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Chicago Police Dept Caught Hiding Millions in Stolen Cash in Secret Asset Forfeiture Fund

The Chicago police department was caught trying to keep $50 million in stolen money for themselves. No one will be punished.

Kick in the Teeth: Chicago Police Union Just Hired the Cop Who Shot a...

The cop killed a teenage boy on video as he walked away -- and for this, he was rewarded with a job by Chicago police.

At Least 2 Chicago Police Officers Under FBI Investigation For Running Child Prostitution Ring

After being caught with child porn, an FBI investigation found that at least 2 of Chicago's finest have been holding young children captive as sex slaves.

Police Docs: Cops “Punched, Beat, Tasered, & Strangled” Men Illegally Held in Secret Chicago...

Internal police documents obtained through a public records request showed a history of illegal detainments and torture.

Chicago Taxpayers Shell Out $7,000 an Hour, 24 Hours a Day — to Pay...

Violent killer cops in Chicago cost the taxpayers dearly.

Video of Chicago Cops Killing Another Man Exposes Dept Tendency of Lying About Police...

For members of the Chicago police department, public enemy number one is proving to be video evidence of police lies.

Largest Human Rights Group in the World Calls for Investigation into Chicago’s Police “Black...

As the mainstream media largely remains silent on the discovery of Homan Square, one of the largest civil rights groups in the world is now demanding answers.

Vigilant Activists Rally in Chicago to Close Police ‘Black Site,’ End the ‘Disappearing’ of...

Nearly two weeks after the discovery of Chicago's due process violating 'black site,' dedicated activists refuse to let it get swept under the rug.

Activists Swarm Homan Square, Demand Probe of Chicago’s Police “Black Site”

Activists in Chicago are demanding a thorough investigation into Homan Square, a local detention facility which is being compared to a CIA black site....

“Say ‘Lawyer’ All You Want Motherf****r” Detainees from Chicago’s Police “Black Site” Speak Out

EXCLUSIVE: Former detainees, who've been held in this repugnant place, have been voiceless -- until now.