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Records Show Sheriff is Deceiving Public on FL Shooter As Their Failure Virtually Let...

Records obtained from the Broward Sheriff's Office reveal that the number of times police were warned about Nikolas Cruz happened far more than they are claiming.

Cop Arrested for Pretending to be Child’s Mentor So He Could Violently Sexually Assault...

A Broward County sheriff's deputy faces felony charges after he was caught having an abusive sexual relationship with a teen girl.

Cop Who Cowered in Fear as Parkland Kids Were Murdered Now Receives $8.7K per...

The deputy who refused to confront the gunman during the Parkland shooting was allowed to quietly retire and is now receiving more than $100,000 a year in state pension funds.

One Month After Mass Shooting, Deputy At Same High School Found Sleeping In Patrol...

A sheriff's deputy was caught sleeping in his patrol car while he was supposed to be guarding a high school where 17 people were killed in a mass shooting just one month ago.

Senate Candidate Raising Money To Buy Guns For the Homeless So They Can Defend...

Recognizing the rights of the homeless population a Senate candidate has started a fundraising campaign to raise money to purchase guns for the homeless so they can defend themselves.

BREAKING: Surveillance Video Released of Parkland Shooting—Does Not Show Shooter

New surveillance footage has been released from the Parkland Shooting—but it fails to show the gunman entering or exiting the building.

Five Critical Questions That Need to Be Answered One Month After the Florida Shooting

As millions of kids walk out of school today to beg the government to disarm them, the victims and their families are still left without answers to some of the most glaring questions about the Florida shooting.

Brave SWAT Cops Suspended For Refusing to Stand Down and Trying to Stop Parkland...

Two police officers who refused the order to stand down in the Parkland shooting were recently suspended after their brave and heroic actions embarrassed the rest of the department.

Just Like Vegas, Authorities are Hiding the Surveillance Footage of Parkland Shooting

Just like officials have done in Las Vegas, authorities in Broward County are now surrounding themselves in secrecy and refusing to released the surveillance footage showing Nikolas Cruz attack the school.

Parkland Shooting First Responder Comes Forward, Says He Was Told to “Stand Down”

A first responder to the tragic shooting in Parkland, Florida has come forward claiming that he could've saved lives but that police issued the order to stand down as children died inside the school.