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NFL Proves Loyalty to Big Pharma, Forces Players to Use Opioids Instead of Cannabis

The NFL has denied a player's request to use medicinal cannabis, forcing him to use highly addictive opioid painkillers to treat his chronic pain if he wants to continue playing football.

On 4/20, Opioids Will Kill Over 100 Americans As The Cannabis That Could Save...

While 4/20 celebrations take place across the country, more than 100 Americans will die from an opioid overdose that could have been prevented if they had access to cannabis.

Precedent Set as Court Orders Gov’t to Pay for Medical Pot Instead of Opioids...

In a precedent setting ruling, a New Jersey court ruled that injured employees receiving worker's compensation have a right to medical marijuana to treat their pain instead of opioids that are "killing people."

DEA Knowingly Gave Addicts and Drug Dealers Licenses to Prescribe Opioids—Fueling the Epidemic

Drug dealers, drug addicts, convicted felons and the deceased are among the thousands of individuals who have been given licenses to prescribe opioids by the DEA.

Legal Opioids Have Killed Hundreds of Thousands As Big Pharma Bribes Politicians to Ignore...

As the opioid crisis continues, pharmaceutical companies continue to pay politicians to look the other way, and the federal government fails to push for legitimate solutions.

Landmark JAMA Study Shows Over-the-Counter Pain Meds Work BETTER Than Deadly Opioids

A new JAMA research study concluded opiates do not work as well as over-the-counter medicines with much fewer serious side-effects.

Bombshell Study – Federal Cannabis Prohibition Major Cause of Premature Death in U.S.

"Cannabis use prevents thousands of premature deaths each year, and Cannabis prohibition is revealed as a major cause of premature death in the U.S."
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First Of Its Kind Study Shows Undeniable Evidence Cannabis Can Cure Opioid Addiction

Scientists have shown that CBD actually blocks the opioid receptor in the brain, leaving no more doubt that cannabis should be a primary treatment for addiction.

Damning Investigation Shows Big Pharma Bribed 68,000 Doctors to Push Deadly Opioids

One in 12 doctors received payments — totaling a whopping $46 million — from pharmaceutical companies to push opioid painkillers, in just over two years.

For the First Time, NFL Acknowledges Benefits of Cannabis, Offers to Study it for...

The NFL may finally be taking the first step out of the Reefer Madness era, as players and doctors urge the organization to accept modern science.