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NYPD Cop Attempts to Shoot Fleeing Suspect, He Misses and Kills an Innocent Bystander

NYPD recklessly opens fire in a residential neighborhood, killing an innocent bystander.

WATCH: Cop Shoots Fleeing Teenager In The Back Multiple Times, Then Turn Off Body...

While a police officer claimed that a teenager was pointing a gun at him before he opened fire and shot the boy in the back, the body camera footage tells a different story.

WATCH: Body Cam Shows Cop Try to Stop Unarmed Man from Fleeing By Shooting...

Disturbing body camera footage was recently released showing a North Carolina cop dump 8 rounds into a unarmed fleeing man's car during a traffic stop.

WATCH: Cop Shoots Fleeing Man, After He Falls Down, He Shoots Him 9 More...

After a cop shot a suspect as he fled, he walked over to the injured man and fired nine more shots into him and then stomps his head.

Trigger-happy Cops Open Fire On Unarmed Suspects Over Pot, Shoot Innocent Woman in Her...

After embarking on a dangerous chase following a traffic stop, police in Texas opened fire on the fleeing car, injuring an innocent woman in her home.

Graphic Dashcam: Cop Shoots Fleeing, Unarmed Man in Back, Fires Again After He Falls

A Knoxville police officer, who shot a man six times in the back as he was fleeing, will not be allowed to claim qualified immunity.

San Francisco Cops Sue City for Right to Choke Citizens and Kill Fleeing Drivers

San Francisco cops say the new policy that bans choking people and shooting at their cars puts cops' lives in danger.

State Supreme Court Rules Black Men Justified in Running from Cops — Fleeing Police...

A state supreme court has now ruled black men have every reason to run from the cops.

BREAKING: Maryland Mass Shooting Suspect in Custody is a Cop With a Violent History

A Maryland cop, who was on administrative leave allegedly went on a shooting spree that left 3 dead and 2 others injured.

Officer Firing at Fleeing Vehicle Misses Driver, Kills Female Passenger and Her Dog Instead

The female passenger of a fleeing car and a dog became the unintended target of an officer shooting at a fleeing car.