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Police So Out of Control, this Judge Explains How and Why You should Always...

A D.C. Circuit Court Judge has advised citizens on how to firmly decline to engage when approached by law enforcement.

10 Things You Need to Know To Flex Your Rights at Festivals, Concerts, or...

10 Tips for Safely Navigating an Entrance to an Event  July 3, 2014The Festival Lawyer  Written by The Festival Lawyer // Photo by FestivalSnob.com // It is just about impossible to enter...

If Ever there is an Award Given Out for Flexing Your Rights, We Nominate...

"Can I ask you a question sir? Did you swear an oath to uphold the Constitution?" With multiple cameras and microphones, and a knack for...

This is So Much More Than Flexing Your Rights, This is a Verbal Body...

"I have a permit, its called the Constitution!" May 18, 2014 We frequently post videos of informed citizens flexing their rights when confronting bully cops, but...

State House Passes Major Rights-Supporting Bill—Outlawing DUI Checkpoints

House Lawmakers have passed a pro-4th Amendment bill that will make it a crime for cops to hold DUI checkpoints.

WATCH: Rights Flexing Citizen Owns Cop, Shuts Him Down for Trying to Steal Kids’...

Some rights-flexing citizens noticed a Baltimore cop trying to take the property of two teenage boys when they stepped in for the rescue.

WATCH: Teen Flexes His Rights and Owns Two Cops Harassing Him for No Reason

A well-informed teen who found himself subject to unwarranted police intimidation and harassment, flexed his rights in the presence of two NYPD cops and proceeded to own them.

State to Force Homeschoolers to Submit to Warrantless Home Inspections, Trampling Rights

In an attack on homeschoolers, lawmakers are now pushing legislation that will force families to consent to warrantless inspections, home visits, and a slew of regulation.

WATCH: Rights Flexing Citizen Owns Cops, Proves He Knows the Constitution Better Than Them

An Oregonian constitutional rights flexer shows how to verbally manhandle even the most seasoned police officer for violating his constitutional rights.

WATCH: Lying Cops Get Owned as They Try to Intimidate Rights-Flexing Attorney

An attorney, moonlighting as an Uber driver, flexed his rights during a police stop and exposed their intimidation and unlawful search.