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New York & California Move to Ban the Sale of Current iPhones Because they Protect Your Data


In January, state legislators from both California and New York introduced bills that would ban the retail sale of smartphones with full-disk encryption – a technology designed to guarantee customers’ digital data stored within a phone is only accessible to the devices owner.

After Edward Snowden’s public disclosures of mass domestic surveillance in the U.S. and abroad, companies such as Google and Apple began to respond to a massive consumer demand for greater digital security.

The bills are intended to allow law enforcement access to the devices of criminals or victims if they are seized as evidence in a criminal investigation.

“The New York state legislature says they want these backdoors so that law enforcement can break encryption to view the communications of suspected terrorists and criminals, but, as all security-minded individuals understand, once there is a backdoor, anyone can use it. It will be easier for identity thieves or other people who seek to do you harm to invade your privacy and steal your information,” wrote the privacy-defending organization, Fight for the Future, in a petition against the legislation.

Your average citizen would quickly see their phones data become vulnerable, as it would become accessible to not only law enforcement but to criminals that prey on people’s private information — due to the devices being required to have a “backdoor” to the system.

According to a report by Wired:

If the New York and California smartphone encryption bans passed, a company like Apple that sells encrypted-by-defaulted iPhones would have three options, argues Neema Singh Guliani, an attorney with the American Civil Liberties Union: It could cease to fully encrypt any of its phones, contradicting a year of outspoken statements on privacy by its CEO Tim Cook. It could stop selling phones in two of America’s richest states. Or finally, it could create special versions of its phones for those states to abide by their anti-encryption laws.

In the hypothetical future where the state bills have passed, fully encrypting an iPhone might not even require buying an out-of-state device, but merely downloading out-of-state firmware.

The legislation would impose severe fines on retailers caught selling phones with secure encryption – a standard feature on the Apple iPhone.

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Aside from the obvious problem of government overreach, the idea of state-level laws on encryption is patently absurd, as criminals would need only go to a state that had no such law to buy a device that had full-disk encryption, thus allowing them to be secure in their data, while law abiding citizens have no digital privacy.

Jay Syrmopoulos is a political analyst, free thinker, researcher, and ardent opponent of authoritarianism. He is currently a graduate student at University of Denver pursuing a masters in Global Affairs. Jay’s work has been published on Ben Swann’s Truth in Media, Truth-Out, Raw Story, MintPress News, as well as many other sites. You can follow him on Twitter @sirmetropolis, on Facebook at Sir Metropolis and now on tsu.

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  • Read it and weep, another subversion of freedom

  • Watch liberal hipsters get upset. Not muh iPhone! While wanting to vote for bernie at the same time.

    • Immature. That’s all people see in your comment, seeing as it’s discriminatory and without any facts. Sad this low wattage shit is so common. Security is an illusion.

    • Bernie will give you all the free shit you want. Keep getting your economic information from Robert Reiche.

    • Bernie praises Denmark on how amaaaazing their brand of socialism is.

    • It’s sarcastic and passive aggressive, but there’s truth to his post. If Bernie got the nod those states would give him the votes.

  • lol this is why i dont live in cali or new york!!!

  • Why is there no mention of the ENCRYPT Act?

    • So you are not aware of this fact

    • I am but I’m also aware of the fact the ENCRYPT Act its trying to ban things like this.

  • I want everyone to remember this phrase:

    “We do it to protect you from the criminals.”

    They used the same phrase about Gun Control…

    Take away our guns…now our phone security…see the pattern?

    • i can protect my self i dont want some to interfere in how I live and have my mobile phone ecrypted can this scammer not see my data i think

    • why they say they protect us ,the criminels is them too

    • to read peoples data is a crime and for now all people in the world there have a phone be spying of their government

    • America’s government have a big problem ,they spy on people some people dont want so i think some soon say stop for their psycopatic behave ,they are insane over there ,very creasy ,sick in the mind and should be send to mars ,some they love to talk about so good bey and stay away from hyere assholes ,they are just some fucking criminels scumbags gangster and they think people love them hahaha idiots fuck them ,my wish is they soon go under

    • Who the fuck took away your guns?

    • Safety has been the government’s BS argument for centuries.

    • Austin Knaus you are not allowed handguns in New York city. 10 rd magazine bans in NY and CA. No nfa in CA and you cannot buy “assault rifles” any longer.

  • “Introduced”

  • Ashleigh Louise time to upgrade phones before too late

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  • great class action lawsuit

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    • The sheeple took it and got that text to go vote for him. Its funny how I have black friends that got upset @me because I didn’t vote for him , but they don’t realize he’s just a front man

  • All you have to do is go to a neighboring state and buy a safe one.. Dumbasses

  • WTF

  • Well I,have nothing to hide but this is getting to much and to far, the government wants to control the hole our life and privacy, from my side this is not going to happen. I sold already my iPhone and changed to another, one costumer less Apple. Good luck!!

  • Privacy? What privacy? Smh

  • Fucked up

  • Horrifying!

  • But who will protect us from the criminals in government?

  • Cell phones and cell towers are giving us all cancer anyway. so it doesn’t matter if they know everything about you, they are still killing all of us, even the ones without phones.

    • fold these master or kill the connection cource its shit anyway ,but ok we mabe need phones but something we have to do

  • Dominick Morris

  • I’m not lying and I’ve said it for over 10 years—https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kL2ncKs9K8o

  • Two nazi states.

  • Yes yes yes… Get rid of the stupid iphones…… Drop and crack… Like an egg….

  • California, has its qualities, but individual freedom and personal liberty are not two of those traits. Infact California ranks 49th overall.

  • just that show how insane this people are they want to spy u all in you life ,i say fuck them i goin to get a phone like this cource i dont like straingers spy me

  • King Watson

  • Apple will sue them for loss of profit and taxpayers will pay the bill. It’s how the fuckers fleece you now.

    • good in a way ,its not the mening people should pay for this shit government do ,but i see your point ,but i dont want to be spy

  • Not surprised!

  • I want to know where to get this phone or ecryption tool,can anyone tell me how i get it ???????

  • This just the beginning of what is coming, and it’s obvious that our Government.. don’t trust it’s citizens.

  • Big Government

  • I think the Sheeple are waking up. Be gentle.

  • the industrial military complex is real and lobbyists work day and night for it. will you wake up now?

  • This is absurd and doubt any enforcement cares.

    • Law enforcement wants to get into your phone believe that wake up

    • Your don’t understand what I’m saying. Nobody will enforce a law because if taken to the courthouse it will be dropped according to private trade laws.

  • More pointless laws…

  • Fuck New York , Fuck California – buy from overseas if you have to.

  • Democrates at work again.

  • Never giving up my iPhone

  • Manfred Wimberger

  • nice!!

  • Fuck New York…

  • gutsy move… under the new “free-trade” agreements being signed.. Apple could sue the fuck out of them.

    • When you say “them”, it is the tax payers…

    • No shit, Sherlock??… looks like the taxpayers are going to need to extract the digit from their back orifices and start making sure that their legislators are held accountable in future then, hmm??

  • What model iPhone are they talking about

  • The USA land of the free yea sure it fuckin is wakey wakey your rights are done and dusted north korea is a more free regime id be getting out of the USA if i was livin there

  • Um. Everyone here’s an idiot. Even Apples are prone to viruses and Spyware and code hacking etc etc etc. Morons I tell ya. Morons everywhere!

    • This has got nothing to do with whether or not their products can be hacked or are prone to data weaknesses.. his has got to do with the fact that governments think they simply pass legislation and everything will be fixed when more often is the case that myopic legislation only causes more problems than it solves… So who’s the moron?.. go back to sleep, Candise… this one flew right over your head.

    • Nope. I’m wide awake. I know exactly what I’m talking about. Apparently you dont.

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  • This is absurd. But are we really shocked by these blatantly overreaching and invasive government tactics? I mean, really, look at what they did in Michigan with the blow jobs & all

  • This is absurd.

  • Jason DeWitt

  • Privacy is illegal in the good oh USA! F’n sad!!!!!!

  • Leave it to NY.

  • That will never happen.

  • Welcome to Nazi america

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  • Miriam Granados

  • Let them try

  • Maybe knockoff version would be better if all phone is controlled by government

  • sounds like apple advertisement more than anything else. fuck apple. last thing they care about is your privacy.

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  • No, that’s MI making oral and anal sex illegal.

  • Well if you have nothing to hide then, why are you worried about the loss of all your rights …..A real American knows how to bend over and take it up the ass while a smile while humming God Bless America

  • It’s funny what they make legal or illegal, now they banning iPhone for protection of data but it’s ok to make weed legal cause they profiting from it, yeah we know it’s all about the money

  • “O’er the land of the free and the home of the brave?” the last line in each verse of American national anthem, with this issue and also the fact that a lot of citizens of the U.S.A. tell me that they had to sneak into Cuba via Cancun without having their passports stamped at the Cuban border. Why “The Land of the Free” WTF

  • What a load of crap I phones are the easier ones to hack more than any other

  • Gus Firchow

    I can remember George W declaring war on terrorism. My immediate thought was “How do you declare war on an idea?”
    Then I wondered how he had the audacity to do it. Up to that point it was up to Congress to ‘Declare War’ so as not to put that much power in one man’s position.
    The Patriot Act fixed that though. Using the public outrage of the terrorist attacks on our soil, America citizens went along with it without fully understanding what it did to our rights.
    A more appropriate title would be ‘Big Brother Act’ as it allows the government to trample the rights of not only “suspected terrorists” but any law abiding American citizen.
    Absolute power corrupts absolutely.

  • Just get a blackberry then…

  • Really?

  • NY & CA like Nazi’s.