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Woman With Asperger’s Who Touched Millions of Lives with Viral Video, Shot Dead by Police

Mesa, AZ — Danielle Jacobs, 24, brought tears to the internet’s eyes last year after she posted a video of what she felt like with Asperger’s syndrome.

In the video, Jacobs recorded herself during one of her ‘meltdowns,’ which showed her trying to punch herself, but being comforted by her Rottweiler instead.

“This is what having Asperger’s like,” she wrote with the video.

“When I have a meltdown, I often have self-injurious behavior and I often self-harm,” she said in an interview with the Huffington Post last year.

This open conversation about her Asperger’s syndrome seemed to have been therapeutic for Jacobs. However, Thursday morning things would take a turn for the worse.

According to Mesa police, they received a call about a suicidal woman around 11 a.m. on Thursday.

When officers responded to Jacobs’ apartment, they say she stated that she had a knife and was going to hurt herself. At this time, police claim, Jacobs moved toward them with a knife, causing them to fear for their lives and they both fired their duty weapons.

Apparently, simply backing up was not an option.

“She had one knife that we know of, she had something else we’re not sure what it was, the officers said it was dark inside the room,” Flores said. “When she made contact with them, she approached them with the knife, extended it out, and they felt threatened.”

After they shot Jacobs, and ambulance was called, and she was transported to a hospital where doctors tried to close her wounds. Unfortunately, they were unsuccessful and later in the evening, her family received word that she did not make it.

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Speaking with the NY Daily News, her mother, Stacia, said that this was completely unexpected and she was shocked.

“I talked to her last night and the night before and she seemed fine.

“Before the police arrived she wasn’t posing a threat to the community at all. And the police came into her own place.

“They shot and killed a 24-year-old autistic, mentally ill individual whom they had been familiar with and were aware of her special needs.”

According to AZ Family, Mesa police said they plan to hold a news conference at 1:30 p.m. Friday to discuss “new, developing information” in the shooting and things the Mesa police force is doing “to assist in dealing with and interacting with those with mental illness,” according to Mesa police spokesman Esteban Flores.

According to Flores, no officers were hurt, the incident is under investigation, and the officers involved were not wearing body cameras.

As the Free Thought Project has pointed out in the past, the overwhelming majority of time spent by police during training is devoted to shooting their weapons. Very little time is set aside for training in de-escalation tactics, and most departments receive zero training in dealing with the mentally ill.

In fact, a study by the Virginia-based Treatment Advocacy Center, an organization dedicated to eliminating the barriers faced by those with severe mental illnesses, released a jaw-dropping report titled, Overlooked in the Undercounted: The Role of Mental Illness in Fatal Law Enforcement Encounters. In the report, researchers discovered that people with an untreated mental illness are 16 times more likely to be killed during an interaction with police than anyone else.

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According to the study, by all accounts – official and unofficial – a minimum of 1 in 4 fatal police encounters ends the life of an individual with severe mental illness.

Update: After this story broke, it was brought to our attention that Danielle Jacobs was transgender. Danielle identified as a man named Kayden Clark. We apologize for being unaware of this.

Matt Agorist is an honorably discharged veteran of the USMC and former intelligence operator directly tasked by the NSA. This prior experience gives him unique insight into the world of government corruption and the American police state. Agorist has been an independent journalist for over a decade and has been featured on mainstream networks around the world.

  • This is NOT Asperger’s !!!
    This is FULL BLOWN Autism !!!
    I and my son have Asperger’s and I have NEVER acted like this !!!

    Please STOP making Asperger’s seem worse than what it is !!!

    • Thank you for saying something. I’ve worked with people with special needs for years and can tell the difference

    • Meltdowns are common for those with Aspergers.

    • Out of this entire thing, that’s what you take away from it? Seriously!?!?

    • I’m with April! Y’all are a bunch of self centered assholes, this girl lost her life and your talking about yourself!

    • I don’t think everyone with aspergers acts exactly the same way. Could have been something else wrong with her, too.

    • Sirius C Grönewald
      I have researched and LIVED with Aspergers ALL of my life…
      My son is 13 and has it…

      This lady was 100% AUTISTIC !!!
      Only under SEVERE and EXTREME circumstances has my son had ONE of these breakdowns, I NEVER have…

      I just do NOT like them lumping Aspergers with the rest or the autistic spectrum…

      Sure we have no empathy or filter and dislike public situations, etc…
      But, we are a LOT more stable and MOST of us COPE / ADJUST VERY WELL !!!

    • My daughter has aspergers. She has meltdowns. She also has spd which often helps lead to her meltdowns. Just because your aspergers doesn’t include a certain behavior, doesn’t mean someone else’s doesn’t.

    • Oh, and they’re all “autism” now, in case you didn’t know. They give a generic “spectrum disorder” diagnosis now.

    • John Crandall TY for your work !!!
      I was NON diagnosed my entire childhood, because Aspergers did NOT exist then…
      I was just considered, an under achiever with a HIGH IQ !!! 🙁

    • She had an Asperger’s diagnosis, just because you didn’t have the same symptoms as her doesn’t give you the authority to try and diagnose her. Asperger’s and Autism range greatly from person to person.

    • I was simply stating that the headline is misleading !!!
      As a person who has Aspergers with a son who has Aspergers and for ALL the other MILLIONS out there with Aspergers, I find this INSULTING !!!

      Sure it is sad this woman died, but DO NOT say she ONLY had Aspergers !!!

    • I haven’t been officially diagnosed for personal reasons yet but it’s quite possible I have Aspergers. I have talked to other aspies and most of them either have meltdowns or lockdowns, usually both in different circumstances. You do not speak for all people with Aspergers.

    • Danie Greenlee
      Which is WRONG !!!
      Its in the spectrum, but NOWHERE as severe as any of the other disorders…

    • Sirius C Grönewald
      I know i do not…
      But from my research and interactions I know that when MOST start getting into the meltdowns they are much more deep into the spectrum than BASIC Aspergers…

    • They are trying to take a mild disorder and LUMP it into a more severe one…

      If you look at it from this pages point of view, it would allow cops to easily justify shooting ANYONE who demonstrates even the SLIGHTEST signs of MILD Aspergers and who are NOT a threat !!!

    • Oh, he went on a swearing spree when that old lady with the shopping cart blocked the isle..
      Lets shoot him !!!

      Hell, I’d be dead 100x over by now !!!

    • Like I said, from my experience talking to people with Aspergers, such meltdowns are quite common. I am glad your experience was different.

    • Aspergers Syndrome is a specific condition which resides within the larger spectrum of AUTISM. There are varying degrees of affliction, ranging from mild social anxiety to extreme paranoia and psychosis.

    • Todd Crickmore I AGREE !!!
      But lately they are trying to lump Aspergers which in general is mild, in with Severe Autism…
      NOT sure why ???
      Maybe just laziness ???

    • Its like now if you EAT HEALTHY, they consider you to have an EATING DISORDER !!!

      LOOK IT UP !!!
      (TRUE) 🙁

    • As the mother of an autistic child I find you attitude entirely insulting! People with Asperger’s are NOT more superior to people with autism. My autistic child is higher functioning than most people I know with Asperger’s.

    • READ my other posts !!!
      I am NOT saying we are superior !!!
      I am simply saying they need to SEPARATE these disorders !!!
      You CANNOT use a ONE SIZE fits all diagnosis !!!

    • And yet! You seem to think you have the authority to claim that that because YOU don’t have self injury behaviors no people with Asperger’s do when that is completely and utterly FALSE

    • OK, obviously you cannot understand what I am saying…
      But, i will TRY one more time…

      If you go by the ORIGINAL text book diagnosis…
      ONCE you get into the meltdown and self hurting phase, you are NO LONGER just suffering from Asperger’s…
      You have other problems and are MORE than likely to be suffering from FULL ON Autism !!!

    • It would be like this article stating well this woman was shot for being a woman !!!

      There is MORE going on here than just Aspergers !!!

    • Asperger Syndrome *IS AUTISM*

      The only difference was that with a diagnosis of Asperger Syndrome there was no noted developmental delay – that’s it that is the distinction between the two diagnosis, not that Asperger Syndrome is less severe to autism or superior to autism.

      That difference wasn’t enough to regard it as a separate condition, particularly not when all children regardless of neurology show differences in development, and thus why it has been merged with Autism. Many people with an AS diagnosis received that diagnosis purely because of stigma attached to the term ‘Autism’, stigma not helped by spreading misinformation like this about Autism.

      Autism is a spectrum, regardless of the diagnosis every individual is different – I’m Autistic (my official diagnosis is Autism Spectrum Disorder, not Asperger Syndrome) and many aspies I know are more severely affected than I am.

      Duane, please fucking educate yourself.

    • See you were doing OK until you felt the need to swear…

    • Duane Max You’re right. Probably on both accounts.

  • They just shoot up schools Cmon! Lol .

  • Ummm she chase at them with a knife – her fault not theirs

    • you should do the same…

    • what?

    • u lunge at a a COP or ANYONE for that matter with a knife – you get whats coming to you


    • She was suicidal, they were called to PREVENT her death, instead they CAUSED it.

    • Jeannie Broussal LOL you call me stupid but you can not even spell “Them” LOL

    • doesnt matter – self defense

    • No one seems to have considered the death by cop possibility… She could have planned on them shooting her. Cops know about this tactic but what are they supposed to do? Wait to see if she stabs them or not?

    • With your logic, anyone with a mental illness should be executed because they dont act the norm. You do understand that even diabetics can blank out and do things they cant even remember when their sugar levels stabilizes right? I would think that a supposedly trained cop with all the wannabe soldier gear they have should be able to disarm and take down a chic with a knife. Or in the worst case shoot to injure, not kill.

    • only in America .

    • Um hello pepper spray, taser guns, rubber bullets multiple grown men with firearms and bulletproof vests and training WOW!

    • Chelsea Mills knowing they were called for a suicidal person, shouldn’t they have considered that the person may try to “attack” them to get them to shoot?

      idk, first thing I would think…

    • Why do we hear so many incidences of police killing mentally ill people but we NEVER, EVER hear of people who work with mentally ill people killing mentally ill people?

    • because we understand and validate your communicating your distress and we are to help. Showing distress is communicating through your actions as you are too distressed to verbalise or can’t , To show sensitivity that you hear them in an non threatening manner .We try to defuse, soothe, and reassure that the moment will past and we will still be here to help. Ultimately to ensure the person feels very differently and when the moment has indeed past. This supportive action saves life’s. To bolster preventative measures for themselves. We assist them to navigate solutions and find what works for them. Therapeutically speaking. Not to wait for crisis intervention where 2 fat fascist idiots turn up ignore background information, claim “it’s dark” and open fire, like 2 extras in a John Wayne movie. Guns prevent police to serve the public, guns are an abuse of power. Guns are for men with tiny dicks

    • If your suicidal then it ain’t that difficult to work out they are too busily consumed about harming oneself to really plan an attack on those that insensitivity are banging on the door screaming like they are in war torn country fighting for their country. They must have scared the shit out that poor poor mixed up boy. A baby at that 24….pity the dog didn’t chew their lazy Arse face off.

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  • oh really? she died? hmm.. people die everyday and i
    liked this page to be informed about “filming cops” not this. whats going on ? what is this?

    • Read the article !!!
      Says she had a knife and a cop shot her !!!

    • You’re a cunt.

    • You don’t think this is relevant?

    • Do you think that the cop who shot her dead when 911 was called for help was justified? Or that mandatory filming might not be a good idea? Or are you just a mean-spirited troll?

    • You jumped to conclusion without gathering all the information. You’d make a good cop Anthony.

    • Here I fixed the headline for your delicate sensibilities…
      Breaking news, mentally ill woman MURDERED by thugs with a badge.

      Feel better now?

    • oh i didnt read it lol i thought i was being so misinformed cause i only saw the headliner. deepest apology. i didnt know she was murdered by a police man. but im a cunt so ill stay in this spot rn; its only the internet lmfao

      and yeah except for i dont want to be a cop. but thats edgar

    • yes april i do

    • sorry everyone

    • hope yall understand; its how it was presented in my mobile facebook app

    • try reading the link, in the civilised world cops dont kill people just cuz they have aspergers or a knife! Protect & serve?? American cops just shoot..

    • oy ma god 10 likes on “your a cunt”
      i thought i was misinformed. atleast my ignorance is showing activity to this situation.

    • You idiot- she was shot by cops. Please do us both a favor and unlike the page. Thanks.

    • i know oh my goodness

    • Anthony Videtto >But the headline wrote shot dead by police…..what headline did you read?

    • “woman dies with aspergers touched millions of lifes was murdered” – i immediately thought it was irrelevant and i accept my fault for speaking ignorantly and rudely, again sorry everybody but its just the internet!

    • because i didnt see it said “police officer”

    • He expressed his mea culpa – quit calling him names.

    • “shes dead” – no indication of her eing shot by police

      sorry for my ignorance; hope you all understand!

    • Anthony Videtto Forgiven … 🙂

    • thank you duane! thats all that mattrrs. i hope i informed everyone that this is how it is presented in the mobile app

    • April Ellis don’t cater to bitches honey. Stand your ground. I’m with you

    • Bunch of bitch ass people on here. Must’ve enjoyed sucking a cops prick or two. They killed her. Police are murderers. They are cunts.

    • Hey, everyone…..give the dude a break. He made a mistake, and apologized for it. Now, the rest of you are looking like idiots.

    • I read it in the mobile app, then I READ THE F’ING ARTICLE! Knee jerk reactions are what this sight illustrates and what we rail against Anthony Videtto! Look before you leap.

    • Ummm the real ignorance is in all of you with your name calling and rude comments!!! Big freakin deal that he misspoke! Doesn’t mean he is any of the things you childish people have labeled him, BUT you all might want to look in the mirror!

    • Scott Cole, speaking of knee jerk reactions (gotta love irony)

    • Scott Cole, tell me, what is it like to live a perfect life, and never make a mistake, because I sure wouldn’t know.

    • Even if you “misspoke” you still said you essentially don’t care about people dying unless a cop kills them, so yes you are a cunt.

    • Kai Wolfy not cop related I just had to tell you you are gorgeous.

    • Logan Lahey , he never said that. He said he didn’t feel it was relevant, to the page. Do you make a habit of making up shit, as you go along?

    • Anthony Videtto. I did the same thing as you earlier on lol. Simple mistake. It’s funny how people look for an excuse to jump on some one. Even after an apology.

    • Logan Lahey , sorry, but, right now, you appear to be the only C.U.N.T (Can’t Understand Normal Thinking), here.

    • Most people, when someone says “I’m sorry” (even though no, actual, harm incurred), will simply accept it, and move on. That’s what normal people do. Psycho’s hold on to hate, like it’s a lifeline, though

    • What is your point? Do you doubt he is dead? That he was shot by cops? Do you believe his mother lied? Nice.

    • Anthony Videtto , do you reach all your conclusions by reading only what fits on the screen? I know you apologized, but you can cause unnecessary grief and hurt by your actions. Still, it takes a good person to recognize his error, so I respect you for that. Peace.

    • You for real Marjorie Reitman . How many times does a guy have to apologize and you still bagged him out . What is you point ?. In doing that.

    • I can’t believe how off topic the bickering makes. Smh

    • Jesus wept. Everyone. Just stop.

  • i thought police protected us not killed us. #backwardsworld

  • Only in America.

  • Probably cuz she’s black!! Let’s riot!!!!

  • Rivera Jessica damn

  • Police = terrorists

    Day after day after day not one good cop arresting a bad one they’re ALL FUCKING TERRORISTS

  • Is the dog still alive? That was the amazing part of the video.

  • The entire department leadership needs to be replaced and remaining officers re-educated, this is what happens under piss poor leadership, piss poor officer development/training, and piss poor oversight.

  • Oh god 🙁 please please stop calling police for help with people who are having mental break downs

  • Wow, cops r so brave…

  • Jamie Clarke

  • There’s no excuse. It says the police knew who she was and were aware of her illness. So they shouldn’t have killed her. There needs to be more training on mentally ill.

    • Why do we hear so many incidences of police killing mentally ill people but we NEVER, EVER hear of people who work with mentally ill people killing mentally ill people

    • Aspergers isn’t a mental illness…

    • the category for training purposes will fall under that

    • Kimberlee Jade Marie Staudt What is it then?

    • Kimberlee Jade Marie Staudt you’re an ignorant twat aren’t you… go ahead and read on it. Or deal with it first hand…..

    • The cops are the ones who are mentally ill

    • no hesitation is how they are trained. you want more of that? the correct statement is “change training”

  • Smh..

  • This is really really sad! I feel bad the dog is gonna miss her!!

  • Angie Downing Widdop

  • So you respond to a possibly suicidal person and then shoot them. Way to help. They should have just left her alone

  • Shameful! I really have no words for this yradegy. Killer Police again, and again, and again!!!! When are we, the people going to stop it? No one else seems interested in stoping it. Not our government and especially not our Justice Department.

    • There is only one way, but the time for talking has long passed.

    • People used to KNOW shit when they were standing in it
      It’s become food for the senses for so long now this version of coercion will not stop by itself

    • Yes!!

  • Kimberly Saunders remember you seen her video right?

  • Sad, unacceptable, so much more education and training is needed

  • What in the fuckkk!!

  • Police=Islamic State in America. They are uniformed and armed criminals. When you see any cop, you don’t feel protection, you feel prosecution.

    • I think persecution. . . LoL

    • No, prosecution means jail. Maybe persecution means death.

    • Isis=isreal!

    • more like Christian state in America.

    • lol this cant be real…

    • Where did you get “Islamic” from asshole ??? This is AmeriKKKA a mostly Christian place. Think about that for a moment.

    • ……. Should I even begin to argue the stupidity of this?

    • lol..seems limke “Islamic state” ist the new “nazi”

    • Sorry but bein christian doesnt mean they are good peoole at all. They are the most war mongering thugs in the world

    • Jonelle Guthrie: I didn’t write about Christians, but I agree, Christians were in ancient times the equivalent of Isis today; don’t forget the crusades, the inquisition, the bishops burning scientists and artists, the witches hunts and witches trials, christians started the two world wars. Nowadays all of pastors, reverends and priests are swindlers of our faith. That’s why I don’t profess any religion.

  • Heather Humphrey Airheart

  • A cops only purpose is to kill what the fuck

  • So tragic

  • …did they kill the dog too?

  • James Sanders,,,,,,,See Scott,a point on Lables

  • Shoot to kill.?

  • She was suicidal… To protect and serve I guess

  • Horrible news, but admirable the person who has written the article and their personal interest in this subject.

  • Cowards. They knew about her difficulties, and they shot her anyway out of “fear for their lives.”

  • So sad.

  • May Allah bless America we Americans that are Muslims and Christians need to stand up to cops….cops=isis (isreal
    Pussy force)

  • How could I gather more info on this, this page has questioning it’s posts sometimes it just doesn’t seem legit with this page

  • Crazy cops an system

  • FYI, this person is being deadnamed and misgendered after his murder. His name was Kayden Clarke.

  • I love the police!

  • I read in the NY paper today how cops say they never learned CPR that the instructors at the academy just pushed them through and certified them, so if a cop shoots you they don’t know how to help…smdh

  • Sad

  • Cops love to kill, they get paid vacations

  • oh wow..

  • ;-(

  • Don’t let the media bury this story. Please (Y) + Comment + Share and support #JusticeForDanielle

  • So sad, so shamefully ironic

  • Police should ONLY carry non-lethal weaponry, this would prevent 95% of unnecessary executions by law enforcement.

    • And criminals that want to kill shouldnt have guns either only tasers.

    • Sarcasm noted. Well, defending against unruly people can be done without killing them. I believe that if the judicial system is functioning correctly, which isn’t always the case, disarming a gunman could be done in a non lethal matter which can be resolved in court.

    • Dude’s trolling the page. Ignore him.

    • I hope your son remembers how much you beat him when he grows up Brian

    • Jesse Gordier I agree unruly people shouldn’t be shot with guns, but about the guy that’s went off the deep end and has a assault rifle walking through a school or business randomly killing people? Just use the taser? As for the judicial system it’s not perfect but if it was 100% fixed, so you think this would stop rapest, murders, etc. From killing and committing crimes? Do you think we should take away guns from everyone to solve crime?

    • I think there should be a tactical unit for special threats. SWAT-like. I think you can still disarm a person with rubber bullets, not necessarily tasers.

    • Rubber bullets will fuck your damn shit up

    • They already do! Batons and tazers


    1) Victim was a trans man called Kayden Clarke.
    2) Autistic people use identity-first language.

  • Good job america!! This is one of those moments where ypu wonder: why the mothers of those motherfukers did not swallow??? Or why did they have to spread their legs….

  • Sickening. Call the police and expect the worst result.

  • In my experience people with aspergers become very violent very quickly. She may have actually posed a real threat to the cop. This is coming from someone who hates cops.

    • Don’t go around saying; people with this do that in x amount of time. Even if you know people with that condition, that’s imposing a stereotype out of a small sample. Violence is not a broad trait of the neurally atypical.

    • Kaworu, fuck you!!!

    • Wow you ignorant twat.

    • I said in my experience. I did not say all. I also said may have. Matti and Sara, get the hell out of here you ignorant mewling curs. We adults are trying to have a conversation here. Have a great day.

    • It has also been theorized by several different doctors that aspergers and autistics in general are more prone to violence.

    • I’m totally stealing “ignorant mewling cur”!

    • Good on you Eric! Congratulations on broadening your English skills! Use it for what it was truly made for, picking up women and issuing brutal insults.

    • Bit of a broad generalization there don’t you reckon?

    • Not if it is a characteristic of the disorder she suffered from.

    • Stupid ass!!

    • Oh dear it’s another baboon. Please sir, take a number. We already have several idiots attempting to fight with me due to a clash of opinion. You’ll have to wait your turn.

    • If you would only THINK for just a small moment, perhaps you’d be able to understand what I am attempting to convey.

    • She went at them with a knife. She didn’t need to be shot though. She’s not that big, it doesn’t take much to grab her by the wrist and hold her while someone takes the knife. If you were a coward you could taze her. But he was a piece of shit and shot her 5 times.

    • Even in her own interview she herself says that she would become violent towards herself and others during a mental breakdown.

    • This is absolutely not true. I’m considered high functioning however I do not go into violent fits of rage. Not all aspergers sufferers have this reaction. It’s mostly a desensitized feeling for emotional structures, so when you seem happy about something, we may be confused or sad. This is all torn down to an overwhelming sense of being lost in emotions, so generally there are long periods of not having really any emotion, and then it all comes out. Most of the reactions are negative, so imagine living with anger and frustration for long periods of time, as in years, without happiness to balance it out. It’s not a violent explosion, though some will react to the emotional prison like this. It does not mean shoot first and clean up the mess. It means understand what is happening and know its pure confusion, not a violent need to kill people.

    • so dumbass does that justify being murdered by a thug in blue?

    • I’m sorry to hear that you also suffer from this condition. But as you yourself said some aspergers sufferers do have this reaction. She was armed with a knife. Within 21 feet, a knife will reach your body before you can even draw your gun, much less aim and fire it. I will not claim to know everything about this incident, however I do know general facts.

    • It’s unfortunate that this girl lost her battle and her life. However, it was not something that would have been easily or even avoidable at all. I wish her family the best of luck on discovering the truth. If the cops were at fault I hope that they will face justice.

    • Hey bro kill yourself thanks

    • God damn you are thick. Do you people consider the possibilities before you speak or are you that unintelligent?

    • Wow… Though I see your opinion. I disagree. I won’t say anything negative. There is to much of that in this world. I do understand some people are prone to violence but shooting to kill was uncalled for. Officers are trained to detain, shot to stop. Sadly in this case they didn’t use any of those methods. But, I do understand where you are coming from. If I was in the position I would have killed someone who (in my eyes) was a threat to my life. I would have done the same thing. Course I would like to never be in that type of situation.

    • Thank you for respectfully stating your opinion. These people should learn from your wonderful example.

    • Unfortunately you are incorrect, they did shoot to stop. They stopped after she was incapacitated and she later died in the hospital. Unfortunately she was not one of the people in the 80% of gunshot wounds that survive.

    • I hope you are also never in that situation. As someone who has been in potentially life threatening situations I will tell you that you do not want to be in those situations. I was unprepared and unarmed. I’m lucky that I was not seriously injured or killed.

    • Well, from what I read of the article. I didn’t get the feel that they tried to stop. Regardless, I find it heartbreaking. Even with tazors she could have lost her life, sadly it happens.

      As I said, I refuse to be negative to a fellow human being. I do respect your opinion and do not find you in the wrong. I do apologize for those who are saying such monstrous things. It just shows how we as a human race have so much to learn.

    • It’s just frustrating when people still defend murderous cops. There is no need to shoot a mentally ill woman that isn’t armed with a gun 5 times. There is an epidemic of over zealous, under trained police killing civilians in situations that do not call for lethal force. There has been no real accountability or consistent punishment of police men who are quick to kill the people they are supposed to protect, and no accountability when they lie to cover up their abuses. When a slap of the wrist is the most police get when they kill civilians there’s no incentive for police to de-escalate situations or use any skills that require effort and patience when shooting someone is quicker, easier, and will most likely go unpunished.

    • I also respect your opinion.

    • Marianella, as previously stated in under 21 feet a knife will win against a gun.

    • IF you come at me with a knife and i have a gun , I’ll just blast your knee cap, those serial killers with badges have no excuses.

    • Do you understand how hard it is to hit that tiny target as it is moving quickly? Have you ever shot a gun in your life? You are supposed to shoot COM or center of mass which is the chest.

    • If you’ve seen one person with autism, then you’ve seen one person with autism. Autistic people vary just as much as neurotypical people, but please, keep showing us how much you know! Or not.

    • I’ve known 3 people with asbergers as well as the Sandy Hook shooter. It is a characteristic of asbergers syndrome to be violent towards themselves or others. Please leave if you don’t know how a syndrome gets classified.

    • Apart of Aspergers is a lack of empathy- did she deserve to die- no, but could she have been more of a threat then someone without this condition- absolutely. I agree with Kaworu Nagisa, Aspergers is actually very similar to psychopathy, and is not to be underestimated

    • Has anyone of you been stabbed. Has anyone of you disarmed a knife wielding person. Go out and try

    • I’ve been stabbed. Not fun.

    • Actually the exact opposite of fun.

  • Lol

  • Jamie Summers

  • Don’t care!

  • People attacking me , thinking I am saying ASS’ies are superior…

    PLEASE READ my other posts !!!
    I am NOT saying we are superior !!!
    I am simply saying they need to SEPARATE these disorders !!!
    You CANNOT use a ONE SIZE fits all diagnosis !!!

    • Just like there are differences between Sociopaths and Psychotics….

      Not saying Autism and Aspergers are anywhere near, but there ARE DIFFERENCES between them !!!

  • Fuck the USA, what a terrible police and terror state:-((

    • I live in the United States and I agree completely with your comment. All of it!

    • Its a shame that it has come this far…I am sorry for you

  • “New developing information”….they found the throw down weapon.

  • Keep the damn cops away from these types of calls. Swear in some therapists or create a specialized responder who knows not to run in and force a suicide by cop. Ex military grunts with badges have no place at these scenes! Disarm cops!

    • Just for the record, I’m appalled by the action of the police, but you called them “ex-military grunts”. The fact is we need MORE ex-military people on police forces, studies have shown that veterans that become officers are dramatically less likely to discharge a weapon or “fear for their lives”

  • dildo to the face

  • Taylor Andries

  • dont know if america is more in danger from criminals or their police force

  • Ford Neale, did you see this?

    • No… But I remember posting the original story. Heartbroken… Jules who works with the mentally ill at twin towers, has just completed a new training course, one week, having to do with these issues. So sorry to hear about this. I’m outraged, I know my son’s feeling concerning the arrest and “handling” of those with challenges such a above, but not all sworn officers have his disposition, or upbringing…. Better screening of law enforcement and lots of training …..but this is just awful.

  • Cops are the biggest pussys in all of America Straight up !!!

  • “You were born with wings, why prefer to crawl through life?”
    ― Rumi

  • Police are sending terrible messages to the public., and we seem to be accepting everything they do. If it is black people we are hollering, if it is white people they are hollering, however if is human beings we just say nothing. If we don’t stand up as a community this behavior will not stop. It will continue to grow.

  • He. Not she.

  • Teaching the mentally retarded with guns to deal with the mentally ill is not going to work

  • Pisses me off as I have aspergers.

  • Incompetent buffoons! WHEN are they going to get the training they so desperately need to save lives instead of destroying them needlessly? When?

  • The American police have gone mad. The State has literally gone mad. Mass madness. Mass gun crime. Mass herd mentality. Lost in the haze of fear. Madness en mass.

    • Mass gun crime? There is more crime committed every day that doesn’t involve guns. It’s just the media only shows and talks about the gun crimes.

  • The police in my area have helped me more than the mental health service the police saved my life

  • I knew a family in Denver about 10 years ago who lost an adult son in a similar (knife) situation. Tragic 🙁

  • How sad.

  • Bullshit!!! Smh

  • People with high needs deserve more respect. More training & awareness is definitely needed in the police force so morons don’t kill innocent lives.

    • So then what do we do about the ones who kill even though they are trained with other options?
      Dont tell me training is needed so Police are aware that hitting children is not ok.
      Dont tell me training is needed so the police know hitting people who are hand cuffed is not ok.
      Dont tell me training is needed so police know that shooting people in the back is not ok.
      More training is just lip service to = same old same old!!

    • Read my next comment please

    • What is needed is rules that state you have no right to go home safely, just like the military….
      Shit happens out there and if a cop is really about sevring and protecting he will lay down his life just like a solder would.
      But no thats not what they are about. They are about them first at all times. And no amount of training will remove that mentailty. And if thet mentality is in place police will kill, mame, and injure no matter what they are trained to do. They come first and shooting and killing is the only way they can make sure they make it home!!

    • What you need to understand Jared is that people with aspergers who are having a meltdown & are feeling suicidal need to be treated as someone who requires urgent medical attention. Not gun happy fuck wits who’ll fire at a bloody doe eyed bunny that advances on them. Don’t tell you more training is required? Why’s that is it to much hard work to move beyond ignorance? I like to know that the people getting around with guns at least have the ability to distinguish between a real treat & a person who is displaying signs of aggression that quite simple can not be helped!

    • The police are unforgivable/unredeemable and must be killed!!!!!!!

    • Honestly that is the most pathetic attempt at trying to justify your comment. I quite literally have no clue what your poorly constructed attempt at a rebuttal is actually saying. She had a knife you dumb twat. Can’t train them with knowledge and facts? Train them in basic martial arts & disarm the poor woman.

    • Jared Lazar These evil vermin must be killed, no exceptions exist. Their families are not innocent bystanders, they are not! Kill pigs!!!

    • Oh jesus mark I think we need to go quite that far

    • Mark, there are Police officers that are good people. That’s the thing you need to remember. They are people. And people choose to be good or evil.

    • Some people are impossible to reason with at times. Use if force by law enforcement needs to be restructured. Law enforcement is a very difficult job but better training is definitely needed all across the Country.

    • seriously?

    • It’s kinda stating the obvious hey dimitri

    • How about we ALL just stop authorizing thugs to use violence on people and defend ourselves. You call it Anarchy I call it the only solution.

    • Melanie Wrest I read your next comment as you requested. I hear what you have to say and yet none of it changed my mind.
      We are all aware of the different needs different people have and training has been provided many times over. The question then becomes when the knowledge has been obtained and the training provided – as you are a proponet of- then why are these incidents increasing in frequency?
      There comes a point when one must open their eyes and admit that there is a disconnect between training and in the field actions. Once that disconnect is recognized then we can start the dialogue of- what is wrong with the way we are doing things and in which new direction shall we go?
      Police have been trained up the wazzu, taken sensitivity classes, watched video after video, met with and instructed by mental health proffesionals and yet killings of mentaly ill people continue at an even higher rate than in the days where no training was provided.
      The disconnect can be summed up as a conflict between 2 aspects of police training. One of which always over rules any other form of training.
      The #1 rule police will always revert to no matter what is – do whatever you think is necessary to get home safely.
      Thus a police officer maybe dealing with an unarmed, non- violent mentally ill person and maybe following training perfectly – until the point in which he mistakes a cell phone for a gun and rule #1 overrides mentally ill person training and the next thing you know you have 1 dead mentally ill person and 1 officer who is going home that night!!
      As I said before until you remove the mentality of police come first over everyone else we will not get anywhere.
      Keep wasting money on mentally ill person training all you want. Keep holding out hope that your failing ideas will one day turn around and actually work. But as you hold out hope police will still keep shooting the very instance they think thier “safety” is threatened and police unions and government offcials and private citizens(grand juries) will do their jobs to protect them from recourse!!

    • Rule #1 of officer safety overrules any other form of training therefor until you remove this #1 rule and force officers to either quit or put the citizen before themselves nothing will change.
      You must change the default setting if you ever want other forms of training to be rule #1..

  • When will this end?

  • Wow…

  • I hope they didn’t shoot the dog as well.

  • I do not agree…… You can train them all you want but they will still shoot and kill!!

  • Fuck the police!

  • All these videos with all these murders, and with all of the silly excuses, seem to only come to two conclusions: either these killers are murdering people because they are so afraid of everything even when it doesn’t even have to be a threat, or these killers have somehow become criminally mentally ill. An important question to answer is how did they become this way. Does it have something to do with the way they are trained? Are they trying to kill as the answer to confrontation? Are they trained to put pressure on a person until they no longer are breathing and are unresponsive until dead? Are they trained to electrocute a person to death? Are they trained to beat a person to death? Are they trained to shoot a person to death? Are they trained in all these things but yet in training these things are called something else? Does their training teach them to be afraid of people? Is their training akin to the training of assassins or killers? Since the killers most always go free because they have followed policy and their training, then the conclusion must come from these rulings: The policy is murder men, women and children, and pets.

  • Y

  • When they start to realize that we will do to them what they do to others only then will the killing stop!!

  • I have no words. Nazi Swine. That’s about all.

  • Just because she was mentally ill dosent mean the knife wont still fucking stab you. Such a ‘baity’ article. She was known to inflict self-harm who knows what she would have done to others, brandishing a knife and moving towards them with it outwards towards others.

    • They were sent to PREVENT them from committing suicide, instead they KILLED them. Sounds like they’re really fucking bad at their job

    • Obviously she did something to scare them both to the point where they had to stop her from hurting them if they both simultaneously pulled out their weapon and used them. It’s not like they were scheming to kill the poor women in the car ride over. I mean come on, get real. It’s a sad story all the way around but now these guys have to live with killing someone on their conscience forever. You can argue some people wont care either way about killing someone but to honestly think they went in there wanting to shoot the lady is as crazy as it sounds. I mean, really? Something happened in there that caused them to both shoot at the same time.

    • P:at, why do we hear so many incidences of police killing mentally ill people but we NEVER, EVER hear of people who work with mentally ill people killing mentally ill people?

    • The point of self harm is to harm oneself, not others. The poor boy was communicating his internal pain and crying out for help. 2 fat doughnut eating ignorant pigs. Displayed an abuse of power and lack of compassion, qualities and skill to serve the public, not just to protect. They failed to do there job correctly.

    • I work within communities and support those with mental health difficulties.

    • They both shot her…him…it. So obv it did something to warrant getting shot. They didnt go in there saying lets shoot it up. Obv it lunged at them with a knife like the article states. So what, get stabbed up? Feel better about yourself in the grave? No…So you’re saying you would have let someone slash you up because they have mental problems? Someone comes at you with a knife and you just take the slashing? No. I am so sick of hearing all this prissy pandering to criminals. The second you make an advance on a police officer with a weapon you cross that line. No matter if you have mental problems or not. Who the fuck let it have knives in the first place?

  • Wow wtffffff Jonny Gill Farah Gill Jhon Cuthbertson

    • Why did you tag me in this

    • Be Cuz eff the po lice

    • I didn’t see there was a second video lol I fiat watched the first. That’s messed up, you want to commit suicide? We’ll kill you first!!!

    • Cops are reckless

    • It’s a sad world

  • I’m pretty sure I read that this person was a transgender man. If that’s the case it would be nice for you to not call them a woman..

  • This is disturbing , the pigs will probably get away with it

  • The police need to work hand in hand with mental health professionals, who should be accompanying the police anytime there is a call that might involve a person with a mental health diagnosis.

    • As a paramedic we don’t go in till the scene is secured by police. I have been attacked, sexually assaulted , had a gun pointed at me numerous times. At what point do we let someone attack us just because they have a mental history. Knifes do kill. I have seen kids kill with knifes.

    • There’s got to be a better solution than a bullet.

  • American police suck. The British police wouldve kept themselves safe without shooting. Pathetic.

  • Shoot to kill. Don’t shoot to wound.

  • This is sick

  • A complete re-training top to bottom. Not just mental illness but humanity. Need to fire 50-75% of the force. Most are just looking for marijuana.

  • police need more training. cannot blame them if they do not know what they are dealing with.

  • Think long and hard before calling the police to help someone who may be suicidal. Police see a weapon, they’re dead. That’s it. They will put themselves in a position to fear for their lives and escalate the situation until they feel they can justifiably end it by execution. A crises hotline or suicide prevention specialist should be the first people to seek help from. Only as a last resort or when harm is threatened to someone else should the police be involved.

  • Erin Haase

    • Horrible. This is a fear of mine now that Sam is getting older.

  • 2 guns vs a knife? COWARD PIGS, you wonder why u are hated??

  • It’s time to keep cops away from civil society.

  • Lynsey Christine Dunno if you saw this yet. : So sad.

  • Oh and- has anyone heard of a tazer gun? You’re attending to someone with suicidal ideology. They’re not out to kill others they wish to harm themselves. This why when attending to situations such as these police officers require mental health & suicide intervention training. Instead were giving free reign to uninformed people who often are acting upon perceived threats that are far too generalized & unsustained.

    • Tasters can kill you just as dead as bullets. If there is something wrong with your heart or not all those volts of electricity can short your heart (which is controlled by electrical impulses to begin with)out.

    • Not as bad as being shot by a gun. This is absolutely appaling. I wonder how they live with themselves.

  • This is genocide.

  • Here is a concept. Police departments start hiring human service and social workers. Send them through police academies and put them on the street as regular officers.

    Human services workers have a better understanding of not only mental illness but how to engage with all people over a wide spectrum. They tend to be college educated and generally don’t see the world as black and white (no pun intended).

    • They should interact more with civilians, to keep them in touch with the world…

    • Great idea

    • Carmen Coral DelValle Orlan I like to say I lost a few good friends to cops. Not that they were killed by police but they became police officers. Eventually their thought process changes as they become indoctrinated. Then they can only relate to their own and only hang out with other police officers (the blue brotherhood).
      Their identity and self is their uniform and job and vice versa.
      It’s almost cult like.

    • We do this in Madison wi-a pilot project started this week!

    • Worth a try . Also , Firefighters need help understanding atypical , fearful responses when trying to bring someone to safety in a fire , car accident etc

  • Very sad. I’m a retired Psychiatric Technician and I’ve dealt with and managed potential assaults on staff/patients without the use of a firearm. We are trained to de-escalate patients that are psychotic, aggressive and may or may not have a weapon. The patients safety and our safety was the goal. It takes skill to assess and neutralize an assault. And we did it repeatedly without injury the majority of times. Even the hospital police carry no firearms. If in the end the patient is unable to control his behavior, he is restrained and secluded.
    These techniques can be integrated into current law enforcement procedure and is a humane approach to someone who is clearly ill.
    As a society we can do better, I hope her death is not in vain. Let’s make changes.

  • Calling the police doesn’t seem to be a very good idea in a great majority of situations.

  • Cops are always ‘fearing for their lives’ and killing people for no reason. Maybe they shouldn’t work such a dangerous job, then they wouldn’t be fearing for their lives all the damn time. I’m so sick of hearing that excuse.

  • Y.
    My schizophrenic friend was murdered by the police…
    And their chief almost seemed proud that it happened the way it did.
    I could go into deeper detail but that would take awhile so I’ll just say (y) they absolutely need a massive overhaul in such things.

  • Unbelievable.

  • it is time that the police are personally and financially liable for the stupid shit they’re doing to the public at large .

  • thousands of hospitals, homes, parents, schools, colleges deal with autistic meltdowns daily – they DONT FUCKING SHOOT THEM. That is MURDER.

  • such bs

  • The police are serial killers/serial lairs! Kill pigs and their families, their families are not innocent bystanders they do encourage their loved ones to continue doing evil to us and our families. Wake up and kill pigs!!!!!!

    • Please don’t delude yourself by believing that all police are out to kill civilians; every thing falls on a bell curve, so a few are, but mostly it’s unwise ppl dealing w other unwise ppl that have a badge and gun. The issue is: how do we make the ppl w a badge and gun LESS unwise, so more of us get to go on breathing. “Make the streets run red,” rhetoric is counterproductive.

  • Tina Miranda

  • WHY did the police not use their tasers instead?????

  • No!

  • heart breaking.

  • WTF

  • Since they felt so threatened, they couldn’t shoot her in the knees? They BOTH had to shoot? My god, why does this keep happening? They knew she had AS, tragic.

  • Again they ” feared for their lives ” from a small in stature female with a knife ??? police have become such cowards that it makes me ill to my stomach…………………….

  • Crap .

  • WE need to start asking the presidential candidates how they will reign in the police. THAT should be a national issue. Repost, Commnet. do let my one voice say this

  • Mom called the police…

  • Are you kidding me….. I swear it was just last week I was showing her video to a friend. When will this end… God rest her soul.

  • Did they kill her dog, too? Funny how I just watched an instructional video of Scottish cops teaching US cops how to apprehend and arrest a knife weilding attacker without gunfire. I guess these cops didn’t see it yet. Damn shame.

  • This is wrong!!!!

  • Surprised they didn’t shoot the dog too

  • When will this madness end, there’s got to be another way of subduing a citizen with handicaps and disabilities, than deadly force or murder, I don’t understand how they sleep at night, they must be narcissistic!

  • Yes and is high time to test cops for steroids and testosterone drugs.

  • Are all cops the scum of the earth….or just the minority who are killers of our sisters and brothers ?

  • This person was a trans man named kayden. Get it fucking right

  • They,The police are the mentally ill.they need training how to deal with normal people.

  • #FTP

  • MURDER! They could have backed up!!!! They could have used a tazer! But hey it’s more fun to target practice! It’s all about scaring us into COMPLIANCE! Never mind you didn’t break a law. If you do not comply you DIE! Thats what the cops are doing scaring everyone into force compliance! 1984!

  • Speechless!. Why are the police, who are allegedly, supposed to protect us, allowed to do this. FFS! Heartbreaking.

  • How sad is this


  • This is not acceptable take there fucking guns off the them.

  • fucking assholes

  • of course they would, there was a recent video on the news of police deciding to throw snowballs back at kids who threw snowballs, i was kinda expecting the police to shoot the kids after the defense against anything in the usa is shooting them

  • Asperger’s isn’t a “mental illness”, dumbassses!

    • Actually it is

    • Jodi Michele Actually, it’s not. It’s classified as a neurodevelopment disorder and is on the autism spectrum. Vastly different than a mental illness.

  • When is this going to stop if the cops keep this up they will start a civil disturbance like none before

  • Aline Bernhard Jhy Jhy

  • Disgusting. They kill citizens every damn day.

  • police like that = terrorists paid for by the usa gov mmmmm reminds me of isis who cant be hurt much despite billions spent and many usa and coalition soldiers dead and injured

    • and many needy usa tax payers denied things due to the military and black ops (isis/cia) being bigger priorities over health and education and welfare

  • Fucking bullshit

  • I think society should deal with mentally ill policeofficers.

  • Seriously?!

  • I have no words.

  • take their frkn guns & replace ’em with frkn fire hoses….

  • yeah, I don’t wanna be shot during a panic attack cuz a squirrel distracted me and now im being questioned by the cops. damn squirrel bad influence..

  • Oh God! That’s horrible

  • Smh, so sad……they need more training!!!

  • Courtney Moore

  • WHOA! She REALLY screwed up!

  • Polices are the mentally ill!

  • Why do we hear so many incidences of police killing mentally ill people but we NEVER, EVER hear of people who work with mentally ill people killing mentally ill people?

    • Why does everything now a days always have something that supposed to be worse? It’s all terrible, we see more of the police brutality because we show our children to look up to them, ask them for help when they fear for their lives. They are supposed to help us feel more safe from people that threaten them. How can we trust them, when you see this? Yes there’s good cops and there’s bad cops but why would you want to take the risk with this happening? Now please tell me this.

    • I didn’t mean to come across as rude I miss read your comment. My apologies.

    • I work with children much like this you get kayden. And I’m more sad when they feel like they have to engage in these behaviors because I feel I missed something. I’ve been in far more dangerous situations and killing or harm has never came across my mind. I’d rather get hurt than the child. I even hurt many times… The police are sick.

    • There doesn’t seem to be any empathy. Its like people are dehumanized objects. It is as bad with dogs. There are may professions that come in contact with dogs more than police such as mailmen, utilities, landscapers, and other professions. Yet I have never heard of any other profession other than police feeling theneed to kill dogs. They have killed hundreds of thousands of dogs while all other professions combined have killed zero. How does that not say something about the lack of appreciation police have for life?

    • People that work with mentally ill people, first really want to do that type of work, because the pay is very low. Second, since they want to be there, they have compassion and empathy for their patients. Third, they see their patients as human beings that are ill, needing care and help. In too many police departments, officers have had zero training on dealing with mentally ill individuals. They have very little training on how to deescalate a situation; instead the presence of the police, makes the situation worse. The police see a mentally ill person, not as someone who is sick but as a potential criminal, one that is dangerous and must be “dealt” with harshly. There are too many innocent, sick people, that are dead because someone in the family called the police.

  • How is it that the cops are called cus she is threatening suicide, with a little knife to herself, not on a cop 2+ft away. So cops open fire on the person n kill them. What was solved here, nothing. Cops do not kno how to deal with the everyday life, they are trained to fight gang members or the terrorists but not civilians with issues. Go back n be retrained this is not working America. Something must give here. Police have become the judge, jury, n executioner. So when those judges lose their jobs that is when they are going to fix things. oops again it’ll be to late.

  • America, where you call the boys in blue to come protect and serve, and they serve you up an early funeral.

  • Oh you want to commit suicide, let me shoot you first.

  • This is the same police deprtment that shot and killed my friends unaed husband in the hall way of a hotel. This department did not even notify my friend until 4 days after she found out he died by the coroner. His name was Daniel! This department is out of control. This is their second mrder in just under a month!

  • Assholes. Two cops are threatened by a known mentally ill woman who has a knife? That’s not a cop. That’s a f’n pussy. Shoot first … ask questions later. Sickening.

  • I am not afraid of the Muslim-Americans; I am afraid of the police.

  • After all of the awful things this wonderful man went though in his life, and you couldn’t go back through the article and fix your incorrect pronouns? A one line edit at the very bottom of the article is very disrespectful, ESPECIALLY since you used incorrect prounouns in the article title! That was insufficient and the entire article should be rewritten in correct pronouns.

  • Cops now and days don’t care about saving Somone they only care about killing them. Even with non- lethal Weapons they rather kill and not use them.

  • We keep saying they need more training but the establishment has no interest in that. They’re murderers plain and simple. Jail the bastards.

  • so so sad .. i hope she is at peace now .. and that her death will not be in vain ..

  • You can kill yourself. ..well do it for you

  • Wonder who is in charge of coming up with new “mental disorders”… Think about it.

  • I have aspergers too and I have over 30 pets that help me cope heres a video of all my pets   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=55m6NeUkv2w

  • They knew what to expect from the call alone besides already knowing her mental state. They should be charged!

  • Sad my fellow officers please please get training to deal with mental ill citizens. This shouldn’t happen

  • r.i.p


  • hidden agenda its becoming obvious cops must be under secret orders to exterminate people with disabilities no better than the nazis killing the weak and the sick in WW2 cops are corrupt murderers so its great news when ones shot n killed fuck em they deserve the karma

  • Sidenote: this is a trans man, not a woman.

  • Police should not be shooting people period…I’m sick of “I feared for my life.” I could understand if they were in imminent danger.

  • Alcurtis Stewart Jr.

  • Not just BREAKING… it’s heartbreaking..

  • When I first saw her video this happening was my first though.

  • Its time for private police who can get sued. If private security is good enough for the rich why not the poor?

  • Erick Maldonado

  • America: where dogs do a better job than police.

  • Its ok people you all gi e yhem the licence yo kill so dont b upset $

  • That’s so fkd up..

  • Lord, Lord, Lord. Sigh

  • this person was a transgender man and his name was Kayden

  • pig cowards again!!!

  • People have got to stay away from these types of calls. It doesn’t seem like police are trained for them. What a shit show.

  • He was a transgender man

  • aspbergers is not mental illness-it’s a pervasive developmental disorder

    • It is a mental illness

    • no, it’s not. you really should educate yourself. some people on the spectrum (from aspbergers to autism) have co-morbid conditions that are mental illnesses. but aspbergers is not. it is a disability. this is an excerpt from clinical and behavioral consultants-“Despite Asperger’s being listed in the APA’s Diagnostic manual it is not a mental illness, it cannot be caused by trauma or neglect and it cannot be cured with therapy or a change in lifestyle or attitude. Current research suggests it is not even the result of brain damage and is in fact, at least in part, genetic.”

  • The public are the enemy .. and will be treated as such .. kill enough enemy , get promoted !!

  • Y

  • Y

  • Hell no they don’t need additional training!!! ANY COP WHO DOES NEED IT SHOULD NOT BE A COP!! Plain and simple.

  • Most police departments already have training, including the one in Arizona where this happened. However, when someone attacks you with a knife, you only have a split second to make a life or death decision. I am sorry this happened, but….

    • BS. They’ve done the same thing when menaced with a leaf rake.

    • “attacks you with a knife”
      Yeah, there’s nothing else they could do like use a taser or pepperspray…

  • oh so sad, made me weep, as I have a granddaughter who has Aspergers Syndrome

  • ‘I was in fear for my life’ is not a get out of jail free card for police and governments and court systems need to stop this before everyone is dead! The woman wasn’t that big and 2 police officers couldn’t handle her so now she’s dead. If you ask, the public doesn’t trust the police anymore. I have a child with what we believe could be this same disease. He’s 8 and it scares the shit out of me that this could happen to him one day because police are not trained to handle mental illness cases without using deadly force. It’s a shame, and no one will be brought to justice for this!

  • Danilyn Pickering

  • Sorry girls but I have to use this term…….The cops…..Pussy’s behind a badge…..

  • Why

  • Illuminati!!!!!

  • OBAMA!!!!!!!

  • Police seem a little trigger happy sometimes. That being said, they come up against some bizarre and dangerous situations.

  • Feared for their lives???

  • Didn’t the person who made the call said it was a suicidal woman. Couldn’t have they treated the situation differently, and call the family , a department psychiatrist to help her, or use a tazer instead of shooting her. It really bothers and aggravates me when the only solution was to shoot! How many officers and how big were they that there only option was to shoot to kill! Sending prayers for her family and friends for strength, support, calmness and peace for the lost of their love one.

  • That’s just fucken sad

  • Kimberlee Sue looks like I need a dog.

  • seems like all they teach cops to do anymore is shoot. disgusting. there are so many ways to take someone down without fucking shooting them.

  • What an injustice! Another One!!! Pathetic

  • Ummmm, really shoot to kill!…..wow…….I guess that all they train for, FUCK THE POLICE!……

  • Fucking sad!!

  • Very sad, no need to shoot her. Thoughts and prayers to the family

  • HE was a trans man, and his name was Kayden. Please stop calling him a woman.

  • Y

  • What? Really?

  • i,m really starting to hate police!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • So sad

  • I’m getting way too weary of seeing this. It’s just too much. Is it honestly time for the “Bogota solution”?

  • Time to end corrupt law enforcement and this INJUSTICE system that protects these murderers. It’s not gonna happen if we say pretty please.

  • You know you read the cop reports and you know it’s lies, they all have the same makeup, “They were lunged at, the car came straight at us, he/she was aggressive towards me, every cop reports are alike when someone is “murdered” You know it’s bullshit when you read it, I know it’s bullshit when I read it, not only can we not trust police, we cant trust the legal system, all are in bed together, for this much utter fucking bullshit to continue, could only continue from the very top, and shit rolls down hill.

  • What? ?

  • I think it’s time to disarm the police.

  • This person was also a Trans man so the headline is wrong , this was not a woman and should be corrected to properly gender him.

  • Ebony remember this video? Sad..

  • It is time that the police are held accountable for murder which is what this was. Every time they murder someone they claim they felt their lives were threatened and nothing is done. By “their” definition it was justifiable…by everyone elses its was NOT. They are coward and killers.

  • let see now if i get this right..”i was in fear of my life”

  • Apparently the fact she cane after the cops with a knife makes no difference. . . .

  • Additional training isn’t worth squat if they are not going to follow policy and then be backed up by their departments

  • Kline Maverick Whitley

  • What the fuck is wrong with American police!!?? Those men should have their dicks ripped off by the dog

  • Janelle Fletcher wasn’t this lady abusive towards people and her dog?

    • Yep she was the one that was making threats against everyone saying she had a gun and was going to kill them etc. The staged service dog video and all that jazz

  • It’s time to speak up. We need to flood cal the DA’s office of Mesa and demand murder charges be brought against these officers

  • Aren’t they such nice guys

  • There’s another side to this story. Read the comments on The Mighty FB page. Here is a cut and paste of one. “See people never get the whole story. While she didn’t deserve to die, this women was horrible. In the service dog world she harassed, threatened and attacked other handlers. Her “service dog” was very aggressive and killed another dog owned by her family. That video of her dog calming her down, before it was edited it showed her punching her dog, she also later admitted it was %100 staged . She used to have other videos up to showing her smacking her dog and yanking it around. And also of it being very aggressive towards dogs and young children in public.
    She seemed to take pleasure in and threatening other service dog handlers online. She even found out several people’s home addresses. She would verbally harass and threaten those who’s addresses she could travel to

    People were actually scared for their lives.
    She also admitted she wasn’t autistic more then once. Being autistic myself I knew her behavior was not autistic behavior. She was manipulative and cruel. More then likely a narcissist.
    Yes she needed help, she needed serious help. More serious then most people have heard of her can imagine. ” Read more at The Mighty page on FB.

  • That is what they do a lot lately – shooting people ! It needs to stop!

  • Why not fund a unit specifically trained to deal with the mentally ill or socially handicapped?

    Normal police units are already required to deal with every kind of violence thrown at them short of war, and some departments already seek individuals with lower than average IQs to wear a badge and firearm.

  • I just say swap out all their guns with tazers… That will solve the problem… Only send ARMED officers to ACTUAL shootout calls… “omg omg he is shooting!! he has a gun!!!” <--- this call should be responded to with ARMED gun wielding officers... "help my mentally ill friend has a knife and she may hurt herself!!! please hurry" <----- this should be responded to with TAZERS or even STICKS!!! Bat her over the head a few times or use a riot shield to knock her down then cuff her and take her to HOSPITAL!!! Not shoot her SEVEN times!!!! Even just ONE shot in the air would have made her drop to the ground in absolute panic!!! Fuck sake it was a knife!!!! You could have wrestled it off her in no time!!! Scared of a little cut and bruise that's why.... CUNTS

  • Well thats fucked…Never answer the door to police

  • Horrible!

  • Rhea Santos fuck baby

  • it is not so much as training as it is drug test because that will get rid of half of the bad apples cause it needs to be done, if walmart have you to take one then fire dept and cops to need to be random

  • Wow. So very sad.

  • PUNK FUCKING COPS!! Where was the mace, tazer, riot shield, dog!!! I live here in mesa az Fucking cops here shoot first ask questions later!!

  • Another pos cop killing innocent people. Fuck you all with every drop of blood in my body.

  • How about we stop sending police for these calls and get mental health professionals instead? I’m tired of this shit.

  • Sad stuff #BS

  • Those PIGS NEED bullets in their craniums!!

  • your policemen are fuck, nothing else. fb gets flooded with your shitty fuck police in the land of the free (of rights, just guns). it is disgusting overall. you us americans are really fucks, sorry bro

  • That is so sad someone needs to police to police

  • When will communities finally SHOOT BACK ??

  • This is horrible.

  • Just give them more drugs

  • No tazer? Don’t cops use these anymore?

  • I also think it is important for communities to stop depending on the police to be mental health workers, and start providing enough of the appropriate services prescribing, therapy, case management, peer support.., so that when officers come into contact with individuals that are in crisis, there is a safe comprehensive mental health agency that can support people safely through the crisis.

  • That’s horrific!

  • They should be charged.

  • This is so sad! 🙁

  • You gotta be fucking kidding me

  • Tragic

  • Well… they prevented her from killing herself, right? Well done.

  • Rest in peace dear one :'(

  • I’m so disgusted!! When the fuck is enough going to be enough? American police are the biggest joke to other countries..An it so sad that ppl actually support these scumbags no matter the situation..

  • Pretty sure that HE was a transman so please stop misgendering and dead-naming him

  • Everybody seems to think police officers are super humans. Should they just get stabbed instead? No. If somebody is running at you with a knife you take them down.

    • How is it that I have never heard of the millions of people besides police who have to deal with the mentally ill at work having to kill a mentally ill person to save their life? Why are people in the mental health industry so much more talented at dealing with such situations than police who kill hundreds every year?

    • Watch this uk cops dealing with knife/machete wealing attackers without guns.
      The US cops watching the videos were shocked that the uk cops didn’t just shoot

  • never call the cops.of coarse if you want to die then call the cops.never will you get help from the .

  • Thank you for reporting this

  • If the cops get away with this, I say riots SHOULD happen.

  • I hope all of you idiots are in the next terrorist attack.

  • Please Jesus let this be fake!! Ugh!!! This horrible!!

  • SAD!

  • No fucking way

  • disgusting

  • protect and serve,my arse!

  • HE was murdered. He is a MAN for Christ sake!!! An innocent transman and you just smear this dirt on him and misgender him after he’s been murdered? Using his deadname? Do you think that’s giving him any justice? It’s not! Yeah, well fucking done. This is a disgusting piece of transphobia and you, the admins, best step correct before you put yourself in the same shoes as these transphobic police officers and journalists. Absolutely disgraceful. Get woke. This literally makes me feel sick.

    • Woah calm the fuck down buddy. Instead of flipping the fuck out like a child throwing a tantrum why don’t you put on your grown up pants and act like an adult when speaking to others? Instead of flying off the handle like the batshit crazy this makes you seem like why not politely inform them of the error they made? Im faaar from transphobic but if I had assholes like you commenting on something I wrote in such a rude manner I’d leave it as is just out of spite.

    • Nice tone policing ?

    • And if you’d leave it out of spite then you’re a pretty disappointing person hah

    • Actually I just reread through what I said and I wasn’t even aggressive so if you’re getting all butt-hurt there must be something you connect with. You’re on the defence for a reason obviously.

    • “I’m far from transphobic, but….” = TRANSPHOBIC.

    • No joke, Katie Dirnbauer! Those kind of statements aren’t even surprising to me these days. I’m not -insert prejudice against marginalised group of people- BUT! Always a ‘but’, hey?
      It’s laughable, but still draining.

  • (Y)

  • Just get rid of the Morons….

  • The police really need training on de-escalating the situation. Especially with people whom have mental illnesses and suicidal ideations. There was no reason this tragedy ended like this.

  • I wonder how many people a year are killed by cops… It’s sadistic almost like they enjoy hurting people

  • Its not just the police that need the training…..too often not even the most personal caregivers know how to calm down the most fragile of their family members……ABA is not a medically insurable form of therapy but should be. Lets start there and see if we can figure out how to make this change.

  • I’m crying right now. I didn’t know him but I saw the love his dog showed him and how much it helped him and it was beautiful. I’m so sad his life had to end this way, and I hope his sweet dog can help others. I’m so tired of seeing a lack of training for the police on how to handle people who are mentally ill. I wish they could know what it’s like to struggle with mental health, because it can be very difficult and the mentally ill deserve so much more compassion. *edited* just saw he was transgender and wanted to fix my comment to reflect that

  • Let’s get body cameras on every cop. They don’t like taking responsibility for their actions. Obviously.

  • This person’s name is Kayden Clarke. He is a transgender MAN, not a woman. Please update your article to respect his gender identity. https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/trans-man-aspergers-shot-dead-police-media-misgenders-amy-walker

  • You gotta be fucking kidding me!!!! Wtf just when I thought the pigs couldn’t surprise me.. They do!!! Pig fuckers!!!

  • Man or Woman it does not matter they could of handled it betterthan this

  • He was a trans man, not a woman

  • If you live in Arizona, you know how all the law enforcement is in Maricopa County. This was Mesa PD, in Maricopa county. I.e. the self proclaimed toughest sheriff in America Joe Aripio. His influence is huge, so is his legal fees, 42 million to tax payers since he took office. Definitely a police state. Shoot first and make up a story later. Sad

  • They couldnt back up? fucking cowards!

  • Guess the dog didnt work….

  • “Update: After this story broke, it was brought to our attention that Danielle Jacobs was transgender. Danielle identified as a man named Kayden Clark. We apologize for being unaware of this.” Mentally Ill says it all! pffft

  • People need to stop calling the police on mentally ill individuals. If you need assistance and first can’t handle it yourself, request EMT’s for a MEDICAL emergency. Too many times when the cops show up, some innocent, helpless person dies.

  • omg this is so sad stuff like this makes me hate police and their tactics omg what happened to compassion and empathy omg i am so confused about this this breaks my heart….

  • someone publicly execute that cop

  • That’s so sad

  • He’s a man. Stop misgendering him. Let him rest in peace.

  • No way!!!!

  • Glad a don’t live over there !Every day the police are killing people. You guys need to change ya policing methods. Horrible!

  • WTF. This is seriously fucked up. Ironically we pay them. So if your wrongfully shot by police… You paid for the gun and the bullet. You paid your killers salary and pension. Maybe a college fund. Damn murder inc. profitable prison systems. Free country and yet the largest prison population.

  • Hope the cops gets karma

  • This is bull shit the cops should have handled it with out killing her

  • this was a transgender man. stop misgendering and deadnaming him.

  • The police will wipe off everyone on this planet, people are more afraid of the police than anything else.

  • Yup, Archimedes was also KILLED by a PSYCHOTICALLY VIOLENT CRIMINAL, ENFORCING the POWER of a CRIMINAL EMPIRE who NEVER created ONE SINGLE USEFUL BENEFIT for humanity in his entire life.


  • This sickens me! I do wanna say there are good cops out there. However it seems they are far outweighed by the bad cops. Never give a gun to a coward, theyll shoot ya everytime! So many punk, cowardly, egotistical, pricks with badges and guns, too many to try n count.
    This poor desperate girl! Shame on her “friend” for not comin to her rescue at the first slight hint of suicide. Hopefully her family can find a way to morn and Honor her in a positive way. Im sad for her Rotty, he will grieve the most all, I pray this didn’t happen in his sight, probably not or he’d most likely be dead too!!

  • I think the police should have to go through special needs classes, so they don’t just keep killing the mentally ill, or tazering them till they pee themselves or die……

  • Like so many of yall are sayin, DO NOT CALL THE POLICE IN A SITUATION LIKE THIS!!! call e.m.s. and family/friends

  • Yes! Triple yes!

  • Aspergers is not a mental illness….its a neurological disorder…and if the police need éxtra’ training to learn how to be respectful and manage challenging situations, then we all need help !

  • Shannon Noll

  • That is just heartbreaking ! Do they not learn to back off ~ a trained care worker would have made sure they situated themselves with a safe exit should a distressed person appear aggressive (and where I live no one carries arms!).

  • Lord have mercy.i really wish cops would back up,take a deep breath,and want to help people instead of shooting and killing them.our cops are rogue at the moment and it needs to stop.i will pray for the family and pray for once justice is done and those cops no longer are cops.

  • Seokmin Oh

  • HE, his name was Kayden. He identified as male. Please don’t allow the media to erase HIS identity.
    Autism is not a mental illness either, a lot of us struggle with Depression, but his own family refused to acknowledge him as male, which could have attributed to his suicidal ideologies. But autism is NOT a mental illness.

    RIP Kayden. We here in the Autism Community are mourning you. I wish you could have reached out to one of your fellow Auties.

    • Yes. It was just recently brought to my attention that the media has been misgendering him.

  • Y

  • Gins Bellamy

  • Shameful, utterly shameful.

  • Do you think you can CHANGE THE HEADLINE? How about go back and properly change from female pronouns to male?
    His name was Kayden. That crappy little correction at the end of the article is not any real effort. It is just lazy.

  • Omfg!


  • actually HE was a Trans MAN …

  • The killer cops strike again. As long as they are allowed to get away with this it will never end. We have got to do something to stop these assassins who are killing people for fun

  • its time to DEMAND accountability

  • Fucking American cops are just trigger happy dirty corrupt bastards,,it’s the so called president of the USA,he allows this to happen and does nothing but sit back and cuddles up to his husband Michael,,

  • He wasn’t a she.

  • I hope all crooked cops get justice served on them by the people because we are there boss not big corporate!!! They hire these armed thugs true criminals..

  • Takes 3,5 years basic traning to be a cop in Nordic countries. How long does it take in USA? Pleasi, answer, someone, I’ve been asking this before, without response.

  • I’ve been warning people, these blood thirsty cowards would be coming to white neighborhoods soon. When they get used to killing, they kill for no good purpose. This is a direct result of giving Police absolute power. When they kill Blacks, the Grand Juries let them off. Now they feel invincible and can’t be touched. Now they will not only kill minorities for no good reason, they’re going to kill you white people too. Let’s see if you keep denying systemic murder when you die. Absolute power, corrupts absolutely.

  • In case anyone would like to help the family with funeral expenses:


  • What the very fuck!

  • Benjamin Blasdall

  • What!? Wow. The article broke my heart. Wow. Just wow.

  • A new way of stopping someone from committing suicide – shoot them dead. We need to educate our PD, the answer is NOT always 9mm

  • Y

  • Follow this page, there’s some good stuff being put out

  • there is wayyyyyyyyyy more to this story, she was very abusive and violent, she actually hurt and killed a few dogs, and hurt people too, the video was edit to not see how many times she punched that poor furbaby…. i need to find the alternate story….. she seemed to be a gosh darn faker menace…..

  • Police depts all over country turned into a bunch of pussies. Afraid of every little thing.

  • Boo hoo, they felt threatened , ah bless !!

  • He is a transgender man named Kayden! Please, he’s already been killed for no reason, don’t insult him further by misgendering him.

  • The article doesn’t say where her dog was that evening.

  • With current events I would say the all police need retraining to remember they are there to protect the public! Not slaughter them!

  • <3 :(

  • Shoot first, ask lata.
    This seems the policy of the American police.
    Y cudnt they back away & try talk the situation down, or use non lethal force.
    It’s a sad state of affairs that so many die at the hands of guns.
    Now is the time to ban guns.

  • I thought police always had flashlights!! Uh it was dark, she had somehting in her hand.. BS!!!

  • Man. He was a transgendered man, misgendered after being murdered.

  • Come on man! Damn it i just saw the video a couple days ago… Please this can’t be true….

  • My son has the same disorder. I keep warning him when he uses his illness as an excuse for certain behaviors( behaviors not related to the illness) that the authorities will not give him a double standard or separate rules. They will taze, shoot, or spray you at the discretion of their own hostility. I find it very sad I have to give this warning to a 13 yr old boy.

  • Why not? The US is the asshole of the world.

  • Definitely!!!

  • Kyanna Dagdagan 🙁

  • Have you seen this video Zoë Ann ❤️

    • Oh my goodness ?? that shit her dead ??

    • Oh god I only meant the video with the dog! !Didn’t see the article that she’d been shot dead ??

    • Leah Brown crazy isn’t it!! I hope it’s not true ? the video is fab xxx

  • Once again, they feel threatened for 2 seconds and shoot 10 shots. Guess what,that’s part of the job! Being in the line of fire and having the gutts to hang in there.. I feel threatened for my life sometimes, don’t mean I murder them instantly.

  • Christina morawshi you are definitely an asshole a little respect is always in order

  • Absolutely heartbroken!

  • I can’t find the words for this. How very sad.

  • Cops aren’t properly trained, so when the shit hits the fan…they immediately resort to violence. Aka deadly force….train the damn police!

  • Man*

  • JUSTIFIED IF U ATTACK A POLICE OFFICER WITH A KNIFE AND HAVE A LONG VIOLENT HISTORY…. AND ASKED FOR SUICIDE BY POLICE…. HE /SHE WAS CRAZZZYYYY http://heavy.com/news/2016/02/danielle-jacobs-woman-mesa-arizona-aspergers-syndrome-sufferer-shooting-shot-by-police-video/


  • Betzaida-Travis StPierre

  • That’s absolutely terrible

  • Living in the UK, this amazes me. There is something badly wrong somewhere.

  • I fear as my son gets older this will happen to him. He is nonverbal, aggressive, and self injurious…i would kill a cop if they killed my son

  • This is terrible and these disgusting cops need to go to jail!

  • I’m the police -let me prevent you from committing suicide by killing you first! No one kills themselves when I am around!

  • Well America what does it take the police are out of control. Blacks have been telling you this all along now they are into killing mentally ill people. A 5th grader knows there has to be a better way. Until mr. reagan closed all the mental health hospitals we would send them who were trained to help the mentally ill. Well Repugs you have done it again. Wait until its your family then the worm will turn.

  • IT’S A HE. He was a transman.

  • Just think for one minute what is happening today around the World…Cast your mind back to Nazi Germany and you will realise the New World Order has dusted the War machine off and restarted it up..Go and visit Denver Airport and look around at the dark paintings it shows you what they have planned in the World.

  • Shoot. A. Leg. Pussies.

  • Carnt believe this. Yet again. Cops kill and fuk all will be done


  • So if you shoot a police dog its bad, but if they shoot yours it is because they feared for their lives and had no other choice? Does this make any logical sense to anyone?

  • When will this genocide be stopped.

  • Good Fucking Grief!!! “To Serve & Protect”, indeed. Just a bunch of trigger-happy Dickheads who can’t wait to try out their “Toys” on the people they’re supposed to look out for.

  • yah this is so sad and alarming.

  • Police have to much Authority

  • It is time … ??? It’s LONG over time

  • DO NOT CALL THE POLICE ON MENTALLY ILL FRIENDS AND FAMILY. They don’t know how to handle them. Call the crisis line. So sad.

  • Please correct the title to “man” because the person in the video is not a woman. He is a transman

  • The police did not know who she was or what was going on. They were responding to a call in which a female subject had a weapon. One officer was headed to the vehicle to retrieve a less than less lethal weapon. In that moment the other officer pulled the trigger on his firearm. While both officers did have tasers. There needs to be an investigation into the shooting and the officer that pulled the trigger. Sad story but don’t talk shit about either side until you know what actually happened

  • Should have used a taser

  • Zebley

  • Here is a more accurate article on him as he was a transgender man http://planettransgender.com/trans-man-with-aspergers-shot-dead-by-police-media-misgenders-deadnames/

  • Johanna Donovan sad history:(

  • I been trying to tell you pacifist pansies …..if you don’t kill them, they will continue to kill you. Wake up!

  • thats crazy i tried telling everybody cops shoot white people to!

  • Oh how absolutely awful 🙁

  • What a tragedy!!! My child has Aspergers. No one knows the turmoil of having to live with this. It breaks my heart to hear that the cops don’t know how to deal with these issues!!! I am disgusted by way things continue to be handled. Shoot first, ask questions later?

  • I totally feel for the article.. but they are not mentally ill … that is an erroneous description….

  • Very sad

  • I am a disabled man and I have been trained by police how to disarm people with knives and even guns in some cases, and I would have disarmed her without even being physical. The first problem here is they should have brought a social worker to talk her into dropping the knife. Cops just aren’t psych savvy. To a hammer everything looks like nails. In this case the cops knew her and was familiar with her, they should have called a MSW, or psycho therapist to join in, remember this is a suicide call not a kidnapping or hostile situation. This is another of several homicidal failed attempts by police to help a victim in need of a social worker. The government is fucking crazy, they keep doing the same shit over and over expecting different results, and always fail fixing the problem instead of doing the most obvious things to change the outcomes. What a disgrace!


  • Yes

  • He was a transgender man with Aspergers, not a woman.


  • He wasn’t a woman.

  • Omg, wtf…

  • Teddy Garcia Jr.

  • Tragic, and much furtherly so when none of the media outlets want to acknowledge that ‘she’ was a ‘he’.

  • I can’t believe this

  • Call Jesse Ventura

  • Jacob
    O boy

  • Isn’t that why they have tazers!?

  • Killing special needs people??. ..i cant f’n wait for the revolution. ..were tear shit apart…starting with pussys who kill special needs people. ..

  • I hope who ever shot her die a very painful death!

  • I’m drawn on this one. The woman was an internet bully banned from most service dog groups on fb for hate speech and threatening people with guns. She was one of my bullies. But I’m also not a fan of cops. She talked about suicide by cop on her YouTube and in private conversations. People need to stop making her a marter. She was an internet bully who forced another to take her life for her. There are so many of us she tortured. I just wish the general public would listen to our voice.

  • Im from where this happened. The worst part one officer who shot has been trained to deal with special needs. Fucking sad

  • he was a trans man, please don’t mispronoun the dead



  • Bill Wingard

    Your idea will only work if the police give a damn, and they too obviously don’t care about anyone but themselves

  • Jamie Connolly

    why is my previous comment missing?

  • Jamie Connolly

    honest mistake. no need to apologize for misidentifying the gender of the victim. Instead they should apologize for not reporting objectively and writing such an obviously opinionated article under the ruse of being news without all the fact and for fear mongering. A little transparency could go a long way with the more informed public.
    The truth of the matter is that we don’t know, and probably will never know, what really transpired.
    It is entirely possible that the officers had no choice in the matter. Although it is apparent that this kind of thing happens entirely too often for deadly force to be justified every time. And all we have to go on is the officer’s word in these situations. We need to come up with a way to be able to know the truth of these situations to be able to honestly hold the officers accountable for their actions. Wearing cameras could be a good start.
    In any case, that’s the issue. This is not an isolated incident and is something that needs to addressed. We shouldn’t make a martyr out of someone who could very well have killed with justification.
    I wish real news outlets would learn to report honestly so that so much of the public wouldn’t feel like they needed to give credence to these less than stellar alternative ‘news’ sources.

  • Doug

    This woman’s behavior in the video makes me think she might have had Tourette’s. It looks like she can’t help hitting herself. Sad to see her suffer through that and then be subject to domestic terrorism.

    Edit: I personally know someone who struggled with the uncontrollable urge to hurt herself as a direct symptom of her Tourette’s syndrome

    • Jennifer R.

      They are often coexisting – Tourette’s and autism spectrum disorder

  • Wendy Colby

    If you love your family STOP CALLING POLICE FOR HELP.Over and over they shoot and kill suicidal and mentally challenged people just because they ‘Fear for their lives” over knives held by people planning on using on themselves,lighters and vapes,anything shiny, anything dark,anything in a hand,anything within reach of a hand….Stop calling them.

  • Butch Taylor

    This makes me wonder how many low life cowards there are lurking among us aspiring to be cops.

  • Declan Booth

    In Britain it would’ve been mostly talking and an attempt as disarming, possibly calling for a paramedic too

    They also would’ve tried to find the light switch and turn the lights on.