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Citizen Films Insane Cop Threaten to Kill Innocent Man, So the Dept Doxxed Him

Instead of arresting a cop for felonious assault with a deadly weapon for pointing a gun at an innocent man, the department praised him, and then shamed and doxxed the victim.
road rage

Cop Caught on Video in Disturbing Fit of Road Rage Trying to Kill Innocent...

A former deputy was arrested this week after surveillance footage showed him trap an innocent man in a gas station ben severely beat him in a fit of road rage.

‘Let Me In’: Witnesses Dispute Official Story of Cop Who Entered Wrong Home and...

The official narrative of a Dallas cop going into the wrong apartment and killing an innocent man is beginning to fall apart as witnesses tell a vastly different story.

Police “Hold Off’ on Charging Cop Who Entered Home She Thought Was Hers, Killed...

Highlighting the despicable nature of blue privilege in the U.S., a Dallas cop has admitted to going into a home and killing an innocent man and no arrests have been made.

WATCH: Cops Try to Kill Suspect By Firing Into Trader Joe’s Front Door, Kill...

An innocent woman was shot and killed in front of a Trader Joe's when police officers exchanged gunfire with a suspect following a chase.

WATCH: Cops Break Into Innocent Man’s Yard, Kill His Dog, Steal His Body, Then...

An innocent man couldn't figure out what happened to his dog until he watched his surveillance footage and saw it was the cops who killed him and stole his body.

WATCH: Cop Threatens to Kill an Innocent Man, Murder his Mom Too—Not Fired

A cop was caught on video threatening to kill an innocent man and his mother and he was not charged—nor was he even fired.
mentally ill

Cops Kill Innocent 84yo Woman While Trying To Kill Her Mentally Ill Son in...

Police fired a hail of bullets at a covered window in an attempt to kill a mentally ill man—but they killed his elderly mother instead and blamed it on the fact that they were both wearing red shirts.

Swatting Suspect Charged, But the Cop Who Killed Innocent Man Will Likely Walk Free

A "swatting" suspect will likely face charges for his actions, but the officer who was quick to shoot and kill an innocent man will likely walk free.

WATCH: SWAT Team Goes To Innocent Man’s Home, When He Opens the Door, Cops...

A disgruntled gamer sent police to an innocent family's home and when an unarmed man opened the door, a police officer killed him for no reason.