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Police Officer Indicted on First Degree Murder Charge for Killing a Couple’s 2-year-old Son


Rock Springs, WY- Jacob Rollen Anglesey has now been indicted by a grand jury for first-degree murder in the 2009 death of a two-year-old child — and new information revealed he’s a cop.

On March 9, 2009, emergency services were summoned to help with the boy, Konnor Allen, whom Anglesey claimed had become unresponsive after suffering a fall.

Konnor, who had been in Anglesey’s care, succumbed to the head trauma and died the following day. Konnor was the son of Phylicia Rasdall and Robert Corry Allen.

No charges were filed at the time of the incident.

According to the Rocket-Miner, 

At the time, Green River Police Department (GRPD) placed Anglesey on paid administrative leave and contacted the Sweetwater County Attorney’s Office to request an independent investigation. That investigation was conducted by the Wyoming Division of Criminal Investigation. Former Sweetwater County Attorney Brett Johnson requested a special prosecutor, which was approved by the Sweetwater County Commission on March 12, 2009.

After a review of the DCI investigation, the special prosecutor declined to initiate charges at that time. The case remained open with Wyoming DCI.

Then in 2015, agents with the Wyoming Division of Criminal Investigation presented evidence to the Sweetwater County Attorney’s Office, which reportedly evidenced inconsistencies with Anglesey’s account of events, and included “medical reports stating the injuries were caused by non-accidental trauma,” according to the Associated Press.

K2 Radio News correspondent Tracie Perkins then “discovered information not released in the indictment,” but with serious implications, “namely, that Anglesey is an officer in the Green River Police Department.

Why that information has not been previously released, whether or not the grand jury was privy to it at the time of indictment, and whether or not the Green River Police Department was aware of the investigation — while allowing Anglesey to remain on the job for its duration — remain unclear.

According to the Rock Springs, Wyoming, Rocket-Miner, Anglesey is being held on a $1 million bond. The State of Wyoming retains a death penalty option in cases of murder.


  • Cam Alft

    corrupt cops covering for their fellow corrupt cop,what’s new,all cops are criminals!they commit crimes against people of this country every single day!!they rape rob beat and steal,and murder in cold blood for the most part,and walk!!cops are criminals with a badge!!

  • About fucking time!

  • If it were my child he killed he would already be dead.

  • This group doesn’t seem to be very free thinking to me.

    • How so?

    • I see alot of stories here against the police,but not alot of facts. One sided and sensational, there is more than one side of a story. In this time of police bashing there should be more investigation,only then should there be a judgement.

    • In what way did this article bash the police? In what way was it sensational? I’ll agree that it was lacking in facts on the case; but without saying much of anything about the officer, the child, or the family, I don’t know how it was “one sided”. Maybe you just don’t think it’s newsworthy when a police officer is indicted for murder?

    • Not at all , but like you said not too heavy on facts. That is my point.

    • Actually they post good cop stories quite frequently. More investigation? Lol do you know that law enforcement departments investigate themselves?

      It is possible to support both good cops getting the attention they deserve and supporting the bad cops getting the indictments they deserve. One does not have to be stuck in the paridigm of “Pro-cop” of “Anti-cop”.

    • I have read several headings of the stories that you are referring to. they are inflamatory and nmeant to sway opinions. For exampe. If you think police are here for your protection you watch too much tv. How is that fair?

    • Your example about police not for protection… That was actually from a Supreme Court case. They are NOT for protection.

      Ask the govt how that is fair.

    • What?

    • Exactly

  • hope he has been watched in the interim, who knows what he might be capable of.

  • Self defence?

  • No surprise the kid is white…glad the family is receiving justice. Fuckin pigs have no self control anymore.

  • Cal444

    All of these investigations need to be done outside the system by civilian review boards. They think we’re not smart enough to understand the difference between right and wrong well let me tell you it’s totally the police all over our country that can’t tell the difference and they prove it every day by their us against them attitudes. Civilian reviews, no paid leave when they have done something questionable, that’s called a vacation. body cameras on every officer on duty with the stipulation if your camera fails it’s an automatic suspension for abusing government property or a guilty verdict for being evasive, negligent and irresponsible in a situaton where violence is involved. No exceptions. If we do these very simple things the relationship between citizens and police officers would drastically change immediately

  • Cal444

    Screw their union

  • If you aren’t desensitized to police violence please help us reach more people by clicking ‘like’ + commenting (even 1 word) + sharing. Thank you! (y)

    • I want to know what people would do without the police. If you were robbed assaulted or worse if someone you loved were assaulted what would you do? Would you handle it yourself and how would you do that? Neighborhoods where police don’t even go in anymore have the highest crime rate,why because people handle things themselves and when they bite off more than they can chew they become another statistic. Police are human beings a certain % are bad people. A blanket statement about all of them is what we reject about other groups isn’t it?

    • You fail to see the big picture, Raitt Erickson. A lifelong friend just retired from being a LEO. He was told he existed to collect revenue, and as an “enforcer”, for the judge. You better open your eyes. You’re not dealing with Barney Fife cops anymore. They are paid, trained, souless killers. They have no clue what their true purpose is. Most don’t even care. They get to harass, and intimidate most folks. They enjoy it. They will not let this ego boosting existence go easily.

  • good

  • He feared for his life.

  • Sacrifices must be made to the system.

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  • No charges I bet !!!

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  • MURDERER,..Bastard,….

  • So uhh, where’s the facts?

  • He looks just like the dirtbags in prison

  • HANG HIM .

  • No good unless it is found guilty and executed!

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  • Fuck america honestly. Fuck the government. Free country my ass!

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  • Hang him !! Forget the trial

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  • About time.

  • Rick Lisa Norton

    sweet water county prosecutors office is a joke !!!
    and they deff take care of their own at all cost this is not my opinion but a fact

  • Smitty Smit

    Check to see if his department was Israeli trained…

    • joe

      They’re all israeli trained

      • RJ O’Guillory

        ….I am one of the most anti-police people in the known universe. I was raised by corrupt cops, my mom was a corrupt court clerk, and I have seen the seedy side of policing close up. However…now my son has become a Sacramento, California Police Officer…and the story he tells me of their training causes me to have a bit of hope for our future. The training my son has undergone is about de-escalation….(my son is 24, has a degree in Psychology and is a Lt. In The National Guard)…as well as being effective in their police work. They try to not go about hustling homeless, unless they have to…and they try to give folks a break on license, registrations etc…(again, if they can)….and unless they find you with boatloads of heroin for sale…they just take your stuff and ticket you…so in some locations, they seem to be acting intelligently, and within some degree of The Constitution. Now, if we can keep that model of policing going…it would be great. So if we can keep that ball rolling, we may have hope.