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U.N. Report — Police Killings in U.S. are “Reminiscent of Lynching”

A UN report compares the problem of police killings in modern-day America to that of lynching in the past -- but they fall short on their solutions.

NYPD Reacts to Police Killings — Announces All Officers, Even Patrol, Will Be Dressed...

As police across the country declare war with the ones they serve, the NYPD will now officially dress for the role.

“Mow them Down,” Americans Once Critical of Police Killings Now Beg Feds to “Slaughter”...

It seems that Americans have lost their minds, calling for the slaughter of non-violent people is a vile trait on both the Left and the Right.

“War on Cops” Debunked: Police Killings Lower Since Last Year, in Steady Decline for...

Statistics show that police killings are steadily declining despite recent fear mongering by numerous mainstream news outlets.

BREAKING: Judge Orders Cops to Stand Trial for Brutal Police Killing of Homeless Man,...

Two two officers who plotted to shoot a homeless man in the penis, and then killed him in cold blood on video will stand trial for their crimes.

121 Dead: July Was the Deadliest Month in Recent History for Police Killings

American cops killed more people in one month than many other countries have in the last century.

Cops Kill Man in Guy Fawkes Mask, Anonymous Vows to “Avenge” the Police Killing

Police shot and killed a man wearing an Anonymous mask outside a restaurant in Dawson Creek last night.

Newly Released Dashcam Footage Shows Police Killing Unarmed Teenager Tony Robinson

Madison, WI-- Dashcam footage was released on Tuesday evening showing the fatal shooting of 19-year-old Tony Robinson by Officer Matt Kenny on March 6.  The...

Video Released of Police Killing Mentally Ill Teenage Girl in Police Department Lobby

After watching the video, the viewer is left with the question of, why didn't the police just cuff her when they had the chance?

APD Refuse to Allow DA into Briefing After Another Police Killing Challenged by Witnesses

Albuquerque, NM-- The third officer involved shooting by Albuquerque Police of the year occurred on Tuesday evening, just one day after District Attorney Kari...