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WikiLeaks Issues Ultimatum to CNN — Air 1-hour Exposé on Plot to Defame Assange — Or Be Sued

In a tweet on Wednesday, WikiLeaks announced the whistleblower outfit intends to sue CNN after a counter-terrorism analyst slanderously labeled Assange a pedophile.

WikiLeaks issued an ultimatum to the behemoth corporate media giant to either air a ‘one hour expose of the plot’ or be sued for defamation.

The segment in question was an interview during which CNN had Phil Mudd, the ex-Deputy-Director of the CIA, “falsely calling Assange a ‘pedophile’.”

On CNN’s New Day program, Chris Cuomo asked Mudd why he disagreed with Assange’s denial that Russia was the source of the DNC leaks and Podesta documents.

Mudd responded claiming Sean Hannity’s interview of Assange “skirted the bottom line [of] do you know if the Russian’s were involved?… not ‘where did you get the information’.”

He then went on to attempt to discredit Assange through defaming his character in a bold-faced lie. Mudd referred to Assange as a “pedophile who lives in the Ecuadorian embassy in London.”

The piece was aired to millions and was then published on the program’s Twitter page. However, after apparently getting word of the suit, that tweet has since been deleted.


WikiLeaks’ threat of a lawsuit also makes reference to the bizarre ‘plot’ which took place last year, involving an apparently fake online dating site that levied entirely false accusations of pedophilia at Assange.

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In the midst of the Podesta leaks, multiple sites on the left began running with the narrative put out by the Daily Kos that Assange’s internet was cut because he was using it to sexually communicate with an 8-year-old girl.

The Clinton-loving Daily Kos cited a bogus report from the UN.

According to a widely shared Oct. 4 “United Nations Report” by a “United Nations Global Compact member organization” called T&C Network Solutions, the Royal Bahamas Police Force conducted a “criminal child sex offenses investigation” of Assange. The report, which is written in the style of a criminal indictment, goes on to state that Assange used a dating site called Toddandclare.com, which is owned by T&C Network Solutions, to send an “8-year-old juvenile (i) unlawful, indecent images and video media of himself performing lewd sex acts on a mobile camera device, and (ii) unlawful obscenity materials of a child pornographic nature.”

These bogus accusations were quickly retracted after they were found out to be false and were traced back to the dating website ToddandClaire.com, owned by T&C Network Solutions.

According to a WikiLeaks report, T&C Network Solutions was investigated to identify business filings and the entity’s directors, with negative results.

T&C Network Solutions is listed as the owner of www.ToddAndClare.com. A search of the ICANN WHOIS database results in a Registrant, Admin and Tech contact, which are all identical. The name of the contact is Julia Phillips. The organization is T&C Network Solutions. The mailing address is listed as 10685-B Hazelhurst Dr., Houston Texas 77043. The phone number is listed as 1.713.091.6111. The email address is listed as [email protected] The domain was registered on 20 September 2015.3 Google Streetview of the address shows a large anonymous warehouse or storage depot, with no references to the company.4 2 See Appendix 1 3 See Appendix 2 4 https:[email protected],­95.5615

When an investigation, conducted by a legal team representing Assange, attempted to verify the business using multiple sources, they could not.

  • A search of business organizations in Texas was conducted with the Texas Secretary of State.7 Searches for T&C Network Solutions, T & C Network Solutions, ToddandClare, Todd and Clare, Todd & Clare, and toddandclare.com resulted in no identified matches.
  • A search of Texas taxable business entities was conducted with the Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts,8 with no matching results.
  • A search was conducted with the Better Business Bureau in the Houston and South Texas areas,9 with no matching results.
  • Searches were conducted with Texas’ Harris County Clerk for civil, probate, real property, Uniform Commercial Code, and assumed business name records,10 11 with no matching results.
  • ToddAndClare.com’s homepage currently states that they are “The Leading SMS Dating Network” and that “This online dating site is a United Nations Global Compact member, with 100,000+ female singles in the US, Canada, UK, Europe, Australia, and RSA, seeking men.” 12 The homepage has a few pictures of women and a brief description of ToddAndClare.com, including “We’re a real couple who started this in Indianapolis”. At the bottom of the homepage is a link to customer service with the email address [email protected] At the bottom of the homepage, there is the disclaimer “TM & © Todd and Clare. All Rights Reserved.”
  • A random selection of photos of the women on Toddandclare.com website were investigated to see if they correspond to legitimate users of the site. The investigation revealed that the photos have been obtained from other sites on the Internet, have been slightly cropped, and have been mirrored left to right, a known technique to prevent reverse image search services, such as Google’s Reverse Image Search, from locating the true origin of an image.
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While the request for a one-hour exposé on the plot may seem like a lot, this conspiracy to smear Assange goes so deep that it could take even longer.

Until then, however, WikiLeaks plans to follow through with the lawsuit to clear his name. The clock is ticking, CNN.

  • Marge Smith-Harris

    I lost all respect for Assange and Wikileaks during the election season. Assange, imho is nothing more than an opportunist and an attention hound. The real heroes of Wikileaks history are Mr. Snowden and Ms Manning. They risked everything to share info they found with public. Mr. Assange risks nothing and basks in his celebrity.

    • Ray

      And this is why, ladies and gents, certain people shouldn’t be allowed to procreate.

      • Alan McLemore

        …right? Some comments are so stupid you have a hard time even knowing where to start…

        • laura.burton.1992

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          • Randy Bobandy

            If you made 84K this ‘season’ I assure you it involved anal……

          • Kevin C

            of course it is. she did say “It is actually extremely user-friendly and uncomplicated not to mention I’m just so satisfied that I found out about it”

    • Assange has been fighting for 10 years, the rest did single deeds.

    • Jay Lee

      Julian Assange has NOT LEFT the Embassy of Ecuador in London for OVER 3 YEARS! Ya.. he sure is living it up in the lime light.. what with all the not going outside, not travelling, not doing pretty much ANYTHING other than trying to get YOUR stupid ass some much needed information! Boy what dick that guy is! I sure wish he would have given up a whole lot more than 3 YEARS OF HIS LIFE! And SHAME ON HIM for alerting the American people that The DNC is corrupt beyond anyones WILDEST dreams… Ya.. fuck that guy.. what a dick he is for trying to SAVE YOUR ASS!

      • buzzookaman

        love the dripping sarcasim

      • Papa Ron

        I wondering if you’re imagining this dimwits lights coming on and saying something like; OMG, you’re so right, I guess I just hadn’t considered all that, of course, now I see, thanks so much.

      • markinator

        I agree. He’s an attention whore who slurps Putin manchowder.

    • Dane Clay

      Truth scares minions such as yourself, weak of mind and soul!

    • junktex

      You are so wrong.Assange risks being listed in the Clintons’ body count.

    • John

      Assange risks nothing? There is a price on his head and he cannot leave the Embassy in London… cannot go outside AT ALL, He is missing out on his children growing up. “his youngest child lives in France with his/her mother. He also said that his family had faced death threats and harassment due to his work, forcing them to change identities and reduce contact with him” But yeah, he risks nothing.

    • Jeremy Parks

      Mr. Manning thank you. You cannot change DNA.

    • Carl Booth

      @M..Julian Assange is under “detention” and has been for some years. How can you possibly claim he is an opportunist ?

    • Ryan Clark

      why don’t you just tell the truth and say you’ve lost all respect for him because he hurt the candidate who you wanted to win the election.

  • Ole Johansen

    I like Wikileaks and the idea, but there is something strange with that and Israel.

    • Razedbywolvs

      Ya, but every thing and Israel is strange. Some people cant tell the difference between a cognitive bias of a individual influencing something and a outright conspiracy.
      Is the “something” a Jew working for Wikileaks or a no platforming certain foreign relation topics?

      • R Stone

        truth is truth no matter whose ass it comes from

  • Barbara

    but Wikileaks has never been wrong, they have a perfect record and he did the ignorant public democrats a favor. I am not a Trump supporter or the present election system supporter but at least we are avoiding WWIII that would have been a given with Killary and the continuation of the totally corrupt, decaying system that she represents and supports. The world now is beginning to connect satanism, pedophile to the elites and that waking up of the masses is priceless~ Assange might be a Mossad agent but up to now, his leaks are beneficial in waking up the population.

    • Hopefully we will be avoiding WWIII. Trump’s zionists have a hard on for Syria.

      • Steve

        I will agree that America has a hard-on for Syria. Russia made the US look weak in Syria. Russian intervention also mucked up the American Middle East plan.

        • Russia exposed US as the backers behind ISIS. Thank god there’s a superpower to stand up to our terrorism.

    • markinator

      So you’re agreeing with Trump that our intelligence agencies ALL have it wrong. Then you went on a tirade about Hillary, saying she would start WW3 and she’s corrupt. But you didn’t offer any links to support your claims. Satanism? She’s no Satanist, but even if she was, that religion is whole lot better than the christian delusion. Pedophilia? You must know by now that the entire pedophile story about a restaurant was a hoax, and deemed false news.

      Yes, you’re a Trump supporter, and quite susceptible to fake news stories that pander to your hate.

      • CAFM

        The “intelligence alphabet agencies are corrupt.

    • DBantz

      Wow Barbara, you got your act together there, I was really heartened by your response to the article, that’s exactly what I would have said

  • R Stone

    Sue them, expose them all you can because the system is also stacked against us. Who cares what Assange talks to… WE WANT REAL NEWS… let it roll

  • junktex

    Pedophiles in DC are using this as a diversionary tactic.Pizzagate is all too real and they are in panic mode.

    • markinator

      No, Pizzagate isn’t real. You know it’s fake, yet you persist in perpetuating it. It’s a coping mechanism that allows you to rationalize your support for Trump, who will not just embarrass his supporters, he’s going to betray you on all promises. That is, if he’s not impeached first for conflicts of interest and fraud.

      • CAFM

        Wrong again.

      • junktex

        Pizzagate is all TOO REAL!That is why the elite satanic sickos are fighting it so hard.Franklin scandal was real too but was covered up just like they’re trying to coverup Pizzagate.And I do not support Trump.Only candidate I ever saw fit to support was Ron Paul.

      • junktex
      • Ryan Clark

        actually, you’re both wrong, pizzagate COULD be real, and it COULD be fake. Plenty of child pedophilia rings have been busted all over the world and many have proven connections to powerful people, including politicians. Whether or not the people connected to pizza gate are guilty is still up in the air.

      • Ronald Brown

        Sir you are greatly mistaken yourself as an intelligent person .
        Don’t be so ignorant it can’t be rectified .

  • Dustin Warden

    Wikileaks had been objective over the years. They’ve exposed corruption on both sides of the aisle. Assange should sue CNN anyway. They should to be brought to justice for impersonating Journalists!

  • Megatronstrosity


  • Thumper Bunny

    You can not sue a news agency for airing the opinion of a guest. First Amendment and all that jazz… you know.