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Yes, It’s Entirely Possible to Reject Alt-Right Racists AND Alt-Left Violence

The media is attempting to force everyone to choose a side. Do not buy into their divide and conquer distractions.

2016 — The Year America Realized the Inevitable Result of Constantly Choosing the ‘Lesser...

Let’s face it, America — we’re doing it wrong -- and the vile and criminal candidates for the 2016 election cycle prove it.

Land of the Free? Harvard Study Ranks America Worst in the West for Fair...

A new report offers yet more evidence American elections are a joke -- the US scored lowest in electoral integrity of all Western democracies.

10 Great Minds Who Have Changed The World For The Better With Intelligence Instead...

Over the years there have been many innovative individuals who have made the world a better place by working outside of the government's red tape. Here are ten of our favorites.

From Quelling Looters to Saving Lives, Baltimore Gangs Are Doing A Better Job Than...

The city of Baltimore is starting to realize that the street gangs feared by so many are protecting citizens more effectively than police. They're even directing traffic!

Citizens Group Pushes to Disarm the NYPD And Create “No-Cop Safe Zones”

Citizens in New York come together to keep their neighborhoods safe from police violence and abuse of power.

Bitcoin is the People’s Currency

Bitcoin, everyone's favorite online cryptocurrency, has taken the world by storm. It's easy and practically free to use, almost instantaneous, doesn't lose its value...