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Mainstream Media Falsely Claims Vote to Decriminalize Magic Mushrooms Failed—It Passed

After Denver residents voted to decriminalize magic mushrooms, nearly every mainstream media outlet falsely claimed the measure failed.

Convictions Thrown Out After Police Caught Paying Labs for Positive DUI Test Results

A judge has ruled that the practice of state forensics labs receiving financial compensation for positive tests that lead to DUI convictions is unconstitutional.

Researchers Expose Police Field Drug Test Kits – They Test Positive to Just About...

From chocolate to Tylenol to absolutely nothing -- police field test drug kits are wrong the majority of the time.

Cops Exposed for Knowingly Using Faulty Drug Test Kits Because Convictions Matter More than...

Police now know that their field drug test kits return false positives nearly half of the time, yet they still continue to use them to send innocent people to jail.

Criminally Negligent Cops Claim Tide Detergent is Heroin, Kidnap and Cage Man for Weeks

A completely innocent man fell victim to a drug war-addicted cop who mistook Tide detergent for heroin and threw him in a cage for weeks.
cotton candy

WATCH: Innocent Grandma Jailed for Months Because Cops Mistook Cotton Candy for Meth

An innocent grandma was imprisoned for months because cops mistook a half eaten bag of cotton candy in her car for meth and didn't believe her when she told them what it was.

Sheriff’s Dept Brags About Largest ‘Fentanyl’ Bust in History, 3 Arrested—But It Was Actually...

A sheriff's department claimed to have made the largest fentanyl bust in the state's history, however, they were wrong and the substance was just sugar.

Taxpayers to Be Held Liable After Cops Mistake Vitamins for Opioids and Jail Innocent...

An innocent mom who was kidnapped and caged for 5 months after cops mistook vitamins for drugs is suing police to make sure no one else suffer the same fate.

Amazon Shareholders Revolt, Demand Company Stop Selling Facial Recognition To Cops

Over 70 different groups representing Amazon shareholders have demanded that the company stop selling facial recognition software to law enforcement.

New Data Shows Police State Facial Recognition Is WRONG Over 90% Of The Time

New data shows that an overwhelming majority of the people targeted by police facial recognition are innocent, and the departments continue to use the faulty software.