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Woman Calls Non-Emergency Hotline for Suicidal Boyfriend, Cops Show Up with AR-15s, Kill Him


St. Augustine, FL — Justin Way had been alcohol-free for five weeks. He was doing well, but then slipped off the wagon on May 11, leading to an intoxicated evening with suicidal thoughts.

“He just lost his job, and he had a setback,” said his father, George Way.

According to the Daily Beast, 

Way’s live-in girlfriend, Kaitlyn Christine Lyons, said she’d caught Justin drinking a bottle of vodka, which she took away from him to pour out. She said he was drunk, lying in their bed with a large knife, saying he would hurt himself with it. She called a non-emergency number in an attempt to get her boyfriend to a local St. Augustine, Florida, hospital for help—and told them she did not feel threatened.

Lyons explained to the Beast that her brother had been “Baker Acted” three times for threatening to hurt himself, so she assumed that is what would happen with Way. Florida’s Baker Act allows for the involuntary institutionalization of people who may present a threat to themselves or others. Police officers in Florida can be the ones to carry it out.

However, just minutes after Lyons would end her call with the non-emergency hotline, two officers from the St. Johns County Sheriff’s department would show up. They were apparently not interested in Baker Acting anyone.

Deputies Jonas Carballosa and Kyle Braig showed up with assault rifles in hand and told Lyons to wait outside while they attended to the man in crisis.

“I thought they were going into war,” Lyons told the Daily Beast. Seconds later Way was dead.

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According to the Daily Beast:

George Way said the initial report he received from Det. Mike Smith detailed an incident wherein his officers said they were attacked by Justin with a knife. Way said Smith told him Justin had threatened Kaitlyn. Kaitlyn denies this.

Denise Way, Justin’s mom, said that the detective relayed to her that “they told Justin to drop the knife and he didn’t—so they shot him because that’s what we do.”

Denise said Smith then told her about “this new trend in law-enforcement now—it’s called suicide by cop.” She said Smith explained “suicide by cop” is when suicidal people provoke the police in an effort to end their own lives.

The department implying that Way chose to end his life through “suicide by cop” is asinine. He never called the cops, and his girlfriend called a non-emergency number.

According to the family, there was no blood on the walls nor on the floor, only in the bed. Police would not tell them where or how many times Justin Way was shot.

After finding a bullet in the mattress, Way’s family is convinced he was killed while still in the bed.

“If Justin was coming after them with a knife, at 6-foot-4, wouldn’t there be blood splattered all over the room?” George Way said.

The Beast asked the department if it was “standard procedure to bring assault rifles, but not mental-health professionals, to a scene where someone is suicidal.”

Commander Chuck Mulligan responded by saying, “If the deputies feel that that is the appropriate weapon system to use, then yes.”

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This is the second time in under six months that deputy Braig was involved in the killing of a man holding a knife.

According to the Beast, Way’s parents said they do not ever want to call the police again—for anything.

“I think they should come in using other things,” said Lyons. “And I think they definitely need to figure out how to handle suicidal people.”

Unfortunately for Lyons and the rest of the American population, police officers seem completely unwilling to learn how to deal with individuals who are experiencing a mental crisis.


  • Un bloody believeable

  • Shit, a nonemergency hot line. I watch a lot of old TV, those days are over. These people
    Could care about you less. This is sad.

  • Militarized police force. They are at war with all. Where’s the local mental health agency there. They can help with in person suicidal intervention. When doing an assessment on suicide risk you ask if they have access to a weapon. This isn’t a new thing. In addition males are more likely than females to commit suicide by gun. For fuck sake where is their training.

    • Cops are infected with D.G.A.F.

    • If governed society is out to protect people, why have they drastically reduced the hospital bed time allocated for mental health cases, entirely removing most of the beds/facilities for the better part of the last century, while the population explodes and we constantly cycle through soldiers?

      It isn’t out to help anyone. People need to stop believing this myth. The police kill children, innocents and the mentally ill and society doesn’t bat an eye.

    • It’s too easy to pull the trigger . Pull trigger , problem solved .

    • thats unfortunate.. we all need to stand together on this..

    • And white people speak out in the thousands in support of stopping cops from killing young black men. So yeah, this is a bit unkind. It’s WE not ME. 🙂

  • Just another excuse from the script they use to execute citizens.

  • Never call the cops for anything ever. Find a drug dealer or ex-con, you will be treated better.

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  • Wow….

  • Nothing is going to change. The masses are in denial. We are fucked.

    • The sheep have nothing to fear. I mean innocent.

    • Denial is only a phase Jaden. Just wait until the masses hit ‘anger’. Then you’ll see the S-H-T-F.

  • They think they are storm troopers.

  • What was the angle of entry of the wound. This will tell us what position he was in when shot. It’s very suspect that there wasn’t a splatter pattern and it went through the mattress. Or are we to guess that he stood, kept the mattress on his back while standing and acted in a manner that warrented lethal force?

  • 2 people with knives by the same cop within such a short time frame??? Sounds a bit off to me. I don’t think that is how things went down myself.

  • Police assisted suicide, very popular in Utah…..

  • well he wanted to be dead

  • I swear, it very seriously seems like it’s become policy to eliminate as many “undesirables” as possible. It’s evident that they show up ready to execute rather than to assist or arrest someone. Cops have become paid assassins. They seem intent on killing rather than investigating. Who brings an assault rifle to a knife fight? Not that it was a fight, but you know what I mean.

  • Call 911 and die!

  • That’s because they are just as sick with PTSD…and we, the public suffer from it.

  • Well, at least the officers were able to stop him from committing suicide

  • Beats having to do it yourself

  • I have a junkie cousin who likes to get spun, and lock himself in the bathroom threatening to kill himself all the time. The world would be a better place.

  • I wonder if the peope that gave a thumbs up realize that when this is run for data, it will come out as approving of the cops bumping off people?

  • Don’t forget he was drunk and had a knife

  • The Free Thought Project.com, this isn’t a mistake. It’s eugenics. Non-whites and the mentally ill. And we have a messy history of it. Why do you think we have pulled all the hospital bed-time, and most of the dedicated beds and facilities for the better part of a century, as the population has exploded?

    The Art of Not Being Governed, why not write an article about how social services don’t even get properly rendered to those who need them most, in this supposed safety net that is governed society?

  • No more GED cops

  • This is horrible. Many facilities are at capacity and treatment options dried up and not available for the mentally ill. “Some People” I guess don’t think “some people” are worthy of treatment, but the lack of treatment and places to go creates a crisis for all. I agree more education needs to happen.

  • Sheep trust cops.
    Sheep call cops.
    Sheep killed by cops.

    Sheep are stupid.

  • This has got to stop.this man was not right.but he didn’t have to die because he was different.nothing wrong with it.they should be charged with a crime….frfr

  • “That’s what we do,” said every cop.

  • Oh yes the now standard American police response to anything and sometimes even nothing … kill kill kill ….

  • he wanted to die…cops helped him.who says cops dont help you ???????

  • Teach him to try and break the law suicide is illegal

  • When you’re trained to be a hammer, all you see are nails.

  • Life lesson: Buy a gun, learn how to use it, never call the cops.

  • Don’t keep calling the cops for help w family!!

  • Not Cops. PIGS!

  • This is very depressing.


  • euthanasia for a guy wearing a tie

  • Police aren’t your friend, the government is not your friend

  • This will never change until the police system is completely rehauled, they are all held personally accountable (stop using taxpayer money to cover up when they fuck up), and they are required to wear and use body cameras at all times. Until and unless this happens, this will continue to keep happening. To everyone. Until we are completely under the command of the police and there is no liberty anymore.

  • What the crazy guy at the movie theatre that killed all the innocent people. You guys preach hate.

  • That Policy came from the Commander in Chief

  • Why, why, WHY are cops in America so poorly trained in dealing with a person displaying or has mental health issues? What is the point of providing cops with tasers and other non-lethal weapons if they don’t use them? And a lot of situations like this show that the person was shot within the first 15 minutes of the cops arriving to the scene. What happened to talking the person down rather than immediate escalation to gun use?

    • They are not poorly trained. They are trained killers, they are doing great!

  • It’s getting more and more ridiculous by the day. Acab

  • they dont have the mindset for this sort of thing

  • That is too much fire power for any police force and the military gear has got to go. They are not military. If they want to play soldier boy or marine, they can go enlist and fight IS in Iraq. They are probably illiterate and dont know the difference between suicidal and homicidal. Before anyone criticizes me and tell me to join the police force, I am not a wanna be. I served in the real military.

  • never call police. Do I need to repeat that?

  • Should have left the guy alone with his vodka and talked to him the next day. Probably would have went to sleep and cops wouldn’t have been needed

  • Why did the cop shot him? They are for that didn’t had to happen my my these cop just can’t get it together.

  • It’s not that they’re unwilling to learn. It’s not what they’re expected to do in their jobs. We shifted all of the mental health and education money to weapons, war and prison construction decades ago. The police are being used by our government as a means to uphold their part of the bargain they made when they sold their souls to the corporate bazillionaire masters. The masters get nearly all of money, the lawmakers get unbridled power, and the rest of us get thrown just enough bones to keep us complacent and distracted. Gosh, that sounds awfully familiar, doesn’t it?

    • That’s the best analysis of the fucked up world we live in in a nutshell.

  • Are they all on Prozec or Cociane

  • I heard this ..unreal !

  • If only we had more gunS this would never have happened .

  • DON”T call the police..its as simple as that. Learn to protect yourself and your families. Quit being weak snitches and rats and snivelers.

  • Daniel Mathers David Kirchwehm die polizei in den USA ist echt nicht mehr normal…

  • American police officers seem unable to do much of anything without firing a gun. Reminds me of the Texas Ranger Congress asked what HE would have done at WACO. He said he didn’t know, but he might have just gone up and knocked on the door.

  • What were they thinking? “Emergency call, man trying to commit suicide, he probably too dumm to do it, let’s go help him kill himself”?

  • Stop calling them. Try praying to GOD instead!

  • Never call police; never talk to police; never trust police etc.,etc…

  • people complaining that the cops did his job for him. If he wanted to die, he would of done it, the fact that he phoned a helpline means he was crying for help. Taser could of easily defused this with a matter of seconds, but yet it’s murica so doesn’t surprise me.

  • Is this true? How can a cop kill an innocent. They are trained to protect.

  • hahahaaaa boys and their toys,when will they wake up and play nice

  • This is disgusting!!! Serve and protect !!! Serve you with bullets or summons !!! And protect their own asses !!!! These cops deserve a raise !!!! And new weapons … Why didn’t they shoot the girl who called 911 ?? And leave no witnesses??? Then they would have nothing to report!!!!

  • They should have sent better trained cops.

  • The “police” are the very LAST people I would call for anything!!!

  • pigs are cowards !!!

  • Well I have all this S H. t on I’ve got to use right?

  • oink oink!!!!

  • ~FTP It is no coincidence that the Free Thought Project has the same abbreviation as a popular rap song by NWA
    That’s why I love you.

  • Police are so helpful!

  • I guess they figure if you’re prepared to kill yourself, you’re also prepared to kill them. Nothing new, but unfortunate that he is yet another victim.

  • Trigger Happy Idiots

  • was the guy armed probably not shall i say it again out of control