavior on the macro scale, societal behavior in particular. What I’ve found is we are a bunch of simpletons in the main, but unawares of our potential and power as a compassionate collective. The science shows we can effect the material world with our emotional intentions. If we can escape our adolescents, we may have a chance at surviving another two centuries as a species, but hope is not a method. Solutions are what matter. All the best.

      • George Reichel

        Same was true for Bush/Clinton

  • Phil Freeman

    Even though Ben is stating these things, I’m confident he’s not totally aware of the facts on the ground there. If you all would like to know what is really going in, it would be well to know from whence cometh this evil. What are its origins, and why. I’ll provide the answers here: https://youtu.be/4sgm5fnIOSc
    Award winning investigative journalist Edwin Black provides the details of oil and jhiad against the West. His book entitled THE redline agreement is a must read. I provide his seminar on the topic.

    • gininitaly

      Fascinating, I’d never heard this before.

  • FiuToYou

    What do you expect when you put an ‘undercover Muslim, non US citizen’ in power? You think it’s going to be anywhere near good? Well, now you see for yourself. Obama needs to be taken down and tried for treason along with all his lackeys!!

    • Brian King

      Does a undercover Muslim eat pork?

  • Jedi Τσακ Νόρις

    glad to see there’s such voices in the States. I thought you guys only heard to the Big Media propaganda, which is full of (you know).
    The very “moderate” Obama has more blood on his hands than many other US presidents. Libya totally destroyed. Syria, almost. Yemen? Not bad for a Nobel “peace” prize winner. Makes you wonder what these prizes stand for, really…

  • charles_goldman


  • charles_goldman

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  • Mary Anne Hodge

    What happened to real reporters, that only wanted the truth in our media, papers, radio, all were/are silenced.

  • Mary Anne Hodge

    Oliver Stone has a documentary The Untold History of the United States, everyone should watch it,

  • madrino

    US perpetually at war. Never wanted peace. Since before officially becoming a “nation” through current day, the only reason for it’s reason to exist is to serve the owners. Bank of North America, First Bank of the United States, Second Bank of the United States, Federal Reserve. Death, destruction and genocide for asset stripping and access.

  • brooks_patty

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  • I noticed that no one seems to have remarked that Obama backed away from his line in the sand, (or was it a red line, or a red line in the sand? — whatever). Perhaps he actually knew what was happening. Note that he did not commit any actual soldiers there. Any people who comment on his not backing up his threats call him a coward and say that we “lost syria”. Which was 1.) not ours to loose, and 2.) who cares. Like almost all of that area it is a festering stinking mess, Israel (we evil JEws) being the one bright, safe, democratic spot.

    I suspect that the weapons transfer was a sop from Obama to the neocons so that they would shut up. Clearly those weapons made little if any difference. Maybe they also kept a few of our pseudo friends (Saudi Arabia among them) less cranky.

    • Natural_Texan

      Has Obama been in charge of foreign policy? There’s little proof of it. Or were Hillary and her war-girls calling the shots? Running weapons through the US Libyan embassy and more. I’m not letting him off the hook for Syria and more.. he’s the chief executive.

      Either way, more weapons to that area is a huge blunder.. some Russians may be killed? To what end? US planes and armored vehicles will eventually be targeted with these tools.

      Thanks for nothing, Obama.

  • MajHeadrush

    if theres any fake news going around its right here… lol when i first ran across this site i thought it was some how affiliated with free thought radio the atheist show about seperation lol boy was i wrong… you guys need to get a clue… the war in syria is ALL about the thuggery and tyranny of bashar al assad and will be until he is gone and he will be gone… need i point out he controlled all of syria in 2010?? that didnt stop the civil war did it??? he could control it all and beat all his people to death and he would still be stuck in the same situation with the whole world rising up against him as it is… yes there are foreign fighters lol OF COURSE THERE ARE FOREIGN FIGHTERS THATS WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU PISS OFF THE WHOLE WORLD

    EVEN i wish i could go there and fight for the safety of the syrian people