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WATCH: Good Cop Honors Oath to Constitution, Stops Bad Cop Who’s Tasing a Man...

When an officer lost it and attempted to taser a man for his freedom of speech, a good cop stepped in and honored his oath to the constitution.

WATCH: Classy Georgia Cop Tells Couple Trying to Get their Child Back—to “Suck My...

A Georgia couple, trying to get their child back, was insulted by a cop who euphemistically demanded that the give him oral sex.

WATCH: Woman Secretly Records Cop Try to Force Her to Give Him Sexual Favors...

A Georgia deputy is still on the job despite footage of him blackmailing a woman he arrested in exchange for sexual favors.

Video Shows Cop Having Sex in His Office, Naked Pics of 5yo Girl Found...

After an officer was captured on body camera video having sex in his office, investigators searched his computer and found naked pictures of a 5yo girl.

WATCH: Bully Cop Tells Group of Black Men ‘I Know Who My People Are’...

A bully cop has been fired after stalking an innocent group of young black men, threatening them, and telling them they don't belong in his city.

WATCH: Cop Convicted After Savagely Beating a 17yo Boy Chained to Hospital Bed

An enraged cop has been found guilty after horrifying surveillance footage showed him brutally beating a teen patient who was chained to a hospital bed.

WATCH: Cop Beats, Tasers, Chokes, Handcuffed Compliant Man as Fellow Cops Do NOTHING

A disturbing video was released this week showing a raging cop torture a compliant handcuffed man in broad daylight as fellow cops did nothing.

WATCH: Police Respond To Video of Cop Pulling Gun On Children by Arresting the...

After an officer was caught on camera pulling his gun on a group of children, his department responded by arresting more children.

EXCLUSIVE: Young Mother Tried to Help Police Arrest a Suspect, But Cops Killed Her...

A young mother was shot and killed by police after she attempted to help officers catch a man who had a warrant for his arrest.

Cop Who Allegedly Held 10yo Boy at Gunpoint, Was Previously Fired for Excessive Force 

A police officer is being investigated for threatening for threatening to kill a young boy—but this is not the first time he has been accused of using excessive force or abusing a child.