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X-Files 2016 Exposes the Non-Fictional Police State in a Jaw Dropping 3 Minute Clip

Launching its new series last month, the X-Files was an immediate hit with the premier drawing more than 20 million viewers, plus another 1.1 million streaming on Hulu and FoxNow.

But how many of those 21 million viewers actually grasped what was talked about in the episode that premiered on Jan 24th?

In an eye-opening 3 minutes, that was broadcasted to millions, the X-Files exposed the chilling reality that is the police state control grid and the surveillance state.

The X-Files writers, while mixing in alien and weather control theories, are unafraid to bring up the very real notion of perpetual war, the surveillance state, the PATRIOT Act, the NDAA, and the horrid police state created by these measures.

During the segment, the speaker even explains how the police have been militarized as a means to control.

“A government that taps your phone, collects your data, and monitors your whereabouts…with impunity. A government can use that data against you when it strikes, and a final takeover begins.”

Whether or not that takeover has begun or when it will begin, is arguable. However, the government tapping your phone, collecting your data, and monitoring your every move — is here and now — and it is most assuredly being used against you.

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  • Awesome first episode.

  • The X-Files > All other TV shows.

  • IT was brilliant. We need all it takes to wake the socially/politically opiated masses

  • I’m glad folks are waking up to the truth, but the truth has always been “out there”.

  • Perfect time for the show to come back!!

  • That episode have a conspiracy boner

  • They are not dropping a truth bomb. They are mocking it as a conspiracy theory that just happens to be accurate in this television universe.

    • I haven’t watched it yet because I feared they would use the show as a forum to mock everything anyone is questioning right now.

    • Christopher Hund They are not making fun of directly…but it is the basis of the season so they are using the concept of militarized police, for instance, as a conspiracy theory in our world that is true in this fictional show.

    • i really hope they choose to use the show to broaden peoples views and not mock them.

  • Only episode of the new season that was worth a shit was the first one. Hope they drop more truth in the finale, because the next episode looks like another comedy piece.

  • watch and wake up…..

  • Drew Benton

  • police state is already here. wake the fuck up!

  • Yeah…the police state is coming…soon peaceful protest will be illegal…

  • When this was on i was going to ask if #thefreethoughtproject had an opinion. I thought it wud be a very clever way to make us all sound crazy and like we need to fetch the tin foil hat. Its fiction about aliens… it isnt real!!! YES IT IS PEOPLE

    • but it’s not fiction about aliens its about the gov’t in the 2nd episode thats where it goes

    • Usually goes beyond the puppets and back to the money…
      We only got Ep 1 in UK so far lol

  • 95 % truth what their saying right there Interesting they put this out !

  • Stuart Reid

  • I recently said that x files was back on for some kind of “partial disclosure” in the form of fiction. People looked at me like I’ve got 3 heads!
    Truth really is stranger than fiction.

    • The truth is out there… most don’t know or aren’t even close to realizing it!

    • I thought you had 4 heads. 😛

    • Maybe I was shapeshifting & didn’t realize it

    • This is the truth folks…… How they got it on the air is beyond me…….

    • They have to let us know what they’re doing perhaps this is partial disclosure of that.

    • I was thinking that also, just didn’t want to say it out loud.

    • They got it on the air so stupid uninformed people will just poo poo away the info as fiction and laugh it off and go on with being a slave…this has been going on for ages in sci fi fiction. Its predictive programming and disinformation at the same time.

    • Anonomous Rick Sanchez … Rings true

  • Wil Densley scares me that they are actually telling the truth

  • I watched and never realized it.

  • Lucas Stephens

  • As soon as I saw it I said wow, what I believe in a nutshell!

  • They may have really hit the nail on the head with this one. It seemed to take all the pieces of the puzzle and answer them all at once. Maybe there is something to it. You really have to watch this clip. Hold on to your hat and fasten your seat belt.

  • T.H.E.Y. hope to place doubts in peoples minds that what really happened wasn’t instead an X-Files episode

  • John Dubien

  • Paul

  • Too bad that show is awful now.

  • I think Scully is an alien; her skull seems to have elongated since the original series.

  • Jinty Cannon :0

  • Tanya Mennenga Batten

  • Jade

  • It is a TV show. The writers just used shit they read on the Internet to write the script. They don’t have any special insider information.

    • Your a retard, go back to sleep sheep

    • There you go… lead straight in with that ad hominem attack… How about using your brain and countering with an intelligent, thought out rebuttal.

    • It begs the question of why put that sequence together.

    • Remember the “Lone Gunmen” spinoff from the X-Files? Tell me how they just happened to come up with this script. No knowledge? Watch it all the way. Months before 9/11.

    • Just curious, does anyone here (besides me) know the difference between “raising the question” (what WTFRLY meant to say) and “begging the question” (a logical fallacy)?

    • “Your a retard” Classic irony.

  • Does anyone know anything about the writers of this series?

  • Weres the video btw? Not in the link

  • I’m loving the edge the show has! It’s about time a show displays controversy rather than being just another paid advertisement!!!

  • not so jaw dropping ,just obvious

  • Hoping for an asteroid collision first.

  • That last phrase hits home pretty hard. “You can’t say these things” The destruction of speech.

  • This is conjecture not fact. It MAY be fact – and it is quite likely to be. And data is collected and stored – but the majority of us have nothing to hide or worry about anyway. ! I’d like to know why the stored information isnt preventing terror attacks and paedophile rings though… The scariest thing is that money can be transferred electronically. If I had any I might be seriously worried about that!

  • Loved it

  • Adam Camacho

  • Damn they went there and then some.

  • Could have sworn Bush blinked at me

  • Stefania Borghi common sense, simple common sense

  • woo hop must watch

  • The truth could be writen in stone in your face sign by the warmongers and society will still not believe is true.. “They be like i gotta see to believe”!!!.. SMH.

  • Interesting!!!!!

  • Louise ‘Peg’ Eggleston

  • Tyson Harris watch the video

  • Scary but true

  • I really enjoyed it but I can’t be sure whether it is controlled opposition in an effort to discredit anti-culture or an attempt to sew some kernels of truth with the intention of awakening the many who are victims of operant conditioning? Good mind bender either way!

  • David Jackson back on the air.


  • Elizabeth Sanchez

  • Truer words have never been spoken. It would have to be this best segment of television i have ever seen

  • For a friend of mine it was an eye opener, I dont have a TV, so i didnt watch it till a few days later, our morning started with the very message that was put forth, after finnished he asked whether I watched the new xfiles, i informed him i dont have a TV…. then he proceeded ti tell me about it, i says Ian, thats what I have been sayoing for many years….i think he is now waking up…..lol

  • I just like to wonder wtf is the CATCH?? for showing all that there is no way that the higher up stools could of saw this before it even made it onto the open airwaves seriously, well after 4 epsds I am starting to see a pattern of that ‘CATCH’ and that pattern is only 2 epsds out of the 6 will show the TRUTH-truth lol
    the 4 epsds are mere FILLER with small follow up story sections to the main plot but maybe as a distraction to take their menacing eyes off and only 6 epsds because something tells me the LAST epsd is where SHIT will hit the fan and I have a feeling that FAN is gonna be SMASHED before its time and that last epsd might be pulled off but if we are lucky and somehow it airs on the internet PLZ download and share for it might hold a special decoded message weather on the show or its credits whatever the case is KEEP your EYES open, your fingers crossed and do not give up HOPE.

  • Lars Mehlkop

  • Face book is going to ban this

  • Every time I Try To Watch This Video I get booted off the page! Seems strange to me

  • I can’t believe that let them show it on the TV.

  • Christopher Delgado

  • too bad the rest of the season sucks

  • The CIA has a Hollywood division, look it up.

  • they mentioned the 911 attacks as false flag attacks in episode one and the lone gunman pilot mentioned 911 attacks before 911 occurred btw,,,

    • That lone gunman episode was about a 9/11 type airliner attack

  • This symbol is a truth bomb !

  • Psyop psychology. When the truth is presented as fiction it becomes fiction. Hence the saying; “You’ve been watching too much TV” should you try to present it as fact. Or online, get you membership to the tin-foil hatters party. This serves to stifle truth not expose it. These are bullets fired at you, not for you.

    • Thank you.. The Truth just has a different ring to it, Doesn’t it?

  • Most of what is shown here is happening

  • “The truth is out there.”

  • Jake Moneyhands

  • every time i go to play this sort of stuf my computer seems to stop 2 seconds into it

  • nail on the head

  • The new X-Files program reveals more truth!

  • X-Files 2.0

  • Cheyenne de x-files zet vet

  • Tristan Reilly

  • Wake up the masses

  • It was a breath of fresh air. Bang on.

  • Leesha Jones

  • they laid it out…. but haven’t revisited this first episode again. i hope they do. 6 episodes isn’t enough!

  • My jaw dropped

  • John Tomassone

  • That about sums it up.

  • Steve Kearney

  • Aurora McNeil Alicia Anderson Alyssa Fletcher

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  • This is how the cabal clears their conscious. Now they have presented what they are trying to do to us, so karmicly they are cleared. It’s not going to work, our collective consciousness of + blood monkeys will stop using fluoride, and become aware of the 2 species of human. The game is almost over. Tick tock little scared lizards

  • “I’m familiar with Edward Snowden.” Killed ’em.

  • then they are going to debunk it and twist it to lead people away from the truth

  • Takeover of America ? No, the takeover of
    The world [slow imperial theme]

  • It’s the way for them to let us “normal” people more or less to Accept reality as it is.
    By television..
    We know these things are real and when we see them in things we like, like for example a TV-Show, it gets more acceptable by people.
    Your TV is a true Mindcontrolling device and you dont even know it 🙂

  • that was deliberate so they can say your been watching to much x files so your a conspiracy theory nutter

    • Truth

    • You’ve* too* you’re* zeig heil grammar.

    • YESSSSS!

    • Levi Fitzwater Who the fuck cares… ? As long as people understands the point then who the hell cares of the grammer?

    • Following the narrative, could also be a sign that someone needs to wake up. Just sayin.

    • Bergendahl Joakim thats their only argument, grammar

    • I’m pretty sure Levi was joking as he put nazi ( German) words after. Perhaps he meant grammar nazi. Just saying.

  • Patrick James Terrill

  • Cesar Ramirez did you watch it yet?

  • Energy, vibration and frequency everyone…think about it…go macro in your thinking, there are more fighting for us then you can imagine. We are winning, the mess is just being weeded out now.

  • The original X-Files was always a mix of conspiracy and humor. They are not trying to “expose the truth”, they are trying to expose the lies. The characters of Mulder and Scully essentially contrast each other.Mulder wants to believe, Scully wants to dismiss. Sometimes they switch, but then each goes back to their basic instinct. In fact, Scully was initially hired to work with Mulder to keep him reigned in and not go crazy with his obsession with the x-files.In the process, truths, lies and conspiracies are questioned, exposed, and then usually buried again.

    • Then slowly throughout the series, she knows now that Mulder was right.

    • “They are not trying to “expose the truth”, they are trying to expose the lies.”
      That’s one in the same. When you expose the truth it also exposes the lies at the same time

    • Therisa Casella- Oh ok, thanks for clearing that up.

    • Tristan Hensel- true, and Mulder has practically given up and thinks he might be crazy.

  • X- files, my favorite serie when i was 12.

  • This simply cannot be!The government loves us all to much….,scuse me while I vomit

  • This was the first show

  • and they think we belive their lies hahahaha whats idiots

  • “The X-Files have confirmed it!”, do you realize the stupidity of this sentence? It’s not, at any rate, like the trope of ‘the government is spying on the people’ is alien to thriller fiction.

  • Michal, widziales juz pierwszego, nowego x-files? zamiotlo!


  • good opening then it degenerates into the ridiculous. William Cooper warned about the loonies who he called “change agents”. Those, like Alex Jones who spread a little truth about the corrupt government then garnishes it with a lot of nonsense that tends to taint the whole message. Hence, the general public looking upon you as a tinfoil-hatted kook.

    • Well said. Can people warn of impeding danger, when the danger isn’t of the physical kind, without sounding loony? If they’re not at least a little looney, will ppl care?

    • Michael Savage is a great example of this.

    • yep

  • “we the ppl” wright this s_it for them !

  • “Why do such a thing and lie about it? Our own government?”
    “Your own government lies as a matter of course, as a matter of policy, the Tuskegee Experiments on black men in the 30s, Henrietta Lacks”
    “What are they trying to do?”
    “That’s the missing piece.”
    “But it’s not hard to imagine, a government hiding, hoarding alien technology for 70 years at the expense of human life and the future of the planet, driven not only by corporate greed, but a darker objective.”
    “The takeover of America.”
    “And then the world itself, by any means necessary, however violent, or cruel, or efficient, by severe drought brought on by weather wars conducted secretly using aerial contaminants and high altitude electromagnetic waves, in a state of perpetual war to create problem, reaction, solution scenarios to distract, enrage, and enslave Americans citizens at home, with tools like the patriot act, the National Defense Authorization Act which abridged the constitution in the name of national security. The militarization of police force in cities across the US, the building of prison camps by the Federal Emergency Management Agency with no stated purpose, the corporate takeover of food and agriculture, pharmaceuticals and healthcare, even the military, in clandestine agendas to fatten, dull, sicken, and control a populace already consumed by consumerism. A government that taps your phone, collects your data, monitors your whereabouts with impunity, a government prepared to use that data against you when it strikes and the final takeover begins.”
    “The takeover of America.”
    “By a well oiled and well armed multinational group of elites that will cull, kill, and subjugate.”
    “It’s Happening as we sit here.”
    “It’s happening all around us.”

  • I love hearing it on TV but can’t help but think as the police state moves forward people will think it’s just a TV show

  • Jessica Nemeth

  • i don’t need to see it, i’m pretty aware that we have a Police State. Maybe it hasn’t been fully flexed yet, but the seed has been planted. Good luck people, you were warned years ago. Maybe listen when that weird “conspiracy theorist” is trying to HELP YOU.

  • I’m waiting for all the episodes so I can watch them all at once with no commercials

    • All of the episodes from all seasons are currently available for free On Demand (Comcast). Netflix also has all episodes.

    • Sweet! Thx! Yea, I DVrd them, didn’t know bout them on demand

  • I wouldn’t applaud this. Part of their creed or whatever you want to call it is bragging about what they are up to.

    It’s not like they are exposing an unknown truth in this clip. Anyone paying attention has known it for years.

  • The truth is out there!

  • If the media is so controlled how did they allow this to be in the script and then air it, something is fishy, May be they want us to know and get panic and take a wrong action that they want us to take. Question everything guys question everything!

    • Two fold reason. They masked facts as fiction to the sleepers. So when sleepers hear it from truthers they think it’s a ‘conspiracy’ of fiction. Second part is the elite believe it is ‘the gentlemanly thing do do’ (laughable) to notify us of their intentions

  • is this a joke? because im only seeing some stupid cat video

  • None care none can do anything tough luck humans game over

  • Ppl that don’t believe are already sheep.. Open your eyes do your own research.. Go look up the real reason the pope meet up with pope of Russia.. There are so many examples all around u.. U just have to look

  • So your just going to steal everything I post like it’s your own pfft

  • It’s a common deception to display the truth as fiction, what better way to cast doubt?

  • Zenith

  • ha ha yes that’s right the Illuminati are trying to tell us their master plan in code through the X-files!

    • Like they are the ones creating every tv series…..

  • X files 2016 ep1 showed more then only this. A ahame other eps sucl until now.

  • That moment when fiction becomes reality

  • I like pretending that Mulder is Hank Moody’s alter ego for the X-Files program.

  • Karine

  • and nobody remembers the 1st episode of “The Lone Gunman”…….

  • Gus Firchow

    I can remember George W declaring war on terrorism. My immediate thought was “How do you declare war on an idea?”
    Then I wondered how he had the audacity to do it. Up to that point it was up to Congress to ‘Declare War’ so as not to put that much power in one man’s position.
    The Patriot Act fixed that though. Using the public outrage of the terrorist attacks on our soil, America citizens went along with it without fully understanding what it did to our rights.
    A more appropriate title would be ‘Big Brother Act’ as it allows the government to trample the rights of not only “suspected terrorists” but any law abiding American citizen.
    Absolute power corrupts absolutely.

  • The Zionist media at it again. We all should know this is counter productive to the truth movement. Its their way of belittling us.

  • and on the other end up the spectrum, you have first class propaganda like NCIS, with the feds saving you from terrorists every week. And because propaganda has to be repeated, the reruns do that. The perfect forum for it.

  • Gearóid Keane worth a watch!

  • Glad I’m not the only one Steve!

  • Íslenska Landnámshænan Farm

    our federal government has become the biggest terrorist organization on the planet and they have killed 20 million people in 37 countries since 1960, but how many of you so called educated people even knew that?

  • open your eyes! the truth is out there!! look up mark dice he got me at first then i moved on from there. Their signs are in your face its your stupidity if you dont see it!

  • Is art imitating life or life imitating art?

  • The funny thing is that fox own the xfiles franchase.

  • An incredibly accurate snapshot into the future…

  • So where’s the three minute clip then? Fuckin clickbait freethoughtproject tut tut

  • Whether or not that takeover has begun or when it will begin, is arguable. However, the government tapping your phone, collecting your data, and monitoring your every move — is here and now — and it is most assuredly being used against you
    Read more at http://thefreethoughtproject.com/x-files-2016-exposes-non-fictional-police-state-jaw-dropping-3-minute-clip/#WampxHGXZqZjRqG3.99

  • Jeff Maehr

    Don’t you understand that evil MUST expose what it is doing despite blind and deaf people receiving it? It happens all the time… Matrix, V, etc…