Podcast — Jack V. Lloyd – Manifesting Liberty In An Unfree World & The Power of Voluntaryism

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(Podcast) — Liberty veteran and possibly one of the most productive men in the freedom movement, Jack V Lloyd is our guest this week. Jack shared his origin story, his tactics and work, taxation is theft and how the moniker went viral, How the left is only focused on outcome based “solutions” and utilitarianism,  how the internet can dis-empower the mainstream media, New York’s recent ban on body armor, mass shootings and how to prevent them, the unforeseen dangers of red flag laws, “Drag kids to Pride” and the push to sexualize kids, the Libertarian Party, the Mises caucus and the pragmatism (voting) vs morality (not voting) debate, Jack’s Voluntaryist comic book, Jack and Pho’s music video and how to follow Jack’s work. (Length: 1:21:39)

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