Clark County, WA — In February, a family experienced a horrifying home invasion during which their children were taken from them, and they were assaulted. The father and husband, Ilya Petrenko caught the perpetrators on video — they were police officers with the Vancouver Police Department.

According to Petrenko, a call was made from Kentucky claiming that there was a domestic dispute, so officers were dispatched to their house.

The caller stated that Stephanie’s hands were broken. In the police dispatch during the standoff, officers acknowledged that there were no injuries to the wife’s hands or elsewhere. But the cops did not care; they were hell bent on getting in that house.

After more than an hour of asking the police to politely leave, Ilya began filming.


Police had guns and tasers drawn as they swarmed the house to attack this innocent family.

The entire time, the couple is demanding to see a warrant and they are told by the police that they do not need one.

The police insisted something was wrong and used their authority to enter the house without a warrant believing that the welfare of the child or mother were in jeopardy. However, from the video and Stephanie’s own words, everyone was fine. The only people posing a threat to the Petrenko family were the Vancouver cops.

As police began to breach the house, Stephanie was assaulted. The traumatic instance of their baby being yanked from her arms was captured on video. The family was but helpless victims to the dozen armed agents — ostensibly there to help them.

During the melee, police separated the couple and because Stephanie resisted the officers’ attempt to steal her 11-month-old baby, she was swarmed and attacked. While we cannot see what happened on the other side of the wall, the audio from the recording is clear.

There is a sound of a struggle, as Stephanie resists her assailants. She then goes silent. When we finally hear her again, she tell the officers, “you almost killed me,” describing how they had choked her unconscious.

According to Ilya, Stephanie was strangled until she lost consciousness and when she awoke, the assaulting officer was taking pictures and verbally conspiring with the other officers to imply Ilya had caused the injuries. However, video footage from before the police assault clearly shows that Stephanie’s neck and arms are free from bruises or marks.

Both Ilya and Stephanie were jailed following this incident, and despite the fact that an Aunt had arrived to care for the children, law enforcement insisted instead that the children be put in CPS custody.

Ilya and Stephanie continue the fight to get their children back more than a month later.

According to Ilya, VPD officers confiscated the iPhone and erased all evidence of their shocking abuse of power, including the statement that no warrant was needed to forcibly enter the home… fortunately, they were not aware that it had been uploaded to the iCloud.

Below is this disturbing video.

  • maggie bridget

    You don’t know what you’re talking about. The police CANNOT force their way into anyone’s home without a warrant. Also, the call came from Kentucky. It did not come from either the wife or the husband. The wife and the husband are in Washington state.The police could see and hear through the window that the wife did not need their assistance. Therefore, that erases any suggestion of probable cause.
    I know you don’t want to accept it, but the police DO NOT have the right to force someone to come outside for a wellness check. Just because someone calls the police claiming that the wife is being abused does not give the police probable cause. That one cop was full of it when he said he wasn’t breaking in. An open window does not give anyone, who does not live in the house, the right to enter even if the person entering the window is an LEO.
    It is beyond obvious to anyone, who has more than two brain cells to rub together that the police in this video were trying to trick the couple into allowing them entrance into the home. When that didn’t work, they tried to goad the couple into reacting violently towards them in order to have an excuse to enter. When that failed, the one cop started claiming that the wife touched him, when clearly she did not.

  • maggie bridget

    You are about as bright as a small appliance light bulb. The cops could plainly see and hear that the wife was fine. They overstepped their authority. PERIOD!! Now, go take a civics class.

  • maggie bridget

    Because under the US Constitution, which is the supreme law of the land, we have a right to privacy.. Just because someone in Kentucky calls the police in Washington state to report an alleged crime does not give the police to crawl to demand to speak to the occupants or crawl through a window, when the occupants refuse. The police had no warrant and no probable cause.

  • Mike

    Regarding Ben’s Cat,please tell that to your friend-the all knowing Neigh Sayer. Not only is this individual a fire starter,who trolls,baits,lurks and when getting pinned in the corner, resorts to the same old go-to line,proclaiming everyone are “liars”. This idiot is allowed to roam BH, while I’m not welcome. Go friggin figure! Nay Nay is of the illusion Ben’s Cat should continue racing. On a thread recently,NS arrogantly argued against Ben retiring.Guess my only question is, what does the horse have to prove? Nothing!

  • crazytrain2

    Exigent circumstances can apply in a situation like this, but it is not that easy to prove such an exigency exists. If the only claim, from a third party caller(taken with a huge grain of salt in law enforcement communities), was that the female’s hands had been broken, once you ascertain that is not true, the call is over. If there are allegations regarding the child, bring in cps to do an investigation. Their warrant requirements are much lower, almost non existent, but that is cps’ business, not the cops. If the cops are still unsure, if they can visually see that everyone is ok, then again, the call is over. No need to go in, no need for warrant, no need to prove an exigency exists. If there is some accusation about the child, and they refuse to let officers check on the well-being of the child, again, a call to cps, who have a much easier time entering without a warrant.

    Once we get past that,if both parents are arrested, then the cops can not simply make the decision, even with the parents’ ok to give the baby to the aunt, of neighbor. Cps makes that call.