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Cop Goes Off on the War on Pot: “I’ve Never Seen Anyone Commit Anything Violent” on Cannabis

Our good friend, Dominik Izzo, is basking in what appears to be his life’s calling: lecturing law enforcement leaders, officers, and anyone who will listen, on why police are hated so much and what each police officer and department can do about it.

As some of our readers may recall, Izzo was fired after blowing the whistle on Round Lake Park IL Police Chief, George Filenko. The former police union president came out against what he perceived to be his superior’s ineptitude in allowing an innocent woman to go to prison, charged and convicted of murder for a crime many, including at least three coroners, now believe she could not have committed. For the complete story click here.

In a recent video, Izzo came out and said what many police often think, but few have the platform to announce: marijuana is not the problem — waging a war against it is.

He first went on record saying, “I’ve never smoked pot…I’ve no desire to…I’ve never tried it,” and admitted the smell of freshly harvested weed gives him a headache. But the outspoken veteran police officer did admit to having arrested several individuals who were in possession of marijuana. “With that said, to my knowledge…I’ve never seen anyone ever do anything impaired on weed that was dangerous, at all, at all,” he said confirming what marijuana users already know. They’re not impaired after smoking weed, and are fully aware of themselves at all times while gettting high. “If cannabis itself, if weed is a plant, it’s organic,” he said adding, “I’ve never seen…(people on cannabis)…do things that are violent.”

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He admitted weed, and the desire to use it, doesn’t compel users to break into a home or prostitute themselves to get weed. On the contrary, the same cannot be said of heroin or cocaine, the officer admitted. Then the teetotaler came out with his own opinion on issues surrounding the legality of marijuana.

“I truly believe that we should legalize weed,” Izzo said, that adding arresting pot users for possession charges amounts to, “cops…wasting their time.”

We are perpetuating a cycle where people can’t stand us because we’re arresting people for a…roach in their car,” he admitted, adding police are, “ruining their lives by putting the arrest on their record.”

Izzo’s pro-marijuana position is in line with what much of the rest of the country is thinking in the 21st century. Weed isn’t a substance to be feared or banned, but rather embraced for all of the medical benefits it can give to users.

The former officer of the year called it “stupid shit” when police officers arrest users and legally complicate their lives, potentially resulting in increased medical bills for officer takedowns which may lead to personal injury.

“Anything natural is going to wind up helping us,” Izzo stated after acknowledging Big Pharma’s role in keeping weed illegal for half of the country. The veteran police officer then described how he stays healthy. He says he regularly consumes alkaline green drinks, presumably such as barley grass smoothies. And turning one last time to cannabis, drawing a correlation between his superfood endeavors and marijuana, he said, “I think it has massive health benefits.” Wishing not to be confused with marijuana users, Izzo again reiterated he has no interest in trying a little THC.

Legalizing Weed and The Police

تم نشره بواسطة ‏‎Officer Dominick Izzo‎‏ في 6 مارس، 2017

  • patriot156

    then tell Sessions!

    • 174thandvyse

      The trouble with Sessions, and other bible-banging Prohibitionists, is that the like the sound of their own voice too much. That’s why they run their mouths about reefer…they know that reefer is mostly smoked by guys like me, and these “Jerry Fallwell” trying-to-be’s just gotta keep on reminding us of how much they hate us. It’s not the drug war that motivates these people…it’s the power play. Control is so very important to them.

      • Joel W

        Those fuckers represent Christianity the way ‘ISIS’ represents Islam. Twisted to their own evil desires.

      • FiuToYou

        If Trump allows Sessions to override the states laws on pot, that just means that Trump is a fucking liar and a sneak. He said that he would never stand in the way of what the states decided to do about this non-problem. I hope to see him stand up and be a man of his word. He has so far done what he said! Just keep that little prohibitionist Sessions on a short leash and concentrate on the real criminals which takes balls!!! I’m talking; Clintons, Bush, Obama, Soros, CIA, DEA, FBI, Washington DC PEDO Rings, Joe Biden, The Podesto’s, etc!!!!!!!

        • 174thandvyse

          Hey, leave George Soros alone! George is very pro-legalization of herb.

          • Shannon Pannell

            Whether he does or doesn’t personally support the legalization of pot….that pos bankrolls so many “causes” , corrupt “politicians”, and has no problem with the ones that don’t support this and similar platforms that rip all of our rights away.
            Goverments/politicans = support BOTH sides of any position. America has perfected this, obviously.

  • Matthew Smith

    Ironic that he’s a huge Trump supporter. But I do love what he’s doing exposing Filenko and advocating for Melissa Calusinski….

  • A Freedom Fighter

    Who is against cannabis legalization in our nation today? Why do they want to keep cannabis illegal? The answer is easy, just follow the money!

    * Drug cartels and organized crime will lose $100,000,000,000 (BILLION) in cannabis sales forever in favor of legitimate business, regulation and taxation.
    * Corrupt DEA officials afraid of losing their jobs.
    * Court forced cannabis rehab centers will go out of business.
    * Police and Private prisons will lose federal grant money and up to 30% of their drug related “customers”. Well known contributors to anti legalization efforts.
    * Big pharmaceutical corporations are scared witless that cannabis will replace their multi-billion dollar addictive stranglehold on the US public because cannabis works better and has no physical addiction. Well known contributors to anti legalization efforts.
    * The alcoholic beverage industries are the largest financial lobby against cannabis legalization. They know cannabis is safer and less toxic than booze and it is already being used as an alternative by millions of American citizens.

    Legalization seems like a slam dunk considering the relative safety records of cannabis, booze and pharmaceuticals. Cannabis with zero toxic fatalities and almost no statistical record of traffic accidents, versus alcohol, tobacco and pharmaceutical drugs which kill over 650,000 US citizens annually plus another 21,000 in traffic deaths. Makes you wonder if our politicians and lawmakers answer to “we the people” or the corporations and criminals listed above.

    Legalize, regulate and TAX!

    • Joel W

      I think you may really low-balling the billion dollars part. Just sayin…other than that I could not agree more. Don’t forget the Central Banking Cartel & their agent banks (Wells Fargo, HSBC, BoA) won’t get their money laundering commissions either.

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    • FiuToYou

      TAX? Just leave it alone. If somebody wants to make a business out of it, OK tax. If I grow it in my vegetable garden along with my tomatoes, leave me alone!!!!

    • gininitaly

      $$$$$… Oh and it helps the global banksters too.

    • ThorosiousD

      I agree with you but, it’s bigger than that. And taxing/regulating only puts the control over its potential into the hands of those who currently work to protect corporations from it.

      The establishment government is made up of a small group of highly connected suppliers of major consumables which are currently derived from resources that can be protected through a corporate holdings.
      For instance; ExxonMobil, Haliburton and friends would cease to exist if the following well researched facts were to come to fruition:
      There is a rare strain of cannabis once known as kentucky hemp which grows in tight formation up to 15 ft tall and produces 8,500 lbs of seed per acre twice per year. (Study by Alan Haney and Benjamin Kutscheid)
      This amount of seed creates 300 gallons of seed oil. With a simple process, it can be made into a nontoxic biodiesel and distributed through existing pipeline infrastructure.
      According to the department of agriculture report and it’s cleverly written methods of separating out and hiding unused lands, there’s somewhere around 194 million acres of currently unused and subsidized lands available which if farmed, could grow enough of this cannabis strain to completely shift energy supply away from the holdings of the few and into the control of millions of local people.

      Then, there’s the 5 tons of biomass per acre twice per year which could create all the ethanol, solvants, fiber, paper, plastics, medicine, clothing, building materials and more which would also be local.

      In short, if all cannabis was as free as clover, there would be no world dominating powers in the hands of a few consolidated corporations or their puppets in centralized governments. There would be no more starvation in the world, less to fight against, better environmental health, reforestation, less requirement for war equipment and a list of positive improvements to human existence the size of a novel.

      The establishment and their fraudulent republicrat political party knows this, which is the reason for the war on cannabis. (It goes all the way back to Rockefeller, Anslinger, Hurst, and Dupont among others)
      Once cannabis is free, all things political go local. No more centralized authority and no more corporate monopolies. Innovation takes hold and humanity can advance in a more prosperous and peaceful direction.

    • Dezri Dean

      Decriminalize and stay the hell out of peoples lives!

      • Gary Smith



    I admire this officer who speaks the truth. It is simply outrageous that we have this totally unfair prohibition for way too long. Damn, it is 2017 and this is simply ridiculous and I don’t even smoke weed. I do support all adults who choose to smoke cannabis just like I support free speech, two of our inalienable rights as Americans. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/779d1c367b24a4b856ddba4af74369bfebb6925f5dd674ef322b7f6d1ff17845.jpg

  • 174thandvyse

    Well, what do you know? An H-O-N-E-S-T cop, telling it like it is.

    • Joel W

      He’ll be fired or fragged probably. Can’t have free thinking enforcers now can we?

      • Matthew Smith

        Oh he’s already been fired for speaking out against his corrupt chief.

        • Joel W

          Oh well there ya go. The actual good ones ALWAYS get purged. By design.

  • Joel W

    I commit acts of violence every single time I smoke. Violence against food. I fucking the shit out of the content of the fridge.

    Seriously though, the only people who think pot makes you violent are people who never consumed it, otherwise they would know that it is hardly even possible. They might steal a snickers or something from the local bodega, but violence? Too many people still believe ‘Reefer Madness’ to be gospel.

  • gininitaly

    I love Izzo… he’s the last honest cop left standing. Of course weed doesn’t harm anyone but the drug companies, every sane person knows this.

    • LOL…LEAP – Law Enforcement Aganist Prohibition was founded 15 years ago, speaking out for legalize/regulate all drugs….love Izzo but he # 7001 in the line of cops who believe in legalize/regulate MJ

      • gininitaly

        Oh cool, only 1,103,000 to go, give or take.

        • in USA there almost 800,000 cops…last neutral poll showed closed to 300,000 street cops (not command, not sheriffs) would like to see MJ treated like beer…LEAP has 7,000 members who are LE

  • Shannon Pannell

    I think that you should follow your calling and give these types lectures to police officers/departments. I know that there are those among these police depts that agree with your position. However, they do it out of the need for the paycheck. This is where I hope more and more people find their PERSONAL integrity, Resolve, and if need be…..EDUCATING themselves.
    The government can only regulate behavior/actions that if doing, causes or potentially causes harm to the general public. My smoking a joint has absolutely no effect on the public, and quite frankly…being STUPID has the potential to cause as much or more harm than being high.
    God gave us INHERIT rights….our rights come from GOD, not the Constitution. That Constitution was written for the SOLE purpose of regulating our government. Keeping them in check…not the other way around.
    And from where I sit, they knew that government would manifest into this grotesque, acclimated beast which is why they clearly state that as it is a government of the People and FOR THE PEOPLE….it is our DUTY to do away with it and start anew.
    And may I give one piece of advice to start that new government…..any elected official, or police officer, any person whos job it is to represent or protect and serve THE PEOPLE all are required to have a brain scan done before taking office. By seeing who is a sociopath/psychopath BEFORE giving them the key to kingdom this time…..may save us a great deal in the future!!
    And Izzo….you look incredibly familiar to me…..