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“We Just Don’t Know Why”: Cops Show Up to Neighbor’s Home, Kill Family’s 5...

Two of the pigs killed by the deputy were just three weeks old and weighed only eight pounds.

WATCH: Police Taser and Shoot Dog For Protecting Its Home, Dispose of Body Before...

Police were caught on eyewitness video tasering and executing an innocent dog after it protected its home from an intruder

UPS Workers Inadvertently Make Instructions on How Police Should Deal With Dogs WITHOUT Killing...

Police officers should take a lesson from the delivery workers who have peaceful interactions with dogs every day.

WATCH: Cops Break Into Innocent Man’s Yard, Kill His Dog, Steal His Body, Then...

An innocent man couldn't figure out what happened to his dog until he watched his surveillance footage and saw it was the cops who killed him and stole his body.

WATCH: Witnesses Watch in Horror as Cop Kills Tiny Groundhog for ‘Acting Oddly’

A graphic video is now going viral after it captured a Maryland deputy stop traffic, get out of his car, and kill a groundhog for 'acting oddly.'

Cop Fears For His Life, Kills Family’s Tiny 12lb Dog, Exploded Her Head in...

A Louisiana family is devastated after a cop killed their teacup terrier in front of them and then complained about wasting an expensive bullet.

While He Was Killing a Dog, NYPD Cop Also Shot a Fellow Officer

A U.S. marshal was injured when an NYPD officer opened fire on the dog he believed was attacking him and accidentally shot the marshal in the foot.

Graphic Body Cam Shows Cop Walk Into Family’s Backyard, Kill Dog in Front of...

Graphic body cam footage of a Texas cop walking into a family's back yard during a party and killing their dog was just released — after the cop was cleared.

WATCH: Cops Ignore ‘Beware of Dog’ Signs, Walk Into Yard, Kill Family’s Dog —...

Responding to an already canceled call about an accidental alarm, Florida police entered a family's property and shot their dogs. One dog did not survive.

WATCH: Cop Enters Fenced-In Yard, Kills Family Dog, Lies About it Attacking Him

A Nevada Sheriff's Deputy entered a fenced in yard and shoots and kills a man's dog. He then immediately lied about being attacked.