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Bad Apple? Entire Police Department Nearly Wiped Out After Most Officers Criminally Indicted

Two-thirds of an entire department has been criminally indicted blowing the bad apple theory out of the water.

One Bad Apple? Entire Police Dept Suspended Multiple Cops Charged with Conspiracy

Blowing the one bad apple theory out of the water, an entire department in North Carolina has been suspended after the two top cops were arrested for conspiracy.

Bad Apple? Multiple Cops Arrested in Massive Conspiracy, Stealing Tens of Thousands from Taxpayers

A trio of state troopers has been arrested and charged with stealing hundreds of thousands of dollars in pay through fake tickets and false overtime logs.

One Bad Apple? Half of An Entire Police Dept Suspended—Including the Chief

Half of the city's police force has been suspended, including their police chief, amid allegations of official oppression and evidence tampering.

Bad Apple? Entire Police Unit Suspended for Covering Up Home Invasion

An entire drug unit was placed on administrative leave after it was accused of conducting a home invasion without a warrant and covering it up.

A Few Bad Apples? 16 Cops in 1 Dept Resign to Avoid Criminal Charges

A massive quota scheme has lead to the ousting of at least 16 cops who were all allowed to resign to avoid criminal prosecution.

WATCH: John Oliver Obliterates the “Bad Apples” Excuse in Epic Rant on Police in...

Last Week Tonight's John Oliver nailed the coffin on the, 'it's just a few bad apples,' argument about violent policing in the U.S.

Bad Apples? HALF of All TSA Employees Accused of Misconduct — Many of them...

A new report from the House Homeland Security Commission exposes the vile and corrupt nature of the blue-gloved molestation gang known as the TSA.

A Couple of Bad Apples? Nearly 4 Dozen Georgia Officers Arrested in Massive FBI...

Laying waste to the "isolated incident" claim of crimes within law enforcement, dozens of officers have been indicted for criminal behavior.

Tarantino was Correct When he Said He “Utterly Rejects” the “Bad Apple” Argument in...

It's way past time to put pressure on the police officers to do the right thing.