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Govt to Slaughter Entire Area’s Wolf Population to Protect Beef Industry


Seattle, WA — An entire wolf pack has been marked for slaughter by the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife. The decision was made to protect a nearby cattle farm after several cows were found wounded or killed.

Throughout the 19th and 20th centuries, gray wolves roamed North America by the hundreds of thousands. However, as America’s demand for meat grew, the wolves became viewed as vermin and pests  — they were slaughtered by the tens of thousands.

As a result of this slaughter, wolves were nearly wiped off the face of the lower 48 states. They were hunted to the verge of extinction and all but disappeared.

The federal government then intervened and placed the wolves on the endangered species list in accordance with the Endangered Species Act. Slowly but surely, the wolves began to grow in numbers; nothing like their previous numbers, but a small increase nonetheless.

In a tragically ironic move, however, the same government who once protected the wolf has now marked them for butchery.

Earlier this month, five cows were found dead or injured, at which point the WDFW authorized a ‘partial pack removal.’ State agents killed two female wolves, and the cow deaths appeared to stop.

There appeared to be a disturbance in wolf activity and operations paused, according to Donny Martorello, Wolf Policy Lead for WDFW, reported KING 5.

But this cessation in wolves being wolves only lasted a couple of weeks. On August 19, more cows were injured or killed. The WDFW then authorized the slaughter of the entire pack living in Profanity Peak in Ferry County.

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This move by the WDFW to slaughter the wolves in the name of beef farming has, understandably, created a firestorm of backlash — especially considering that they are still on the endangered species list.

“This is extreme,” said Sen. Kevin Ranker, D- Orcas Island, former chair of the state Natural Resources Committee to KING 5. “I was told that removal of half the pack would make a difference, and now we’re being told they are going to remove the entire pack? They haven’t implemented their first plan.”

The WDFW is remaining tight-lipped on the total number of wolves they’ve slaughtered already and urge the public to leave the killing to them.

“We are kindly asking for a little space and understanding so we can maintain the highest level of safety for the public, the staff and our producers,” Martorello said.

Protecting your own property or animals from an attack by predators is most certainly a just act. However, this is not what’s happening. These are privately owned cattle being protected by the state at the expense of wolves.

Acting on behalf of beef producers, the government is breaking its own laws and spending taxpayer money to kill off an endangered species.

Instead of having the farmers come up with innovative ways to prevent herd loss, they simply lean on the government for help. And, this help is in the form of taxpayer-funded killing.

It seems the beef industry in America has friends at all levels of government — some of whom are even willing to kill endangered species for them.

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Matt Agorist is an honorably discharged veteran of the USMC and former intelligence operator directly tasked by the NSA. This prior experience gives him unique insight into the world of government corruption and the American police state. Agorist has been an independent journalist for over a decade and has been featured on mainstream networks around the world. and now on Steemit
  • Mountain Rock Hauler

    What you do not understand is that those wolves were never native to the lower 48. The native wolves weighted between 70 and 80 lbs. The wolves that are here now are northern wolves weighing between 120 to 150 lbs. or more. If you look at pictures of the 1890’s to early 1900’s compared to the pictures now you can see the difference in size. Find the video on youtube called “Crying Wolf”, it is very well made, there is a picture in the film that shows native wolves beside a northern wolf that wandered down out of Canada, it is enormous in comparison.

    • Bob

      What an incredibly stupid and blatantly ignorant comment. These animals are far more important than the ranchers know. Take a look what happened in yellowstone when the wolves were re introduced into the park.

      • Mountain Rock Hauler

        Yeah the elk population of Jackson Hole, WY dropped drastically. The wolves were introduced to Yellowstone and the surrounding areas with a suggested population of 78 -100 wolves consuming 23 elk per wolf per year or 460 head of elk per pack of 20, as of 2011 there were an estimated 2,600 wolves in Yellowstone and the surrounding areas and growing. Dillon, MT 2009 wolves attacked and killed 122 sheep in one night, FWP told the rancher that it wasn’t wolves but coyotes. He pulled out pictures from the cameras that he had set up showing wolves killing the sheep. They did not eat anything, just the thrill of the kill.

        • erniejay

          Unbelievably total BS. I guess the game here is to say BS loud and long enough that maybe it will stick.

          • Razedbywolvs

            I don’t think it’s BS just more government incompetent’s. 2009 wolves could eat 122 sheep in one night just not a entire herd in one place like everyone imagines.
            It’s just the result of the typical central planing method that the government uses. They don’t consider man to be a part of the ecosystem and the bar farmers from participating in there natural role.
            If it wasn’t for the government the farmers would send there kids to protect the herd. Some times the wolves would get sheep and sometimes the farmers would get the wolves. A natural balance would be maintained.

            But instead we now have a SWAT team in a MRAP showing up to “solve” the problem.

          • S.Ryan

            More lies. Pathetic lies. Glad you are being busted, this crap sells on get an implant now .com

          • Razedbywolvs

            What am i getting busted for?

          • S.Ryan

            Lies are all they have.

        • Tabbytha
        • Magdalene

          Were those the eld that men would have preferred to hunt and kill? Or the sheep that didn’t belong on public lands? I heard that story of “thrill kill” and frankly, it isn’t well documented. I suspect another for profit motive to kill the wolves.

    • Tabbytha

      So? Animals change locations over time, this is natural. Now mankind is going to lock them into current regions? They weren’t there before, so they can’t be there now?

  • Patricia Ackerman

    It would be easier and better to relocate them, not kill them for doing what comes natural. What a blood thirsty society we have become. If it doesn’t work, kill it…

    • Tabbytha

      If it’s in the way, kill it… If it doesn’t profit us, kill it… It IS a sick way of looking at the world, and very harmful.

  • Richard.

    It will be like the wild Mustang’s horse’s they ship north and south of the boarder because of the cattle rancher’s every year…Federal protected or endanger protected The goverment dose what it wants to them and the people also..As person that love this country and cared for the people .Shame on America by an American ..

    • erniejay

      Agree–again: It’s big money ag folks calling all the shots on public lands.

  • Jahar Saddles

    OK, these “cattle people” don’t want to live in harmony with the rest of our grandmother the earths creatures, because they have cattle? Start taking the cattle out of the picture, with long range shots. As a Native American who was also a Marine, and expert with the M14 (wow does that date me or what?) it would simply be a matter of being in the right place at the right time—-then take the Bovine out of the picture. Give the vultures a feast and those “white folks” may want to change their minds (that is from the Native American perspective of course )—–sooner or later the insurance companies will begin to scream when those fools start making claims. If people truly want to protect endangered species they should be committed to take the struggle to the source. Politics never solves a single problem unless you can “buy your way in”——and that is no remedy. Stand up and do what is necessary to guard against ONE group rule………………….Cattle are an imported species; Wolves were here on this continent millions of years before human beings even began the domestication cattle, somewhere in the far east.

    • erniejay

      Excellent! And to think that many of the so-called “confirmed” wolf kills were on federal lands, where wolves belong and cattle do NOT, just makes the killing of the wolves that much more bizarre and unacceptable (unless you’re a political insider or a greedy livestock operator).

      • Jahar Saddles

        The reference to “killing the cattle” was to those on federal lands, and nothing else. When those people graze those cattle on federal lands they are required to pay a fee for each animal. That being the case, they are “paid visitors” who can be expelled; and killing them is simply another way to expel them. The people who own those cattle do not feel that they are required to ‘live in harmony’ with the “native species” so they ‘rig the game’ to make it work in their favor. Unless of course there are ‘OTHERS’ who may be willing to stand up and oppose the people who are ‘rigging the game’. Taking their cattle out is a direct manner of opposition. Those people do not have the right to demand that wolves be killed in order for them to graze their cattle, ‘an alien species’; on federal lands.
        The best method to remind them of that fact is for them to see those cattle on the ground (not grazing) and they will finally ‘see the light’; or go broke in the ‘cattle business’.

    • S.Ryan

      Thank you, so well said.

  • Ibcamn

    criminal cops love love love to kill shit…..they love killing our pets,you know,kittens and cats and really love to shot dogs……a wolf to them is a pest and should die on the spot im guessing,if they go after these wolves without gov’t and feds regulation on a healthy pack,maybe someone can arrest them for this….considering if we just did it,we would be in prison…..and the boss,big business,signs their paychecks im guessing,so they will do as they always do,kill shit for fun,they murder people for the hell of it,why not wolves….i hope the wolves get at least one of them before the whole pack goes south….cops are all criminals,rapists,thieves and murderers…..nothing more than bottom dwellers with a badge

  • Bob Btme

    oh yeah, we love to preach about how bad the poor countries are – wiping out habitat and killing top predators. meanwhile we cleaned out all the wolves 100 years ago. These corporate farmers are too greedy and ruthless to use herding dogs or the many other methods to live in harmony with the natural world.

    Don’t worry, they’ll have their day soon. Apparently in the Chernobyl radioactive zone the wolves are absolutely thriving. They don’t mind losing 1 pup out of 4 to birth defects & cancer. With humans gone the prey animals are everywhere…habitat destruction and non-radioactive pollution has ceased.

    The wolves won’t mind the plumes of radioactive waste rising around the world once the US dollar and global economy fail. Most US nuke plants and sites keep 1-2 weeks of diesel fuel onsite to cool the reactors and waste piles. No electrical grid, no diesel trucks for 2 weeks…..adios amigo, the wolves will pick over our radiactive bones for the next few thousand years

  • Tabbytha

    Couldn’t they have just moves them somewhere else? They want to tax us for breathing or farting (Carbon Tax), tell us what we can and cannot do in government parks (heaven forbid you pick a flower) but then just mass slaughter wild animals when they become inconvenient… Why are people still listening to these assholes?

    And why couldn’t they brainstorm other ways of stopping wolves from getting to the cattle? Why is death almost always the option? I wouldn’t even accept killing HALF the pack, they should be relocated, this is wrong!

  • Ashleigh Gray

    What can we do to help them?

  • Snoop

    History has Scientifically PROVEN that when you kill wolves, the top predator in their habitat, it literally Deeeeestroys the ENTIRE ecosystem!!

    • Ed

      They need to introduce something for the wolves to eat besides cattle. Like Rabbits and Opossum. I agree to thin the pack but feed the rest!

      • S.Ryan

        Just stop….

        • Magdalene

          He’s ignorant of the issue; yet insists on making comments. There is nothing to be done with someone that isn’t smart enough to know when they are in over their head.

  • Magdalene

    This is disgusting. There is no excuse to kill those wolves. If farmers can’t keep their cattle safe, what are they losing? Animals that are going to be killed so people can eat them? It’s a sin to breed cattle and raise food and use water to just to keep them alive for us to kill and eat. WTF! Wolves don’t have a grocery store to get food. they need to eat. How many cows can one wold eat?

    • chivalry

      it not how many they eat, its how many they injury. If a calf is injured it cost, sometime in the life of the calf. The farmer is trying to keep his herd safe and feed us and the world. Where do you get its a sin to eat meat? Next you’ll be against eating the poor helpless tomato.

      • Magdalene

        If people understood what resources it takes to to bring one pound of beef to market, they may think twice about how stupid it is to raise cattle. And yes..sinful when we need to think about our water, soil runoff and the food we have to grow for them. There has to be a better way than this: http://foodtank.com/news/2013/12/why-meat-eats-resources

        • Ed

          I understand a good steak runs about $9.99 a pound at the butcher shop!

          • Magdalene

            I realize you’re trying to be cleaver, but it must have been quite some time since you’ve tried to purchase a “good steak”. Add another $10 to your guess-timate; or maybe go eat at your neighborhood “Hoss’s”.

          • S.Ryan

            Just stop, I know you won’t but you are not clever or funny with any of your posts. This, Kapernick, any of them. Stop laughing out loud at your own jokes, people who do that just want to bully others to laugh when something is not funny in the least to get attention.

      • S.Ryan

        What a ridiculous straw man post…..

      • Jahar Saddles

        Your opinion aside from being poorly edited reveals your lack of factual information. The “rancher” trying to keep his heard “safe” is a “squatter, with conditions”, he/she does not own the land, they are “renting the use of the grass” and they are doing it for “profit” (they could care less who eats the meat, or whether YOU go hungry or not) THESIR MOTIVE IS PROFIT AND NOTHING ELSE. They introduce a foreign species to an ecosystem that requires far too much modification to accommodate THAT foreign species, and the entire system that has been in ‘balance’ for millions of years is changes when human beings interfere with the natural process. As long as there are human beings who have such a misinformed and naïve viewpoint those “social parasites” who graze THEIR property (cattle) on public lands get a free lunch while people who are “fooled” sit down to a cheap steak dinner or an extra hamburger patty and just get fatter.

      • Michael Patrick

        fuck the calf a wolf is supposed to eat animals they have no fast food drive thru assholes

  • Simon Cloutier

    USA is crooked to the bone by subhuman garbages…

  • S.Ryan

    The lying cattle Welfare King Cattle slaughterer has done this before. He takes so much Government welfare every singe day. The real Welfare Kings are McIrvins and his right wing hypocritical ilk.

    His cows are very inhumanely slaughtered but hey no problem with that, as long as he gets his free Welfare handouts for his born to it never earned it wealth.

    His NON NATIVE man created Cows are the ones DESTROYING the environment all over the earth.

  • NASCAlibnot

    Environmentally the beef cattle are the bad guys, the wolf the good. If you eat red meat think about eating less.

  • Michael Patrick

    Asshole pet the Wolf he was killing like its ok you will die in 1 minute fuckin cocksukers animals cannot speak for themselves they are hungry maybe set food out ? Not kill fuck u own a cattle ranch maybe set steaks and burger meat out they would eat that if it were there?

  • Michael Patrick

    Animals survived without man they dont need Govt cocklickers stepping in Fuck you Wildlife asshole I wish cancer on your whole family if u kill a wolf

  • Michael Patrick

    this is bullshit attack the asshole man in the video post his info hackers come on

  • Bud Miser

    A survey was done in our state about this and it was overwhelmingly for the wolves.
    I’d like to see that report published before the state sides with the wealthy corporate rancher.