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City Forced to Abolish Civil Asset Forfeiture and Pay Back Victims the Millions It...

The innocent family that had their home seized by police through civil asset forfeiture fought back, and their victory will affect other residents for years to come.
civil asset forfeiture

Bipartisan Congress Put Jeff Sessions in His Place, Shut Down His Expansion of Civil...

Congress actually voted in favor of the American people by approving an amendment to shut down Jeff Sessions's proposed expansion of civil asset forfeiture.

Jeff Sessions Announces Plan for Cops to Steal More Property by Increasing Civil Asset...

Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced his intention to aggressively pursue and increase the federal government's civil asset forfeiture known as the "Equitable Sharing Program."

Bombshell: Co-creator of Civil Asset Forfeiture Wants to Abolish It, No More Policing for...

"Three decades ago I helped create our civil asset forfeiture system; now it is time to end it.”

It’s Time We Start Calling ‘Civil Asset Forfeiture’ What it Really Is – ‘Armed...

When police call stealing your money at gunpoint, "seizing your property," it does not change the reality of what really happened - Armed Robbery.

EXCLUSIVE: Police Chief Tells All, Goes on Offensive After He Was a Victim of...

They just stole the wrong guy's property. An Oklahoma Police Chief tells the Free Thought Project how he's made it his mission to stop cops from stealing your stuff.

Police Fear Monger About Higher Taxes and Mass Chaos If Civil Asset Forfeiture Is...

Sheriffs Association says they need to steal the property of innocent people or we will see mass chaos and they will have to force citizens to pay higher taxes to subsidize their bloated budgets.

Petition to Declare George Soros a ‘Terrorist’ & Seize His Assets Gains 70k Signatures

In less than a fortnight, more than 70,000 people have signed a petition accusing billionaire investor George Soros of sedition against the US.

Chicago Police Dept Caught Hiding Millions in Stolen Cash in Secret Asset Forfeiture Fund

The Chicago police department was caught trying to keep $50 million in stolen money for themselves. No one will be punished.

Worse than Criminals — Cops Use Asset Forfeiture to Steal $53K from an Orphanage...

The criminal depths to which police will sink to bolster their budgets, apparently have no limit