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Cops Mistake a Wig in a Car for a Child, Smash Woman’s Windows Out and Refuse to Pay for Damage

Suffolk, VA — Illustrating their callous disregard for private property and ability to pass the liability of their destruction onto the backs of the taxpayer, Suffolk police smashed an innocent woman’s car windows as they looked for a nonexistent child. Police then left without any word or any way for the innocent woman to repair her car.

Last week, Jasmine Turner, of Suffolk, Virgina, received a call from police claiming there was a child locked in her car. This came as a huge surprise to Turner as she has no children.

“I don’t have a baby so I’m like, ‘Where’d the child come from? Who put the child in my car?’” Turner said. “I’m as surprised as they were when they got the phone call.”

Turner, who was shopping for supplies for her job, told police that she didn’t have a child and had no idea how a child would’ve gotten into her car. However, she told them that she would be right out in five minutes to open the door.

Police could not wait that long.

When Turner arrived back at her car, her windows were smashed out and police were gone. After police vandalized the car, they quickly found this ‘child’ to be a pile of laundry and a wig.

“By the time I get from Walmart back to my job, the police aren’t there. The windows busted out of my car and there’s glass everywhere,” Turner said.

The damage from police left several hundred dollars in repairs — repairs that Turner feels she should not have to pay. However, according to Turner, police told her they couldn’t pay for it.

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“I just want my window fixed and them to pay for it, either being in a rental or whatever the case is. I can’t take off work. I have bills to pay,” Turner told WAVY.

Police showed up to the scene because a person in the parking lot dialed 911 after seeing the wig. The smashing of the windows is arguably warranted as police truly believed there to be a child in the car. However, it is what happened after that is cause for concern.

The officers smashed the windows and disappeared. They didn’t wait for Turner to arrive to inform her they did this, nor did they inform Turner that there wasn’t actually a child in her car.

Now Turner is left without a vehicle as she is scared to drive it as it has no windows. When Turner inquired as to who was going to pay for the damage to her car, she was told police gave her contact information for the City’s Risk Management Department. Buck passed.

In the meantime, however, Turner is carless.

  • kaynash

    Our government officials make mistakes all the time….and want our citizens to pay for them. We need to stop this policy….it’s absurd.

  • IceTrey

    Arguably warranted? They can’t tell a wig from a child?

  • Michael Williams

    I’d drive it with a large sign over the cellophane on the broken window “Courtesy of the Suffolk Police Department. Thank you guys for protecting and serving the shit out of me.”

  • cagey

    must be one hell of a wig!!

  • Badcopwatch

    Cops are the dumbest cocksuckers in the country. The rank up with hillary and obozo.

  • Ed

    All of us have car insurance. Get the windows fixed. Then take them to court with your damages!

    • hang3xc

      No, not everyone has glass coverage. Many millions drive cars with compulsory insurance only

    • most people have $500 to $1000 deductible … ie insurance won’t cover the glass

      • Ed

        Get the windows fixed and get back to normal. In order to sue you have to show losses. You don’t need Matlock to sue for your glass. You got to have it fixed, it’s gonna rain! When you go to Small Claims court tell the judge that the police told her they couldn’t pay for it, but gave her contact information for the City’s Risk Management Department. You will be able to get Paid for time off work and other expenses. Start watching Judge Judy to get Ideas for your case!

  • JdL

    Present the ASSHOLES with a bill, and if they refuse to pay, open fire!

    • Michael Williams

      No. Sue their worthless behinds.

  • Lighthead

    Welcome to DooFus County America, We save wigs and raid peoples home for plants.

  • John Cokos

    If they don’t make good on the damages, find out who the officer was and go into small claims court. Only cost’s a few bucks, if they don’t show you have a default judgement against them. It’s bad publicity and embarrassing, they’ll pony the dough….