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WATCH: Trump Says His Supporters are So Loyal that He Could Murder Someone and Not Lose Them

(RT) — Donald Trump’s self-confidence in his drive to secure the Republican presidential nomination is pushing through the roof. In his latest speech he claimed that his voters are smart enough to not abandon him even if he was to kill somebody in broad daylight.

“I could stand in the middle of Fifth Avenue and shoot somebody, and I wouldn’t lose any voters, OK?” Trump said in his campaign speech at Dordt College in Sioux Center, Iowa.

Trump has been leading national polls of Republican voters for months and now holds a lead in the early voting in Iowa caucuses that will be held on February 1.

Trump believes his voters’ loyalty is so strong and competition so weak, that even a random shooting in the middle of a street won’t turn people away from him.

“The people. My people are so smart, and you know what they say about my people? The polls. They say I have the most loyal people. Did you ever see that? It’s, like, incredible,” he said just before making the homicide remark.

While the GOP nomination is half a year away, nothing Trump says seems to hold back his voters, at least according to a tweet which he composed after yet another controversial appearance.

Just left Sioux Center, Iowa. My speech was very well received. Truly great people! Packed house- overflow!”

Trump’s Republican rival Texas Senator Ted Cruz did not approve of the billionaire’s choice of metaphorical expression, vowing that during his own campaign he has “no intention of shooting anybody.”

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  • If he shot a brown person, his numbers would probably go UP.

  • That free publicity though… Lulz #cantstumpthetrump

    • Man I thought I blocked your page . How many of these fucking things are there and why do you keep dumping them on my sites . You are soooooo anoying

  • he’s right…he trusts their stupidity…someone who votes for him must be that dumb

  • I think dead people are still allowed to vote so he’s probably right.

    • they got dead people to vote for George Bush twice…that’s the zombie apocolypse they are worried about…all those dead voters that are pissed off how things have turned out.

  • Does he welcome supporters who think it okay to murder?

    • lol that’s old news… liberals like Obama and Hillary have been murdering people all over the world like neocon bosses.

    • Clearly they’re all statist, who base their entire philosophy off violence and coercion against others.

    • Franco Gonzalez that’s why you should vote for Bernie

  • This guy is a joke and an embarrassment to the american people. I can only imagine what this country will turn into if he becomes president. Nazi america.

    • I dont know more like McCarthyisum i think

    • I also foresee Nazi America, and Trump will start World War III with America as the bad guy.

    • Seriously.

      I foresee less debt, less illegal immigration, less stupid zero tolerance laws and far less of this ridiculous politically correct; insanity!

      I’m sure you’d rather have a criminal like Hillary run this country into a socialist paradise.

  • too bad they all don’t just abort themselves

  • Donald Trump is a putz he’ll be lucky if he doesn’t get shot if he keeps up this kind of s*** and somebody just might shoot his ass.

  • Megalomaniacal

  • The ramblings of a psychopath, he’s more than qualified to become president.

  • yes I would

  • Well it would be no more criminal than Hillary. Lol

  • Hillery & Company, are getting desperate and willing to do what ever they can to kick Sanders to the curb, remember folks, If Hillery or the republicans get their, we will be in more perpetual war mongering. Kill the octopus now before its too late.

    • The next puppet will be selected by the psychopaths who own the government. Nothing will improve until the people revolt against the corrupt government.

    • Yeah, my thoughts was around that ideology. I keep thinking we have hope on the horrizen.

    • Incredible, ha?! … :/

  • All past presidents have a Death List….some more than others….

  • If he gets elected, he’ll answer that question quickly. Sadly, there’s gonna be quite a few who’ll still support him

  • I got banned from the todd starnes page for speaking out against trump and taking a screen shot of todd’s post. He deleted it an hour later.

  • He said shoot some one, not murder some one, and he is a permitted conceal carrier.

    • Louis,You never answered the question, would you support him if he drew a gun and shot someone for no reason,at random??

    • it’s a stupid ? that’s why

    • 🙂 🙂 take it thats a yes then.

    • do you always interpret things to fit your way of thinking.

  • WTF

  • Why not odumbass trying to get every one killed

  • what he really means is Trump supporters are so stupid he could murder someone and not lose them..

    • Starting with…….. Liberals.

    • Supporters of any politician are stupid. Obama drone bombs people in the middle east, yet he still has plenty of supporters too

  • Well at least he didnt say a comuniust own no I mean muslum or who ever he points the finger at to hate next

  • So if ya see him there , watch out , ya better shoot first and be safe , specially if you’re not of his favorite “race”….!!

  • Murder like the Clintons did to Vince Faster


  • That shows what he thinks of his supporters .

  • Arrogant much….so u run a cult. That worked for jim jones.

  • yes

  • Their kind of candidate. Someone that they can have do all the dirty work for them while they sit back.

  • Alfred Negron here’s your guy… lol

  • Is he saying his supporters are blind and stupid?

  • So America, this is how it begins. How will it end?

  • Media beat up!
    Old news!
    Move on!

  • They’re not loyal more like. “FUCKIN STUPID “”

  • the ‘DT’s’ scare me more than the ‘BS’ !

  • I’m sorry, is that something one should be proud of?

  • never said murder, he said shoot. smh?

  • Dieser Mann ist krank

  • he`s highlighting their stupidity

  • Of course they would. It takes a special kind of mindset to accept his ideas in the first place. It would just make them more fanatical.

  • Andrew Jackson shot and killed men and his supporters didn’t care.

  • Enough said this officially puts him in the same nut dish as Sweaty Teddy, he should not be taken seriously nor should he be allowed to continue his campaign of Xenophobia, hate, this is a hate crime. Our children have to live in a zero tolerance for violence and hate speak we should not allow this POS to distract from real issues at hand so he can say the next dumb fuck thing that comes into his head. Vote Bernie 2016!!

  • He probably does

  • This is not the entire video

  • The reason he wouldn’t lose any supporters is because that are all inbred retarded fuckwits

  • I don’t see why not the Clintons have murdered hundreds of people and there’s still people voting for her

    • Yeah all that’s true about Hillary but your avading the issue about Trump

    • Oh I put that right up there with when John Lennon said we’re more popular than Jesus

  • Depends on who he shot.

  • Both sides of the establishment should fear a man who doesn’t need money from special interests.

  • Shoot Trump and he’ll have even more support.

  • Can’t believe this!

  • Personally, I already couldn’t support this human embodiment of everything I hate about politicians and the fools who get swayed by them any less than I already do. So, for me, I guess it wouldn’t matter if he did.

  • Yes you cant change it

  • Trumps secret deal with his best friends, the cintons is to take one side, she takes the other side then he drops out to leave Hillary as the next president

  • He probably understands the function and purpose of an Electoral College unlike 90% of the people commenting on this.

    538 people determine presidential elections in the United States.
    (unless you’re on your states payroll, it’s not you)

    More than 20 states do not constitutionally (referring to state constitutions, each has one) require their electorate to vote according to popular vote.

    At least 4 times in history the Electoral College has defied popular vote…the last being George W Bush.

    I would kindly ask all of you to understand the presidential elections and the function of a democratic republic before claiming others are idiots, retards, etc.


  • I would first need to know why!

  • he’s probably right too…

  • He said shoot not murder. There’s a difference.

  • They would. Watch his rallies and read the comments on his Facebook page.

  • Of corse trump supporters try and cover his dumbass. Stupid sheep. You do realize this is our country at risk??? How bout just follow him on Facebook and twitter and let somebody who is qualified to be president actually be president. Some of us take this great country seriously.

  • I am 100% sure they would.

  • Proabable

  • I believe his supporters would. I mean, after all.

  • Cops do it every day. We have become so desensitized to this type of thing, I’m afraid that he may be right.

  • #KasichCarson2016

  • A person can’t be considered a person that believes in this country if you’d support murder by anyone. It’s no different than jews murdering Palestinians…so that war will definitely go on and the same with the Middle East so that war will definitely keep going on…for NO reason but to make them richer, us poorer and more at each other’s throats. I wish you’d come and shoot me Donald Trump and PROVE what you are saying—make it a head shot-clean kill. Murder someone in cold blood and see how much people still support you…come on mr business man DON”T BE A CHICKEN SHIT…PROVE WTF you are saying or you’ve got NO DICK. Or take me to times square and in the middle of the day blow me away—I might be dead, but I bet you won’t be president.

  • Judge Andrew Napolitano, John Stossel, Peter Schiff, Matt Kibbe, Doug Wead, Ron Paul, Justin Amash, Congressman Thomas Massie, Cynthia Lummis, Nigel Farage, Jack Hunter, Ashley Bell, Walter Block, David Boaz, Lawrence Reed, Rep. Mick Mulvaney, J.C.Watts, Congressman Mark Sanford, Congressman Rep. Raúl R. Labrador, Walter Jones, The National Republican Liberty Caucus, to name a few, have all endorsed Senator Rand Paul. Support the only Republican presidential candidate who both supports and defends the ENTIRE Bill of Rights, and who has the record to prove it! Senator Rand Paul!! The majority of Americans don’t support neocons, the last 2 presidential elections should have told you as much! Only Rand can defeat either Hillary or Bernie!! No more statists, authoritarians, neocons, or socialists, from either party!! #StandWithRand!!! #RandRally #RandPaul ALL Lovers of Liberty are more than welcome to join us.  <3  IN LIBERTY!!

  • All politicians are murders! Duh!

  • God damn no one can take a joke….

  • Idiot

  • I really can’t understand why this joker has supporters …..

  • Trump could say rape should be legal and his supporters would go out and rape anything they could catch. Same goes for Obama. What? I’m equally fed up with all politicians.

  • There are Trump supporters in this forum???

  • Ok…..How about he murders his wife and then we will see

  • he’s right on this one 😀

  • Only if it were a suicide.

    WOAH… Not that I’m a trump supporter… Read the fine print before you comment…

  • Narcissist…duhh!

  • I mean if your stupid enough to support him in the first place yeah why not

  • Dick Cheney shot someone, and people adore that scumbag war criminal.

  • Why not we can see Hillary’s supporters are the same she did murder someone and they still support her

    • So hillary clinton walked up to someone and shot them? Then decided to run for president?? Is that what your saying?

    • No but as sectary of defense she swore she would take full responsibility for the attacks in benghazi you know what the FBI has her under investigation for. She gave the stand down order that got Four Americans killed in the 2012 Benghazi attack: Ambassador Stevens, Information Officer Sean Smith, and two CIA operatives, Glen Doherty and Tyrone Woods, both former Navy Seals. Full responsibility

    • Seriously, the millions of bodies of falsified wars, nah, not important, a few folks in a single attack in a hotbed area is more important… Jesus, if you are going to go after her try something that actually matters, like I would… XD

  • I support him more now

  • That says more about the people that support him.

  • When did he become a cop?

  • At this point it’s a toss-up between Trump and Cruz (actually I prefer Paul but his percentages are so low)…but to answer the question, it would depend on if the person deserved it. 😛

  • Loyal is not the word I would use in this instance.

  • Trump is probably correct. His followers are just as ignorant and hateful as he is so why would they care if he started murdering random people in the middle of the street?

  • Why not. It didn’t affect our last several president’s reelections.

  • The thing is that even if he were to murder someone then it would be thousands less than any other candidate has supported and voted for.

  • Yes i would support him still!! Trump would not just shoot anyone for no reason! Only in self defense!

  • yes because when u live in belgium, trump is pure entertainment.
    can’t write satire that tops him 🙂

  • Please, he is not hillary

  • I’m still not seeing a difference. Obama bombed the fuck out of little Middle Eastern kids, and people are flipping cause Trump is being honest about it? Y’all motherfuckers need Jesus. And y’all need to check your privilege.

    • oh trump would do that to “just bomb the hell out of them”

  • And hey, it’s just a metaphor. Donald Trump 2016!

  • How much does he pays them?????

  • Donald Trump said. .they said it .. Trump did not say that. #DonaldTrump 2016

    • Where is the original quote from where “they” said this about shooting someone?

      “…The plural third party shows a group of others to be separate from us, emphasizing our similarity though implication of out-group homogeneity. This allows you to ‘push away’ others who do not conform as you build a more cohesive in-group…”


    • Mary Sukits I watch a video with Donald Trump giving a speech. .when he said it. .an I heard. .they said. .no Donald Trump did not say it. .he just repeated what was said. #DonaldTrump 2016

  • Can Ted Cruz be the random victim?

  • I DARE this piece of shit to try it. The moment he gives people a real excuse is the moment he gets assassinated!

  • John David Browning

    HHHMM And there were some who thought Ted Cruz was the candidate who might be the Zodiac Killer.