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Jeff Sessions to Revive D.A.R.E. to Hook More Kids on Drugs and Bolster Prison...

Atty General Jeff Sessions wants to revive the D.A.R.E. program, despite multiple government studies proving it ineffective — it does help one industry though.

Trump Admin Scraps Plan to Abandon For-Profit Prisons — Stocks Hit Record High

Attorney General Jeff Sessions directed the Federal Bureau of Prisons to continue its partnership with private prisons, their stocks immediately skyrocketed.

Justice Dept Announces it Will End Use of For-Profit Prisons — Prison Stocks Plummet

In a surprising announcement, the Dept. of Justice said it will phase out the use of private, for-profit prisons to house federal inmates.

Profit Prisons – Inmates Charged for Jail Stay, Left Buried in Debt When they...

How can the government expect to 'rehabilitate' ex-cons by leaving them buried in debt upon their release?

Officers Arrested After they Were Caught Enslaving Prisoners for their Personal Profit

Prison officials have been placed on administrative leave after being accused of using prison labor to run their own private business.

Corrupt Courts & For-Profit Probation Companies Still Running Illegal Debtors’ Prisons

In an eye-opening video by the ACLU, it is revealed that private companies have been helping to put poor people behind bars for debt collection, a practice that was outlawed almost two hundred years ago.

E-Waste Recycler Sentenced To Over A Year In Prison For Fixing Old PC’s and...

A computer technician has been sentenced to prison for selling restore disks for computers after he was targeted by Microsoft for allegedly taking away from their profits.

Turning Schools into Prisons With More Cops is NOT a Solution to Shootings, It’s...

How do you convince a child who has been routinely handcuffed, shackled, tied down, locked up, and immobilized by school police—that he has any rights at all—let alone the right to stand up to oppression?

Innovative Engineer Sentenced to Prison for Recycling Old Computers Instead of Trashing Them

A California computer hardware recycler is likely going to serve prison time for attempting to extend the life cycles of old computers.

US Lawmakers Seek to Throw Citizens in Prison for Decades if They Boycott Israel

A new bill could make criminals of Americans who choose to boycott Israel — slapping them with 20 years in prison and up to $1 million criminal penalties for violations.