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Community Bands Together for the Most Epic Checkpoint Refusal Ever!

Our children live in a world where they pass through a military-style checkpoint every morning and afternoon for school. Every time their parents take...

Checkpoint Refusal Gone Horribly Wrong: Man Detained for 19 Days for Flexing His Rights

You’ve probably seen them before: internal border checkpoint refusals, now a popular YouTube genre. Some are funny. Others are hostile. But for Greg Rosenberg,...

You Won’t Believe this Checkpoint Refusal Video

All too often people that know their rights are ridiculed and looked down upon by the jackboot thugs. In a more accountable world all...

States Across the US Celebrate ‘Freedom’ This 4th, with “No Refusal” DUI/Blood Draw Checkpoints

States have implemented "no-refusal" DUI checkpoints at which they will heavily punish noncompliance with forced blood draws and hefty fines.

Police Celebrate 4th Of July With Nationwide No Refusal Checkpoints and Forced Blood Draws

Happy 4th of July! Now we are going to strap you to a chair and forcefully draw your blood without your consent to see if you've consumed alcohol!

Oregon to Celebrate Independence Day… With ‘No Refusal’ Blood Checkpoints

Police rename Fourth of July weekend "No Refusal Weekend" Infowars.comSteve WatsonJune 27, 2014   During Independence Day weekend, a time to celebrate US freedom and unalienable rights,...

State House Passes Major Rights-Supporting Bill—Outlawing DUI Checkpoints

House Lawmakers have passed a pro-4th Amendment bill that will make it a crime for cops to hold DUI checkpoints.
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WATCH: How to Go Through a DUI Checkpoint Like a Pro — in Less...

By merely asserting his rights, an activist was able to almost entirely avoid an unconstitutional DUI checkpoint, and it was caught on video.

Cops Pull Gun on Armed Black Man at DUI Checkpoint — You Wont Believe...

A well-informed and articulate man flexes his rights at a DUI checkpoint and shows the power of knowing your rights.

WATCH: Rights Flexing Hero Uses Jedi Mind Trick to Outsmart Cops and Beat DUI...

This is a DUI Checkpoint refusal unlike anything we've ever seen, and it's awesome!