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Trump Calls for “Closing the Internet,” Says Believing in “Freedom of Speech” is “Foolish”

Truth is stranger than fiction in today's fast-paced fascist world. Donald Trump continues to garner support as he plows forward to despotism.

SHOCK VIDEO: Cop Claims Freedom of Speech Does Not Give Citizens the Right to...

When the police claim that the people do not have a right to question them, we might live in a tyranny.

Freedom of Speech on Trial in America: Rapper Facing Life in Prison for Song...

“Rap music, it’s just another form of communication that gang members use,” said the prosecutor in rapper Brandon Duncan's case. Hearing scheduled for Friday, January 23.

Cops Assault Man for Filming, Tell Him He has no Freedom of Speech

“I thought I had freedom of speech?” “You don’t, you just lost it” Police claim man’s First Amendment suspended for legally filming Mikael Thalen Infowars.com February 25, 2014A young...

WATCH: Good Cop Honors Oath to Constitution, Stops Bad Cop Who’s Tasing a Man...

When an officer lost it and attempted to taser a man for his freedom of speech, a good cop stepped in and honored his oath to the constitution.

Feminist’s Billboard Removed Because Dictionary Definition of ‘Woman’ Considered ‘Hate Speech’

A feminist group took out a billboard campaign to post the dictionary definition of 'woman' and a group forced its removal, deeming it hate speech.

Google’s ‘Arbiter of Hate Speech’, SPLC Forced to Pay $3M for Falsely Labeling People...

Facebook, Amazon, and Google were caught working with the heavily-biased SPLC to determine which organizations are "hate groups."

WATCH: Free Speech Activist Hilariously Schools Power-Tripping Cop on His Constitutional Oath

When a police officer claimed that "9/11 changed everything," the cameraman fired back, "9/11 didn't change my Constitutional rights!"
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Activist Holds Up Sign Saying Police Hate Free Speech, So they Arrest Him to...

A free speech activist went to his local police department to point out that they dislike free speech and the immediately proved his point by arresting him for it.

WATCH: Cops Say It is Okay to Attack a Child for Free Speech, Then...

A San Jose police officer told the father of a child who'd just been attacked by an adult that it was okay for the adult to attack his son because he mouthed off. He then arrested the child to make his point.