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WikiLeaks’ Email Exposes Billionaire Globalist Soros as Hillary Clinton’s Puppet Master


Washington, D.C. – Contained within WikiLeaks’ recent release of hacked DNC emails is a message from billionaire globalist financier George Soros, to Hillary Clinton while she was U.S. Secretary of State, that clearly reveals Clinton as a puppet of the billionaire class.

Found within the WikiLeaks’ Hillary Clinton email archive is an email with the subject ‘Unrest in Albania,’ in which Soros makes clear to Clinton that “two things need to be done urgently.” He then directs the Secretary of State to “bring the full weight of the international community to bear on Prime Minister Berisha” and “appoint a senior European official as mediator.” Revealing the influence he wields within the corridors of power, Soros then provides Secretary of State Clinton with three names from which to choose. Unsurprisingly, Clinton acquiesced and chose one of the officials recommended by Soros — Miroslav Lajcak.


This is standard operating procedure for Soros. Anyone familiar with the history of the Soros Open Society Foundations in Eastern Europe and around the world since the late 1980’s, will know that his supposedly philanthropic “democracy-building” projects in Poland, Russia, or Ukraine in the 1990’s allowed Soros the businessman to literally plunder the former communist countries wealth, according to the New Eastern Outlook.

Soros-affiliated organizations are deeply connected to numerous color revolutions, the Arab Spring, and a number of other uprisings across the world. They have been intimately involved in the coup that took place in Ukraine, and subsequent ratcheting up of Cold War tensions with Russia.

In this particular instance, puppet master Soros instructs the U.S. Secretary of State that “the U.S. and European Union must work in complete harmony over this,” exposing how far his influence in international relations extends.

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With the recent revelations about the pay for play scheme between the Clinton Foundation, numerous donors, and the State Department on display in the latest release of Clinton emails by the Judicial Watch organization, it has become exceedingly apparent that the U.S. policy under Clinton is variable depending upon whether you have contributed to the Clinton Foundation.

Tellingly, Soros has committed $25 million dollars to the 2016 presidential campaign of Hillary Clinton, which, per standard Clinton operating procedure, is indicative of the symbiotic relationship of favors between the billionaire and his political puppets.

With Clinton’s relationship with Soros on full display – taking donations and orders – Americans can be virtually certain that big money donations to the Clintons and their Clinton Foundation equate to official political favors from the U.S. government. The fact that Mrs. Clinton’s foreign policy decisions when she was secretary of state were being advised by an unelected globalist billionaire raises serious red flags.

Please share this article to inform people about the extent of the corrupt collusion between billionaires and their political puppets!

  • David

    Thats it? This looks like junk mail- where were the directions? Pathetic.

    • billdeserthills

      Spoken like a true pos liberal trash, I can hear the democrats excuses now, ‘hillary ain’t the only one’, like that makes it OK

    • Andrei Zhuk

      If you were not a mindress drone and actually read the email you would see it for yourself.
      Let me help you, here is quote “That is why I suggest appointing a mediator such as Carl Bildt. Martti Ahtisaari or Miroslav Lajcak, all of whom have strong connections to the Balkans.”

      • David

        OMG, the suggested appointment of a mediator in Albania? Total puppet

  • Jora

    To read the entire email, click on the words, “Unrest in Albania” in the second paragraph and it will show the entire email.

  • Lump Coal

    I know most of you have already seen it but Clinton Cash – this is great summary of Clintons’ campaign to gain more and more power. What is even worse is that from the party that was for the poor, pacifistic – now it seems it is being represented by the worst person since very long time.
    They really have very tough backers.

  • Justin Twombley-Iqbal

    What a load of hot trash. The emails linked on the wiki leaks site are ones released by the state department. Click on the link “unrest in Albania” then chose “View original PDF” The emails are clearly marked as those produced by the state department and not “hacked” from the DNC. Note “UNCLASSIFIED U.S. Department of State Case No. F-2014-20439 Doc No. C05778285” is on the top and bottom of each page of the email. Sloppy.

    Next, if there really was this “puppet” relationship, why is Soros not emailing Clinton directly? Why is she not responding immediately? Why is Soros needing to use multiple channels to get to her?

    • BB

      I’m sure those emails will be found in her personal emails that were deleted.

      • Justin Twombley-Iqbal

        Well when and if they are you can write an article about it. Right now, this article proceeds on an entirely false premise. Do you see that? Or is it OK to make false claims as long as they are in favor of Trump?

  • Frank

    The Democrats are committing suicide. Think about it: they used to be able to excoriate Republicans for being uber-rich insiders. Now all they can do is caricature Republicans as ordinary and uncool. Since most people are still ordinary and uncool, the Democrats are left being the party of the super-rich, well-connected, and sexually deviant.

    • Holly74123

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      • Jean-Francois Dube

        PLz flag this!

    • r l

      that’s “rich”. most of the ones trying to buy the election are republicans. Shelden Addledson (misspelling on purpose) heh pledging to spend $100M and of course the Cawk or was it Koch brothers who were going to give what was it again, $750M…? so let’s be clear…$25M in this discussion is a pittance. It’s well documented the “uber rich” support republicans…just not #dumpsterdonald. As far as sexual deviants…last time i recall most of those accused of sex crimes or scandals have been priests or bible thumping republicans…deviate on that slunt

      • CrazyTrain99

        Kinda just goes to show how cheaply Shillary can be bought.

        • r l

          or how easily sheeple like u retards r that swallow any filth put in front of u as gospel. u like negativity and hate so believe anything that “confirms” that with fervor, despite proof or no.

          • CrazyTrain99

            Hi, thanks for your response, despite its… aggressive position. I actually do my own research before I speak out because I enjoy being correct. The evidence that points to corruption in Hillary Clinton and, frankly, our entire system of governance is so overwhelming that I feel compelled to speak out against it.

            I urge you to google about the rigged voting machines used in the democratic primaries and maybe do some critical thinking about why Hillary felt the need to go to the trouble of setting up a private server (it certainly wasn’t for “convenience”) so that you can make an informed decision.

            If you have any questions, wish to debate me on this, or just feel like slinging more hatred my way, I’ll be waiting.

          • vladdy1

            Just For the informationI –“you” has an “y” and an “o” in it (unless you’re on twitter or text and trying to save letters).

          • James Wilson

            Can’t spell, articulation is terrible, needs more training.

      • Rachel

        LOL…you gotta be kidding. Koch bros are supporting Hillary…as is Soros, and all the Mega Banks. All the establishment elites are backing Hillary…b/c they can control her. All she cares about is money! Hillary is The Queen of Wall Street!

        • r l

          Koch bros?? ur on crack moron.

          • me623

            no, you’re the uninformed idiot, here. Koch’s offered to meet with Donald, he rejected their offer.

            49 Million in hedgefund donations to Shillary and 19k to Donald and he’s said he doesn’t want their money.

          • r l

            no u stupid slore, they won’t support him cuz he a racist scumbag sleaze merchant. check out who’s behind him when u talk about hedgefunds, dumbsh*t…Mercer. #dumpsterdonald is a trashcan just like low educated morons that follow him with their “trumped” up lies

          • vladdy1

            Why don’t dims ever state facts and reasons? Aren’t they beyond the name-calling stage yet?

          • Jonas Miller

            Unfortunately that’s all they got. “name calling” they have nothing of substance to hang their hat on so they just resort to trying to demonize the sane people of the USA.

          • Jonas Miller

            No you are. you dumb ass. Koch Brothers are not contributing one thin dime to the Trump campaign, they are siding with Hillary, they want somebody in there that can be bought. they hate Trump.

      • me623

        49 + million in hedgefund donations to Shillary and 19K to Donald.
        Do the math. Koch’s offered to meet with Trump, he refused.

    • stephencarlsbad .

      I’m voting repub this election but I’ve left the two party system in favor of candidates who support true transparency and American interests instead of globalist-corporate interests. Both parties are run by globalists that are interested in siphoning our wealth off to foreign bank accounts.

      • susiejg

        Please think of the 1 to 4 Supreme Court openings that might be lost.

        • Rachel

          That’s WHY I’m voting for Trump.

    • doodaa

      Well articulated, Frank.

  • John

    Note that George Soros and Bill Clinton are both members of the Rockefeller/CFR, along with Sidney Blumenthal, Victoria Nuland-Kagan, Strobe Talbott, Robert Rubin, David Rubenstein, Michael Bloomberg, Lynn Forester de Rothschild, and David Rockefeller. The banks that paid millions in “speaking fees” to the Clintons are CFR corporate sponsors (Goldman Sachs, Citigroup, etc). The chairman of Time-Warner and president of CNN are CFR members, along with many of the talking heads. See lists of sponsors, directors and members at cfr.org.

    Lynn Forester de Rothschild, who just hosted a $100,000 per person fundraiser for Hillary, is also a director at the Peterson Institute (piie.com) and the McCain Institute (mccaininstitute.org). Political hacks like Clinton and McCain are just overpaid house servants, nothing more.

    “It’s good to have an outpost of the Council right here down the street from the State Department. We get a lot of advice from the Council, so this will mean I won’t have as far to go *to be told what we should be doing and how we should think* about the future.”

    — Clinton speech at CFR, 2009-07-15, video and transcript

  • RUFARI360

    Gone are the days of integrity. No morals or values on this once beautiful idea called America that was sold to me. I believed and still somewhat do that we live in the greatest civilization of all time. But, we have no leaders that re for the people and by the people. This onion called America has many layers that Americans ignore soley for their “concerns “. All of our issues as a country are interconnected. As long as we have our individual instant gratification that we as a people lust for, we will be blinded by the darkness of the pit that we are becoming. Hillary and Trump are one and the same, we’re watching a circus…sadly we love it. Trump is the clown and Hillary swings from the trapeze. While elite individuals such as Soros are the ring announcers. But continue to argue fuss and fight and belittle each others beliefs..as you will never see The Big Picture Show.

    • Patty Lusk

      you are quite the writer.

      • RUFARI360

        Thank you for your compliment! Appreciate your feedback.

    • 4Justice

      I agree…mostly.
      The big money, Soros and Wall Street, and others, however, are backing only one nominee.
      Without the Koch’s money backing trump, the outside influence of this race, seems quite singular.

      • Edward W Lynn

        Uh . . you don’t know what you’re talking about. The irony is that that Koch brothers explicitly *don’t* support Trump. In fact, they withdrew support from team red politicians who had endorsed Trump.

        At least give us the up to date team blue talking points next time.

      • Rachel

        Kochs and Soros are all backing Hillary, not Trump. Hillary represents their “status quo”. Trump will clean house.

        • vladdy1

          Yes. Seems nobody likes him but the people. We are in the middle of history — a worldwide movement against globalism — ironic, eh?

    • Rachel

      I agree with everything except putting Trump in the same category as Hillary. The entire establishment (the people responsible for ruining this country & culture) are backing Hillary…and scared to death of Trump. That alone tells me Trump is the right choice.

      • RUFARI360

        Rachel, I respect your opion and value your ideas. However, I must point out..I mentioned how “This Onion Called America” has many layers. Concerning Hilary and Trumps bromance, they were and very likely still are bossom buddies. Trump himself declared during a televised debate the he himself donated to the Clinton machine on more then one occasion as well as he has probably donated monies to 100’s of candidates from both sides of the aisles. Heres a clearer breakdown, can’t spell Elite without Trump. He has bought and paid for many politicians as have all elites have partaken. Its a game, like the board games of Monopoly mashed up with Life. The Clintons both attended Trumps second marriage in 2005. Lastly, unfortunately, our vote, the peoples vote doesn’t matter. It’s the College Electoral vote that elects our President. We have seen this take place with Bush vs. Gore and many other times through our brief history in The Big Picture Show.

        • me623

          You clearly are completely misunderstanding Trump, (and Soro’s relationship in the world, his vision of a borderless world, which i strongly disagree with, conflating it with the “evil bogeyman”) and Trump’s public and private persona, his history of political beliefs, and your article is full of hyperbole and “whodunnits” indicative of conspiracy quacks that this “thefreethoughtproject” seems to run on.

          There’s a huge difference between free thinking and independent, intelligent thinking, making logical connections in realities, seeing nuances, discerning fact from fiction and engaging in excited exaggeration instead of well thought out rational conclusions.

          • RUFARI360

            I understand Soros position and philosophy. Nor do I agree. But silly me, I guess understanding a evil mastermind agenda (mostly hidden agenda) such as Soros would make myself and apparently you some sort of conspiracy nut ;). My “free thinking” is based on knowledge and connecting the dots. Belive me, I do not subscribe nor endorse any philosophy solely on tv, internet, nor in books. Enough of the brow beating. What are your thoughts on the electoral college scam, opps, I mean scheme?

      • Sam


        • vladdy1

          leaves Nov. 8th AKA National Deplorables Day

          • Sam

            CHOOO CHOOO!!!!!

      • vladdy1

        There is no doubt that you are correct. I have never seen this much dirty deeds against a candidate in my lifetime. The establishment is very afraid.

  • OhBollocks

    Perhaps I’m slow, but the message in the email seems just to be from a concerned citizen. I guess that would be quite normal messages to receive for any public official. I mean, it’s no secret that the wealthy has easier access to the politicians, so what is so special about this? Someone care to help me out with an explanation?

    • Truthseeker 2000

      He actually TOLD her how it handle it and what she was to do about it. Then she did it, exactly as he instructed. It’s not completely obvious here because they don’t show the whole email, but if you look at some other news site, it’s obvious.

    • Jordan

      It is precisely that “easier access” which is unacceptable. Yes, it is commonplace. Perhaps it has gone on from time immemorial. BUT, that is no excuse for what is obviously a corrupt practice of trading money for influence. By this standard, all politicians are for sale, and our national policies are a consequence of a bidding process.

      No, sir. This is NOT acceptable behavior. Never was, and never will be. Big bucks shouldn’t give people the kind of political influence so clearly demonstrated by these e-mails.

      We need a new breed of politician who can represent the people and not the oligarchs. Presently, they are nowhere to be seen.

  • Steven

    What I find interesting is that people can become so easily swayed by one email. The context of the email is that an international businessman reached out to the Secretary of State with a message of potential danger to humanity. For all you people know, there could have been 30 more just like it from other figures in politics, business, or the general public. As to the suggestion of parties recommended to resolve the issue, how many qualified people do you think there were to choose from considering the demographic and special needs of the situation? Your responses have proven to me that you read, but you don;t think. You respond with Fox New like rhetoric and don;t consider the depth beyond the headline and a very microscopic view of the situation. Now who’s acting like Republicans?

    • Mozzer_556x45mm

      Thanks for correcting the record

    • Iask Robert

      People are not so easily swayed by one email as much as they are by the mountain of evidence which shows Hillary Clinton to be a liar who is funded by an Oligarchy. Of course I agree that if this were a single incident then your argument would be strong – but, as you forgot to suggest at the start of your comment this isn’t a single email or incident, isn’t that true?

      • Barry

        This “oligarchy” is news to you? Every administration has international channel – circles of acquaintance – from which they get information and advice. Both Bush administrations relied heavily on informal relationships. The fact that Hillary takes advice from such people is not news in any way, and the idea that a President Trump wouldn’t is completely and utterly absurd. As much as right-wingers try to twist the facts to fit their goals, American voters do have some sense of the reality you’ve abandoned, and they know that far in excess of any outside influence Hillary has accepted, Trump would have Russian oligarchs literally calling shots in US foreign policy – because he owns them millions.

        • vladdy1

          Odd that so many left-wingers see Russia as the enemy and deny that the islamists want us enslaved, converted, or dead.

      • vladdy1

        Thanks for beating me to it. Was just about to point out that no thinking person (those who know what you know, for instance) would make a judgement base on one piece of evidence. However, it would probably seem to those who are not thinking people that this is how it is done by them, so it must be how it is done by others.

    • Mark Snyder

      paid for by hillary

  • MicahStone

    He has MANY d-cRAT PUPPETS – Hillary is just one of them

  • MicahStone

    Q: How LOW must you be to deal with excrement like Soros?
    A: Hillary low !!!!

    • Barry

      At age 14, he was ordered by Nazi troops to pass out deportation notices. He did it for one day, and went into hiding the next day. Good question: how low do right wing nut-jobs go?

      • Rachel

        and thanks to Wikileaks we know how he’s trying to destroy Israel. Yup..he’s still a Nazi pos.

        • Barry

          So anyone opposing Israeli policy is a Nazi? Saddam Hussein wanted to destroy Israel, and Trump loved him. Come to think if it, Ivana said Trump had a copy of Hiter’s “My New Order” in the bedroom. Fits.

          • Rachel

            No. Soros, a Jews, actually collaborated with Nazis during WW2 to turn in his own people, when he was a young man. A real pos.
            And since Trump’s own daughter converted to Judaism, I’d say you don’t know WTF you’re talking about. You’re obviously uninformed about a lot of things. So piss off, dummy.

          • Barry

            READ. You show no sign of having read what I wrote about Soros, in which I already told you that he collaborated FOR ONE DAY as a 14 year old. Of course you ignored that, and then you wrote that although Soros is himself both a Jew and a “pos”, Trump is somehow immune to racism because his daughter converted to Judasim!! You win the award for being both the most hypocritical and the most idiotic on this thread. Congrats.

          • me623

            he did not collaborate with the Nazis. propaganda.

          • vladdy1

            Huh?? Must have misread this one.

  • BBtorontoparis

    This article is doing a disservice to the actual need to reduce the power and wealth of the 1%. I wonder if a rival billionaire is sponsoring this type of journalism

  • Barry

    More bad right-wing journalism. Soros was giving practical advice in a serious situation of which he had significant knowledge. Soros ends the message with “That is why I suggest appointing…” – which is not an order, obviously. Oh, and there was no “pay-to-play” scheme – no evidence of such. The “play” is a blurred line by acquaintance, and the “pay”…where is the pay part? More bad journalism. This article should be considered discredited. Thanks.

    • Mark Snyder

      paid hillary troll

      • Barry

        No, just a guy with basic observational and logic skills – that stuff right-wing ideologues ask you to turn off.

    • Jordan

      No, sir. Not even close. Soros and his team were offering political analysis and tactical suggestions which are inappropriate coming from outside, commercially-oriented sources. This kind of analysis needs to be done internally and without bias.

      Are you ignorant enough to suppose that there is no economic or political advantage worked into the Soros suggestions? That his team’s analysis is completely on the level and unbiased, as our State Department’s response is supposed to be?

      Trading access for funding is pure corruption. Always was and always will be regardless of how commonplace it is. If we are to continue functioning by the standard you suggest, that is – to ignore clear cases of political steering by oligarchs – then, our supposedly unbiased national policies become nothing more than the summation of a private bidding war between the most well-heeled citizens and their commercial apparatus.

      No, sir. This is evidence of clearly corrupt practices, and these behaviors should be brought to light and publicly criticized.

      • Barry

        Are you kidding? People write letters and offer advice to State and other government departments every day! Not to mention that even if it were inappropriate in some way, it was Soros writing the letter. Are you saying that State should have excluded Soros’ suggestions just because he made them? Ridiculous. Of course donors hope for “access,” i.e., name recognition, but access is not quid pro quo. If it were every president and congress member in history is guilty of “corrupt practices,” the minute they implement something a donor supports. Your comment is ridiculous right-wing flailing.

        • Jordan

          when major donors’ suggestions are implemented relatively quickly, it is a clear indication that internal analysis has been deemed unnecessary – this is very similar to the constant acceptance by congressional committees of legislation written by a private firms’ legal team whether that legal team be a banks’, an insurance company’s, or a pharmaceutical firm’s

          letting private entities do important, high-level government work is a serious breach of the public trust which has admittedly become so common as to be matter-of-fact; nevertheless, it represents corruption at the highest level, and indicates solid political movement towards a modern kind of pseudo-fascism

          I am not at all comfortable with it, perhaps you are

          • Barry

            First, how do you know that State wasn’t already familiar with these suggestions? And how do you know that they weren’t vetted in the 3 days after the letter? Not to mention that hiring an “ear” to an emergent crisis situation is not at all like accepting legislation written by a private firm or your other dissimilar analogies (which are most commonly used by Republicans, e.g., Alec). An “ear” can easily be replaced if State didn’t like the result of his consulting or anything he’s said. And in terms of the election, your argument works in Clinton’s favor, because any sane observer realizes that a Trump administration will be extremely cavalier about this kind of thing. Russian money will have far more influence than any outside entity could have on Hillary Clinton.

  • Kate Blake

    Let us not forget the trained chimp in the Oval office.

  • doodaa

    Money talks, bullsh*t walks. Welcome to Clinton World.

  • Not Blinded

    Soros Foundation (Open Society Foundation) has a toxic environment with next to no transparency. The former General Counsel of OSF is now the General Counsel at the Clinton Foundation. At OSF, Castro was a bully among bullies, sabotaged projects, took everything as a criticism and did as he pleased. He resigned after 16 years (not long after the new president came in and started holding incompetent directors accountable), went to the Ford Foundation then to Consumer Reports. He is now at the Clinton Foundation – 16 years of “moving” money with the help of very well paid outside-counsel will help the Clintons get even wealthier. Good luck with OSF efforts to protect other people’s dignity and rights, though this should start at the Soros workplace!

  • Zalko

    Soros is the puppet master of Clinton and he is the man of Rockefellers. Who is the puppet master of Rockefellers?

  • zizi Newton

    George Soros’s leaked emails only confirm a lot of things that I thought them to be. Now they are proven to be correct. That’ all. What can anyone do? He is such a mega power who plays the world like a ball in his hand. He plays Hillary and the democrats like little puppets. He wants the U.S. to become a piece of his master scheme, a region in his global nation.

    • candice baron

      Soros bought a voting machine company He funds violent BLM Americans need to vote for Mr Trump??

  • Sam


  • John Locke

    Are there any direct ties between Soros and Blumenthal?

  • studiozuzi

    Look, If Soros controls the media, If Soros controls world Governments, If Soros controls the elections, The polls, The voting booths… EVERYTHING! Then we the good, family loving, law abiding, God Fearing, Christians don’t have a leg to stand on. Right? WRONG! Yahweh has his wicked balls in a vice!

  • David

    fuck you George Soro you belong in Jail I wish I could shoot you in the head!

  • joegoldstein

    This revelation exposed by Wikileaks certainly explains Hillary’s public opposition to Russia. Reducing the US State dept. to a Soro’s bureau is the epitome of underworld corruption. This represents treason.