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5 Glaring Questions About Jesus Campos’ Appearance on Ellen that Need to Be Addressed

The Mandalay Bay Hotel security guard who was reportedly the first victim in the Las Vegas shooting has given his first and "only" interview.

WATCH: Vegas Security Guard Claims Stephen Paddock Shot Him with a Pellet Gun As...

Newly released body camera footage shows Mandalay Bay Security Guard Jesus Campos minutes after he claimed he was shot by suspect Stephen Paddock.

Key Witness to Vegas Massacre Left the Country Days After Shooting, Had No Security...

Records show the key witness to the largest mass shooting in modern US history, Jesus Campos was allowed to leave the country, just days after the shooting.

BREAKING: Video of Vegas Shooter Finally Released, Showing How He Brought In the Guns

Surveillance video from inside the Mandalay Bay Casino has just been released showing how Stephen Paddock used the service elevators and hotel staff to load his arsenal into his suite on the 32nd floor.
body camera footage

Court Orders Release of Body Cams in Vegas Shooting While Ignoring Casino Surveillance Footage

A judge has ruled that police must release the Body Cam footage, 911 calls and other records from the night of the Last Vegas shooting—but the release of Mandalay Bay's surveillance footage has been ignored once again.

‘Show Us the Tapes!’: Activists March on Mandalay Bay to Demand Release of Paddock...

Dozens of activists gathered in front of the Mandalay Bay Casino Resort to demand police "show us the tapes" of Stephen Paddock inside the casino.

‘I’ve Never Seen That’: FBI Admits MGM Keeping Paddock Weapons Footage Secret

A bombshell revelation on the Vegas Massacre was just exposed showing that not even the FBI has seen the surveillance video of Stephen Paddock.

Explosive Documentary Reveals Potential Motive in Vegas Massacre, Exposes Police Cover Up

Damning information has been presented showing a police cover-up and a potential motive as to why the Vegas massacre took place.

Nearly 3 Months Since the Vegas Massacre, Police Silent, Still No Images of Paddock,...

Las Vegas casinos are arguably the most intensely surveilled place on earth, oddly, not a single image or video of alleged Vegas shooter Stephan Paddock has been released.

10 Compelling Reasons Why the Vegas Shooting Has Disappeared from Headlines

Amidst numerous unanswered question, the Las Vegas mass-shooting has curiously faded from the headlines. Is this a deliberate silence?