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Another Unarmed Man Killed by Police, After, You Guessed it, “Reaching for his Waistband”

Bakersfield, CA– In a tale we have heard repeated far too many times, 22-year-old Ramiro James Villegas, who went by the name James De La Rosa, was killed by jumpy police in Bakersfield after allegedly “reaching for his waistband” on November 13.  Just like Dillon Taylor who was executed in August …

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Police Officer: “Reckless Reporting” is Why Americans Don’t Trust Cops, Not Their Misconduct

An article published in the Daily Caller this week, written by a law enforcement officer who goes by the name “Deputy Matt,” says that society’s negative feelings towards police are unfounded. Deputy Matt says that the police are trying to “keep society safe” and that the unfavorable news coverage of law …

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