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Immigrant Children Forcibly Injected with Psychotropic Drugs Under Obama & Trump—Lawsuit

A lawsuit claims that immigrant children have been separated from their parents and forcibly injected with powerful psychiatric drugs since at least 2013.

WATCH: FOX News Cuts Off Reporter When She Links Psychotropic Drugs to Florida Shooter

Illustrating his network's subservience to big pharma, FOX News' Sean Hannity blatantly cut off a reporter when she mentioned the fact that most mass shootings are linked to psychotropic drugs.

Vegas Gunman Was Prescribed Psychotropic Drugs that Can Cause Violent Behavior

As many have predicted, it has just been revealed that Stephen Paddock was on psychotropic meds known to cause violent behavior.

Govt Exposed for Forcing Foster Kids, Even Toddlers to Take Dangerous Psychotropic Drugs

Big Pharma lied about their mind-altering drugs and irresponsible doctors were looking for a quick way to control the behavior of these vulnerable kids.
psychotropic drugs

Orlando Shooter Spent Final Days Obsessing Over Psychotropic Drugs — Feds Suppressed This Info

The Orlando shooter was obsessed with psychotropic drugs and was in a mental freefall days before the shooting.

California Shooter Likely Prescribed Drugs by the VA that are Tied to Most Mass...

The Marine veteran who murdered 12 people in California this week had PTSD and was likely prescribed medications tied to most mass shootings.

CONFIRMED: FL Shooter Prescribed Psychiatric Drugs Linked to Violent and Suicidal Behavior

The 24-year-old who killed two and wounded 10 others after losing a video game this weekend had taken psychiatric medication linked to suicide and violence.

After Admitting Gun Bans Don’t Work, The Same People Think Killing You Over Drugs...

While Democrats push for a ban on guns, Republicans push for an increase in the ban on drugs, and both sides ignore the fact that they are pushing for Americans to give up essential freedoms in exchange for an even larger Police State.
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Trump’s Nominee for HHS Gave Penis Enhancement Drugs to Kids to Make $1 Billion

The former president of Eli Lilly is all but confirmed to be the secretary of Health and Human Services thanks to his nomination by Donald Trump.

Mainstream Media Now Urging Parents to Give 3-Year-Old Kids Dangerous Drugs for Depression

The mainstream media is now warning parents that their children as young as 3 years old, could develop depression and should be checked by doctors.