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School District Arms Teachers With ‘Bucket Of Rocks’ To Defend Students From Mass Shooters

The superintendent said arming each teacher with a 5-gallon bucket of rocks is the most he can do under the current laws.

Turning Schools into Prisons With More Cops is NOT a Solution to Shootings, It’s...

How do you convince a child who has been routinely handcuffed, shackled, tied down, locked up, and immobilized by school police—that he has any rights at all—let alone the right to stand up to oppression?

Kids Injured as School Cop Shoots Gun in a Class—Officials Cover It Up, Wounded...

Not one, but two school cops discharged firearms in schools this week. One of the officers injured multiple students in the process and the media and school officials attempted to cover it up.

Cops Forced to Apologize for School Program That Told Kids Weed Will Give You...

Police conducted a school outreach program during which they made up entirely false and dangerous statements about cannabis to scare kids after legalization.

The Florida Officer Is Not Alone—5 Times School Cops Hurt Kids—While Refusing to Help...

The news that a school security guard chose to wait outside while an active shooter killed students inside has shocked many, but he is not the first in his position to harm students instead of helping them.

Florida School Officer Filmed on Rooftop Pretending to Kill Children

Instead of protecting the children at a Florida High School, a school officer went up on the roof and pretended to shoot the children below.

WATCH: School Cop Grabs Child by the Neck, Pepper Sprays Him Directly in the...

A North Carolina school cop was captured on video grabbing a teenage boy by the neck and repeatedly hitting him in the face with pepper spray.

Police Kidnap 7yo Boy From School, Cuff Him Force Him To Undergo Psych Eval...

A Miami 7-year-old was arrested, kidnapped, and transported to a mental health facility after his teacher claimed he hit her and knocked her down.

WATCH: Cop Attacks Handcuffed School Girl, Violently Slams Her Into the Concrete

A video was released online that showed a 17-year-old being slammed to the ground and arrested by a school resource officer, after a teacher searched her backpack for drugs, found nothing and demanded that she leave class.
female police

Female Officer Blows Whistle as Fellow Cop Pleads Guilty to Raping Her—Faces No Charges

When a female police officer confronted her colleague about strangling and raping her, he admitted to the attack and bragged about the bursts of anger that gave him the nickname "The Hulk."