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Time to Pay Attention — In the Last 48 Hours, Humanity Just Moved to the Brink of World War

Months of disquieting and needless escalation between the United States and Russia over Syria and the Asia-Pacific theater quickened feverishly to near outright hostility over the past 48 hours, and — considering semantics from both ends suggestive of antebellum blame-casting — it’s past time to pay attention.

Indeed, though a few analysts still dismissively liken the tensions to so much blustery rhetoric, a growing number contend obstinate U.S. posturing about Russian aggression hasn’t been taken so lightly by President Vladimir Putin and his rapidly amassing allies.

Additionally, it now seems the U.S. has backed its incessant finger-pointing with the subtle language necessary to undertake what could best, if ironically, be termed a ‘defensive first strike.’

While full-scale nuclear war might indeed be an outside possibility at this early date, the specter of full military engagement is quickly materializing on several fronts. To understand how we arrived so near this precipice, a series of events and statements over the previous month should be considered contextually with those of the last two days.

After officially accusing the Russian government on Friday of attempting to influence the presidential election by hacking into and leaking documents from the Democratic National Committee servers — which, despite fast efforts to save face, undoubtedly tarnished the reputations of party members and nominee Hillary Clinton — President Obama offered an alarming statement Tuesday giving that accusation sharp teeth.

“There are a range of responses that are available to the president and he will consider a response that is proportional,” White House spokesman Josh Earnest, quoted by Reuters, told media aboard Air Force One. “It is certainly possible that the president can choose response options that we never announce.”

Speculation on an unnamed option largely centered around some form of cyber response, given the original accusation of hacking — however, it must be noted, two years ago the Obama administration deemed hacking an act of cyberterrorism and an utmost security priority — ‘terrorism’ being of critical relevance given the ongoing war against it.

Notably, U.S. officials have previously asserted cyber attacks, in some cases, could elicit a military response.

Without unassailable proof the Russian government hacked the DNC, any putative ‘response’ by the U.S. — proportional or not, cyber-oriented or not — would inherently be an aggressive first strike. Given the dispute over definitive evidence tracing the hack to Russia, any follow-through could conceivably be considered an act of war and/or terrorism.

As such, an actual response of any nature has been posited unlikely — however, in consideration of last week’s belligerent remarks by U.S. Army Chief of Staff Gen. Mark Milley, downplaying the potential for a response could be foolhardy.

“The strategic resolve of our nation, the United States, is being challenged and our alliances tested in ways that we haven’t faced in many, many decades,” Milley told attendees of an annual meeting of the Association of the United States Army.

“I want to be clear to those who wish to do us harm … the United States military — despite all of our challenges, despite our [operational] tempo, despite everything we have been doing — we will stop you and we will beat you harder than you have ever been beaten before. Make no mistake about that.”

Milley went on to note Russia, China, North Korea, and Iran have “revised their own doctrines” and “are rapidly modernizing their military today to avoid our strengths in hopes of defeating us at some point in the future.”

Quoting an unnamed senior Russian official, Milley advised “Russia can now fight a conventional war in Europe and win.”

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Whether or not Russian military would wind up fighting in Europe could be an entirely moot issue, as NATO has been amassing thousands of troops in Eastern Europe under the premise of protecting nervous nations from possible invasion. That assemblage of troops has been cited by Russia as posing an aggressive nuclear threat  — which officials from the U.S. and its allies have laughed off as absurd.

“Across the Atlantic, we’re refreshing NATO’s nuclear playbook — to better integrate conventional and nuclear deterrence, to ensure we plan and train like we’d fight, and to deter Russia from thinking it can benefit from nuclear use in a conflict with NATO,” U.S. Defense Secretary Ash Carter stated September 29.

Russian Foreign Ministry officials responded by reiterating the perception of American aggression, as quoted by the Washington Post, “Carter’s statement means that if Russia comes under attack from U.S. allies, the Americans will be ready to back it and threaten to use their nuclear weapons against us. We would like to think that Washington understands the meaning of such statements and their possible consequences for international security and stability.”

On Tuesday, a startlingly broad ‘recommendation’ published in Znak, Russian state officials and government workers were advised to immediately pull family members from study abroad programs — or any other endeavors — in Europe to return to the motherland. Translated by Zero Hedge and cited by Znak, political analyst Stanislav Belkovsky — albeit noting the controversy of the recommendation — said, in part, “this is all part of a package of measures to prepare the elites for some ‘big war’ even if it is rather conditional …”

Also on Tuesday, Putin abruptly canceled a planned trip to Paris over the unraveling situation in Syria.

Russia also issued two altogether unambiguous admonitions last Thursday, stating continued U.S. endeavors in Syria could lead to all-out war.

“I would like to caution Washington’s colleagues to carefully consider the possible consequences of such plans,” said Russian Major General Igor Konashenkov in a statement, adding, “I remind U.S. strategists that air cover for the Russian military bases in Tartus and Hmeymim includes S-400 and S-300 anti-aircraft missile systems, the range of which may come as a surprise to any unidentified flying objects.”

Observers rightly focused on the latter portion of the previous statement as a warning to the United States that Russia would not hesitate to strike first, ask no questions later — since it would be justified in defending ally Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s troops in a sovereign nation by request.

However, the second warning — after the U.S. bombing of Assad’s troops in mid-September flared contention — constitutes, in actuality, the greater portent.

Konashenkov, as Underground Reporter noted, “made clear Russia has a number of servicemen and aid workers in several communities in Aleppo, and that ‘any strikes on territories controlled by the Syrian government will create a clear threat’ to Russian citizens.”

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Dropping all pretenses, he added, “I am warning anyone, that after the U.S.-led coalition jets bombed positions of the Syrian government forces on September 17 in Deir ez-Zor, we will take all necessary measures to prevent other American ‘mistakes’ against the Russian military or other military facilities in the territory of the Syrian Arab Republic.”

China, which had originally intimated support for Russia over the U.S. quest to oust Assad, has fomented its alliance in recent days. According to one analyst, there “is no question that there is correlation, coherence and coordination between Russia and China on the Syrian issue.”

Russia has similarly indicated it would back China over the intricate territorial dispute in the South and East China Seas, particularly in defense against meddling by the United States and its ally South Korea — who will shortly deploy the U.S.’ Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD) amid contention from both rival nations, as well as its citizenry.

Although THAAD ostensibly could only be deployed in a defensive capacity, China and Russia criticize its proximity to the Chinese border as an act of direct aggression. On Tuesday the two nations announced plans to hold their second joint anti-missiles drill in 2017. According to a nationalist outlet cited by Reuters, Chinese Major Gen. Cai Jun stated,

“The United States’ blind development of anti-missile systems that exceed demand and its search for absolute unilateral military superiority inevitably damage global strategic equilibrium and gravely harm major powers’ strategic trust.”

* * *

One article could not do justice to the multi-fronted, labyrinthine conflict as it now stands, but with the current situation described by some as more dangerous than even the Cuban Missile Crisis — which nearly drew the U.S. into the first nuclear war — it would perhaps be advisable to focus on swiftly-unfolding international news rather than exhaustively debating lesser-evilism.

As former Soviet Union leader and Nobel Prize-winner Mikhail Gorbachev cautioned Monday,

“I think the world has reached a dangerous point.”


    Clinton may be just a greedy corporate puppet and a feminazi elitist, but she will sure as hell nuke em. Trump is just an idiot and should never be in any position of responsibility. He would have us in a world war within a year.

    • Currahee101st

      Well now TOPDOG1, I guess you don’t know Jack?

      • TOPDOG1

        You sound like another know-it-all who can not tolerate another know-it-all telling them something they already know.

    • LarryB

      Clinton is the reason we are where we are today, great reasoning you have there. The days of absolute dominance by the USA are over, if there is a war… people EVERYWHERE will die. I hope that somebody has the intelligence to understand and prevent this from happening.

      • TOPDOG1

        Unplug your head from your ass and look around. War is a perpetual state. Long before Clinton. The first two humans who walked the earth made war with other. I prefer peace but if they make war on me I just want to take the bastards out.. As a psychology major I just state that it is a very foolish maneuver for any country to try to intimidate Clinton

        • Tomas Westerlund

          Well ain’t you just precious! Since you’re so majored on psychology, how about “The loudest one in the room is usually the weakest one in the room.” I’m sure you’ve heard of it.

        • TroothFairy

          Interesting reasoning. “The first two humans” doesn’t even make sense. But assuming it does, how do they make war with each other? Fucking idiot you are.

          • TOPDOG1

            Fairy ? I suppose you think you can solve world problems by giving everyone a BJ?
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          • TroothFairy

            I wish it were that simple and that sexy. 🙂 Sounds like you need some lovin.

          • Justin Lutz

            no we can solve them using our intelligence, which some of us actually possess. cause we know that not all problems need to be solved with nukes and fists. obviously youve been programmed though and are a destroyed human being

          • TOPDOG1

            You need to get your head out of your ass. You have been oxygen deprived so long you have turned stupid.

          • Zee Ali

            Lol get rekt you twat no one agrees with your stupid statements gtfout

        • Peter LaRochelle

          OK, gonna go out on a limb and say that 1: Nuclear armed nations do not go to war. They instead ‘test’ nukes to show off their power and those are detonated in their own territory, BTW, delivering radiation to the people downwind. Stupid. But nobody except for the crazy zealots in Iran are stupid enough to think that American counterstrikes would be anything but complete destruction of their cities. 2: Obama has drawn too many lines in the sand and pussied out every time. The evil axis of China and Russia will always play the anti-America theme no matter how despicable. South Korea is not next to China and they fuckin well know it. North Korea is and the tragedy of a nation with a billion people who are so chicken shit scared they tolerate the horror of North Korea as a buffer state is overwhelming. No one wants to go through North Korea and the truth is that every nation should rescue the people of North Korea from the insane prick who is laughably threatening a war without a way to feed his troops who have never seen action. Russia simply wants Syria as a warm water port. Otherwise they have limited naval strength in the winter. Meanwhile the handwringers ignore the invasion of the Crimean peninsula, giving Russia defacto control of the black sea and denying the Ukrainians their own port and fleet. Also a buffer state and one foolish enough to have given ALL of their nukes back to Russia after the Soviet Union collapsed. One nuke pointed at Moscow would have made it off limits. Frankly the one pushing war is Putin buy it will be war by proxy in second world countries. He sees a weak and frankly stupid president who has zero credibility and zero military wisdom. I would do the same thing Putin is, rebuild Soviet power while I can. If we had given jobs to Russian people instead of the Communist Chinese, democracy might have flourished there. Instead we stupidly ignored China while we frantically hunted down terrorists who didn’t have the money for another strike after bin Laden was taken down. The Chinese play long term and for keeps. They are using economic warfare, employing people who do nothing but waste your time on Craigslist to destroy productivity. I am not even kidding about this. War has a new face and the Chinese government understands the old deception game. There is no ball under the shell ? and still we play the game and sell land in the USA to Asian countries! Our people have no pride in the country and no allegiance to anything else but cash and we will be sorry for it.

    • Krina Eff

      You thinking the Russians don’t have nukes?

      • TOPDOG1

        Don’t be ridiculous The only reason they haven’t used them is because we can turn their entire nation into a radioactive wasteland. It would be an act of suicide. There are still the majority of us out here who do not wish an idiotic war but are willing to fight one..

        • Justin Lutz

          ya juat wait until they turn your country into a radioactive waste land, russia has more nukes than the states you idiot. while the states has been downgrading its nukes russia has been getting more. have fun being turned to dust you egotistical piece of trash

          • TOPDOG1

            You are the idiot.You will soon discover why.All you do is whine and complain. Cowards like you hide behind the P.C. monitor. I bet you got beat up a lot in school.

        • Micah

          It’s called mutually assured destruction, dawg. It’s a term older than you, hopefully, and all statesmen know it. It would be an act of suicide for any nation to nuke a nuclear nation. Last count, Russia had 10000 or so warheads, just south of the 13000 held by the US. Either is enough to cause total atmospheric incineration. In other words, your “nuke em” plan is ignorant of reality.

          • TOPDOG1

            True. There is no disagreement here. I am well into my sixties and have seen quite a few wars, The U.S. is presently in about one hundred and thirty-two, not counting the war on drugs.

  • bernie

    “the world has reached a dangerous point”NO!!!—-a tiny bunch of megalomaniac psychopaths at the levers of power just moved it there without our consent!

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    • unfortunately, they are the ones who will decide for us all, so yes…the world.

  • Isa Markane

    What is “The strategic resolve of our nation, the United States?”

    Meanwhile, the average American couldn’t spot Syria on a map.

    • EdWatts

      Hell, I would wager that at least five percent couldn’t find their own nation on a globe!

  • Jnr Jnr

    Don’t worry about a thing
    ‘Cause every little thing gonna be alright
    Singing’ don’t worry about a thing
    ‘Cause every little thing gonna be alright

    • Jim Burke

      Just keep smokin’ the ganja, mon, every ‘ting be alright…

      • Shahbaz Muhammad


  • today my lecturer said that we are old, advanced and mature as people on Earth, I said that we are young and probably havent hit puberty yet. The old days are gone, war is not an option. Like one wise man said ” an eye for an eye will only leave the whole world blind”

    • Justin Lutz

      it is an option for other people who control the military, however not for you because you have no deciding power unfortunately, you gave that away to a government.

      • TOPDOG1

        Speak for yourself you ass hole excuse for a troll.

        • Zee Ali

          Lmao but you’re the faggot because he’s right…. What the fuck are you gonna do about it if the president of USA decides to go to war you think you have the power to stop him you dumb fuck? No. The power lies with the govt not you moron

          • NKWrider

            You missed the part of Civics that stated the powers of the government are derived from The People. Too many people are more interested in what government can do for them rather than keep an eye on their government.

            If you got a good education, you apparently slept through that part. If you got a typical one, it was intentionally left out and you likely think the 2nd Amendment is archaic and the reason young black men die.

          • TOPDOG1

            I would have the last laugh, except this is not funny. I left the U.S. years ago. mostly because of ignorant aholes like you who over-populate this country. The sad part is that we could not spay or neuter your parents, The doctor should have slapped you mother at birth and not you.

    • Jacob Aud

      Not if the people decide not to lie, steal, kill… then an “eye for an eye” will keep people from repeating the stupid mistakes we have seen over the centuries…

    • Shahbaz Muhammad

      I think we already r blind. Bcz we dont see what really going on.

  • Dr. V

    The United States needs to pull out of Syria now and we never should have engaged our military in another country’s civil war. We don’t need to beat the Russians or Chinese to know we could take them down militarily. The US spends more on its military than both those countries and the next war would not be conventional (i.e. ground invasion) since drones and missiles do a better job of knocking out enemy strongholds, so their standing armies aren’t a factor. Kerry needs to open up the lines of communication before the situation spirals out of control.

    • TOPDOG1

      The State Department is no place for John Kelly. This person poses a greater threat to world peace than any current war. This greedy corporate puppet should never be given any position of responsibility.His blind funding of Authoritarian police states ranks him as either a war criminal himself or one of the biggest idiots in Washington.
      He should,and needs, to have a chaperone appointed to prevent him from doing irreparable damage to an already fragile world situation.
      His most recent blunder is, giving thirty-two million to Dutertes of the Philippines to condone and fund his police slaughter of thousands of its citizens,




      • badass

        John Kelly his son-in-law is Iranian muslim.

    • Zee Ali

      Exactly what the fuck. What the actual fuck does USA think they’re doing? Guys like aren’t they literally breaking international law by being in Syria like what the fuck Syria doesn’t want America there so as a sovereign nation wtf are they doing? Not to mention their allied with Russia I don’t get it so if Russia started to meddle with a NATO country would everyone be cool with that? Why is there this fucking double standard who the fuck did USA think they are?

      • foxy1421

        you asshole fucken persian, shut the fuck up, your country middles everywhere in arab land without giving shit to international law.

        • Zee Ali

          Oh so you love the fact that America is meddling with a war that literally has nothing to do with them? In doing so they’re spending billions of dollars there which comes from the pocket of every American citizen who most of which are saying wtf stop messing with other countries? I don’t get it you love getting ur money taken away for stupid unnecessary shit? It’s like going to a mall and interfering with everyone’s business unwanted. No one is going to like that and it wastes your time that you could be spending doing something else. America should focus on its internal matters first before looking outwards thinking it can run everything in the world

    • junktex

      Just because we messily outspend them on our military means very little.There is rampant corruption in this country.Look at the $trillion$ F-35 Turkey

    • Tomahawk

      Ya think? Like he handled Iran? He’d sooner open our borders. What needs to open is the exit door for this entire administration. With instructions on how to use it and where to go when they do.

  • Manachi

    So Russia hacked US. US said it would respond (most likely through cyber channels). And this article equates that to WW3 and possible full scale nuclear war. Interesting.

    • The Ragin Pagan

      Nah nah nah. “Someone” hacked the DNC, and our pundit clowns joked and blustered that it “was probably Russia.” Then some high level idiot took that way too seriously, and actually blamed Russia despite zero evidence.

  • RonThugnot

    As so often in matters relating to Amerikan imperial ambition, even a child would understand that military deployments thousands of miles from one’s own country are inherently aggressive. Blustering about Russia moving troops and missile systems to the Polish border as ‘aggression’ is laughable. The Russian troops and missiles are, after all IN RUSSIA, where they have every right and reason to be. Amerikan forces are IN POLAND, where their only reason to be is self-evidently aggression. If Canada agreed to have Russian missiles along our border with Amerika, can anyone seriously believe that this would not be treated as aggression against Amerika? If Amerika has a right to have its military in Poland, et. al., what possible right did Amerika have to threaten nuclear war when Russia armed its ally Cuba.

    • Shahbaz Muhammad

      Good point.

    • David Mart

      Absolutely spot on

  • Brett Martin Moore

    It does not matter if the group of elites are small. They have underground dooms day bunkers prepared to winter a an appocolypse. It has been their “wet dream” for years. Where do you think the US missing trillions has gone ? No one invests that sort of money and resource without the intention of using it. This world war has been long in the planning and despite the need for such being long since redundant, these psychopaths who gained power by corruption (starting with the Fed reserve system) now rule enough of the world to destroy it. Can the citizens take it back ? I want to think so but in reality I think their programs are far to advanced and have almost reached their conclusion. The situation has crossed a tipping point. These people do not hesitate not only to kill “people” but kill entire nations. They create terror groups that would pose an existential threat because they have every intention of nuking these groups along with the rest of the world. Unless you live on the Falkland islands, the far tips of South Africa or South America etc, the radioactive nuclear winter is coming to a town near you. Cancer will be the norm for the few survivors. This is what science fiction writers have written about for years. It is fantastic material for fiction but now like everything else fiction writers dream up, it has become reality. Can humanity save itself ? Well – to answer that, answer this question: What happened to all the civilizations that came before this one ? They were far more advanced than us. So much so they fall under the banner of “Ancient astronaut theory”. Mars is torn apart by weapons signature damage. And if someone could do that ? they were far more advanced than we were. So our technology and our current level of advancement is worthless. This comes down to our humanity. Will we save ourselves and the reality is: No.

    • goober

      That’s why it’s time to take out as many guilty poiticians as possible

      • Shahbaz Muhammad

        The problem is not politicians. We all r problem. We never care about things which really matter, we ignorant. Even now if we all stay together no one could fck us like they gona do now.

      • sabelmouse

        politicians are only the minions, they come and go.

    • junktex

      Some truth there.I noted that much of Mars’ landscape looks postapocalyptic.

      • Ryan Tracey

        Duly noted!!!!

    • EdWatts

      “Nuclear winter” has been debunked; the “fallout” particles which were thought to have blocked the sun’s radiance from the Earth’s surface for several months or years have been shown to “rain out” in a few weeks. Yes, there will be residual radiation, but the “hottest” stuff will quickly decay to low levels; higher levels of initial radioactivity lead to much shorter half-lives.

      Although I hope that we don’t end up throwing nuclear weapons at one another, history, along with Scripture, does not bode well for our future. Earth was cleansed with water a long time ago, and God said that He would not do that again. On the other hand, He DID say that He will once again cleanse the Earth with fire, and there is no reason to believe that He would not use man and his weapons to carry out His plan; we can make some really hot fire by packing hydrogen atoms tightly against one another!

      Life will be different and much harder after global nuclear conflict,
      but it won’t be nearly as bad as the “Better red than dead” folks have
      led The West to believe.

      • Olesha Karringten

        Potassium iodide ??

        • EdWatts

          Works OK foir iodine-131, and I have lots.

      • Brett Martin Moore

        My dear friend. Nuclear winter is not what you need to worry about. I
        see you have not really done any historical research from Nuclear
        fallout. Please update yourself with these zones and the “damage/death”
        caused by these tests conducted esp by both the USA and the USSR. Now..
        how long does it take to power down a nuclear reactor ? Yep.. 2 days.
        How much warning will you get of a nuclear strike ? Right. So once the
        bombs fall and the grid is taken out (Directly or by EMP) then you have
        hundreds of nuclear reactors going critical and into meltdown. So
        besides being killed by a nuclear blast, radiance, Gama ray burst, or
        fall out etc, you will then have the entire earth bathed in radiation
        continuously from all these critical burning nuclear reactors. I know
        you want to have some hope for the future but this is just saying
        “Nuclear war is not that bad” when it fact, it is worse. So much worse.
        If you think its ok, go spend a month living in ……….


        • изя шниперсон

          Napoleon (first EU) 1812 — russian in Paris
          Hitler (second EU) 1945 — russian in Berlin
          Obammy (third EU) 2017..? — Ready to die?
          We, Russians, only excited. We
          are ready for war, we know how to fight. Russians – deadly warriors.
          Look history. We will kill you in your territory, in your town, too. You
          have themselves to blame. Maybe we will die, but only with you. Amen!
          (Sorry for my bad English https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/90202b767d2b716f20ada43ef3bf6d72f965724f67dcab64454a2d89edf72c31.jpg )

          • Stephen Polkowske

            You forget one simple thing my Russian friend, unlike Germany, or even France, no matter the year, it’s expensive to fight a war over seas. If Russia and China unite and attack us, they have thousands of miles of ocean to cross to invade just our west coast, not including heading north to cross the bering strait, if you try to attack both sides east and west, you still have to defeat the rest of Europe first, once again, a costly fight in its own right. Missiles are a fine answer for a while, but it’s still no invasion, and lastly, you forget that the us population has 300 million guns alone, not including the millions of rounds we own, the liberal retards haven’t killed our second amendment yet.

          • изя шниперсон

            :)) :)) For Russian does not matter that says the USA together with NATO.
            Has not yet understood it?
            “You forget one simple thing my ” Polish-welfare” :)) friend, how manu Russian submarines near any coast of USA. Even I do not know. :)) And you a fortiori.

          • Brett Martin Moore

            Russia and China attack ? Have you looked at where the USA and the NATO resources are ? They are right on the Russian border, the Chinese border etc. The USA is outnumbered 100:1 by china and by technology from Russia. Yet it is not Russia on an offensive. Get your facts right. It occurs to me that if you know enough to comment like this you are a paid troll. How do I get a well paid job like that ? haha

          • Sonny Bono

            Obama doesn’t care… he knows it’s suicide. This isn’t Iraq. Obama and his buddies will go deep into a bunker and leave you to die on the surface. Russia built bunkers for their citizens. Where are our bunkers?

          • Sonny Bono

            Nobody wants war. I respect Russia. It’s Obama and his crew. Take care of them and leave the citizens alone. We don’t deserve to suffer for their mistakes.

        • Everything I have understood in 40 years has taught me you are right. Which is why the US and the Russians will avoid it at all costs. THis isn’t WWI where some tin horn will start a ground war in Europe.

          People who think Donald Trump is the change we need are utterly misguided. The man is dangerous because he doesn’t comprehend what you said Brett. Which is why America will not elect an off balance spoiled real estate developer… who frankly was never that good at it, without his dad and now foreigners bailing him out.

          Who better but one with diplomatic skills might settle things down? Certainly not a guy who says ‘we have nukes, why can’t we use them?” Yup, what the blasts don’t kill, our nuclear plants will.

          • Brett Martin Moore

            You sadly twist what I say: Hillary will start WW3 not because it is
            right, or even because it’s insane. But because without war, the fake financial markets which create powerful people will fall and bring down that power. This was always the plan. It is called “Consolidation of power”. Trump asked about Nukes to get you thinking. If we are not going to use nukes, why do we have so many of them ? Why do we threaten to use them ? Why are we baiting Russia into a first strike scenario ? I tell you why.. actually, Putin has told you why. Deterrence was their
            necessity, now their existence means the end of humanity. Who is the ONLY US Presidential candidate willing to work with the Global powers, who does not want regime change politics who does not want to RULE THE WORLD ? We used to joke about that with kids cartoons buts its real folks. The Elite behind the puppet Clinton WILL RULE THE WORLD. Trump is
            hated by those he is threatening. The Elite, The Corrupt and so on. If you cannot see it, then you are part of the problem. Trump is not the long term solution. One term is all he needs to change the USA back to the country it was supposed to be. Then you can have another Election and get someone else to stand up. If you want that. But Trump right now is what we need. What choice do we have ? Civil war with UN troops firing on US Citizens ? That is what Obama just gave the green light

          • I’m not twisting what you say, I just don’t believe what you say. Did you read a book to get all this? Now calling this scenario fact or legitimate prediction and calling it your own?

            No sources… Just narrative. Free thought is not unlike ALex Jones. This crap’s been out there I’ve seen since 1974. Many of us have built whole lives and none it has come to pass. OTHER THINGS have come to pass. I guess theres’ money to be made in making predictions and scaring people. None Dare Call it Conspiracy!

          • Brett Martin Moore

            If you ME to give YOU the proof, then I know you are the sort of person who would reject EVERYTHING given to you. You are PROPAGANDA. The narrative ? What narrative is that ? USA wants WAR ? USA in Syria, in Donbass ? Surrounding Russia with threats, destroying the world economicsystems.. oh yes we know when it started. The Fed funded Hitlers Germany and talked him into having a go at Russia. This is a free thought project and you (I will not call you friend) are either a troll or just representative of what we need alternative media. What narrative are you pushing ? War is good for you ? Duck and Cover ? Radiation is not that bad ? The economy is not dead ? It is people like you I despise because everyone knows right from wrong. Even sociopaths. This is a choice. Stupid however is just stupid. So if you are not a troll, you are victim. Do your research. Do your own reading. Subscribe to the alternative news. Subscribe to news reporters ON THE GROUND in the
            conflict areas. Learn the facts. And sorry to kill your narrative but we have other threats too.. climate change, CO2 emissions, a failing magnetic field in an ever speedy pole reversal. Parts of the Pacific have almost no magnetic field with the van allen belts dipping dangerously close. Do you watch the news and see the storms, the power grid disruptions, the plane issues ? No I bet you do not. We are in trouble and we do NOT need this propaganda war mongering USA to fuck the planet up any further. If you want some links.. start here
            http://suspicious0bservers.org and yes they have Youtube chans too.
            Follow to their sister sites. That is just the space weather stuff. I
            could post links all day but you would not change your view. You
            probably believe the earth is flat too !

          • To observe something that exists isn’t always to support it. Do some in the US want war? Of course. There’s money in it. And war is an extension of political power. I’m in favor of a bit of it. War with Iran that would block Hormuz, yes. Nuclear war over Latvia? no. No one wins. The South China Sea? no. But we can deeply cut back buying their goods.

            You’re just mentioning topics, like climate change, magnetic fields, power grid problems. What ABOUT THEM? Plane issues? You mean near Russian bumpings? We could start by locking in on them. Or with a troll decoy, bump back.

            I’m not sure why you’re lecturing me like I’m an ignorant Trump supporter. I’m not a climate denier. I don’t advocate declawing NATO, but I agree we should pressure Europeans to put some more skin in the game. Do that by threatening to pull our defensive bases out of certain countries. Fact is most of those countries MAKE money by our presence. They need to roll it back into the defensive efforts. But like anybody else, if they can get UNCLE to pay their bills, they will.

            Don’t know what your’e saying about the Feds funding Hitler. Explain. America supported Bush too, until he attacked the wrong country under false pretenses. Had we known, we wouldn’t have. Hindsight, ya know! Even the media no doubt wishes it had questioned bush (and now Trump) much more.

            We have learned finally that taking out a dictator may leave a vacuum in governance thats worse than the dictator we took OUT. The biggest problem is that ALL of us rely on media reports from secretive and misleading governments, are often manipulated by them. Nobody’s more manipulated than the media!

            And we dont’ even fund the media well….TV makes more off of entertainment by FAR. Witness the exodus of investigative reporters in both print and electronic! Newspapers are getting thinner and thinner, and TV stations spend too much time filling their airtime with their own staffs, than being out there digging. MOreover, news really isn’t found inside a TV studio!

      • Anthony Enos Wicher

        So … better dead than red, then?

    • Olesha Karringten

      ? wet dream

    • Tomahawk

      The irony is that when the Elite who do survive and climb out of their bunkers run out of food, what will they do? The answer is: Die. They aren’t farmers, they aren’t hunters.
      If the FEMA camps are above ground, those people will perish rather quickly. Others in the blink of an eye. So what will the Rulers have left to govern, other than a barren land?
      One side, or the other, has made a serious miscalculation if what you propose is actually true. And I believe that it could, in fact, be. Is it not odd that it is the Globalists and the Elite who are the driving force behind all of this.? Those with the most to lose. The true definition of greed or the lust for power? Risking the entire population over dinner and drinks. That is what we’re up against.

      • Zac Menteer

        These bunkers have hydroponic systems, electromagnetic generators, and everything else they need to survive indefinately. Don’t fool yourself, they’re not going to half ass it when it comes to their own survival

        • Brett Martin Moore

          Yes. But it was mentioned before. What will the come out to ? How many generations of people will live underground ? When will the earth be habitable again with nuclear fallout and every nuclear reactor in a blast, power grid failure or EMP, going into meltdown burning for thousands of years with even the ground water being deadly radioactive ? How will they survive for that long and in thousands of years, no ten thousand or 100 thousand years.. that is the reality. The only way to survive is to have another planet. And why would you destroy this one ? It is well within conspiracy zone theories yet nothing else makes sense either. Except of course, pure evil insanity and the wanton destruction for humanity and the entire planet. It will take millions of years for the planet to revive herself from this. Assuming that many nukes does not fuck up the magnetic fields of the earth and then we are turned to Mars. Or, cloud cover does not turn is into Venus. Both of these worlds are in the Goldilocks zone remember. Our planet is fragile and humans are getting way ahead of themselves.

        • Tomahawk

          You may be right. But I’m hard pressed to believe that these systems will last indefinitely, whole assed or not. But your post makes sense, they take care of their own. Always have.

  • Chris Stewart

    Maybe we all just need to die. Apparently we can’t live together on this once beautiful planet that we as a collective are destroying. We are killing each other anyway, let’s just do it faster.

    • Shahbaz Muhammad

      Dont Blame on humans blame on those psycopaths who r making this.
      Okay, we all let them do, thats why we r guilty but dont deserve to be slaughter.

  • The USA is on the wrong side of history. And for all the boast of the US Military, it has never faced an enemy the size or with the capability of Russia and it allies in the BRICS alliance.
    I fear that American hubris may meet a bad end.

    • Andrew Henderson

      There is no right or wrong side of history. There is just history. The U.S. military is the best in the world. Not because were America or because we spend more on it. But because we use it. It is the experience of our military brass and their constant practace than make them the best. True we havent ben engaged in a conventional war since Koriea, but neither have they.

      • The Ragin Pagan

        I’m all for supporting the troops, but if we haven’t been in a war since Korea, and haven’t even won a war in quite some time, wouldn’t that tarnish the claim that we’re the best? We’ve been in that hell-hole of a desert for how long and achieved dick?

        • Shahbaz Muhammad

          Yeaah a big holy dick.

      • Shahbaz Muhammad

        Okay. So u like ur killer machines. Ops but what hapend in afganistan. That well preparid millitry lost a lot there with civilian who only want to defend there country for usa invasion.

        US mltry is not working for nation they work for those who just want to own everything like they own u. And the great part is every civil american taxes r used in war. I clap for how happy u r with ur mercenary militry.

        Did u ever think how much money each usa civilian has to pay? Bcz of those bussnise wars?

        • The Ragin Pagan

          Dude, “mercenary military” would imply that our military fights for the highest bidder. Which they do not. As with supporting the troops I’m all for criticizing our governments military action and being realistic about it, but you’re seeming to cross a line into bashing the troops. So I’m clarifying here and now, as you’ve liked a couple of my posts, that I don’t think I agree with your stance.

          • Two Americas

            Dude, “mercenary military” would imply that our military fights for the highest bidder. Which they do not.

            Yes they do. Of course they do.

            …you’re seeming to cross a line into bashing the troops.

            Where on earth do you find anything to support that charge, a charge which is a dishonest and cowardly way to question another person’s honor and integrity. That is always ultimately and inevitably placed into the service of declaring a person an enemy, in order to just using violence against them. That is the logic used to justify war crimes.

            Acknowledging war crimes is only “bashing the troops” if you support the commission of war crimes.

            What is the knee jerk response of those “super patriot I support the troops” people when the US military is criticized? It is, in essence, “stop accusing us of murder or we will kill you,” which proves my point better than anything I say ever could. Try it and prove it to yourself.

            I’m all for criticizing our governments military action…

            No you aren’t. You are being disingenuous.

          • The Ragin Pagan

            Are you planning on making a pie, what with all that cherry picking?

            Yes they do. Of course they do.

            Gee, I just… You know, I can’t remember our troops ever being deployed for any nation’s interest other than our own. “World Police”, yeah, fair nickname. Sticking our noses where they don’t belong? Sure. But mercenary? Not quite.

            You might have an argument for the higher levels of military, who make all the calls in terms of troop deployment and asset allocation, but not accurately as they themselves aren’t there fighting. Which, you know, is typically what mercenaries do.

            Where on earth do you find anything to support that charge

            Referring to them as “killer machines”, the aforementioned “mercenary military”; for shit’s sake they’re people. Our people. It’s one thing to criticize and denounce military action as taken by government, quite another to direct that at the troops themselves.

            There is also quite a difference from supporting the troops and being a patriot – much less a “super patriot”, as you so eloquently put it. The “stop accusing us” tripe is also off-mark.

            But, please, continue to tell me what I think and feel. That works so well for level discussion, and isn’t reminiscent of any global tensions sparked by misunderstand that we’re currently hoping don’t happen.

          • Two Americas

            I can’t remember our troops ever being deployed for any nation’s interest other than our own.

            That is nonsensical. The US military has always been deployed to protect commercial interests, the material interests of the owners, and only for that reason.

            You might have an argument for the higher levels of military…

            Well, er, um, yeah. The people in charge are the ones calling the shots – kind of a self-evident statement there, don’t you think? But all who participate are culpable, of course, including those rationalizing and justifying the actions of the US military.

            …for shit’s sake they’re people. Our people.

            By that logic, we could not call a rapist a rapist, a murderer, a murderer, a thief a thief. After all, they are people, no? Perhaps you are a person who judges people differently depending upon whether or not they are in uniform. That is a key rationalization for justifying and rationalizing war crimes. “They were wearing the uniforms of our team! That means they cannot be criminals!”

            When a person puts on a certain uniform, do they then belong to that category of “our people?”

          • Shahbaz Muhammad

            Okay my fault they r not mercenary, they go to kill in others country spend trillion of ur money in war so u can not be proud on them, not after killing million on name of terrorism war.

      • No military is invincible no matter how strong or how well funded. It has not accomplished much in the last 70 years. Korea was a mistake and remains an open sore on the world.
        Military and civilian leaders make mistakes. Sometimes they make big mistakes. Nations have been lost over such mistakes and it is arrogant to take anything to granted in military engagements.
        Being on the wrong side of history is just a way of saying that future historians will not speak kindly of US hegemony and the many dirty wars and sovereign nations it has destroyed.

  • Jacob Aud


    For the following reasons, Jehovah’s Witnesses don’t go to war:

    – Obedience to God.
    The Bible says that God’s servants would “beat their swords into plowshares” and not “learn war anymore.”—Isaiah 2:4.

    – Obedience to Jesus.
    The apostle Peter was told by Jesus: “Return your sword to its place, for all those who take the sword will perish by the sword.” (Matthew 26:52) Jesus thus showed that his followers would not take up weapons of warfare.
    Jesus’ disciples obey his command to be “no part of the world” by remaining strictly neutral in political matters. (John 17:16) They do not protest against military actions or interfere with those who choose to serve in the armed forces.

    – Love for others.
    Jesus commanded his disciples to “love one another.” (John 13:34, 35) They would thus form an international brotherhood in which no member would ever wage war against his brother or sister.—1 John 3:10-12.

    – The example of early Christians.
    The Encyclopedia of Religion and War states: “The earliest followers of Jesus rejected war and military service,” recognizing those practices as “incompatible with the love ethic of Jesus and the injunction to love one’s enemies.” Likewise, German theologian Peter Meinhold said of those early disciples of Jesus: “Being a Christian and a soldier was considered irreconcilable.”

  • NKWrider

    This worries me. As a Cold War submarine vet, this sends chills up my spine. Russia also launched 3 SLBMs simultaneously from two different boats, and the move of the IRBMs to the Eastern European theatre solidifies my concerns (though we were stupid for not only inviting the former Warsaw Pact countries into NATO, but militarizing them as well). It is the rhetoric that is causing this back and forth.

    The DNC appears to be willing to risk the people of Aleppo, Russian citizens, and, ultimately, the American people in order to win this election.

  • Tiego John Keorapetse

    See them fighting for power, they are building churches and universities graduating thieves and murderers. every Christmas you buy the kids a fancy TOY GUN, what do you expect? let me help you America, on how to solve your problem, i know ill be helping the whole world, making your military stronger wont help, stop turning man into BEASTS and swallow your pride. Russia stop being greed you ll soon be the world supplier of food due to global warming. thats a blessing to support life stop fighting for power as well. being spiritual being means you can see things with a different eye better than micro scope, clear pixels than your eye, more dimensions. its all politics if you wana know the problem, the solution is to change of the way you think, know the fundamentals principles of life. we do not like war anymore, even the kids born nowadays dont like weapons as toys, what kind of adults are we? Give others what they need to live. i really dont like to see the military parading, and when i see them i feel sad because they are doing it to feed families its not fun as we used to be fooled. leaders should fight one on one cos it seems they are using you fighters as shields by strongly convincing you that you re protecting your country, there is nothing like country they jus divided land as an act of having property and being greed, try and search who is the government, killers are murdering people legally, MEN AND WOMEN WAKE UP! blood suckers are thirsty, its not a lie vampirers used to live. let stop blood running i dont like to see the white sheet over my dead body.

  • Ron Barr

    Does anyone really believe that maxim #1 regarding overseas wars forget how hard it is to fight across an ocean? It took three years to get materiel to England prior to D-Day. Tanks, artillery and munitions enoug to provision an army can not be moved by air in numbers enough to deter or repulse an invasion invEurooe. Just saying.,,

  • tCotUS

    Isn’t it comforting knowing Obama is in the White House, & in control of our Military?
    Sleep well my Brothers & Sisters…

  • BruceB

    Russia certainly does a lot of computer hacking of US Government computers, but China is really the top country to be concerned about hacking into our computers. Their hacking teams are very smart and are most definitely, government sponsored and backed. They do what the government tells them to do. China has not really been a country that invents on it’s own and it is constantly trying to get technology and military secrets illegally.

  • Jim

    Wouldn’t it be nice if we took the elite who keep pushing for this war, and let them fight it out in a boxing ring?? Make them fight to the death!!! I don’t think a woman would run for president then! Actually I don’t think we would have to much war after a few of these fights! It’s easy to send someone else’s kid into war! I think we could be looking at a draft to be implemented if things get any worse, and you can bet that the minority’s will go first! So wake up people!

  • BugaBuga

    This just shows the dangers of having incompetent leaders with no military or foreign diplomacy experience that to not attend the briefings or listen to those that have been trained in war.

  • Larry

    America is on the brink of collapse because we are bankrupt and the rest of the world no .longer has confidence in us. Why would they? For eight years you worthless stupid idiots put a slobbering inept jigaboo in the White House. I wonder how many of you worthless idiots in America get it even now? You aren’t in high school anymore and the elections were not for dipsy doodle class president. It was the leader of the free world and you slobs elected a lying, low-life dirt-bag who never could produce a legitimate long-form birth certificate. The ultimate problem in America is the alarming number of retards here and most are the liberal compendium. In case it has never been stated this way before; let me say it here. There is not one liberal on planet earth fit to live. We should foment blood in the streets anarchy in America to kick every slob politician and government employee into the gutter and let them rot. They are WORTHLESS ! So, at just what point do all of you idiots wake up and realize that it really is all over but the shouting and that America is gone, lost, over with? Perhaps in a month or two when your welfare check or faked up disability checks don’t show up in the mail and your food stamp card doesn’t get automatically get refilled and you notice that your neighborhood appears to be getting shot up and bombed…. maybe then you will be able to miraculously remove your head from your anus and grasp that IT’S OVER ! The free ride is done; the gravy train is run dry and then it’s every person for themselves. And you know what…. not a single one of you worthless grunts will survive! Nada, zip, zero. I must confess, I do look forward to seeing you die in the streets !

  • martymarsh

    Let the games begin.

  • Blessed G Aztec
  • mike

    if killary gets in the white house it will happen

  • amercon

    And they worry about Trump. He gets along with Putin. We should deal with what the hacked emails are telling us rather than starting a war that is just a diversion.

  • MnemonicCarrier

    Too many potential flash-points: Ukraine, Syria, Korea, the South China Sea. It’s interesting how the US is involved in every single one of these.

    The hair-trigger for WW3 has definitely been set.

  • AZWarrior

    Then our dumbass VP, Joe Hairplugs announces Obutthead Admin considering Cyber Warfare. What a dumb phuck.

  • Mere Marlo

    BHO is deliberately antagonizing Mr Putin as his last act of hate and tyranny in the WH. Soros has to be dealt with and BHO will lose his courage.