As The Trump administration is flexing its military muscle, having stood up to Syria and its ally Russia, and while it’s now relishing in the news it has dropped the nation’s largest most-powerful non-nuclear bomb on a cave complex in Eastern Afghanistan, one critic was quick to point out one little-known fact. Wikileaks tweeted a simple but true statement concerning the origin of the cave complex the Americans are so proud to have reportedly destroyed. “Those tunnels the U.S is bombing in Afghanistan? They were built by the CIA,” Wikileaks tweeted.

Linked to the tweet was a New York Times article from 2005, which described a similar cave complex in detail, and added a few additional details worth noting. “Tora Bora” as it’s known, contains “fortified caves” which are reported to contain, “miles of tunnels, bunkers and base camps, dug deeply into the steep rock walls.” The tunnels were built by the “C.I.A.”, with the help of the Bin Laden family, who constructed the complex.


Also jumping in on the mockery of the Trump administration is Edward Snowden, who tweeted, “The bomb dropped today in the middle of nowhere, Afghanistan, cost $314,000,000.” And in a follow up tweet, also said, “Those mujahedeen tunnel networks we’re bombing in Afghanistan? We paid for them.” He, too, linked his tweet to The NY Times article mentioned above. Apparently, the ant farm network of tunnels built by the CIA can now be destroyed by the American military in yet another pseudo-show-of-force meant to make the Trump administration seem tough on Syria, ISIS, and Al Quaeda.

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It was said Bin Laden even helped to run the bulldozers at Tora Bora and knew the labyrinth of tunnels like the proverbial back of his hand. Financed by the intelligence agency to provide a headquarters and safe haven for the Mujahedeen, the Afghani fighting force was used to prevent the Russian takeover of Afghanistan during the Afghan War. After the Russians were defeated, the same Mujahedeen became known as Al-Qaeda, led by Osama Bin Laden.

After the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Center, Bin Laden became the United States’ most wanted man. Not surprisingly, he took up refuge inside Tora Bora, within its miles and miles of complex, well-fortified tunnels. Times writer Mary Anne Weaver “asked Masood Farivar, a former Khalis officer who had fought in Tora Bora during the jihad, to tell me why the caves were so important. ‘They’re rugged, formidable and isolated,” he said.

“If you know them, you can come and go with ease. But if you don’t, they’re a labyrinth that you can’t penetrate. They rise in some places to 14,000 feet, and for 10 years the Soviets pummeled them with everything they had, but to absolutely no avail. Another reason they’re so important is their proximity to the border and to Pakistan.'”

One American military leader tasked with capturing or killing Bin Laden was General “Mad Dog” Maddox. Maddox is now the Trump Administration’s Secretary of Defense, and appears to have attempted to destroy at least a portion of Tora Bora’s system of tunnels with the drop of the MOAB bomb, known as the “Mother Of All Bombs.”

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The aging general who’s now the nation’s most powerful military leader, with the exception of Trump as Commander-in-Chief, appears to be following through with a sixteen year old vendetta he may have been holding onto. The Times article from 2005 writes, “Brig. Gen. James N. Mattis…along with another officer with whom I spoke, was convinced that…he could have surrounded and sealed off bin Laden’s lair…He argued strongly that he should be permitted to proceed to the Tora Bora caves.”

However, according to Weaver, “The general was turned down,” and the decision not to take Bin Laden there at Tora Bora was one of the greatest military mistakes of the Bush Administration’s attempt to get him. Bin Laden escaped Tora Bora on December 16th, 2001.

It is also important to note that Wikileaks’ tweet may or may not be 100 percent accurate. CNN reported the MOAB bomb was dropped on a tunnel complex about 12 miles from Tora Bora. However, those tunnels likely all connected. CBS reported the airstrike destroyed several caves used by ISIS with it’s 11-ton ordinance. The news agency also interviewed a military expert who said the U.S. has at least 14 more MOAB missiles and may be prepared to lay waste to all such cave systems.

Meanwhile, on Thursday, the director of the CIA, Mike Pompeo, targeted Wikileaks as a “non-state hostile intelligence service often abetted by state actors like Russia.”. The recently appointed director has apparently had enough of Wikileaks’ activities, such as the March release of the CIA’s Vault 7.

Jack Burns is an educator, journalist, investigative reporter, and advocate of natural medicine
  • IceTrey

    Unintended consequences. Unintended consequences.

  • Mervin

    We also arm half the world, but I’m glad we bombed their asses: They killed a Green Beret. Fuckem.

    • Dennis Revell


      The Green beret should have stayed in his own fucking country … as all interloping American Jack-boots should ….

      Well, he’s back there permanently now … good riddance …


      The creation of the United States of America has turned out to be the worst man-made catastrophe ever inflicted on human-kind; and, for that matter, most of the rest of animal-kind.

      Those at Echelon, GCHQ, MI6, NSA, CIA and similar fascists reading this post and ‘signature’, are referred to the profanity used by the sadly seemingly immortal lying manipulative War-Criminal, Mass-Murderer and Traitor Dick Cheney to some Democratic Party non-entity (as pretty much all the Democrats are).

      “Eje Del Mal” = (the REAL) AXIS OF EVIL …

      • Jimmy McCrillis

        Your clit is showing.

        • poppycockfuss

          Though not your brain…

        • Marilyn Stanley McKellips

          ACA will pay for mental health rehab. Use it.



      “National~Anglosapien~Zionist~Illuminati” doubts ABOUT the GH0ST_G0D_C0RP0RATE REICH’S

  • Hazel Osterhout

    One thing that they have not stated back in 90s Osama Bin Laden threatened Iraq us UK France Germany Australia with death to their country for being in their Holy Land

    • Mikronos

      Didn’t Ollie North mention him by name, as the most dangerous man on earth, at the Iran/contra hearings? No that, too, was bullshit.

      • Oldest Man In The World

        That was Abu Nidal.

  • GWaltLuv

    moral relativism

  • Ray Kraaijenhagen

    The soft spot

    Every myth has it’s soft spot, that part of the
    story that is taken for granted, accepted as fact, but when examined
    closer it conflicts with the rules of science.

    It is assumed
    that kinetic energy and jet fuel were the only energy factors at play to
    disintegrate the large airliners into no more than confetty, passengers
    vapourized and were blown to bits of bone.

    Jet fuel does not
    detonate, the combusuion of jet fuel is called deflagration. The “woof”
    you get when igniting a dish of flammable liquid such as gasoline is a
    Deflagration is, a relatively gentle process which is
    simply the rapid burning of the fuel. One of the primary attributes of
    deflagration is that the flame travels at a speed significantly lower
    than the speed of sound.

    Detonation however is a far more
    powerful reaction of the air/fuel mixture and results in such a rapid
    reaction that the pressure-wave created travels at super-sonic speeds.

    In effect, a detonation is a violent explosion and as such it produces
    vastly higher pressures than the simple burning process of deflagration.

    What would take place if a bomb/explosive is detonated in a jet fuel
    rich environment? Fuel air bombs use this principle, the shockwave of
    these type of explosions is devastating.

    The detonation at the Pentagon

    It was the total disintegration of the plane, and the detonation at the
    moment of the crash, that maybe was investigated, FBI and NTSB were on
    the scene, but never fully explained and put into a report.

    Whatever caused that detonation, was more than just jet fuel alone.

    The detonation at the Pentagon is further evidence for the use of
    explosives. The shockwave of the explosion, was felt by people driving
    by, their car was blown sideways, the sound was described as that of a
    bomb, an artillery shell that detonated, the destruction inside the
    Pentagon was the result of a massive blast wave.

    There is no report

    The 9/11 commission report never touches on these 4 detonations, NIST
    and FEMA only talk about jet fuel and kinetic energy, the Pentagon
    building performance report talks about a fuel-air explosion but only
    explains it as having come from the jet fuel. A fuel-air explosion is
    not the same a the combustion of jet fuel alone. There is no report on
    the Shanksville crash.

    There is no report that has ever
    examined these 4 detonations. Leaving out these detonations and the
    resulting shockwaves in all reports clearly shows that there was
    something never to be discussed in a scientific way.

    Small pieces

    There are few people in the truth movement that have analysed the
    crashes of the 4 planes, and asked the question of what could have
    caused the total destruction of these planes to that extant that we only
    see relatively small pieces of the aircrafts scattered over large
    areas, the force that was necessary to disintegrate these planes and the
    result does not compare it to other normal plane crashes.

    An extra explosive device was needed

    The heat factor reported at the Pentagon, the ‘hot spots’ at
    Shanksville and the molten metal that dripped from the South tower
    corner, made me to think that incendiaries were used in these crashes,
    and that is were i started to dig into nano thermite and its use in
    thermobaric explosives.

    I am curious, what others have to say
    about the 4 crashes, for i am convinced that these planes were prepared
    with some special features. Imo it were regular passenger planes added
    with some weapon system to accomplish that extra blast and enormous heat

    4 passenger planes turn out to be weaponized drones ..

    • Ray Kraaijenhagen

      Nanoenergetic Materials (nEMs) in Conventional Ammunition

      What caught the imagination of defence experts was the fact that the Russian
      FOAB had less fuel than the similar US device Mother of All Bombs
      (MOAB), the GBU-43/B Massive Ordnance Air Blast bomb, but was four times
      more powerful. It was also probably the first time that the
      nonprofessional learned of the lethal uses of nanotechnology. Not
      much information is available through open sources about the
      developments involving nanotechnology in explosives, much of it has to
      be gleaned from research papers and patents (for e.g. Patents like
      US6955732 – Advanced thermo baric explosive compositions and
      WO2013119191A1 – Composition for a fuel and air explosion).

    • razor

      Jet fuel doesn’t burn at all but the vapors do. This bomb is exactly that kind of explosion. Not only can you do it on purpose, I’ve watched it happen on three different occasions by accident,” it’s pretty dam impressive” not counting the films I’ve seen. You literally have no idea what you are talking about.

      • Ray Kraaijenhagen


        Everyday fire and most explosions are examples of deflagration.

        The flame propagation velocity is less
        than 100 m/s (usually much lower) and the overpressure is less than 0.5
        bar. Because it is controllable, deflagration can be harnessed. Examples
        of deflagrations include: internal combustion engine, gas stove, fireworks and other pyrotechnics, gunpowder in a firearm, grease fire or chip pan fire.


        A detonation is a dramatic, often destructive form of an explosion. It is characterized by a supersonic exothermic front (in excess of 100 m/s up to 2000 m/s) and significant overpressure (up to 20 bars). The front drives a shockwave ahead of it.

        Although technically a form of oxidation reaction, a detonation doesn’t require combination with oxygen. Unstable molecules release considerable energy when they split and recombine into new forms. Examples of chemicals that produce detonations include any high explosives, such as: TNT (trinitrotoluene), nitroglycerine, dynamite, picric acid, C4.

        (by Anne Marie Helmenstine, Ph.D.)

    • Marilyn Stanley McKellips

      I say you need to take your meds. One thing about being old and having worked in aerospace and engineering for many years is that we all know things that shouldn’t happen do. Unsinkable Titanic. Foolproof financial schemes. Buildings that are super great but not so much as they age. Efficient anything that rarely is.

      • Ray Kraaijenhagen

        9/11 was never fully investigated. You worked in aerospace and engineering for many years, i studied the attacks. The planes on 9/11 detonated into confetti like debris, the Titanic was found in three big parts. The planes destructions were never investigated, not by the NTSB not by the FBI.

  • Mikronos

    Wikileaks is getting its stuff from somebody inside. It that’s news to an enemy, then its the same as having a mole Most of the time Wikileaks is only news to Moles work for ideology and/or personal gain and the latter, at least, seems to be missing from Wikileaks. Moles tend not to publish what they steal. If Wikileaks works, it’s commentary on a shoddy or toxic situation in the leaked organizations.

  • thetruthisthetruth

    Regardless of how the tunnels got there .. they are occupied by ISIS. Obama spent a great deal of the Americans money doing projects for his agenda.. so what is stupid is the horrible president we had for the last year.. who lied.. cheated.and stole from us. He put our safety at risk.. Trump did not build the tunnels.. it was his foolish spending… the safety of the American people matters to Trump . You idiots that want to support the globalist agenda… are lost. Stop with your BS articles… he waste of money was Obama building the tunnels for ISIS… jealousy of the fact that we have a president that does actual care about citizens of his OWN country .. The media is dead .. you have no credibility .. and the National Enquirer is actually a better publication …

    • Hermann

      you are a really good example for a dumb American…Obama was 17 years old when the War in Afghanistan began…of course he did not build the tunnels…damn and it is also not ISIS hiding there…

      • TopHatKiller

        he did he did!!! he had access to a secret cia time machine! everyone knows that!! and in the past before Obama was born, he ordered the heroin strikes against his own African folks, also caused global warming [not that it exists, obviously] and started the first world war!

        • Hermann

          Thanks for collecting those facts. It’s people like you that enlighten our understanding of the universe. If you weren’t likely to be a long time ago in a galaxy far far away, I would be honored to invite you over for a few beers. I am sure you are too busy traveling time but in case you come back to 2017, let me know.

      • Don_Alexander

        Nobody outside of Afghanistan knows with any confidence who (if anyone) was in there. The blast was a huge waste of taxpayer money; that’s all.

        • Marilyn Stanley McKellips

          If no one in Afghanistan knows with any confidence, what make you think you do? The US is accustomed to a big waste of taxpayer money. Last 8 years is a great example.

          • Don_Alexander

            What’s your point? I made no claim except that it was a waste of money. You think we should sit back and accept our taxes being dumped down the drain? Obomber is “Water under the bridge” (irrelevant) — all we can change is the future.

      • Philip Favata

        Are you that stupid. Reading comprehension must not be your strength. The CIA built them to help defeat Russia. Since then meaning while Barack Hussein Obama was funding and arming ISIS to overthrow Syria and Libya, ISIS HAS MADE USE OF THESE TUNNELS, YOU LIBERTARD. READ THE ARTICLE AND LEARN TO READ BETWEEN THE LINES. Well work on your reading comprehension first. Reading between the lines might be to much for you right now.

        • Hermann

          There are about 500 different groups in Afghanistan. ISIS is not an Afghan thing. Those guys don’t have internet or a lot of phone receiption, or color printers to rebrand themselves all the time. It’s the US government branding them and let’s be honest Trump does what every US president did, failing inside his country means killing outside his country. It’s the US that is the fucking terrorist here.

    • Christine Mackenzie

      This all with the Bush Administration.

      • Michael Mueller

        No, it was the Reagan administration.

    • poppycockfuss

      No amount of bombs is going to illuminate your stupidity, is it?

    • All your presidents were freemasons, Trump is a Knight Templar.. All roads lead to rome.


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      Zionist Anglophile Evangelical “US.G0P.DC” Christians express their 4th
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    • Anonymous

      Really? Nobama built those tunnels in 1980??? WOW!!! You sure are STUPID!!! Don’t ever breed…we wouldn’t want your stupidity contaminating the gene pool!!!

      • Marilyn Stanley McKellips

        You should wish that on the snowflakes. Keep encouraging the govt to fund abortions because we know who gets most of them. HA HA HA. Dem voters.

    • Oldest Man In The World


      Trump cares about his own citizens


    • Dave Gibbs

      Hey, Moron the stupid is that stupid. You are the reason we need the death penalty for stupidity.

    • Michael Mueller

      They were built during the Reagan administration during the ’80s when the Soviet’s invaded Afghanistan. Then Osama Bin Laden was our ally.

      • Marilyn Stanley McKellips

        No, Osama was an agent for his family construction company.

        • Anonymous

          He was a US “asset.” But then he went rogue.

  • michael

    Trump is trying to cover the Jew World Orders ass,
    Trumps there cleaner !


      Viewing the “US.G0P.DC” 1960 “National~Anglo~Zionist~Illuminati”
      INSIGNIA of the Coronado, California “US*NAVY*SEALs” Military_Base… B0ASTING:
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      “G0D*KJB*NRA” DETAILED “Preying for Peace” INSIGNIA…

  • Jaycey

    So what?! If they were infested with ISIS assholes, they needed to be bombed.

  • surfcamera

    Wow, brilliant strategic move on the Trump Admin! Much like the John Wayne movie where the Americans built an outpost while fighting off the Japanese then made it look like we cut and ran (uhm, uhm, Obama admin), the enemy then took over and while they all gathered together to celebrate we turned around and bombed the hell out of them. Anyone remember the name of the John Wayne movie?

  • Mark Smith

    Those tunnels have been there for ages. That’s one of the reasons anyone fighting in that region has a hard time winning. I don’t believe that bomb costs anywhere near $314 million.

    • razor

      They cost 14 million. Still a lot but not even close to 314 million for pete’s sake.

  • TopHatKiller

    is this a joke? if it is, it’s really funny. Tar’ for the laugh.

  • Kathy Han

    America created ISIS.

    America built and gave tunnels to live ISIS.

    America just bombed it.

    I think huge benefits decorated.

    Where is next stage?

  • They never killed Osama Bin laden.
    Osama Bin laden died a natural death years before they attempted their propaganda.
    There was nothing like that that ever happened.
    All of this is a futile attempt to do again what they have done.
    By dropping one 16 million dollar MOAB bomb they now can make another order for the same back to their unemployed citizens and give them a job … which they so desperately lack.
    Drop another 50 million dollars of weaponry and there is now more jobs for them.
    Lets face the fact – Nobody buys anything from the U.S anymore.
    There was a time somewhere back in 1950’s where Fridges, Record players, Cars etc ( You get the idea) that they had the petty means of selling/trade…. and even there they failed Capital.
    That was a long time ago. The only thing they have today for sale is weapons.
    Nobody buys anything from them anymore.
    It’s a desperate situation. The rest of the world have gone way ahead and it bugs them solid.

  • Kweden

    Actually, they were decaying and dangerous, with all kinds of industrial waste and contaminants–including biological human wastes (as in body, not excretion, bu tthat sewer is there as well). Everyone who used them became ill and insane; well, not all of them went insane, and they may’ve been insane already. It was necessary to demolish the entire complex, and somehow they evacuated all the innocents (civilians, etc) without letting any of the current ISIS people know. I’d be surprised if ISIS actually took it from the taliban. Moreover, the tunnels were begun in the 50’s, and the global community wants to unwind all the weapons of the cold war…so there can be peace by the desired planned time; the cold war weapons were religious zealots and rebels. {On another note: so, now we have a workable bomb with a blast capability of a small nuke, without the fallout–hard to believe.} Have a nice day 🙂