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BREAKING: 2nd Cop in a Week Let Off for Killing an Unarmed Man on...

The trial of former University of Cincinnati Police Officer Ray Tensing has ended in a second mistrial — now it appears the killing of Samuel DuBose won't be anyone's responsibility.

Criminal Profiling Agency Says Officer Tensing is the “Real” Victim, Not the Man he...

Samuel DuBose died from a gunshot to the head at point-blank range, but the real victim in the Cincinnati shooting is the shooter – campus police officer Ray Tensing.

BREAKING: Ohio Cop Indicted for Murder, Body Cam Just Released Shows Him Kill Unarmed...

Wednesday afternoon, University of Cincinnati Police Officer Ray Tensing was indicted for the murder of Samuel Dubose. Prosecutors then released the Body Cam Footage.

No, Nike is Not Helping, They Are Exploiting Police Brutality to Sell Shoes

Both Nike and Colin Kaepernick will make money from the ad campaign—but nothing is being done for the victims of police brutality who are being exploited.
construction vehicle

WATCH: Teenager Snaps, Crushes Cop Car With Bulldozer During Chase With Police

A stolen bulldozer took police on a low-speed chase that resulted in a police cruiser being flattened when it tried to block the construction vehicle's path.

Two Dead After Cops Chase Car into Crowded Neighborhood Over Window Tint

A police officer's attempt to extract revenue from a citizen for failing to wear a seatbelt came to a deadly end over the weekend.

Record Number of Cops Charged with Killing People in 2015 — Not a Single...

The number of cops charged with murder or manslaughter spiked sharply in 2015, but this is no guarantee justice will be served.

Cops Who Killed 6-yo Boy Lied About his Dad Having a Warrant & Gun...

We are finding out that the police had no reason to stop the family in the first place, much less open fire on them.

Instead of Cowering to Pressure, Quentin Tarantino Fights Back Against Police Boycott

Even under heavy pressure from society and nationwide boycotts by the police, Quentin Tarantino refuses to apologize for standing against killer cops.

1,000 – The Number of Lives Taken in 2015 by those Sworn to Protect

Many of them innocent, many of them someone's child, many of them mentally ill -- All of them killed by those who claim to protect and serve.