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WWII Survivor Tells Her Story, Warns Trump Emulates Hitler Perfectly

That Donald Trump managed to win the election has incensed some, delighted others, and has spawned comparisons to Adolf Hitler.

And while the latter suggestion previously drew scorn and caused eyes to roll — as if Godwin’s law that arguments online inevitably devolve into someone accusing someone else of being a Nazi — a World War II survivor has come forward with a warning the similarities shouldn’t be blithely dismissed.

It is also important to note that this path to despotism was paved by the likes of George Bush and Barack Obama. Between the two of them and their attacks on the constitution, they left a virtual dictatorship up for grabs that would have been assumed and abused by Hilary Clinton or Donald Trump.

NV, an 88-year-old woman who experienced the horrors of Nazi rule, believes Trump summons the specter of the fascist dictator far too clearly for the resemblance to be ignored as hyperbole.

One day in 1940, NV’s life in Antwerp, Belgium, changed forever:

“In early 1940 my mother, grandmother and I lived across the street from an army barracks. In the early morning of May the 10th, we were woken up by the sounds of sirens, heavy artillery, and explosions. We quickly went to the cellar to hide and waited until the bombing had subsided. When we left the house, an unexploded bomb was laying below our living room window.

“When we rounded the corner the most horrible scene presented itself: Almost four complete city blocks had been destroyed, body parts were scattered all over. One scene I will never forget is when I managed to get to where my favorite candy store used to be, there was a severed leg stuck against a remaining wall.”

Often, the passage of time, like water, smooths collective memory to the point atrocities become less tangible — or appear so egregious, we foolishly surmise ‘that could never happen again.’

But history proves otherwise, and that ‘it’ — fascism spawned from failed attempts at loosely democratic systems — can, indeed, happen again is precisely why NV chose to bring her experience to light.

While Trump isn’t literally Hitler, as some people oddly insist, the president keeps company with rumored white nationalists, imposed a suffocating ban on refugees and restrictions on travel, and rearranged his National Security Council in an astonishing manner — downgrading the status of the Director of National Intelligence and the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff — reminiscent of a fascistic power play.

Considering the United States has yet to experience severely concentrated power of the Hitler or Mussolini variety, drastic changes in policy and procedure are viewed by many without the lens of future abuse — but that could be a critical error.

NV, who is Jewish, recalled struggling simply to live under the punishing thumb of Nazi rule:

“We sometimes stood in lines all night just to get a loaf of bread that was made with something other than flour. It was black, looked like uncooked dough, smelled bad, and grew mold within a few hours. We didn’t get sugar, we got saccharine to sweeten; there was no coffee, instead we got some kind of roasted grain the Germans called Kneipp; we didn’t get milk or butter, we got some type of margarine that came with a coloring capsule that had to be kneaded into the margarine to give it color. I went hungry, I was always starving. Once in a while we would get some figs at school or bananas which I would save and take home to share with my mother and grandmother, sometimes I was too hungry and ate them on the way home from school.”

As the Nazi leader rose to power with all the ‘charm’ of a megalomaniac, NV recalled, “we heard Hitler speak on the radio, we also saw him in newsreels before the movies.  I can remember seeing him rant and rave, his face becoming contorted with rage.”

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NV, who literally endured life under Hitler, asserted,

“Donald Trump emulates Hitler to a T.  His actions, speeches and ranting remind me exactly of Hitler. I am afraid that if he is not stopped, he will lead this country into another world war.”

Indeed, Trump’s bluster and belligerence in addressing China led Beijing to prepare for military action under threat of a possible trade war with the U.S. Even more telling, U.S. officials will assess the ‘survivability’ of the governments of China and Russia in the event of a nuclear war — starkly suggestive the potential for world war to turn catastrophic isn’t an outside possibility.

“Unfortunately,” NV continued, “this war will not be waged with conventional weapons, and very few people will survive. And if they do, there will be nothing left to be worth living for!!”

Warnings of the similarities between Trump and Hitler could be facilely rejected when coming from the mouths of millennials — but for a survivor of World War II to sound this alarm holds infinite weight.

It might behoove Americans to consider the admonition and not be led like mice by a seemingly charismatic pied piper straight into nuclear war.

  • Isla Hendricks

    Sounds more like the obama than Trump to me.

    • The Cat’s Vagina

      You’re wrong.

      • Michael Saenz

        I didn’t even finish reading the first paragraph when I realized that this is just scare tactics to divert our attention. What it is I don’t know yet.

        • diane.reynolds

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      • Isla Hendricks

        oh ok….This from an idiot (yeah, as a woman your avi & handle offends me) and the proof is your ID….you are indoctrinated…pure & simple.

        • The Cat’s Vagina

          I disagree.

    • Ursula Bergamotte

      All US-Presidents are SELECTED Illuminati-puppets of Rothschilds, Rockefeller, George Soros, Henry Kissinger etc. WAKE UP. This is only a bad game. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/bfd859c85d53ad1bd23c83fd38be9e146083fe27039b345d505719ab166b001d.jpg

  • tz1

    Well, if Trump is Hitler, his supporters are Nazis, and it is OK to kill Nazis.

    (There’s more, lots more. Leftist violence is 100-1 worse than anything on the right – for now, but don’t expect us to sit there and be maimed or killed).

    Krystallnacht? It is the left that is breaking all the glass. The antifa movement smashed and burned a Muslim Immigrant’s (rent-a) limousine. The pussyhats want to blow up the white-house, stream profanity, and talk about menstrual blood and laud a kidnapper and torturer. I can’t find a RATIONAL argument in there, but I can find an argument to quarantine them.

    I’m trying to decide if the problem with “Trump is Hitler” for her recollection is senility due to age or remembering teenage naivety.

    Maybe Trump shouldn’t move the embassy to Jerusalem from Tel Aviv?

    Wouldn’t his son-in-law, Jared Kushner and his daughter, Ivanka who converted to Judiaism have a say?

    Maybe we should all boycott NBC for hosting Trump on TV for those many years.

    What next? Bat Boy and Space Aliens warn about Trump? He’s president for 4 years. Get used to it. And try to figure out how your abuse of power, and concentrating things in the executive and the inaction and failure to speak out for 2-3 decades created Trump.

    Example, Albright says there are tears in the eyes of the statue of Liberty over the few hour delay of around 200 people stuck in airports, or the temporary ban from terrorist hot spots.

    Lesley Stahl on U.S. sanctions against Iraq: We have
    heard that a half million children have died. I mean, that’s more
    children than died in Hiroshima. And, you know, is the price worth it?

    Secretary of State Madeleine Albright: I think this is a very hard choice, but the price–we think the price is worth it.

    —60 Minutes (5/12/96)

    Was Trump worth the cucking, inaction, and the militant leftism?

  • happy riches

    The free thought project goes with the Soros narrative.

    But when the election was in progress these were the facts

    Fact #1:

    Trump has three times the followers on Facebook.

    Trump: 12,174,358 likes.

    Clinton : 4,385,959 likes.

    Look what Trump’s live stream videos do when compared to Hillary’s.

    Trump Live Stream Post 21 hours ago:

    135,000 likes, 18,167 shares, 1.5 million views.

    Clinton Live Stream Post 25 hours ago:

    9,000 likes, 0 shares, 121,000 views

    Fact #2:

    Trump has 18.6 million twitter followers.

    Hillary Clinton has only 6.1 million.*

    The best part is that most of Hillary’s are actually fake.

    According to the Washington Examiner, 41 percent of Hillary’s followers are not even real people!

    In contrast, The Daily Caller says that Trump’s followers are 90% real with 90% of them having a previous voting record!

    Fact #3:

    Trump averages 160k viewers per live stream.

    *Clinton averages 400 viewers per live stream.

    Trump also gets 5,000 percent more eyeballs focused on the screen than Clinton.

    Basically viewers find her boring.

    Fact #4:

    Trump has 6.2 million Instagram followers.

    Clinton has 800,000 Instagram followers.

    Instagram is a platform with mostly all pictures and not much substance.

    Hillary would be expected to do better in this medium. Hillary is doing poorly in this medium.

    Fact #5:

    On Reddit Trump: 297,696 subscribers and Clinton : 21,429 subscribers

    Hillary for Prison: she gets 255,228 subscribers!

    Trump has more subscribers than Clinton on every major social media outlet!

    There are nearly 3 times as many people subscribed to Hillary for Prison than there are subscribed to the Clinton page!

    The best part is that the D.N.C.’s leaked emails from WikiLeaks have proven that Clinton pays people to support her online.

    Trump supporters on the other hand willingly actually like and follow him on Social media.

    Trump will win barring election fraud

    Trump actually has the support of the people.

    He is going to win this election come November no matter what the mainstream media would like you to believe.

    Undercover reports like VERITAS show that Hillary is preparing a massive voter fraud operation to counter the will of the people.

    Wonder why is the news media biased against Trump?

    Here are the hard facts:

    Biggest 6 Company’s own all the news networks

    ABC News executive producer Ian Cameron is married to Susan Rice, National Security Adviser.

    CBS President David Rhodes is the *brother of Ben Rhodes, Obama’s Deputy National Security Adviser for Strategic Communications.

    NBC News *correspondent Claire Shipman is married to former Whitehouse Press Secretary Jay Carney.

    ABC News and *Univision reporter Matthew Jaffe is married to Katie Hogan, Obama’s Deputy Press Secretary.

    ABC President Ben Sherwood is the *brother of Obama’s Special Adviser* Elizabeth Sherwood.

    CNN President Virginia Moseley is married to former Hillary Clinton’s Deputy Secretary Tom Nides.

    • Peace and Love

      No one can argue the US is full of fucking idiots… including you.

      • happy riches

        Peace and Love • 29 minutes ago

        No one can argue the US is full of fucking idiots… including you.

      • David Hall

        Amen brother! Sounds like a bunch of horseshit & gun smoke!

      • Gaynor

        Are you so brainwashed that you can’t see what is right in front of you? #stupid snowflake.

        • WhatInTheH

          Snowflake….that’s the dumbest “dig” ever. Snowflakes turn into blizzards powerful enough to shut down cities.

      • JimZimmerman

        So Piece and luv everybody in the US is an Idiot except you. WOW. What part of these facts are you disputing??? Put the correct percentages up or STFU. It seems he or she went to allot of trouble to compile these figures. Are you contesting them or just spewing shiite. Being as we are ALL idiot cept you PLEASE enlighten us.

    • Leigh Stanzel

      Is it really the smartest assumption to say that a person is more qualified or “liked” because of one’s social media follower’s no matter which one I would have to argue that not all the people of the country or the world gage things by social media. It should be thought of as an accomplishment sure but to say anything other than its an a accumulation of followers’ who is to say who’s following someone out of real fondness or just research or curiosity. My dad always watched rap videos not because he liked them but to be informed of all different types of lyrics. Since when is social media any authority namely Facebook. They are very much bought. You have not considered that it is the lack of people doing their own investigating and just going along with their buddies views. Generally most people are not that knowledgeable on the many things so who cares how many likes anyone has. That means jack.

    • Gaynor

      Now the truth comes out ….ARREST sOROS!!

    • WhatInTheH

      Hell I follow the bastard on twitter, so I can watch his train wreck happening. And sometimes respond. I see many others who do the same thing. Plus he had Twitter long before he ran for president. It’s all the reality TV junkies that follow him too. So your “social media followers” is no indicator of SUPPORTERS. Get your head out of your black and white ass.

  • John Lawrence

    88 years old and remembers thing she in 1940 when she would have been one or two. Yeah ok. Tell me another.

    • IceTrey

      She would have been 12.

      • David Hall

        We know he failed math!

      • John Lawrence

        Ah, yes, thank you. Derp. My math is usually stronger than that.

  • IceTrey

    She is a Jew and wasn’t sent to a camp? Other than the hardship of war doesn’t sound like she got off that bad. BTW, Hitler never won an election.

    • JimZimmerman

      UUUGH Ice… No offense but Hitler was elected Chancellor of Germany in 1933. Just saying.

      • IceTrey

        No, he was appointed Chancellor by Von Hindenberg.

        • JimZimmerman

          The election took place after the Nazi seizure of power of 30 January, when President Paul von Hindenburg appointed Hitler as Chancellor.

          • IceTrey

            That election was for the Parliament and they still lost which your own quote confirms.

  • Otto T. Goat

    So Trump’s going to invade Poland. Exciting.

  • Bob Btme

    >>>“When we rounded the corner the most horrible scene presented itself: Almost four complete city blocks had been destroyed, body parts were scattered all over. One scene I will never forget is when I managed to get to where my favorite candy store used to be, there was a severed leg stuck against a remaining wall.”

    how many bombs did the US government drop on the brown-skinned people last year? 30,000? these memories aren’t some nostalgic trip, the US has been doing “Hitler” for the last 16 years. look at the daily stories of domestic government agents brutalizing people on FTP, just a tiny sampling of the sadistic medieval oppression we live under.

    I derive a sick pleasure from watching these “progressives” bleating Trump protests. Where were they in the 1990’s, when the state began arresting 800,000 American per year for the natural herb cannabis. If they can get away with that, they already have the power to do anything. That’s what the War on Drugs is all about. The state has been installing apartheid for nonwhites since the 70’s, creating an internal military and we’re worried about Trump. Just another distraction. 70 foot sea level rise is coming in, that is what the current fearmongering hides. We are watching the elite families of the deep state preparing for the flood


    • Brian King

      Trump is there to finish what they started

    • Gordon Klock

      Not a Trump supporter, but can’t ignore the extreme hypocrisy in some of the hysteria directed against him…(many of his enemies are as bad, or worse)…
      “Government is propped up as something to blame”….

  • marshpixie

    unsubscribing from this propaganda..

    • Jack O’malley

      oh you poor snowflake

  • doucyet

    Trump, Putin, Kim Jung, Xi Jinping, Musharraf……..When the real powers that be say push the button, it will happen.

    • Gaynor

      How do you describe Isis or any Muslim belief? They would have you strung up drawn and quatered before you could have another snowflake thought…and like a little lamb to the slaughter you wait for it. I hope you don’t have any babies as you will watch them die as well.

      • doucyet

        “How do you describe Isis or any Muslim belief?”

        What? How does what I said and your question about Muslims correlate? I’d be glad to try to answer you, but I don’t get it.

  • alexandra

    Well thefreethoughtproject.com now I guess ur not so free after all, thought u were unbiased? I am one click away from deleting like I did Snopes. Clintons were never JFK type democrats they were more Bushes. People I beg u to take the time and please watch this youtube video from start to finish and then decide. The bankers are angry and doing everything to turn the blame to Trump. Too bad John Kennedy Jr. never made it into politics as he had planned.

    “JFK to 911 Everything Is A Rich Man’s Trick
    Everything Is A Rich Man’s Trick”.

    • Dad

      I’ve been reading FTP for nearly two years, it is one of 6 websites I read everyday. The last couple weeks has lead me to, just this moment, remove my bookmark to this site, the true colors have come out. I’m done with FTP. Goodbye.

      • JimZimmerman

        I’m with you DAD. It has become very biased against Trump. this is the 3rd articl i have read bashing trump twice i sent them mail but they dont answer. Hang in there. Trump all the way.

    • happy riches

      Peace and love tells us where it really is at. These people want war. They do not want peace and love. Free love comes with a price. So does peace. But the free thought project seems to be anti-peace, in that it is now promoting propaganda. Maybe this is just another Soros operation.

  • Gaynor

    If Trump is your new Hitler what do you call Isis ? You know..throwing gay people of roofs killing people who are different from them? Beheading women who go out without a male escort? Stop trying to make Trump the bad guy and use your brains to see where the real evil in the world is.!

  • Ursula Bergamotte

    Wie wahr, aber leider checken das mindestens 90 % der Schlafschafe nicht, wie die nach wie vor glauben, die Päpste hätten gutes Im Sinn – es ist erschreckend.

  • Ursula Bergamotte
  • Ursula Bergamotte
  • Ursula Bergamotte
  • whatgives?

    Okay. Now I understand your agenda. Bye!


    Trump like Hitler ? Yep! Different idiot same old evil.

  • Rick Carlson

    Maybe we should do away with elections…we’ll just have liberal progressives in power from now untill we’re broke.or no longer called United States

  • JimZimmerman

    I dont want to disparage this woman’s war time experience. God Bless her and i am glad she came thru. But at 88 she was born in 1929. Hitler came to power in 1933 which would make her 4 years old. The majority of Hitlers rise to power between 1924 and 1933 was before she was born and several years as an infant. Most infants aren’t that politically astute as can be seen for the last four years.I was 4 years old when Eisenhower was president and i don’t remember him at all. And i today at 60 couldnt compare him to anybody. I don’t think i will be giving too much credence to her memories of Hitlers trumpess. Give the guy a break Jeeze.

  • Peter Anderson

    Pure BS from the sore loser left. Hitler was a socialist, not a limited government guy.