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War on Drugs Lunacy: Woman Facing 19 Years in Prison for Selling Dog Food to Police Informant

In a relatively free and reasonable society, heroin addiction would be treated as a medical problem, not as an excuse to put people in cages. The perverted priorities of prohibition, however, dictate that people struggling with addiction not only be punished as criminals, but be manipulated into an obscene inverted pyramid scheme in which they are offered a reduction in punishment for informing on their friends. This helps explain how 22-year-old Megan Meyer of Plymouth, Wisconsin faces up to 19 years in prison for selling fake heroin to a police informant.

Last November, Meyer — who was on probation for previous drug-related convictions — was arrested after officers affiliated with the Lake Winnebago Area Metropolitan Enforcement Group (MEG), a federally subsidized narcotics task force, used another socially marginalized petty offender to target her for a “controlled buy.” Since Meyer was already “in the system,” police could have arrested her for probation violations without the trouble of manufacturing a drug charge. The incentive structure of the “war on drugs” dictated a different course of action, however. Accordingly, a confidential informant (most likely someone looking for a “downward departure” on her own charges) bought a small quantity of what looked like heroin and an unmarked pill identified as Percocet.

Lab tests showed that the alleged heroin was actually crushed dog food, and the “Percocet” was actually an aspirin tablet. In a society that valued property rights, and recognized that the government has no authority to punish people for freely consuming anything they choose, Meyers might have been charged with defrauding her customer. As things stood, the Sheboygan County Sheriff’s Office had to wait for another opportunity to carry out a triumphant drug bust.

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Last December 13, officers responded to a reported drug overdose in Plymouth. Three people in their 20s — Ryan and Cody Diekow and Amelia Laduke — were arrested for possession of controlled substances and drug paraphernalia. Because Cody Diekow refused to remain seated while officers obtained a search warrant, and was later slammed to the ground and handcuffed, he was hit with three additional charges — “recklessly endangering safety,” “resisting an officer,” and “obstructing an officer.” This allowed prosecutors to threaten him with more than 11 years in prison, despite the fact that there is no evidence he actually committed an offense against person or property.

While in police custody, one member of the trio claimed that Meyer and another friend named Jerome Brost had been present with them in Milwaukee earlier that day when the heroin had been purchased. A few hours later, following a pretext traffic stop, Meyer and Brost were arrested. A search of the vehicle uncovered “paraphernalia” but no heroin. Investigators claim that the suspects admitted to buying heroin, but that Brost had lost it.

All hopes of busting Meyer on drug-related charges would have vaporized, were it not for the “controlled buy” that the MEG had arranged a month earlier. When asked about the incident, Meyer — who never learned the indispensable lesson that citizens should never talk to the police beyond demanding a lawyer — reportedly explained, “I only sell fake.”

When the MEG’s informant approached her to buy a Percocet and some heroin, Meyer slipped her the aspirin and dog food as revenge for stealing a car seat from her.

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This report of an alleged theft was the only evidence of an actual crime extracted from that interrogation. However, the Wisconsin Legislature, as if anticipating this very scenario, has enacted a measure describing the delivery of an “imitation controlled substance” as a Class I felony. County prosecutors, displaying the inventive cruelty for which their profession has become properly notorious, have filed five charges against Meyer which in the aggregate could cost her 19 years in prison.

It should be pointed out that the Lake Winnebago MEG is the same task force that in September 2012 staged a bogus “controlled buy” near Eagle Nation Cycles in Neenah, Wisconsin. This led to a SWAT raid in which investigators “found” eight-tenths of a gram of marijuana under circumstances strongly suggesting that the evidence was planted on the scene. The following day, while business owner Steve Erato was in jail, Neenah Police Chief Kevin Wilkinson conducted a “health and safety inspection” of Eagle Nation Cycles. No evidence of drug manufacturing was found, but Erato was hit with fifteen felony charges — all of which were later dismissed.

Erato and business partner Michael Funk, along with two others, filed a $50 million lawsuit against the City of Neenah and its police department. Former Neenah Police Detective Dan Dringoli, who was driven from the department after blowing the whistle on misconduct within the SWAT team, is now a private investigator working with the attorney who filed the suit. Dringoli believes that the September 2012 SWAT raid, and the “controlled buy” that led to it, were prompted by a desire to seize the commercial property on behalf of politically connected developers.

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Last December 5, the same SWAT team that had raided the business two years earlier responded to a hostage situation at Eagle Cycles. The suspect surrendered and was taken into custody — after one of the officers shot and killed Funk as he escaped the building.

“I think they may have just taken the opportunity, and erred on the side of `Let’s eliminate this problem,’” Dringoli told the Free Thought Project in a telephone interview. According to the police abuse lawsuit that may have gotten Funk killed, that “problem” began with a “controlled buy” staged by the MEG, which — like all of their comrades in the War on Drugs — has a singular gift for ruining or ending lives in the name of pursuing the delusional ideal of a “drug-free society.”

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  • The Free Thought Project.com you guys really need to start linking from your sources instead of from your own website. Credibility is the word that comes to mind here. I’m not saying what you post isn’t true, but still…

  • Truly just sad

  • Its sad the American people need to wake up the war on drugs isn’t working we must find another way it is not state or government’s job to dictate what a person can do to their own bodies we spend billions locking up our own people non violent people sisters brothers mom’s and dad’s destroying families and our communities

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    • The Beggin strip thing is true sadly… Had the goooooooood stuff that weekend.

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  • She doesn’t belong in jail for being a drug addict, she deserves it for being a con artist. I hate the war on drugs but lets stop making saints out of sinners.

    “I only sell fake”
    Translation: I rip people off for a living.

    • people who would have otherwise been using a very dangerous drug

    • Not necessarily. That’s faulty logic.

    • I’ve seen weed dealers do this shit.

    • She should be put in jail for ripping off heroin addicts who were trying to get dangerous drugs?

    • If that’s what you want to walk away from this conversation thinking that’s fine. Slip an aspirin to someone who can’t have one. Let me know how that goes.

    • And I’m sure injecting dog food manufactured in China is not only safe but good for cardiovascular health.

    • 19 years is insane. That’s her life gone over something so dumb

    • so do they people who make redbull

    • Drew Hoyle I think she should be exiled from the city to never return. Why pay for cages, shoot home invaders, hang rapists and murderers and exile all the non-violents.

  • It’s not a surprise this happened selling people fake drugs is also illegal by court standards. Not supporting the actions…just stating the facts

    Also they were planning on screwing someone out of their money. Just so happened to be a cop rather than a person with a drug addiction.

    Way I see it….everyone’s got things fucked up in this world.

    “lets defend this person intending on scamming someone as a way to out someone who is scamming someone”

    Can you see how fucked up all of it is?

    • Thank you. I’m glad I’m not the only person who saw this. People don’t understand she could have killed whoever she was selling the “fake stuff” to. Then like you said, she’s ripping off sick people. They don’t see that side either.

    • Time for folks to pan out…..don’t use agendas to fight agendas….use honesty

    • Thomas Gundry killed…how..? You can smoke sniff even dillute it to shoot yourself with it. Prrrrrrreeeetty shure you wouldn t die buddy

    • Rackam Alvarez while that’s true it’s pointless to even bring up. She was still planning to con someone. While I don’t see drug addicts as criminals I do see her as one.

    • So you give her a drug sentence!?! Figured out what the War on Drugs is yet?

    • I never said that and it’s silly you would infer that I did. I suggest she be sentenced for fraud.

    • But you still haven’t figured what the War On Drugs is yet is my point.

    • You’re an idiot to assume that.

    • Thomas Gundry u must be mad? 😀 how could she have killed someone with a dog food? Pls. Explain urself 😀

    • Frank Welsh I dnt think anyone goes to jail for 19 years for that kind of fraud? Do you????

    • First off read the article.
      Second, once you’ve read the article, you’ll see she hasn’t been convicted. She faces charges.
      Lastly it depends on the degree of Fraud she has committed.

      For all those who dislike what I say note I think anyone in a political office should be charged for numerous crimes. But I won’t support someone who screws other people over admittedly to do so.

    • She probably gave the informant dog food because she knew they were a cop.

    • If you knew in advance it was a cop/informant….why meet?

    • if it was legal they could sue her in civil court or might even have requested a receipt, prohibition breeds fraud

    • Like I said I don’t agree with prohibition, but I can’t jump up and defend a con-artist. That’s like saying that police had no right to stop Micheal Brown after he was caught on video stealing. I”M NOT SAYING HE DESERVED TO BE SHOT only that he did deserve to be detained. By saying she is innocent of fraud you justify their bullshit(government)

      Mama always said “two wrongs don’t make a right” and you must be Colonel Sanders if you think she was wrong about that.

  • Why can’t you sell dog food? Police informant or not?

  • Bye bye

  • Another example of why U.S.A. is number 1, when it comes to incarceration.

  • Wtf

  • Poison a whole town with lead …. no prob…. sell dog food..
    Holy shit!! Grab the torches! Theres gonna be a lynching!
    Because…. Merica!

    • Listen, I’m from Michigan and if you aren’t going to help stfu. I’m sick of internet sjw’s bitching about what the government has done to flint but what the fuck are any of you doing for flint?

  • check the cops investments in private prisons I bet this Texas dumb fuckers doing tihis execute texas.

  • Am I the only one thinking fuck that bitch for crushing up dog food? Even a user experienced in injecting would have died. Sell real shit. If you’re going to falsify, at least go the whole oregano baggie or ibuprofen trick. People will just kick your ass for that

    • Do you honestly think an experienced drug user would open have s back of…lets say heroin or any other bullshit and after seeing its a bag of dog food would still inject it? If so, you should be put in jail for ypur stupidity. Among with those dying from injecting dog food 😀 bloody hell 😀

    • I know ppl have a right to be stupid…but some of them are just taking advantage of it

    • Rūta Marija Vilčinskaitė you never know. I’ve seen some stupid people do drugs. We shouldn’t judge based on their intelligence. They still have a right to confidence in their drug of choice. This confidence is however subverted by the illegal ways we have to obtain it 😉

    • I agree. My point was absolutely theoretical. No one should go to jail for that many years for scamming someone. An impact would never be as bad as the time someone would spend in jail.

    • Rūta Marija Vilčinskaitė I completely agree. I think a person giving poisons should be held accountable either way, however if food companies and pharma co people can get away with it people shouldn’t be held under harsh scrutiny, so therefore your point should be held factual. I’m just saying everyone, from the bottom of the pole to the top of the top should be held accountable for handing out dangerous poisons. If people were aware that’s different but if an unknowing idiot used, well, some kind of warnings would suffice. Inform people of what they are getting into. That’s honestly good enough

  • the whole police force in Florida is locked up right? The sergeant having his officers steal drugs is behind bars right? The police need put down….the people should demand this girls IMMEDIATE release after all the crap the officers are doing this girl is going to prison for dogfood? Is it because the police are so shitty at their jobs they can’t catch actual criminals? Police make shit up, because the police do truly suck at fighting crime and they are completely worthless at actually stopping anything. Did you catch the guys that killed the people under i5? no, because unless you make shit up, you are completely worthless. The police should be disbanded, they aren’t doing anything of any real substance if they are locking people up that sell dog food, it says a lot for how much money they are wasting locking innocent people up while they break the law however they want.

    • I need to get at least 6 thumbs up for the council to have voted for this girls immediate release.

  • Police informants and snitches should be outlawed for police to use as they will say and do anything to get their charges reduced. 19 years in prison for selling fake drugs? A MAJOR WASTE OF TAXPAYERS MONEY!!!!!

    • Well tell her to stop selling dog food to heroin junkies and we won’t need cops

    • I hope the jury in her trial uses Jury Nullification and gives her no jail time.

  • What?????????

  • 19 yrs for making the police look stupid. So sad.

  • Please get some new writers for this page and possibly some relevant material to people who aren’t concerned with scumbags like this young ‘lady’

  • I feel like a quote, almost any quote, from “Alice in Wonderland” would be appropriate here.

  • Why did’nt the “pig “just eat it ?!!! Mayb she should’ve glazed it ..lmffao !!

  • Lance Rowe I’m just confused on how dog food looks like heroin….

  • End the drug war.

  • i think it show this community have a big problem with empathy ,why take people drugs ,mabe cource the community not are so good as they think ,it look so

  • LITTLE harsh….for a drug deal go wrong…wouldn’t you say…

  • Did the canine alert?

  • Lmfao. Who goes to prison for selling dog food.

  • OK. Let see. 1st off, 19 years is extreme. With that said. She is already on probation for drug related charges. She than tried to sell drugs, which is a felony and even selling “fake” drugs is still illegal. This is repeat offender who went back to their old tricks to make a buck. 19 years is extreme, but the case isnt finished and the judge has to agree to it.

  • the informant, was just pissed off because he thought it tasted good

  • This an “Intent” law at work. Intent laws presume the future can be fore told and what the person in question will do in the future. Just a poor excuse to charge someone with a crime they did not commit.

  • stupid law….stupid police..stupid legislatures…a perfect combination to achieve the highest form of stupidity….lol

    • and stupid people selling dog food to junkies just give the junkie her fix! (satire)

  • they got tired of all the wasted time when people gave their undercovers fake drugs so they made civil disobedience a crime too, if there isnt enough crime, make some

  • Police state America , terrorists

  • Wisconsin sucks

  • kaynash

    Our regulatory agencies spend years trying to get more trumped up charges – and endangering people’s lives in the process – instead of simply trying the case they have, that the entire system has become a farce.