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Air Force Proves Reefer Madness is Alive and Well, As They Respond to Elon...

The Air Force is reportedly determining the "facts and appropriate process' to deal with Elon Musk going on the Joe Rogan podcast and smoking weed.

Schools Attempt to Force False Reefer Madness on Children Using Bogus “Weed Goggles”

As the dinosaur drug warriors attempt to cling onto their last thread of false narratives, they've resorted tricking children about the effects of marijuana.

‘Reefer Madness’ Sheriffs from 3 States File Lawsuit “Legalizing Weed Violates the Constitution”

If you thought the days of Reefer Madness were behind us, think again.  Most Americans seem to be waking up to the horrors of the...

Florida Sheriff Resorts to “Reefer Madness” Tactics to Scare People About Marijuana

"This Bill would allow children access to marijuana!"   An overwhelming majority of the people in America want an end to the drug war and most...

Lawmaker Warns Legalizing Cannabis Will Make Dealers Sell “Sex Toys” to Upper-Class White People

Reefer madness has peaked in New Jersey as a lawmaker claims legalizing marijuana will hurt the upper-class white people and have sex toys being sold all over the state.
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After Legal Weed, Colorado Now Taking Steps to Legalize Magic Mushrooms

After making history by fighting off the reefer madness less than six years ago and legalizing weed, Colorado citizens may soon be voting to legalize magic mushrooms.

For the First Time, NFL Acknowledges Benefits of Cannabis, Offers to Study it for...

The NFL may finally be taking the first step out of the Reefer Madness era, as players and doctors urge the organization to accept modern science.

“Good People Don’t Smoke Marijuana” — Clueless Senator Just Vilified 50% of All Americans

Dinosaur senators hold a reefer madness revival and ignorantly declare cannabis users as bad people.

The NYPD Just Said Killings Over Pot are Worse Than NY Crack Epidemic, and...

The NYPD has "reefer madness" and their fabrications are making them look downright preposterous.

It’s ‘Killing People Everyday’: FOX Pushes Insane Anti-Weed Propaganda in Ridiculous 90-Second Clip

According to the sheriff on Fox & Friends, marijuana "is ruining families and killing people every day across the United States," and it needs to be stopped.