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No, Nike is Not Helping, They Are Exploiting Police Brutality to Sell Shoes

Both Nike and Colin Kaepernick will make money from the ad campaign—but nothing is being done for the victims of police brutality who are being exploited.

Cop Tickets Man in Wheelchair for Not Crossing Street Fast Enough—After an SUV Ran...

A Denver cop issued a ticket to a man in a wheelchair because he didn't make it across the street in the time allotted by the signal and got hit by an SUV.

Cops Kill Paralyzed Man in a Wheelchair On Video — No Charges

Police corporals who fatally shot an already-wounded, wheelchair-bound African-American man in September 2015 will not be charged.

City Outraged After Watching Cops Kill a Man in a Wheelchair on Video and...

In spite of the graphic video evidence showing them gun down a man in a wheelchair, officers will face no punishment.

Shocking Video Shows Multiple Police Officers Open Fire and Kill a Man in a...

"It was an execution," recalls the man's uncle. In front of multiple witnesses, Delaware police opened fire on a man in a wheelchair.