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One Group’s Viral Meme Campaign Taught the Internet that “Taxation is Theft”

Sharing memes won’t save the world on its own, but it can help to raise awareness about important ideas and get people curious about concepts that they have not considered before. One recent example of this phenomena is how the phrase “taxation is theft” has recently become mainstream thanks to a viral meme campaign.

Hundreds of memes, some that are funny, and some that don’t even make sense, relating to the “taxation is theft” theme have littered the internet in recent weeks, and while some people may be getting tired of them, they are having an incredible impact in raising awareness about the idea.

In fact, a quick look at google search data shows that the last month has seen a massive spike in online interest in the term and that web searches for the term are at an all time high.


If you are confused by the term “taxation is theft,” just think of the government as people without any special privileges. If an average person takes money from someone under the threat of force it is called robbery, but if the government does it is considered legal and moral, and is called “taxation.” No one actually ever agreed to this arrangement, it has been forced on millions of people against their will, and a long list of justifications have been created to convince people that they are not being stolen from.

Since the government is allowed to extract money from its citizens by the barrel of a gun, this guarantees that they will have funding for any kind of project they want, even if those projects are unpopular with taxpayers. This is because the public has no choice but to pay taxes, therefore they have no say in how their money is used and are typically forced into paying for their own oppression, and the slaughtering of their neighbors.

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Sure, there are some social welfare programs that do benefit some people, but the money that these projects cost are a tiny fraction of the money that is actually received from taxation. Most of the money that is brought in through taxes is used for bureaucratic budgets, collection enforcement, and the gluttony of federal and state governments. So, while a portion of the revenue is being used for beneficial projects, a majority of the money is still being wasted or used for nefarious means. Some researchers have described this as a thief giving you five dollars, while at the same time taking a hundred dollars from your back pocket.

There is an unbelievable amount of fear directed at this concept because for so long, our civilizations have been propelled by violence instead of rationality. Immediately upon hearing about these ideas of doing away with coercive taxation, many people who are new to the idea will immediately scoff, “if taxes were not collected under threat of force then no one will pay them and there will be chaos and the poor will die in the streets.”

This statement shows that taxation isn’t working for the average person. Therefore, ideas about “the consent of the governed” and “the social contract” are complete fallacies. If someone explicitly states that people wouldn’t pay taxes if they weren’t mandatory, they are then admitting that tax revenue is not used to benefit the public and that no one would pay if they didn’t have a gun to their head.

When a need arises in a community, people naturally come together and take care of what needs to be done; they don’t need someone with a gun in their face telling them how to do it. For our species to have any chance on this earth, we must start thinking about more peaceful ways of going about things, and stop justifying the use of violence in all circumstances, even soft-core violence like legislation, taxation, and indoctrination.

These two got married and didn’t ask government for permission.The Free Thought Project.com (Y)#TaxationIsTheft

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    Taxation is Theft

  • Matthew Borg

    Taxation is only theft in Somalia.

    • yiheter


      • Matthew Borg

        Explain how I missed the point.

        • Peter #Agorist ⚓

          this is meta af

      • Peter #Agorist ⚓


  • Alex Furman


  • Kent McManigal
  • Cam Alft

    yep,and to think,we do it out of indoctrination and/or brainwashing…

  • Bert Easterbrook

    Not properly apportioned taxation is theft.

    If you expect public works, then it needs to be funded. It is only when unreasonable tax is charged and the funds don’t get used in a proper manner that it is theft.

    It’s like making a contract and doing something different with the money and services.

    • yiheter

      A contract requires mutual consent. Unless every individual who is taxed has personally approved of being taxed, i.e. given a choice to consent or NOT, it is not a contract.

    • Shane Richmond

      Completely missed the point. There is NO contract, and ALL taxation is collected with the implicit understanding that if it is not paid, men with guns will take you to prison, and if you resist, will then shoot and kill you. Just because SOME of the money stolen from you is used for “public works,” does not justify it. And if those “public works,” were absolutely needed, the free market would provide it for a profit for the entrepreneur and a discount for the people as compared to taxation. You’re also operating under a false dichotomy that if certain things weren’t provided through taxation, they wouldn’t be provided. This is in no way an accurate thought.

      TL;DR – You missed the point, your statement does not even address the root issue.

    • Benjamin Lloyd

      What contract? Who signed it? A small group of men signed it generations ago? Why should it bind everyone, that too in this generation?

    • Matt Wavle

      The function of “public works” can be done without the monopoly of force that is the State. https://mises.org/library/spontaneous-order-capitalist-case-stateless-society

  • MARK-L

    An Easter message to share with the next generation of government victims (our children).

  • Molly Marine, RN& JD

    & that’s why I don’t pay taxes ever not income or even sales tax. I don’t go to the grocery store or car dealers. I go to the farmer’s market & butcher & pay cash in a private sell = no taxation. If you don’t want to pay taxes, there are legal ways around it…. even income taxes which no I don’t pay those either. I’m legally exempt. Y’all just need to do a little research for each of your individual situations. Certain life circumstances can exempt you & the rest you just have to outsmart the government.

    • Brady Möritz

      private sales are still subject to tax, they just often skirt it.
      in fact, the irs says you owe tax even on barter trades! Insanity.

  • Ryan Collicutt

    Lol, yall still not redeeming your notes! USC 12 sec 411 redeem for lawful money no legal income lmao

  • Peter #Agorist ⚓

    “One group” lololollololol not quite, pretty sure it was a bunch of anarchists (by definition, individual action)

    • Peter #Agorist ⚓

      btw #TaxationIsTheft

    • Peter #Agorist ⚓

      this one was my most recent… plenty more on twitter… i’m not part of any group as far as I know/ self-associate… but ya, good talk y’all~

  • Dr. Jose Mariachi

    “If someone explicitly states that people wouldn’t pay taxes if they weren’t mandatory, they are then admitting that tax revenue is not used to benefit the public and that no one would pay if they didn’t have a gun to their head.”


    That’s funny. Tax money is obviously used to benefit the public. It’s also misused, but that doesn’t negate the idea of taxes.

    So let’s say we have no taxes. The bridge is out. “We need money for the bridge!” “Well, I’m a little short this week so I’ll let everyone else pay for it,” say the majority of people. Meanwhile the bridge is still out. Waiting.

    You’re incredibly naive if you think people are all of a sudden become community-minded Libertarians if there weren’t any taxes.

  • Brady Möritz

    Theftation is Tax

  • Brady Möritz

    This article didn’t answer the question of who did the push to get these memes out there? I’d love to know this.

  • dsfa

    >Hundreds of memes, some that are funny, and some that don’t even make sense, relating to the “taxation is theft” theme
    By “memes” I think you mean “image macros” – an image with text on it isn’t what a meme is. “Taxation is theft” is the meme in this case, the central idea that is spread using these images.